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Ezreal Build Guide by tasos06

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tasos06

snowball like a boss ezreal guide

tasos06 Last updated on October 31, 2012
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trinity / ad carry ez / ap


aphromoo's ezreal/korean meta

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 9

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about me

hello i am tasos my allias is tasos06 i am a 1500 elo player in Europe's nordic and east server , this is the link for me on lol kink , i play ez for more than a year ,( after the removal of heal on w) and i wanted to make a guide so people play with ez

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why ez

In my opinions Ezreal is the safest pick as an ad carry for soloq, hes damage is overall well he can work pretty well with almost any support , especially with Sona and Taric in my opinion (most played support in soloq)

i update 31-10 input a standard ad carry Ezreal build and item sequence , also yesterday i was watching ..aphromoo.. playing Ezreal and i check on his mastery and rune page and i include it here still i prefer playing Ezreal with the Trinity Force etc but i put it here cause people may think otherwise
also the section "korean ez" is a set up i saw on streams i have not play it many times i understand the reasoning behind it but still i prefer the first set up, some quick hibts ,
- why one lifesteal quintence ?
you skip the Vampirism in order to have the magic pen and the cdr so instead of starting with no lifesteal they put one quit to equalize
-why take the magic pen masterie?
they take the Arcane Knowledge cause Essence Flux and Trueshot Barrage deals magic damage
- why max Essence Flux second ?
they max essence flux cause of the atack speed debuff ez USED to have and becauce it has an average base damage so you maximaze you burst , and because it is a free poke over minions .

personaly i dont recoment this set up because ..
1) NO ATTACK SPEED debuff(elise patch)
2)last patch they nerf Essence Flux damage , and Width (V1.0.0.142)
3)mana cost on Essence Flux is HUGE compared to Mystic Shot

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the perfect set up runes for ez is
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Mark of Desolation x9
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3
this is for players that can last hit really well

a second viable option would be

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Mark of Desolation x6
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x3
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3
( basic ad caster set up )

why armor pen on ez , ezreal is a ad carry that his damage output is limited by the skillshots you can hit , so having armorpen can maximize you damage output.

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on Ezreal i have tried many set ups on masteries
i try 21-9-0 , or 19-11 , but i believe on ezreal cause you have the best poke ingame pre 6 (kogmaw can poke better in lane after 6 ) you better have 9 points in utility.

on ad carry ezreal you need the defence tree cause your range will make force trades

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infinity edge vs bloodthirster

why pick one over other and when
the choise is really simple here and this applies to all ad carries .
when you champion has ad scalling spells like Ezreal, Varus , Draven Vayne Jayce(usually he is top but he can play also as ad) Graves The Bloodthirster is better cause it gives you better sustain , more damage thought auto attacks and spells
on ad carries that dont have ad scalling spells like Ashe , Tristana, Kog'Maw, Twitch Infinity Edge is always better cause but the time you buy your Phantom Dancer your damage output hit the roof .

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Summoner Spells

summoner on ez , i have try almost the most of the combos you have see in bot lane.

combo #1
Flash + Ignite
this combo is too good cause even if you have an inbuild flash a flash is always too good , it is extra mobility and extra mobility is always good.
ignite is a really good spell that deal tru damage + healing debuff that help you with skirmising with opponets + counter the heal many ad carries take. also ez scales with ap also so the 5 ad/ap that you take throught summoners wraith is good.
combo #2
Flash Heal
pretty safe choise i dont prefer this cause after the heal nerf heal is overated
combo #3
Flash + Exhaust
this is e really good combo cause exhast helps you do more damage and taking less damage not a bad pick of summoners
Heal + Ignite
i try this set up i am not a fan of it but the truth is that in lane phase it is really strong but from the moment you leave your lane you are vulnerable when your e is onm cdr . i dont suggest you going this but i have see many ez players want to be stronger at early so the can shutdown the opponnent ad.

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I suggest this item set up
start Boots of Speed and 3 pot so you can farm,
best first buy scenario is to buy Phage for the slow and the tankiness it offers , 2 Doran's Blade ofer 20 ad + 160 hp + 6 % lifesteal , Phage offers 18 ad + 225 hp so it is the same more or less , but in many ways you may think that going dorans to phage seems better but in my opinion that delays the mid game that ezreal excels among ad carries.
so we are now in the part you have Boots of Speed (lv 1) and phage and propably some potion , if you are not against any healer debuffer like Miss Fortune or Varus i start buildint towards my The Bloodthirster so i stack it before laning phage is over , cause when laning phace is over you are ad carry you need to have ad for dont have any ad sterois like kog maw w or Vayne ult so you need ad (personal tip if you manage to have Phage and The Bloodthirster if you manage to stack 20 ad you are good to go a half stacked bt is ok)] after the bt i work toward Trinity Force and boots (ezreal is from the ad carries that can stay with lv 1 boot and still be hard to get)
also small tip for boot cause of the passive ezreal has you can take other boots that Berserker's Greaves (even so attack speed of Berserker's Greaves works nice with passive , if the opponents have too many cc or are full of ad team , Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads are not bad ) so we are in the state you are snowballing the game right now you have Trinity Force , The Bloodthirster and boots (second tier berzekers , mercs or tabi) now for the next item the best posible pick up would be to take the Pickaxe for the Last Whisper (if opponents stack armor as they should) and start building you defensive item ( if you face a team with hard cc ( Malzahar ult , Warwick ult Morgana ult , Sion stun this kind of cc) take a Negatron Cloak for a qss( Quicksilver Sash). If the opponent have so called jumpers ( Jax Irelia etc) start build toward Guardian Angel always cause your team can't protect you a good start would be a Chain Vest. before complete the Guardian Angel finish your Last Whisper and then finish you defensive item . finally as last item take an Infinity Edge .

why not Infinity Edge on Ezreal.
Infinity Edge is the best item on ad carries that need many auto attacks , and in order ie to be efficient you will need to have Phantom Dancer for the crit chance, on Ezreal you skip Phantom Dancer cause passive + Trinity Force is good enough atack speed and Trinity Force on ezreal IS OP . ofc you can play ez like any other auto attacker with infinity phantom dancer etc and still be really strong but have played ezreal so many times i prefer the triforce build cause q applies on hit effect like lifesteal etc but it can not crit.

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AP ezreal

Ezreal can be played as an ap carry in mid lane. i dont prefer it tho but i have test it so i have an opinion. lets start

why pick heal ?
as ap ez you dont do sustain damage so you cant heal up via lifesteal or spell vamp so having heal is crusial to sustain your self in lane.

why take lv 1 Mystic Shot ?
you propably have to make leash your jungler's blue or red buff and you need Mystic Shot to do it also you need mystic shot to take creeps etc.

what are the strong points in ap Ezreal?
ap Ezreal has a really good burst till mid game, has a global ultimate that deals TONS of DAMAGE (with lv 2 Trueshot Barrage and Rabadon's Deathcap you do around 800 damage aoe. you scaling are really good Mystic Shot is on 0.2 ap scale , Essence Flux is on 0.8, Arcane Shift is on 0.75 and Trueshot Barrage is 0.9 scale really good scaling.
weak points of ap Ezreal?
too sqisy
no CC before Rylai's Crystal Scepter but you can't rush rylai you main power is burst .
in you nuke combo you escape ability is required Arcane Shift

viable items
Abyssal Mask
really good item , helps you win trade with the ap carry and helps you damage overal
Archangel's Staff
ezreal is really mana hungry , so [[Archangel's Staff is good
Guardian Angel
you will need it to help you in teamfights
Hextech Gunblade
some sustain , slow active
Haunting Guise
more penetratration YEY
Rod of Ages
some tankyness , some mana , but i dont take it cause it sacrifise the early burst
Zhonya's Hourglass
active OP
Mejai's Soulstealer
you are snowballing like a boss win trades go for it
Athene's Unholy Grail
really good item helps you handle mana good passive and cdr

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trinity force vs standard ad carry

trinity force

1)god like poke
2)more tanky
3)slow when Phage proc's , form auto attack or Mystic Shot
4) empowered auto attack when Sheen proc's mean more burst


1)less damage late game compared to standard ad carry build
2)if you dont snowball mid game you can't carry alone

Ad carry ezreal

1)better late game damage output
2)better utility compared to other ad carries
3)godlike attack speed with Rising Spell Force + Phantom Dancer


1)your range of your auto attacks is not among the greatest in the league
2)your poke from Mystic Shot is good till early to mid if you not boost it with Trinity Force
Ezreal is after Vayne the ad carry with the less inbuild health in game
3)No ad steroid to help you before you can get you core items

now with Essence Flux nerfed you can't win trades like you used , a full build ezreal will lose propably from all other ad carry (same farm, same items), Graves have defence steroid and attack speed steroid , Corki has the ad true damage steroid and armor debuff , Vayne has ad steroid (ulti plus the tru damage and Tumble) , Tristana has better range and healing debuff and instant attack speed buff , Kog'Maw has attack speed and ad steroid and range steroid , Caitlyn has better range and ad steroid (every 5 auto i think), Varus has magic damage steroid , attack speed steroid , heling debuff

so in my opinion after the Essence Flux nerf ad carry Ezreal is good only if you are ahead in farm cs and kill , in an equal fight 1 v 1 he propably lose

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so to sum it up. ezreal is a really popular pick atm but you must always have in mind that , your damage output is not the best among ad carries , and after the w nerf you cant skirmish with all ad carries that mean you sont want to fight against a similar farm kogmaw after 5 (kog maw w is really strong after lv 2-3).
you need to work well with your support cause ad is based on support's plays , if your support plays well you will play well , if your support sucks apparantly you will suck (i learn this the hard way)

-always try to have a clear shot on ult cause the dmage decreases when it hit minion or netural monster.

-when laning with sona at lv 6 you can combo kill almost any lv 6 chamo if you hit all you spells (sona ult , sona q , and your spells)

- never waste your ult if you are not sure to take the kill , using ultimate for a killing top lanes delays your killing potencial till your ult is on cdr. a good reason to try something like that is always a buff (red or blue both are great on ez)

- always have mana for your e , manage your mana for that.

i was looking on aphroomoo's stream and i put the way he played ezreal , it is a diferent way to itemize, keep in mind that aphromoo is propably the best ad carry at the moment in managing mana.(i dont consider him the best adc cause i preffer doublelift for his mechanics and because he is better as ez) , i believe it is a safe road and it is good to exist in the guide just in case someone want to make this
ps sorry for any grammar mistake english is not my native language