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Teemo Build Guide by Split King

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Split King

Split King: Control Mage Teemo

Split King Last updated on August 5, 2018
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Control Mage

Teemo Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot
LoL Rune: Eyeball Collection
Eyeball Collection
LoL Rune: Ultimate Hunter
Ultimate Hunter

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Transcendence
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Top Lane
Win 52%
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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Tryndamere Poor Tryndamere. This matchup is so incredibly one-sided that it ain't even funny :P
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Introduction and Video Guide

I am Split King, a high elo player who is known for about 3 things: Split pushing, Late Game dominance, and unusual playstyle. I also run a small youtube channel ;)

If you are questioning Teemo's ability to Split push or wondering why I started playing Teemo in the first place, watch this "Can it Split? Episode 1: Teemo" Video
The video guide is more important, as it is made with synergy in mind. This written guide and the video guide work together to ensure that all your Teemo questions are answered.
Do you have an attitude problem? We all do..
This video is useful for all players and all champions, but I use Teemo to demonstrate it and there is some useful information on how to regain control when behind.
Attitude Guide:

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Season 8 Update.

Want to see how Teemo performs in Season 8, and why I use those runes? Then look no more, this video is for you ;)
It also happens to be a great deal of fun, which is nice.
Psst... Kids... Would you like some Split?
Looking for some Teemo smurfing action? Teemo is ideal for climbing the ladder if you got the skill for it.

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Watch the season 8 guide update for more information about my rune choices. In short:
I used to run Summon Aery as it is awesome in the lane for sustained damage.BUT it shows Teemos exact position when it is used, so if Teemo is in stealth they now know where you are = Dead Teemo. This trade-off is too big for me to consider Summon Aery. You can still run Summon Aery if you like, but then you will have to not really on your stealth at all.

Electrocute really helps with assassinating targets as it gives some insane burst damage.I consider this rune to be best by a large margin, but if you want to play on-hit Teemo, then Press the Attack is viable.

Cheap Shot > Taste of Blood > Sudden Impact
Cheap Shot is the best in this row, Blinding Dart Procs it. Teemo Shrooms applies it as well without Teemo needing to be near. Taste for Blood is ok for a little sustain but sustain is not a problem in this build at all so it is mostly wasted. Sudden Impact can only be activated with passive so it is quite weak by default.

Eyeball Collection
Do not consider the other 2 options in this tier, they only help with vision and Teemo does NOT have vision problems thanks to shrooms. The extra damage Eyeball Collection adds is a nice boost.

Ultimate Hunter
Best rune by a LANDSLIDE. Don't even consider the others.

This is to get full cdr in the mid-late game. Not very strong in combat, but super strong for his shrooms as he can put so many of them that no one can stop him.

Manaflow Band vs Gathering Storm vs Scorch
I often pick Gathering Storm because it fits well with my late game carry style. But the other options are good too. If you find yourself going OOM often then Manaflow Band can be your bro, Scorch is for early game dominance so like the opposite of Gathering Storm. Pick what you fancy :)
It is important to note that low elo games tend to be longer than high elo games so if you are a low rank taking Gathering Storm will be very beneficial to you.

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Why play Teemo?

Playing against Teemo is a nightmare, but playing as Teemo is truckloads of fun.
Teemo has a unique playstyle, he is heavily dot based, but even more importantly, he has shrooms!

Imagine this: You are casually farming top lane, it is super chill and nothing is going on, THEN SUDDENLY you get a kill because an unfortunate soul stepped on one of your Doom-Shrooms. You are now happy for the rest of your day.

But NOW, Imagine THIS: You put 5 different dots on a target, said target panics and runs forest. You lose vision of him, but 4 seconds later you are greeted with the comforting words "You have slain an enemy", and you laugh and laugh and laugh.

But Fun factor is only one side of the coin. Winning is the other side. Can you win while playing a blowdart wielding hamster?
Yes, that is exactly what you can. Teemo is extremely versatile and can adapt to anything. Are you losing?
Are you winning?
It is highly effective!
But all jokes aside Teemo is a champion that can win or at least stay even in ANY matchup when played right. Teemo is also one of the few champions who is strong at every stage of the game.
Early, Mid or Late Game? Teemo got it!

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Most top laners use Teleport and Flash But this is not ideal on Teemo, he is a lane bully, and teleport does not help much in this area. The ideal teleport champion also has things in his kit to engage once his teleport is complete.

Ignite Is far better for Teemo as it further powers his early aggression. Ignite also has a defensive role to play. The only real way to win against Teemo in lane is to go all-in and try to take him out. Ignite is good in all-in as you can kill them before they kill you. The bonus of having a way to counter healing champions is also welcome :)

Please note that ignite is better than ever as of patch 8.6, now that it deals a whooping 505 true damage at max rank!

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Item Build

So... Why do I build Teemo like this, and not in one of the 1000 other ways he can be built?

While it is true that On-hit Teemo and other variation can be very strong, those builds fall off hard in the late game. The build I use becomes absolutely disgusting late game. When one shroom takes away more than half of my enemies health, and I can spit out shrooms like there is no tomorrow, there is very little room for counterplay.

On-Hit Teemo also has the flaw that it takes some time to down a foe as he relies heavily on sustained damage. If you have seen either my "Can it Split?" or guide video you know exactly how long enemies survive against a Teemo with my build. The answer is often 0.001 sec.

On-Hit Teemo is also trying to do something that other champions can simply do better. Teemo is not the best auto attacker in the game and never will be. The shroom gameplay is however highly unique and it is both fun and very effective to put emphasis on his shrooms. When building Teemo like I do, he is arguably the best defensive champion in the game. You can do some crazy turnarounds if you empower your base with a sick minefield of destruction ;)

Build Order: Sorcerer's Shoes > Hextech Gunblade > Liandry's Torment >
Nashor's Tooth > Sheen > Void Staff > Finish Lich Bane > Sell Sorcerer's Shoes > Rabadon's Deathcap > Sell Hextech Gunblade > Morellonomicon
This is the basic build path but it changes sometimes. If you are against heavy healing buying Morellonomicon earlier is good. If the enemy team is stacking heavy magic resist buying Void Staff earlier is good, and so on.

Season 8 Update:

The full build used to have Luden's Echo in it and not Morellonomicon
But both items were changed. Luden no longer gives movement speed and that was the main reason I bought it. Morello now applies the debuff at all times so it is super evil for Teemo's shrooms

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Battle of the Stealth Rodents

Do you play Teemo but wonder if you should play another Stealth Rodent? Before you commit that crime against humanity please watch this video. There can be only ONE stealth rodent.

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Final Note

Thanks for reading my guide. If you have any questions regarding my guide or Teemo in general, drop a comment and I will try to reply quickly and precisely.

If you like this guide, give it a like, if you hate this guide, give it a dislike.

Now go out there and cover the world in glorious shrooms ;)