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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Split King

Jungle Split King: THE Rek'sai Guide

Jungle Split King: THE Rek'sai Guide

Updated on March 23, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Split King Build Guide By Split King 78 2 127,617 Views 4 Comments
78 2 127,617 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Split King Rek'Sai Build Guide By Split King Updated on March 23, 2020
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Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

Split King: THE Rek'sai Guide

By Split King
Introduction and Video Guide

Hello there and welcome to my Rek'sai guide!
I am Split King a Grandmaster (at the making of this guide) in League of Legends. I got to Grandmaster on my Smurf account by playing exclusively Rek'sai (unless she was banned or I wasn't jungle) and it took me about 1 and a half months to go from Unranked to Grandmaster. I, therefore, think it's safe to say that I mastered this champion to a fairly high degree :)

I am known for about 3 things, Split Pushing, Late game dominance, and unusual playstyle. All 3 things remain true even when I play Rek'sai.
I also have a youtube channel that I spend a fair amount of time on

Please enjoy this highly in-depth Rek'sai video guide:
Season 10 VODs
This game is pretty nuts. It is also a perfect showcase of how strong Rek'sai can be in the late game. I do not agree that Rek'sai is only an early game champion. This is taken directly from my twitch stream.
"Perfect" Rek'sai Game in Diamond at start of season 10:
The 1v9 is REAL here ;)
Legacy Content (Season 9)
Sample Game 1:
Diamond 2 Elo, extreme snowballing.
Sample Game 2:
Master Elo, Perfect counter plays. The opposing jungle is Grandmaster

This one contains 3 Grandmaster Games as Rek'sai:

Let me walk you through the Rune choices!


I feel like this Rune is overturned even after the Nerf which is why I always have this as my keystone rune. Rek'sai can actually scale fairly into the late game with this Rune.

This is also a certain rune pick. Overheal does little to nothing for Rek'sai and Presence of Mind is also quite terrible as the Mana part is wasted completely. The extra gold and healing from Triumph massively outshine the alternatives in this tier, the heal has saved me countless of times!

Legend: Tenacity vs Legend: Alacrity vs Legend: Bloodline

All of these runes are decent. For the most part, I go with Legend: Tenacity. If there is little cc (or it is easy to avoid) you can go Legend: alactriy instead

If you go Crit'Sai then Legend: Bloodline will be a decent rune. You will deal a lot of damage and also have some attack speed from Phantom Dancer which makes Legend: Bloodline outperform Legend: Alacrity. Tenacity is still decent vs CC though.

Even when I am not going Crit'Sai I still pick Legend: Bloodline if I feel like I am playing at an Elo below my skill level as Legend: Bloodline has the best carry potential of the 3 runes.

Choose wisely!

Coup de Grace vs Last Stand Cut Down

For most games Coup de Grace is my choice since it will always have an effect. Obviously every time you kill a target this Rune will have helped to some degree. It also has great synergy with Void Rush

Like Legend: Bloodline I take Last Stand If I am playing at an Elo below my skill level. The reason for this is that If I have to carry It won't be enough to kill just one target. This means that I will eventually get below the health threshold where Last Stand activates which greatly helps when doing multi-kills.

Last Stand and Legend: Bloodline also have GREAT synergy. You deal more damage when low on health which means more healing from life steal, more life steal also means you survive at low health longer which means that you can hold your Last Stand for longer.

Cut Down is only viable if you are going Crit'sai and want to kill tanks for some reason.

Secondary Rune Path:

I have tried pretty much everything here and have found the runes that will get you the highest win-rate


Eyeball Collection vs Zombie Ward

In Diamond Elo and above Zombie Ward will always be the best rune. People know how to ward so you will find so many wards that Zombie Ward usually stacks faster than Eyeball Collection. Getting kills at higher Elo is also harder so Eyeball Collection stacks slower as well. Eyeball Collection also has ZERO utility on top of the damage while Zombie Ward provides a huge vision advantage, I almost always have the highest vision score when going Zombie Ward

In Platinum the 2 runes are about even.

In Gold and below always go Eyeball Collection. People suck at warding and you can get many kills so Zombie Ward performs poorly here.

Relentless Hunter
The best hunter rune on Rek'sai by FAR. The Extra movement speed allows you to move around the map faster which reduces the time you travel so you can use that time to be useful instead. Consider holding on to your Q Prey Seeker if you are not yet in combat as this allows you to close in on your target faster. If you enter Combat you can fire your Q otherwise just use it right before starting your Combo, or save it as a finisher.

Game Start

Always start the game with Hunter's Machete and Refillable Potion. Then pick up a Stealth Ward and head to your Red side jungle. You can either place your ward near your raptors at your own red side to prevent invades, or do it at your enemies Raptors to get information about your opposing junglers pathing.

In either case make sure to have recalled so you are at your altar no later than 1:04 where you will change your Stealth Ward for an Oracle Lens. You then go to your Red and start the game. If you want your first ward to last a bit longer you can recall and place it just before completing the recall channel as puting a ward does not cancel the channel. Only do this if you can recall safely.

First Back

On your first back you should build towards your jungle item Stalker's Blade - Warrior.

I work on the Stalker's Blade path before working on the Caulfield's Warhammer path. The reason for this is that Stalker's Blade clears the jungle faster and safer than Long Swords will do, while also giving you access to better ganks with Chilling Smite

After getting Stalker's Blade If you have another 1100 gold, don't buy Caulfield's Warhammer, but get 2 Long Swords and Boots instead. From my experience Boots and 2 Long Swords outperform a Caulfield's Warhammer. If you have 700 gold You should not get Boots but just 2 Long Swords. Excess gold should be spent on Control Wards and Rejuvenation Beads. Rejuvenation Bead cost 150 but sell for 105 so even when you don't need them for an item they essentially only cost 45g which is cheaper and more effective than a Health Potion. Sell Rejuvenation Bead again if you ever need 100g to buy a better item (such as Long Sword). Obviously, don't sell it if you are building a Tiamat as it's a part of the recipe.

So on first back you should be spending your gold in this order:
Stalker's Blade > Long Swords (don't buy more than 2) > Boots > Caulfield's Warhammer > Control Ward > Rejuvenation Bead > Health Potion

If you are rich and can afford the entire Stalker's Blade - Warrior Item on your first back, obviously do that!.

The only exception to the above buying order would be if you want to play Combo'Sai and have enough money to buy a Tiamat outright but not enough money to buy Warrior. But even when this is the case still only buy Tiamat if you intend to clear you entire jungle right after otherwise just go with your normal Warrior Rush.

Second Item

After getting Stalker's Blade - Warrior (and Tier 2 Boots of your choice) You should decide what kind of Rek'sai you will be playing.

If playing Combo'Sai
Get Titanic Hydra
See the Video Guide for some Spicy Combo'Sai stuff.
Fun fact, the cleave damage activates your R on all targets hit. So if you attack the frontliner and use the Titanic Hydra active, in most cases you can now ult on any target of your choice.

If playing Standard'sai
Get Black Cleaver
This is a good build to use if you are new to Rek'sai as it is always strong and you don't need to learn another button for your combo like Titanic Hydra

If playing Crit'sai
Get Phantom Dancer
This build is hard to pull off as you really need to know what you are doing (relative to your enemies). It is however extremely fun and can take your enemies by surprise. The reason this build can work is that the bonus damage from Queen's Wrath can Crit!
If you take a lot of Damage after your Phantom Dancer shield procs then this Second item actually has the same tankyness as the other builds, as it will shield up to 600 later in the game.

Third Item

If not Crit'Sai
Get Sterak's Gage

If Crit'Sai
Pick one Infinity Edge or Essence Reaver or Death's Dance

Combo'Sai Finish:

After your third Item, you should get Black Cleaver and then the last item should depend on your playstyle. Guardian Angel or Warmog's Armor is great
Should you become even richer you can sell boots and replace them with Dead Man's Plate

Standard'Sai Finish

After you Third item you have a lot of options. You could choose to change your playstyle to Combo'Sai and simply buy Titanic Hydra and then continue with Combo'Sai build.

Or you could get Guardian Angel for an extra life
Or Death's Dance if you feel like you are ahead and want to push your advantage even further.
Or Warmog's Armor for a traditional Tank build.

You can then finish your build with whatever item you didn't get as your fourth item. Again if you become rich and can buy item number 7, feel free to sell Boots and buy Dead Man's Plate

Crit'Sai Finish

The only reason to play Crit'Sai is to deal unholy amounts of damage so...

Pick one of the items you didn't pick as your Third item.
Then finish the build with something like Guardian Angel
If you can afford another item after this sell boots and buy Dead Man's Plate

Situational Items

Mercurial Scimitar Great vs a Magic dmg team and as a counter to certain abilities. For instance, if Mordekaiser uses his ultimate on you, you will leave the Realm of Death if you use this item active.

Maw of Malmortius you can use this item instead of Sterak's Gage if you are against a HEAVY magic damage team. I sometimes get it if they have 4 magic damage dealers, but I always get it if they have a full magic team.

Umbral Glaive A Split push special.
If my enemies have a naked base (no inhibitor turrets) I sometimes pick up this item to move safely through the jungle as I will know if they have vision of me at any point thanks to the Blackout passive. I can then safely take inhibitors by abusing Rek'Sais mobility.
The Blackout passive also has great synergy with the Zombie Ward Rune.
Jungle Route

Both the Video Guide and the Sample games have a lot of information on how to clear the jungle. But you can never get too much information!

I always clear my Red Side jungle first. This is because Red side clear gives you level 3 while the Blue side clear does not. Rek'sai is super weak pre level 3 and she also does not need the blue buff at all. Sometimes I even donate the first blue to my mid laner. The Red Brambleback also has NEGATIVE armor which makes it very easy for Rek'sai to clear it. The Blue Sentinel on the other hand starts the game with 10 armor.

When Clearing the jungle it is CRUCIAL that you know which monster to focus in a specific jungle camp.

Instead of telling you exactly who to focus (this changes on some patches) I will show you the math so you can find out at any given point what to do.

As a Rule of Thumb: Focus the monster with the highest DPS to Effective Health Ratio. A good example could be the Raptor camp. I see a lot of people focusing the Big Crimson Raptor but this is OOOOHHH so wrong as clearing the camp that way will cost you a lot of health.


At level 1 the Crimson Raptor has the following Stats:
700 HP
30 Armor
20 Attack Damage
0.667 Attack Speed

This means that it's effective health against physical damage is
700 * 1.30 = 910
Notice that One point of Armor means that the target can take ONE PERCENT more physical damage before it dies.

It's DPS is
20 * 0.667 = 13.34

Therefore it's DPS to Health Ratio is:
13.34 / 910 = 0.01466

The same math on the small Raptor would look like this:
400 HP
0 Armor
13.33 Attack Damage
1.000 Attack Speed

Effective Health:
400 * 1 = 400

13.33 * 1 = 13.33

DPS to Health Ratio:
13.33 / 400 = 0.03333
Which is more than TWICE as much as the Big Crimson Raptor.
This is because both Raptors have the exact same DPS but the Big Raptor has far more effective Health. The math changes slightly if you use True Damage, but at level 2, Rek'sai deals exclusively physical. (Also the Big Crimson Raptor would be terrible to focus even with 0 Resistances)

TLDR: The Big Crimson Raptor sucks big time and should never be focused in the first clear.

Focus the small wolves first.
Focus The Big Krug first (you should smite it).

When doing your second clear you probably have Hunter's Talisman in which case you should forget all about that math and just focus the big monster at all times. Even though Queen's Wrath does not trigger Talisman (for god knows what reason...) If you Burrow and Unburrow on cooldown you will have 100% uptime on the Talisman effect so you will no longer lose any health what so ever, so now clearing SPEED is your only concern, and when you only look at clear speed focusing the big monster is always fastest if you have AOE in your Kit.

If you want to know what to do after clearing your Red Side I suggest that you watch the video guide or the sample games. Good luck!
Split Pushing as Rek'Sai
The fact that I test Split pushers was actually the reason I started playing Rek'sai in the first place. Her extreme mobility and built-in sustain makes it easy and very safe to Split push. Add a Zz'Rot Portal to the mix and she will do it quite fast as well.

I Split push with Rek'sai if:
- Baron has been slain or has not spawned yet
- I am Fed
- We have a weak 5v5 Comp.

Fun fact: I used to talk about Rek'sai split pushing on stream, saying that the only thing she really needed to shine would be for her q to work on turrets. As of patch 9.19 that is now a reality :)

You can have a look at some of that madness here:
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If you like my guides or want to support me for some other reason please take the time to subscribe to my Youtube channel, follow me on Twitch or become one of my patrons. Even a little support goes a long way and it will help me make better guides that are always up to date. Thank you!

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I can only play Teemo effectively up to about Diamond 3. Most players above that Rank knows too well how to abuse his weakness. I will however highly recommend using Teemo for climbing if you are below Diamond. You can climb fast and reliably with Teemo because he does not rely much on his team. Be a one-man army.

Link: THE Rek'sai Guide
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Viable Elo: Mid to VERY High.
You could still use Rek'sai in low elo with great success if you become good at her, but since she is harder than most champions to learn I would advise against this. When I play ranked on a new account I rarely start out by playing Rek'sai as there are other champions that can carry better with enough kills. You can, however, reach any elo with enough skill because Rek'sai is so extremely strong right now.

LINK: Rammus Guide
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Viable Elo: ANY (If picked as a counter) or LOW-MID (If picked every game)
I played Rammus alongside Rek'sai and Shyvana when I got to Grandmaster the first time. BUT I only pick Rammus against certain setups otherwise he is just too weak. The guide contains a section about WHEN to pick Rammus. Rammus is designed as a Counter Champion to AD.
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