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Sion Build Guide by fungling

Top Strategically Minded Sion - Challenger Thebausffs Build + Strategy

Top Strategically Minded Sion - Challenger Thebausffs Build + Strategy

Updated on May 19, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling Build Guide By fungling 359 54 995,155 Views 13 Comments
359 54 995,155 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling Sion Build Guide By fungling Updated on May 19, 2024
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Runes: Tank

Grasp of the Undying

Cash Back
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

Strategically Minded Sion - Challenger Thebausffs Build + Strategy

By fungling
Strategically Minded Sion Explained

This section is about all you need to understand and replicate macro decision making used every game by Thebausffs and many other high level Sion mains, though these tips can be applied to other champions in varying degrees. In the next sections there are some Challenger guides and combat tips which may help but I believe this section covers what you need to memorise in a simple-ish way.

  • Aatrox is generally a good ban due to his high playrate and winrate against Sion, though you should check the stats on your own rank and region.

  • Though these tips were written for top lane, mid lane Sion can use the same strategy. Once platings have fallen, mid lane Sion will also go sidelane just like top lane Sion.

  • When the game starts, guard your topside jungle entrance, or participate in an invade. After minions spawn, get into the middle bush in top lane.
    • Use Q to last hit the three melee minions of the first wave who will die first, and try to hit the enemy laner with the same Q.

  • At any point in the game, pick up as much CS as you can. You always want to be pushing.
    • If you can guarantee a kill, fully focus enemy champion
    • If you can guarantee a tower crash, fully focus pushing minions
    • If you know that you need to poke the enemy laner down first as he isn't letting you touch the wave, or you're waiting for a cannon wave to intentionally die on, keep poking the enemy laner with your abilities on the enemy champion whenever you can, and using Grasp whenever you can safely. Last hit every minion even if it isn't safe.
    • Though you're usually targetting the enemy laner with your abiliteies, try to also hit minions with the AoE abilities.
    • Don't opt for prolonged trades against most champions unless you can guarantee a kill or you have Sunfire.
    • While your abilities are on cooldown or the enemy has dashes off cooldown to avoid it, auto minions to push as long as the enemy can't punish you for it.
    • Auto enemy champion as you kite away if they engaged on you.

  • If you're shoving a wave but it won't quite crash your minions into enemy tower range, delay killing the last couple minions just enough so that your minions will move up only enough that you'll definitely be able to tower crash in the next wave, but not so much that you'll be unnecessarily and dangerously pushed up in lane.

  • If shoving the current wave would require you to die, you should do it as long as you're below level 8. Here are some more optimal times to die so you know when to all-in on the wave:
    1. it's a cannon wave (not necessary but highly preferable)
    2. you're all-in on the wave as soon as it comes
    3. the enemy laner is as low as possible
      • If the enemy laner clears the wave slowly under tower, you should be able to walk back to lane without teleport and guarantee a proxy even if the enemy uses teleport.
      • In the above scenario, if you know they don't have teleport, you can use teleport or ult instead of walk to lane to get a plating before they arrive.
      • If the enemy laner clears the wave too quickly or holds the wave away from their tower, you have to ult or teleport back to lane.

  • Whenever you shove a wave into a defended enemy tower, try your best to safely get into a proxy. You can stay near the enemy outer tower if you think you can kill the enemy laner. If you think you won't be able to survive proxying, you can recall after shoving the wave. Before level 8, if you can die for a wave while proxying which will deny the enemy laner farm, it can be worth it. Or, as minions crash into enemy tower, you can die to poke the enemy laner enough that they will have to recall, giving you prio again once you return.

  • Whenever you proxy, start with the wave between the outer and inner enemy tower,
    • Leave a ward around there so you can see if anyone chases you (in the bush above krugs, or the crossroad in the middle of wolves, gromp and blue)
    • You can wait until just before leaving to ward if you know that you won't get ganked
    • Move up to between the inner and inhibitor tower when you can.
    • Look at your team's minions walking to lane to know where the enemy's minions are.

  • Once you catch a wave between the inner and inhibitor tower try to continue proxying as long as you can.
    • It's better if the last wave you take is a cannon wave.

  • While waiting for the next wave after proxying or pushing the wave up to the enemy outer tower, you can roam. Some of these may require that you teleport or ult to get back to lane in time to save your tower but it can be worth it. Here's what to roam for from highest priority to least:
    1. participate in a fight if it will result in a kill
    2. stay in your own lane and take platings.
    3. take platings mid (if both mid laners are absent)
    4. take waves mid (if ally mid laner is absent)
    5. take tower in your own lane (no platings)
    6. take enemy jungle camps/wards

  • Whenever you know you'll die soon, execute yourself instead if you can.
    • Executing yourself is good if it helps you take a final wave and you're below level 8.

  • Your highest priority is defending your tower, damaging enemy towers, and to a lesser extent, proxying. Save your teleport and ult for one of these purposes.
    • Ult, teleport and flash can be used to secure a kill or save your own life.
    • Ghost can be used to avoid a bad trade or initiate a good trade.

  • Always think about whether you can ult through the enemy outer tower to force a proxy when your proxy is being denied.
    • Another trick is to ult backwards to an undefended enemy outer tower while you are proxying to sneak a plating.

  • Always go top, unless it's after around 14 minutes, in which case you can alternatively go bot if there are more towers to take there, and no allies.
    • If an enemy is pushing sidelane into a tower, defending it is a priority.
    • If there is an objective where you know your participation will not change the outcome, take the lane farthest from the objective.
    • If there is an objective coming up and you can threaten to end the game if they don't respond to your splitpush, take the lane that facilitates that, so your team can take the objective while enemies are distracted.
    • If an important objective is coming up that you might teamfight for, take the sidelane closer to the objective.
    • An objective includes anything worth teamfighting for stated in the dotpoint below.

  • Never teamfight, unless it's for either team's 3rd/4th dragon stack, baron, elder, or fighting for either nexus, and you can see your participation in the fight being the difference between your team winning and losing the fight.
    • You can use teleport or ult to help engage in a teamfight.

  • Once you're level 8+, no more intentional deaths.
    • If there are potentially too many threats nearby, hold off on pushing until they're gone. Wait for the wave to come to you, recall or go for a roam. Threats can be ignored if you know you'll get enough in return, like a kill, tower, a wave that would've entered your base, or win a teamfight on the other side of the map, for pushing.

  • Once you're strong enough, you can take your own team's Krugs whenever you're nearby as long as your tower is safe but the enemy tower is defended. Raptors are also good if you're around mid.

  • If your bot lane has taken all platings bot and there's time for them to take platings top too, try laneswapping with them.

  • Use one Minion Demateralizer on each type of minion (melee, caster, siege). Consider saving its usage on cannon minion for when you need it to shove a wave into enemy tower.

  • When you're about to destroy a tower, consider letting it kill all your minions before destroying it if you don't plan on pushing to the next tower immediately.

  • Most important things to remember:
    • Always push and poke as safely as possible
    • Pre-level 8, whenever you're about to die, die for the wave as soon as they come (preferably cannon wave), fully charging your Q on the wave
    • Once you've crashed minions, proxy until you die or run out of mana
    • Below level 8, only recall when you've pushed in the wave, preferably after proxying, otherwise dying is better
    • Teleport/ult to lane to defend your platings, get enemy platings, or push the wave to proxy before the opponent resets
    • Play safe once you're level 8, recall when necessary
    • When your towers are safe, roam for mid push, camps, kills and objective teamfights
Challenger Guides
Combat tips
  • Try to flank when engaging in a teamfight.

  • CC with E or R to land a more charged Q.

  • Land a slow with E or R before you die to catch up to them in your passive.

  • Land a slow with E at long range with a minion to land a longer range ult.

  • Press Q right after pressing R when you ult at close range so your camera doesn't distractingly move.

  • Try to bait out movement abilities before you Q or R at range.

  • Time your W so it would hopefully absorb as much damage as possible while not completely losing the shield so you can recast it.

  • Landing as many auto attacks as possible and knowing the delay between auto attacks so you can kite will help you maximise damage.

  • Don't use your speed boost in passive until you need it because are out of melee range.

  • Use terrain and bushes to your advantage to engage with a charged Q from stealth. Try standing on the very edge of a bush for maximum range.

  • You can recast W without cancelling your R.

  • Recast R just before you meet your target to maximise the chance of landing on the target.

  • You can land your R on a tower to deal significant damage to it, especially if it's a long range ult. Recast it between both nexus towers to hit both.

  • There are some ways to ult through the jungle without stopping.

  • Wait for when the enemy laner has to approach to last hit a minion to poke them.

  • Use bushes to your advantage as much as possible in laning phase.

  • You can try engaging in a teamfight at range with your ult if you can predict where the enemies will be forced to move.

Excels at prolonged melee combat. Frozen Heart may be preferable when trades are shorter or there are multiple high attack speed/crit chance enemies.

Doesn't work with Sion anymore as it doesn't scale with health gained from his passive. As Sion already gains so much health passively, it's better to buy items that scale with health, or items with resistances.

Excels at prolonged combat. Once you already have 2-3 items with resistances this item is almost mandatory.

Buy when you or your team need better lockdown on targets without dashes. Also increases your tower damage as a tankier alternative to Trinity Force.

Aggressive option for when you don't need any other tank items. Good against burst.

Aggressive option for when you don't need any other tank items. Good for sustaining long fights. Spirit Visage can be bought if you need MR after buying Sundered Sky, Unending Despair, Kaenic Rookern or Sterak's. Healing and shielding items also counter percentage penetration/reduction and true damage.

Can even be bought before Sunfire/Hollow Radiance when you don't need resistances, you're in a matchup where trades are short, or to pressure towers early. However, buying Bami's Cinder first may still be necessary to maintain wave control.

Hullbreaker is used when you know it will always be bad to teamfight rather than splitpush, and you need to force people to respond to your splitpush so you don't take their nexus. Other tower damage items such as Wit's End, Iceborn Gauntlet, Sundered Sky and Sterak's may also be used for this purpose.

While you should just buy Bramble Vest to deal with healers who have to auto attack you occasionally, once you have Bramble Vest, upgrade it into thornmail to increase your damage against attack speed champions.

Buy for sneaky roams and out-of-vision assassinations. Keep Stealth Ward until you think you will be potentially roaming.

First item in hard matchups (most matchups)

First item in easy matchups, which may be rare in high elo. Otherwise, buy as first back after Doran's Shield. Don't sell Cull until you have to make space for another item slot or you need a bit more gold to finish an item, as Cull gives good stats.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling
fungling Sion Guide
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Strategically Minded Sion - Challenger Thebausffs Build + Strategy

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