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Sion Build Guide by fungling

Top Strategically Minded Sion (Tank/AD/Splitpush|Thebausffs' builds)

Top Strategically Minded Sion (Tank/AD/Splitpush|Thebausffs' builds)

Updated on September 28, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling Build Guide By fungling 160 24 364,426 Views 6 Comments
160 24 364,426 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling Sion Build Guide By fungling Updated on September 28, 2022
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Runes: Tank/Splitpush

1 2
Grasp of the Undying

Minion Dematerializer
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Strategically Minded Sion (Tank/AD/Splitpush|Thebausffs' builds)

By fungling


Guide by the greatest Sion player who inspired my item selection for this guide. You can also watch his videos and streams to learn how he plays more extensively.
Below is an essential guide for Sion players, relevant part of the guide is from 10:45 to the end. In the description there is a spreadsheet which explains how to deal with each matchup, although some advice might be outdated.


One of the most important things to remember is to have a consistently high CS rate so you can be useful. Try not to miss any CS in laning, proxy, take enemy jungle. Don't be afraid of dying, but still learn from your mistakes so you can die for a better reason next time. Being aggressive is the only way to improve. As long as you keep this in mind, you can play inting Sion in your own way.

Try to predict which lane will be the most annoying for the enemy to deal with you in. Make sure to put wards close to towers if you want to Teleport there later.

Deciding which build to play:

Tank or AD: This will depend on if your team needs a tank or more damage, as well as how much anti-tank the enemies may have. If you're unsure, tank is generally a better pick than AD. AD is not in a great place at the moment.

Splitpush: Better in matchups where you can't kill your opponent easily, but they can't kill you (such as Gragas matchup), so go with this build since you are in a situation where you can easily take towers. This is still a situational build. If you want to solo carry and splitpush but you aren't in the proper condition to take this build, just take Hullbreaker on tank or AD.

Core (Tank)

Take this if you're against another tank, or the enemy has a lot of CC, or just any situation.

Only take against ranged, or if you need an early power spike but can't afford Sunfire Aegis.

This item is essential for splitpush or tank Sion. Only buy it AFTER your second core item (not counting boots), like after Hullbreaker and Trinity Force. You can also buy situational items 3rd/4th and leave Titanic as your 4th or 5th.

It's situational but consistently good for splitpushing build, but necessary for tank build.

Core (Splitpush)

Hullbreaker is fantastic for Sion, and it lets you take towers, before you have this item you shouldn't bother attacking towers after proccing demolish unless minions will take a plating without you, since you need to be near a plating when it falls to get gold. If you're below Diamond 2, you may want to take this every game to solo carry.

Take this in the splitpushing build. Remember to use abilities before auto attacks every 1.5 seconds on towers, or anything else, for more damage. W recast doesn't proc the passive but Death Surge does.

Take this instead of Trinity Force in the splitpush build if you're laning against a proper tank or Gnar.

Core (AD)

Essential funny item. Saving the active for during your passive can be wise to get a kill.

Movement speed and lethality choice, can be taken before or after Lord Dominik's Regards. You should build it after if you need anti-tank. Saving the active for during your passive can be wise to get a kill.

You can just build Last Whisper for anti-tank and finish the item as early or late as you want, but you should build this item fully before Infinity Edge.

Can be built before or after Lord Dominik's Regards. You should build it before if you don't need anti-tank.

Once you have 40% crit, buy this. If you don't have space for it because you bought a situational item, you can replace boots or Hullbreaker for it if you'd like, but it's not always the right choice.

Situational (Tank/Splitpush)

Take Sterak's if you need damage, but you're not AD.

If you're being targeted by lethal CC, like Nether Grasp

Build Bramble Vest first, maybe as a first back item, for antiheal. If the enemies have healing but need not auto attack you, they can avoid the antiheal, so you should go with Executioner's Calling instead. Only upgrade from Bramble Vest if you need armor, to counter heavy auto attackers, or if you need a bit more antiheal. Thornmail as a whole can be taken even before the Mythic if you really need it.

Only take against ranged, or if you need an early power spike but can't afford Sunfire Aegis.

First back if you're against a heavy auto attacker, like ADCs. Can be built later too.


This and Phage are good for sudden power spikes, no need to build them into anything. Phage is better if you also want some tankiness and sustain. Can just build Long Sword for an even cheaper buy.

Not really a good item, but take it if they have 4 or 5 AP damage dealers.

Good if there is a Yuumi or other enchanter frequently healing/shielding you.

Cull is a good first back if you don't need immediate stats, in an easier lane. Good against any non-bruisers and some other easier matchups.

First back if you're against a heavy auto attacker, like ADCs. Can be built later too.

Vs high CC

Vs lots of auto attackers

Great boots during your passive and for general movement, if you don't really need other boots, or the enemies have lots of slows, use these underrated boots.

Situational (AD)

Really good and underrated utility item, take at any time.

Saves you from single-hit burst or CC
Strategy details

  • If both teams are busy in a team fight and you have Hullbreaker, it's your chance to push your lane! But sometimes engaging in the team fight can be a good idea if you have Unstoppable Onslaught or Teleport. It depends on how good the opportunity is, in contrast to the opportunity of possibly taking a tower or two. A good opportunity to do this would be if you've attracted a couple of enemies so you can't destroy the tower anyway, so you can quickly Teleport or ult to the teamfight and easily win it since they are missing members.

  • If an enemy is in your lane and you can't deal with them quickly, consider swapping lanes or grouping with your team.

  • Don't ult if there is an enemy that can create terrain like Trundle, since they can block you.

  • You can press W before Teleporting or while using Unstoppable Onslaught to be able to recast for damage once you get there.

  • Your Q outline is invisible as long as Sion is outside of enemy vision.

  • Use E before Q or R to land them consistently.

  • The end of R can do a bit (a lot if you're AD) of AoE damage to towers.

  • If a tower is being protected, you can proxy behind it. You can also use time between waves to take enemy jungle camps and proxy at their inner towers (as shown in Thebausffs' guide)

  • If you Unstoppable Onslaught at melee range to an enemy, press and hold Q right after pressing R to increase the stun duration and reduce the Ult animation. If you're Ult someone from farther away, recast R before hitting them instead.

  • Unstoppable Onslaught ignores CC.

  • Use Soul Furnace after someone uses their abilities on you, so you can still block some damage but also get the recast damage off.

  • In difficult matchups, contest the wave at very early levels, which will likely lead to your death, in which case you can get some CS and do some damage to the enemy laner in your passive, forcing them to recall when you Teleport back, letting you fix the wave.

Grasp of the Undying is an excellent rune for inting Sion since it helps you increase your health throughout the game so your powerspike will hit that much harder. Since playing this build usually makes games last much longer, since how you usually win is only by surgically removing their nexus via splitpushing, this will help you profit off the extra time with infinite stacking potential.
The extra damage that it deals means you can trade whenever you can use it and usually win! Actually you should have W up to trade, but against tanks you only need grasp to trade. Inting Sion doesn't care much for healing but he doesn't mind it, so Spirit Visage helps you gain extra healing from this rune.
Demolish has always been and always will be what makes inting Sion good. Once you hit the late game, this makes towers melt before you. There isn't really much more to say.
Similar purpose to Grasp of the Undying in the sense that it's abusing the fact that you're making games longer by playing this build. Makes you even tankier and all it takes is waiting 12 minutes.
ALSO abusing long games to become tankier. Just have to make sure you CS a lot which you should be doing anyway. A useful way to CS is to R across the lane, and you'll almost always be oneshotting the minions.

Simple way for CSing to be easier despite your tankiness. Using 2 on siege minion s and 1 on a melee minion is a good choice.
Great for movement speed and kill pressure since your E and Q can both proc it.
Thank you for reading!
League of Legends Build Guide Author fungling
fungling Sion Guide
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Strategically Minded Sion (Tank/AD/Splitpush|Thebausffs' builds)

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