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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0nly0ne

Tech Teemo

0nly0ne Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Hello everyone, this is my second guide(I removed my first one) and I hope to explain 4 different types of Teemo builds:
Tank Teemo: Teemo with health and a touch of Attack Damage.
Hybrid Teemo: A mix of Ability Power, On-Hit and Attack Speed.
Crit Teemo: Teemo with high crit damage, High AD, High AS and some Lifesteal.
AP Teemo: Ability Power Teemo.

I hope to thoroughly explain the different types of Teemo builds and their ups and downs. I will explain how to farm, lane control, shroom placement, strategies of playing Teemo and last of all what Global Taunt is.

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Tank Teemo

This is the Tank Teemo section of my guide.
Tank Teemo is basically a heavy bruiser suitable for solo-top and has some Attack Damage. I think Tank Teemo is a great way to play him because he has fair health, good damage output and is great for lane control.
Situational Items:
Mercury's Treads
Frozen Mallet
Guardian Angel
Atma's Impaler
Force of Nature
Spirit Visage
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
The Black Cleaver
Warmog's Armor
Wriggle's Lantern
Basically, most items that add Attack Damage, Health or any other form of survivability like Life Steal are great on Teemo.
Some good builds on Teemo that I have used so far:
Mercury's Treads, The Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster and then the trusty Guardian Angel.
I am currently adding more!

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Hybrid Teemo

I like to play hybrid Teemo because he is great early game, can have good survivability and is great for harassing the enemy Rengar or Tryndamere. I usually get 4 points in poison before level 8 as I am so used to Teemo that I know precisely:
Who I can hit, how much damage I will do, if I can get a kill before the enemy's lane partner jumps me, how far I need to move to hit them etc. I time myself so that if I want to, I can pop two shots in and a blinding dart while the enemy has not moved yet. I play hybrid Teemo because when the enemy has a melee and a ranged support bot, I can knock out the support then advance onto the AD carry within a matter of seconds. In so many situations I have baited the enemy through my shrooms until they realise they are almost dead, then killed them with one or two auto attacks. Hybrid Teemo is good to farm with because you can zone the enemy champs out and last hit all you like. I will explain zoning later on in the guide. Here are my standard Hybrid Teemo builds:
Berserker's Greaves, Malady, Nashor's Tooth, Rod of Ages, Hextech Gunblade and then either a Rabadon's Deathcap or a Lich Bane.
Berserker's Greaves, Malady, Nashor's Tooth, Rod of Ages, Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff.

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Crit Teemo

If you ask me which build is the BEST on Teemo then I would say Attack Damage Teemo undoubtedly. Why, you ask? Well you see, with Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Phantom Dancer, The Bloodthirster and The Black Cleaver you can and will destroy every single thing in your path. The only reason I do not play AD Teemo anymore is because the total price of destruction adds up to 16165. This may not sound like a lot, but hybrid and ap on Teemo work far better early game and you can always switch your Malady for an Infinity Edge and your Nashor's Tooth for a Phantom Dancer. AD Teemo only works well mid to late game and I have only ever finished my build 4 times. AD Teemo has the best survivability by far as well, but it only comes on your fifth item, the The Bloodthirster. Besides, my shredder build only costs 13730 and you WILL get kills much faster with shredder Teemo.

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Ability Power Teemo

AP Teemo is fairly good, but I prefer Hybrid(Shredder) better because AP Teemo Has absolutely no survivability and why play pure AP Teemo when you can just play someone like Brand and go far better?

Anyway, of the few times I have played AP Teemo, I found that the most successful build was this:
Berserker's Greaves, Nashor's Tooth, Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Rabadon's Deathcap and then a Deathfire Grasp. You can swap the Deathfire Grasp to a Lich Bane. AP Teemo is fun to play but he IS too reliant on shrooms to do damage. Rather than play suicide Teemo and run in, plant a shroom and then auto attack and get destroyed and rely on your DoT (Damage over Time) to kill them, why not have them already dead before their ignite kills you? Anyway, AP Teemo is the way many people play Teemo and I do not want to criticise them, so I will leave the different types of Teemo builds for now.

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Pros and Cons of the different types of Teemo builds

The four main types of Teemo builds are:
Tank Teemo,
Hybrid Teemo,
Crit Teemo,
AP Teemo.

Tank Teemo:

Good lane control,
Not as squishy as other Teemo builds,
Has good survivability,
Has enough Damage Output to get by with,
Is fun to play as.

Countered by other Tanks/Bruisers a lot of the time,
You might think that his Damage Output is too low,
Not the best solo early game.

Hybrid Teemo:

Fairly high Damage Output,
Fantastic early game,
Extremely fun to play as,
Has both high AP and AS,
EXTREMELY good harass,
Can shred squishy champs without them even bursting on you or flashing.

You need to be smart late game,
You need to make choices fairly quick,
You WILL be focused in most team fights,
If you accidentally engage in a Team Fight you will die within seconds,
Squishy. But then again, most Teemo builds are squishy.

Crit Teemo:

Dominates, Destroys and Demolishes,
Awesome sustain late game,
Counters AD carrys who rely on auto-attacks,
Can easily get Triplekills and Quadrakills.

Only good late game,
If you die more than a few times early game and are low on farm you will be useless,
If you are stunned then you will most likely die,
Takes time to get used to.

AP Teemo

Fun to play with,
Great DoT,
Potentially good at split-pushing,
Can literally rip apart the enemy support.

Focused very often,
You NEED to make the right choices or you will die,
Somewhat pathetic early game,
Will probably get called a "Nooooooob" for playing a simple champ,
Low survivability.

Overall, I believe Hybrid Teemo Achieves the best results!

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Teemo Himself

Teemo is a ranged, stealth and supposedly a support champion. He is also known as "The Swift Scout". Teemo is among his yordle brothers and sisters in Bandle City. He is a scout and can also be a ward.... But you will get heavily abused if you stand in the middle on your lane for the whole game. When you select Teemo in the champion selection process, Teemo says "Captain Teemo on Duty". When you are moving or attacking he says : "Hut two three four", "Yes sir!", "I'll scout ahead!", "Armed and Ready!", "That's gotta sting!", "Reporting in!" and "Swiftly!". When you type /taunt Teemo will say "Never underestimate the power of the scout's code", and when you type in /joke
Teemo will say "Size doesn't mean everything!"

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Teemo's Abilities

Teemo has some great abilities:

When Teemo is still for 2 seconds or more, he becomes camouflaged.
Note: Abilities will hit you, Vision wards will reveal you and abilities like Lee Sin's Q or resonating strike will pull Teemo out of camouflage.

Blinding Dart
Teemo fires a dart at the enemy which deals magic damage. It blinds the enemy, causing their auto-attacks to be useless for a few seconds.
Note: This is not a skill shot, you press Q and then left-click on the enemy to fire the dart at them.

Move Quick
When activated, Teemo gains a burst of Movement Speed.
Passive: Teemo gains some Movement Speed until he is hit by an enemy champion or turret.
Note: This is what makes Teemo very mobile and allows him to gank well.

Toxic Shot
Teemo deals extra damage when he uses his auto attacks. He also poisons his target for 4 seconds, in which every second Teemo deals extra magic damage to the target.
Note: This is what allows Teemo to harass the Enemy well.

Noxious Trap
Teemo places a mushroom which stealths shortly after being placed and is practically a ward that does high amounts of damage to champs than move over it. Its vision is limited but you still need to place these everywhere and you should only have one at a time.
Note: An Oracle's Elixir/ Vision Ward will allow the enemy champs to destroy your shrooms.

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Last Hitting

When you are playing in higher levels, you need to last hit. This holds your lane in place and allows you to get all of the gold/experience. Remember that it is something like 16 minion kills is the equivalent to one champion kill. This is why you need to get your CS (Creep Score) as high as possible. Also, some people get 10 CS a minute.
More CS = more cash.
More cash = more items.
More items = More fed.
More fed = Win.

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I usually stick with a mix of AD/AS runes. Here are my current ones:


Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Attack Speed
They are flat Attack Speed because I have been playing hybrid Teemo recently.
The Attack Speed bonus is a flat 38%. This makes Attack speed about 1.350 at the start of the game.

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I use these masteries like this because I get all of my offensive needs in 25 points.
Defensive masteries will come soon.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I get my Blinding Dart first as it is good for taking large amounts of health off your opponent, because Toxic Shot does very little unless it is levelled in a 2v2 fight. However, Toxic Shot does come next because it adds just over 30 magic damage (Including the DoT) to the target. Move Quick needs to get a point in it early, because it gets you to your lane faster, allows you to chase the enemy and get away. It also makes ganking very easy and allows you to roam quickly. Like all champs you need to level your Noxious Trap as soon as possible as it shows you when the enemy jungler is coming for a level 6 gank, gives you control of the brush if you need it and also can make the inexperienced Sona buy Vision Wards.

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Summoner Spells

I ALWAYS take Flash and Ignite. The reason I do not take any other summoner spells is because Flash is my escape and Ignite adds to DoT.
Anyway, if you were to take them, I would recommend:
Heal gives you and your laning parntner instant health and can turn the fght for first blood around. Fairly useful in teamfights too if you use it right.
Basically makes the enemy like a turtle: Turtles are slow and can't really kill you, right? Anyway, this slows the enemy a heap and reduces their damage for 2.5 seconds
This can save your turret, give you an extremely smooth backdoor, and simply surprise an enemy when you teleport from nothing (Your shroooooms). The enemy will think you have come out of your camouflage and hopefully you tear them apart.

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What is Zoning?
Harassing the enemy champion(s) away from the minions fighting is called zoning. Teemo is great at zoning because if the enemy champion comes within range you auto attack them, and you watch your poison do its DoT.
Why do I zone?
When you zone the enemy champion(s) away from the minions you are stopping them from getting any experience. This keeps them under levelled and basically makes laning a WHOLE lot easier for you. When I play with a melee champion on bot, I do them a favour and keep the enemy melee champ (If there is one) away from the minions. Also, if you zone the enemy champions away for long enough you are letting yourself last hit and also guaranteeing that you get the last-hit,

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Teemo - Global Taunt

Global taunt, as simple as it gets, is when people want to kill you because you are a squishy, annoying yordle who keeps dropping mushrooms that blow up in people's faces. These people on the enemy team will go very far to kill you and they will be happy once you are dead. As a good Teemo does, he uses this to his advantage and lures people into his shrooms and his teammates. This is the one thing that can get Teemo so many kills. Playing safe as a Teemo and then practically asking for a gank will most likely bring the enemy mid or jungler to come and kill you, but if you put your shrooms in the right place you can lower their health to a few bars and then just hit them with your auto attacks like nothing happened for a kill.In this image, there is an enemey Katarina who wants to kill the annoying yordle and stop it from over-extending and killing the turret. What is the going to do? GO FOR YOU! As you can see, the blue dots are mushrooms. If you place them right, she will run into a few and hopefully be missing at least half of her health. At this time when your mid calls a mia, watch her through your shrooms. When she comes close to you use your Move Quick, auto attack her and then blind her. Hopefully you killed her.....Please tell me you did?

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Shroom Placement

While playing as Teemo, you need to make use of your Noxious Trap. There are key places where you have to try and put them, such as at Baron, the Dragon etc. I painted an image which shows you where to put your shrooms:
Basically, you just need to put them in places where people will walk and if you ask me you should NOT put shrooms in the middle of the lane so that the minions hit them: Unless there is a massive number of them, don't waste your shroom on them.

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Did you like my guide?

I ask that you leave a constructive comment, and if you find any spelling errors then let me know!
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my guide and thanks for reading all the way to the end :D!
I will always try to keep extending this guide to keep you readers happy.

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I will son be uploading some pictures soon, so stay tuned!!!


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