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Teemo Build Guide by Nonoo

teemo build / multiple builds (W.I.P)

teemo build / multiple builds (W.I.P)

Updated on February 8, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nonoo Build Guide By Nonoo 12,254 Views 3 Comments
12,254 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nonoo Teemo Build Guide By Nonoo Updated on February 8, 2021
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Runes: TLT / Yeye Tanks

1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Ghost Poro
Ravenous Hunter

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4
standar / Win Lane
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Win 51%
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Top Lane Ranked #30 in
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Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

teemo build / multiple builds (W.I.P)

By Nonoo
my teemo history (other stuff)
pros and nono pros
champion strengths & weaknesses
build things
the Items / Runes / abilities
ya my teemo story boi!

teemo - the hated scout
Ranged, Tanky, burst Mage, Support, Jungler?
Favorite streamer: Ipav-chan
Reaons why is my main: rage quit people, be cute, quickly!
Speciality: be hated

And if I told you that there is a champion called teemo, who is able to control the map, weaken his enemies over time, be fast, be cute, have a demonic laugh and at the same time cute, but most importantly .. . is the hamster that will beat you in the top lane VS legendary warriors?... amazing right? yeah that's why it's my main

(I'm not English, sorry if there are spelling mistakes in the guide)
(There are also some parts better worked than others, the outdated ones will be renewed and updated to make them look cooler and more attractive)
pros and nono pros

Taimo pros

control the map with mushrooms
easy to trade
easy to learn
easy to survive ganks thanks to its Guerrilla Warfare passive!
teemo has good control of the map since his Noxious Trap help us gain vision in areas for a long time, it is also easy to trade against enemies, since we are a Range champion and thanks to our Toxic Shot we weaken them more easily, easy to learn, teemo is easy to learn, as you know, teemo skills are basic and do not need to be read several times to master them, Understimated!, Many players believe that teemo is easy to kill and that it does not do much damage, the reality is that we are stronger than they think, this will make them attack us without them knowing that we will do more damage or even kill him, take advantage of this to attack!.
easy to survive ganks, Thanks to our Guerrilla Warfare, we can make several plays, one of them is to go to a bush if we see that they gank us, we will wait for them to surrender and retreat (try not to see in which bush you are hiding), Quickly!, thanks to our Move Quick We can be very fast, this helps us to escape / chase the enemy, it also helps us to dodge abilities of the enemies more easily
does not have a RELIABLE mobility skill, yes we are fast but that speed can be countered with a CC skill, not being fast / not being able to move is a very bad thing for teemo, everyone hates teemo :(, nothing to say here, Mana hungry,if we don't have an item that gives us mana, we will run out of mana many times during the early / mid game (if you use your Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap constantly), no RELIABLE cc, a slow and a blind are not enough for all the situations that can occur in the summoner's rift, your mushrooms can be discovered,our mushrooms can be relieved with the orecle lens, this makes us more defenseless if the enemy jg approaches, if you die many times / bad farm, you will be a minion, If the enemy has a kill and farm advantage over us, we will not be able to face it, I recommend you always have a good farm and not die many times

taimo nono pros

does not have a RELIABLE mobility skill
everyone hates teemo :(
Mana hungry
your mushrooms can be discovered
if you die many times / bad farm, you will be a minion
Ability's explanation

Guerrilla warfare (Passive)
COST: 0 mana
COOLDOWN: 1.5s ( after leaving invisibility)
if teemo stand still and takes no actions for a short duration, he becomes invisble indefinitely.If he's in a brush, teemo can enter and maintain his invisibility while moving. After leaving invisibility, teemo gains the element of surprise, increasing his attack speed for 3 seconds.

Blinding dart (Q)
RANGE: 680
COST: 90 / 85 / 80 / 75 / 70 mana
Teemo shoots a dart at the target enemy, dealing them magic damage and blinding them for a few seconds. Blind base duration is doubled against Minion and Monster...
  • use this ability to counter the enemy's basic attacks on you or an ally.
  • DON'T spam this ability, if you do you will run out of mana.
  • use this ability to trade against the enemy without risking.

Move quick! (W)
COST: 40 mana
Teemo gains bonus movement speed if he hasn't taken damage from enemy champions or turrets for 5 seconds...
  • This ability is very good to reach objectives faster, like team fights, objective ...
  • No COST OF MANA, use this ability whenever you can as it does not require mana

Toxic shot (E)
COST: none
PASSIVE: Teemo's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and poison his target.
  • It helps us kill minions if we miss the last hit and we will do magic damage with our basic attacks, so we will do magic damage with our basic attacks throughout the game and we will obtain it at the beginning of the game
    Noxious trap (R)
    RANGE: 400 / 650 / 900
    COST: 75 mana
    CAST TIME: 0.25s
    RECHARGE: 30 / 25 / 20
    COOLDOWN: 0.25s
    PASSIVE: Teemo stores a Noxious Trap charge periodically, up to a maximum amount at once.
    ACTIVE: Teemo tosses a poisonous mushroom at the target location which, upon landing, becomes Noxious Trap stealthed after arming over 1 second, lasting for up to 5 minutes and granting Sight of its surroundings. Noxious Trap bounces forward if it lands on top of another.
    The mushroom will explode upon enemy contact, poisoning all nearby enemies and slowing them, revealing them, and dealing them magic damage over 4 seconds.
    • This ability is effective when having vision for our team, if they step on it we will know that there is an enemy in that area ...
    • We can use it in different ways, offensive or defensive, use it in the enemy game and in important objectives, such as the dragon or the baron!
Burst / anti-tank build / runes explanation

I chose Electrocute because it is easier to activate than Dark Harvest, we only need 3 quick hits to activate it, and that with Teemo we will make it quite easy, also does what we want, BURST, this rune will be very good for when we are in a team fight and we have to kill the ADC or the JG, so Electrocute is the key rune we will choose for burst build.
Dark Harvest I use it not only to kill tanks, is also to kill any type of role, the more accumulations we have, the easier it will be to annihilate the enemies, the damage is similar to the burst build, but, this rune is necessary in the anti-tank build, for the great damage we can accumulate.
sometimes the champions we face are ranged or magicians, so their damage will be greater than that of the tanky, that is why we will need Taste of Blood, to be able to counter that damage and be more resistant to their attacks.
As we know with this build you can have a great burst damage, and thanks to our abilities we are able to weaken the enemies to be able to kill them with our burst damage, That is why I chose Eyeball Collection, the more we kill, the more damage we will do
Ghost Poro is useful when having more vision on the map, mainly I put it since in the early game we will have a bit more vision, we can also put the Ghost Poro in areas of the enemy jg to be able to obtain the accumulations faster and information
There is not much to explain here, I chose this rune since I want the more we kill the more dangerous and strong we are Also, we will have 2 awesome runes to endure on line and in 1v1 battles for a long time.

(I put the 2 builds so you don't have to spend your time reading the same thing in another area but with different changes)
sorcery 2 builds / runes explanation

I chose Nimbus Cloak since it gives us a movement speed bonus, perfect for escaping / chasing the enemy, teemo not having an ability to escape dangerous situations, Nimbus Cloak is a good option (when I mean that he does not have an escape ability, I mean that he is not able to escape effectively as other champions would, yes we can use our passive but if there are no bushes nearby it is not a good idea to use it).
I choose Gathering Storm to have more ability power as time passes in the game, this will help us stay a bit stronger during all stages of the game.
There is not much to say here, attack speed to be able to use our AA a bit faster, adaptive force to have more ability power at the beginning of the game, and life, to be a bit more resistant.

(If you paid attention, the BURST build and the ANTI-TANKY build have the same runes of the sorcery branch, to avoid wasting your time, this also applies to the 2 builds)
Summoner spells / explanation

FLASH:It's obvious why Flash gives us the ability to run from dangerous situations / chase down the enemy, make an amazing play, you know, stuff like that..
IGNITE: Ignite is a VERY GOOD OPTION for Teemo, it helps us kill the enemy more easily and combines very well with our Toxic Shot and Noxious Trap, use the Ignite If the enemy is being affected by your Noxious Trap and Toxic Shot, the damage you will do will be immense!, Or also use it at the beginning of a fight if the enemy has a lot of regeneration or life steal
(You are obliged to win the line with Ignite, if you know you can't win the line, then don't use Ignite, because you will be wasting a Teleport that could be very helpful for your team).
TELEPORT: Teleport is also a good option, it gives you the ability to reach other lines and help them, team fights, defend an objective, etc, with the Teleport you can make many plays

(These are the summoner spells that I use the most, obviously there are more options but there won't be many occasions when you want to use them)
(this section will be updated soon)

"The items"

"The boots"
I consider that the boots should always be according to the champion with whom you fight / build that you do, fo example if you need attack speed you would choose the Berserker's greaves.

For example, if you face a champion with a lot of CC, you will buy the Mercury's treads, Although it may have some problems, if you face a Gnar, its damage is physical and the magic resistance it provides will not be very useful.

"The defensive items"

The same thing happens here, depending on the champion you fight / Build, for example if you face a top of magic damage, you will choose a magic defense item, for example I always use the Gargoyle stoneplate because it gives you 60 magic defense, and 60 physical defense, and with the new buff I consider a good defense option

"The TLG / YEYE TANKS Build"

ok the meaning of this is, Teemo Late Game / YES TANK CHAMPS, You will use this build when fighting champions that are hard to kill or have a lot of life, like ornn, this build is good for late game too, It is also effective if you want to weaken the enemy over time

"The burst build"

you will use this build when you face champions that are easy to kill, for example a vayne top, you know, nono tank champs,This build I have been testing and it is effective against champions who are easy to kill or have no magic resistance items.


There is not much to explain here, it is to start the game, depending on what you fight, you will choose an item (more options soon)
(you can ignore this part if you want)

huh,hi, im new here,Sorry if the guide is not so good, I am learning, but I promise that I will be updating it and taking your comments into account

o right, i don't speak inglish, sorry if there are spelling mistakes

Also, feel free to comment and vote for my guide, I am excited to know that someone liked my guide, I update my guide every day so that it is closer to that label of "in depth"

(I update this guide VERY constantly)

it's all, have a TEEMO time!

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