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Teemo Build Guide by Thelgald

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thelgald

Teemo - Size Doesn't Mean Everything

Thelgald Last updated on August 14, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 30

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Teemo, The Swift Dominion Scout

Hello and welcome to my guide on Teemo in Dominion. It is my hope that this guide will help new players interested in playing as Teemo become more comfortable with him and ultimately improve.

A request: If you feel something is wrong, please leave a comment as feedback, don't just downvote it cause you hate that I used a certain item, mastery, rune, etc.

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- 11/18/2011

  • Added Capturer Teemo to the guide.
  • Added Capturer Teemo to Masteries Chapter.
  • Added Capturer Teemo to Runes Chapter.
  • Added Capturer Teemo to Ability Sequence Order Chapter.
  • Added Capturer Teemo to Items Chapter.
  • Updated the Masteries section to reflect Masteries revamp.
  • Updated the Summoner Spells section.

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Teemo is a legend among his yordle brothers and sisters in Bandle City. As far as yordles are concerned, there is something just slightly off about him. While Teemo enjoys the companionship of other yordles, he also insists on frequent solo missions in the ongoing defense of Bandle City. Despite his genuinely warm personality, something switches off inside Teemo's mind during combat so that the lives he must end while on patrol do not burden him. Even as a young recruit, the drill instructors and other trainees found it a little disconcerting that, while Teemo was normally charming and kind, he turned deadly serious and highly efficient the minute combat exercises began. Teemo's superiors quickly steered him toward the Scouts of the Mothership, which is one of Bandle City's most distinguished Special Forces unit alongside the Megling Commandos.

While most yordles do not handle solo scouting missions with a great deal of finesse, Teemo is remarkably efficient at them. His record of success in defending Bandle City from infiltrators easily makes him one of the most dangerous yordles alive, though you'd never know it by having a cup of honey mead with him at his favorite inn. Bandle City chose Teemo as their first champion for the League, and he has taken to it like a duck to water. His signature weapon - a blowgun - uses a rare ajunta poison he personally gathers from the jungles of ***ungu. To help cope with his lengthy periods of isolation, Teemo recently struck up a friendship with Tristana, a fellow League champion and fellow member of Bandle City's Special Forces. This connection is healthy for both yordles, though now Valoran's voracious media outlets circulate rumors that the friendship is turning into a romantic relationship. Regardless, Teemo is a crowd favorite in the League of Legends, and a pint-sized foe that many have come to fear.

"Teemo rides a thin line between chipper compatriot and unrepentant killer, but there's no one else I'd rather have as a friend."

Upon selection:
  • "Captain Teemo on duty."
  • "Hut two three four."
  • "Yes sir!"
  • "I'll scout ahead!"
  • "Armed and ready."
  • "That's gotta sting."
  • "Reporting in."
  • "Swiftly!"
  • "Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code."
  • "Size doesn't mean everything."

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CamouflageCamouflage Allows you to stealth and buffs your Attack Speed. When you stand still and takes no action for 2 seconds, you will becomes stealthed. Moving or taking actions will break you out of stealth and will boost your attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Blinding Dart Does magic damage and blinds the target. Throws a venom-coated dart at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and blinding them for a few seconds, causing all their attacks to miss for its duration. Great against fast attack melee champions.

Move Quick Grants you a speed buff in and out of combat. Passively this ability grants you increased movement speed until struck by a champion or turret. This bonus is restored 5 seconds after last being struck by a champion or turret. When activated you will gain double your passive movement speed for 3 seconds and will not lose it regardless of whether you are hit or not. The passive is restored after the duration of the active.

Toxic Shot Adds a damage over time debuff to an enemy as you autoattack. You deal extra magic damage with your autoattacks. Additionally, your attacks will poison the target, dealing magic damage each second for 4 seconds. This poison will not stack but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent attack. Very effective when reenforced with attack speed items.

Noxious Trap Places a stealthed mushroom down that acts as a ward and a damage over time mine. You place a trap, which stealths, and arms after 1.5 seconds. It detonates if an enemy steps on it, poisoning all enemies nearby to be dealt magic damage every second for 4 seconds plus slowing them and providing vision of them (doesn't reveal stealthed units) for 4 seconds. This poison will not stack but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent detonation. Mushrooms have 100 health and can be destroyed by autoattacks if they are visible, but they are immune to spell damage. The traps last 10 minutes. You can store one every several seconds, the charge time will be affected by cooldown reduction, and can have a maximum of three stocked up. Each cast requires and uses a trap. After dying, you will respawn with 2 mushrooms.

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Pros / Cons


+ Ranged Champion
+ Ability To Counter Melee Champions With Blinding Dart
+ Nice Mobility With Move Quick
+ Noxious Trap Act As Mini-wards In Dominion
+ Great In Team Fights
+ Good As A Capturer & As A Slayer

- Squishy
- Can Be Countered With Magic Resist
- Requires Knowledge On When/Where To Place Noxious Trap
- No Escapes
- Needs Items To Be Fully Deadly
- Especially Vulnerable When In The Jungle Alone.

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I focused on the Offensive tree to maximize your damage output as killing champions (especially champions that are capturing a point) is your main focus.


  • Summoner's Wrath - This mastery increases the effectiveness of the following spells:
    - Exhaust: Reduces target's Magic Resistance and Armor by 10. Great with your Toxic Shot.
    - Ignite: Increases your Ability Power and Attack Damage by 5 while the spell is on cooldown.
    - Surge: Increases your Ability Power and Attack Speed by 10%
    - Ghost: Increases the Movement Speed bonus by 35%
  • Mental Force - Increases your Ability Power by 4, which will help the damage of your Toxic Shot DoT.
  • Alacrity - Increases your Attack Speed by 6, making Malady and Toxic Shot more effective.
  • Deadliness - Gives you a 4% Critical Strike increases. Since your attack speed will be so high you'll have a higher chance to land Critical Strikes.
  • Weapon Expertise - Gives you 10% Armor Penetration. Really great against highly armored champions like Rammus or Mordekaiser.
  • Havoc - Increases your damage dealt by 10%. Since you're focusing on champion kills this mastery comes in handy.
  • Lethality - Increases your Critical Strike chance by 10%, giving you a total of 14% along with Deadliness .
  • Blast - This mastery is actually really nice as it increases in effectiveness based on your level. You get extra Ability Power per level, with a max of +18 at level 18. With how fast you gain levels in Dominion this is going to quickly become very effective.
  • Sunder - Gives +6 Armor Penetration, adding to your 10% from Weapon Expertise .
  • Archmage - Gives you +5 Ability Power, adding to Mental Focus.
  • Executioner - Increases your damage on champions that are below 40% health. Normally this would be more helpful to high burst damage champions like Jax or Akali, but it can still be useful to take down fleeing enemies that hit a shroom, or in close one on one fights.

To summarize Teemo will benefit greatly from the increased Ability Power, Attack Speed, and Armor Penetration.


With Capturer Teemo I actually pull from all 3 trees to maximize your movement speed and survivability.


I'll break down each mastery like before.

  • Resistance & Hardiness - Both increase your magic resistance and armor by 6. Taken to give you some damage reduction and to move on to the tier 2 masteries. Your other choices enhance Heal and Revive, which you'll never use.
  • Durability - Gives you +6 Health each level, maxing at +108 at level 18. Adds a lot to your overall survivability.
  • Vigor - +3 health regeneration, which helps balance things out with [Durability]].
  • Veteran's Scars - Gives you a flat +30 health, again increasing your survivability along with Vigor and Durability .
  • Initiator - One of the main reason for going down the defensive tree. Gives you a 3% increase to your movement speed as long as you stay above 70% health. Feel free to purchase a few Health Potions to make sure you always benefit from this.
  • Enlightenment - Gives you +0.45% cooldown reduction every level, maxing at +8.1% at level 18. The cooldown reduction will allow you to use Move Quick much more often.
  • Honor Guard - You'll put your last point here to give you at extra 0.5% damage reduction.

  • Summoner's Insight - Take this if you plan on using Flash as it reduces the cooldown by 15 seconds. Otherwise put the extra point into Honor Guard .
  • Good Hands - The other option is Expanded Mind which isn't as useful since Teemo doesn't have a big mana problem. With this mastery you'll be back capturing points 10% faster.
  • Swiftness - Increases your movement speed by 2%, the main reason for going down the Utility Tree.

To summarize everything taken here will help you increase your movement speed, and your survivability, the two main things you need to run around and capturing points.

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Dominion games are so quick I decided scaling runes would be more useful than flat runes. Since there are no scaling runes focusing on Attack Speed I went with Ability Power runes and runes to help your survivability.


Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Armor


The two main things you need as a capturer are speed and escape-ability. So I have chosen the following runes to enhance your ability in this role.


Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

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Summoner Spells

Since you'll only have one rank in Move Quick for most of the match, Ghost is probably the most important spell you could have. Along with Exhaust it makes you very hard to catch (especially if you lead people into your mushrooms) or run away from.

The Most Useful Spells:

Ghost: A must have. Gets you around quickly between points. Exhaust: Very useful as both an escape spell, and to gank. Ignite: Can come in handy when you need just a bit more damage. Flash: Helps you get out of ganks and jump through walls.

Semi-Useful Spells:

Promote Can be useful when pushing a cap point, but really having the other spells is just going to help you out more.
Cleanse Could possibly get you out of some bad CC but certainly not as useful as Ghost, Exhaust or Flash
Heal If you feel like you are dying a lot in games then take Heal.
Garrison Could be useful in situations where you and your team are trying to protect a point, but your teams defender and takers will most likely have Garrison already.
Surge The increase to your Attack Speed and Ability Power is nice, but the cooldown is too long to be useful all the time.

None-Useful Spells:

Revive The cooldown is too long, and death too short to make this useful in Dominion.
Clairvoyance Most of the Dominion map is illuminated, and you have Noxious Trap to act as mini-wards.
Smite There are no creeps and a reduced number of minions. Since it is single target only you wouldn't be able to use it to clear large groups of minions, making this spell pointless.
Clairy You never really will have a mana problem, nor is Teemo a caster.
Teleport How in the...?

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Ability Sequence Order


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I max out Toxic Shot first to take advantage of this abilities on hit effects. Combined with your item's attack speed buffs you'll be dealing a lot of damage.

Next I max out Blinding Dart for AP nuking and being able to blind a champion for 2.5 seconds. Since your items don't buff your AP as much, the blind will be the more useful effect of this ability.

Last I max out Move Quick. While it's important to be fast in Dominion, with Boots of Speed, and this abilities active, you should move fast enough to be effective. However, if you feel it's important (if for example the other team had an effective roamer like Rammus, Shaco, Evelynn, another Teemo, etc.) then start putting more points in once you've maxed out Toxic Shot.

I of course take Noxious Trap at level 6, 11, & 16.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I max out Move Quick first to maximize your movement speed, especially early game before you get your Zeals and Phantom Dancers. At max level this will increase your movement speed by 26%, doubling that when you activate it.

Next I switch between maxing out Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot. Since you won't be causing a lot of damage, and running away from most fights these two abilities are not as important. However, don't just pass them off as useless as a capturer. You still need to defend points if needed and help your team out. Being able to blind a melee attacker whom is trying to slay a teammate will be very helpful.

Like before I take Noxious Trap at 6, 11, and 16.

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Game Start

For the start of the game I personally like to take Kindlegem and a Dagger. Kindlegem gives you +200 health, which can be nice for early game survivability. Plus it builds into Shurelya's Reverie which you'll get should a game run long enough. I don't take boots since Move Quick's passive allows you to move as fast as everyone else with the boots. However, here are a few alternatives for starting purchases:


Early Game

Early game you're going to want to start finishing your Berserker's Greaves and Malady. The Berserker's Greaves give you your speed increase, but they also increase your attack speed by 25%. With Malady's 50% Attack Speed increase you'll have a 75% increase for only 2745 gold. However, Malady isn't just purchased for the attack speed. This item also stacks a debuff, up to 4 times, on a champion reducing magic resistance by 6 for 8 seconds. With your 75% attack speed increase you're going to max out the stack very quickly, effectively lowering a champions magic resistance by 24. With Toxic Shot dealing damage every second from both your attacks and it's passive, it all synergies very well into some nice damage.

If you don't want to take the Berserker's Greaves here are a few other options:

Late Game

Late game your core items are going to be Wit's End and Ionic Spark. Combined they give you +85% Attack Speed, making you even more deadly with Malady and Toxic Shot. Individually they each have their own unique benefits. Wit's End allows you to stack magic resistance on yourself (up to +20 with 4 stack for 5 seconds) and 42 bonus magic damage to your target. Ionic Spark deals 100 magic damage on up to 4 different targets (including minions) every fourth attack. With your attack speed so high this is going to proc a lot.

Some other alternatives to either the Wit's End or Ionic Spark:
  • Sanguine Blade for the Attack Damage and life steal. Personally, since it doesn't have any attack speed increase I don't like taking this item. However, if you find yourself in need of the life steal, it can be nice.
  • Sword of the Divine's active gives you +30 armor penetration and your basic attacks cannot be dodged. Can be very effective against high dodge champions like Jax or Udyr.
  • Zeke's Harbinger can be taken if you like it's passive, which increases all nearby allies' attack speed, health regeneration, and life steal. Additionally that same aura will decrease all nearby enemies' armor. Take if you think your team will benefit from the aura.

Should the game last long enough you should build Kitae's Bloodrazor and Shurelya's Reverie. Kitae's Bloodrazoe has an excellent passive that deals 2.5% magic damage dealt based on the champions max health. This is very effective against high health champions like Mordekaiser, Rammus, or Alistar. Shurelya's Reverie will be your final item, and honestly will only be built if the game is close the whole way and goes long. This item gives you +300 health, along with health and mana regen. This is your survivability item. If you feel you're dying too much you can try to build this early, since you've already got the Kindlegem. It will only cost you 1350g.

Some alternatives to Kitae's Bloodrazor or Shurelya's Reverie:
  • Guardian Angel gives you armor and allows you to resurrect mid battle every 5 minutes. Costs 2600g but could be worth it if you feel you're dying too much.
  • Frozen Heart Gives armor and cooldown reduction, but has a -20% attack speed aura debuff that could help against high attack speed champions like Jax or Twitch.

Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves


Wit's End

Ionic Spark

Kitae's Bloodrazor


--coming soon!--

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Using Mushrooms Effectively

There are two situations in Dominion where you should be using Noxious Trap; offensively as something to hide behind and defensively as traps.


To use your mushrooms offensively follow these guidelines:

  • Be aware of where your enemy is. If you see them coming, put down a mushroom and keep it between you and the enemy champion. This is especially effective against melee champions like Warwick, Xin Zhao, or Master Yi. It slows them, preventing them from coming into range, and you will be able to start DPSing them down.
  • Place it on you if being attacked. Once it activates (1.5 seconds) run back so that the champion had to follow and detonate the trap. Then proceed to kite them.

Here is an example of a good location for the offensive use of Noxious Trap


To use your mushrooms Defensively follow these guidelines:
  • Place them all through out the Jungle. That way you can see where enemy champions are heading. Being able to see someone running for an unprotected Capture Point can be extremely useful to your teammates.
  • Place at buff pick up areas (Health Pick Up, Speed Buff Pads, and the center Red + Blue buffs) and deny them the use of those buffs. Teemo is one of the few champions (along with Shaco and some others) who has the ability to cancel out Dominion's pickups. Make sure to take advantage of this.
  • It's great for taking out large amounts of minions. If a lane is getting pushed hard, run up and place a shroom right in the middle of the group of minions. The shroom will shortly detonate, and the entire group is now damaged and dotted.

Here are a few examples of good locations for defensive uses of Noxious Trap
The RED dots are your health pick up locations.
The BLUE dots are your speed pad locations.

The GREEN dots are good locations for escapes, ganks, warding, etc.

Something to note about mushrooms, their use, and how many you can have at a time. Whenever you have a mushroom, you get a buff. When you cast the spell Noxious Trap, and place a mushroom, that buff goes away. That buff can be stacked 3 times, maxing out at 3. Another way to put it there are 3 mushrooms in your "inventory". If your buff is maxed at 3, you are doing it wrong. When you aren't maxed you receive a new mushroom every 27 seconds (at max rank). So, if your buff is at it's max, you are not getting any new mushrooms to place. So place as many mushrooms as possible all around the map.

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Capturing Effectivly

--coming soon!--

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Here are each of Teemo's skins:

Classic Teemo

Happy Elf Teemo

Recon Teemo

Badger Teemo

Astronaut Teemo

Connontail Teemo

Super Teemo

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These are links to other builds and guides that I have used as inspiration and to help me build/improve this guide.

Get me Teemo over here...with a blowgun by Ferrovial
Karthus Build Guide - Making A Guide by jhoijhoi
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