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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrCuddowls

Teeny Teemo, An in Depth Guide

MrCuddowls Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Welcome to my Teemo Guide. To start of i want to say that Unlike my Ahri Guide, This guide should be Acceptable. Again this was inspired by a lot of things from SoloMid And MobaFire but i put in my own Play style for Teemo. I hope who ever reads this gains something new about the League's Cute little Scout. :)

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Shall We listen to Some Music?

This First song is a tribute to Teemo. It is quite the heart warming and fun toon and I really liked it and i hope you guys like it as well.

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Prodigious Pros And Calamitous Cons


+Somewhat Tough (with this build)
+Very Scary (with This Build)
+Very Demoralizing/Global Taunt
+SOOO much sustained Burst.
+Doesnt Need Items To Be Effective

-Somewhat Squishy Early game?!?!?
-Most Focused Champ, Hands Down
-Oracle Counters His Passive and Mushrooms
-Your Team WILL RAGE if you suck playing him
-Teemo doesn't have many cons does he.

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Masterful Masteries


Okay these are the Masteries you should use Iif you are taking The Classic Teemo Build
I take these For the increased survivability. TRUST ME this is the best Thing to do if what your wanting to build is a high damage bruiser. DO NOT decide this by your self and make the mistake through ignorance. I URGE you to take these masteries for a Classic and competitive Teemo


Now these Masteries are for your AP Teemo build. You will be so Squishy that the defensive masteries wont make enough of a difference in survivability. AP Teemo is probably the squishiest thing in this game so you still want to be careful.

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Resplendent Runes


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Precision

Classic Pick in terms of Runes. Greater Mark of Precision Because the damage you are dealing is magic damage done through Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor AND Physical damage. Done through Madred's Bloodrazor, Frozen Mallet and The Black Cleaver.

I take armor seals because this build is meant for top where most opponents will deal physical damage. Now this doesn't mean you wont face opponents who use magic damage. Which is why i also recommend you take magic resist Glyphs.

For Quints take Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage for the extra instantaneous damage to aid in your last hitting and harassing, etc


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power

Now these runes are to be taken if you are running a full ap Teemo.
Insight marks make your Toxic Shot, Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap utilize more of their damage.

Armor Seals because you are still top and these can make a huge difference in living and dying and tbh your harass should be so powerful that the enemy is too scared to engage.

Ability power per level Glyphs and Seals for pure ability power. You will need all the ability power you can get. and this is how you do it.

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Seductive Summoner Spells

For Summoner spells i usually Take Heal and Flash OR Ignite and Flash

Viable Picks:

A Must Have Summoner Spell. This is a good spell to Get away from/catch up to Enemies.

A Very good Summoner spell. Cast it on an enemy champ with low health as they run behind their turret to finish them off. Cast it During a fight to give you an advantage in damage output. This can be Taken into any lane. This is a MUST HAVE if your going mid.

This Is a very good spell for Teemo if your going top because when you get ganked because your doing well, you will have to fight against the 2 AND win or run away. IMO Taking on the two and Winning is Much more awarding than Running away. Take Heal unless you really trust yourself.

This can also be used as a Catching up/Getting away mechanism. Remember Though, YOU CANT WALK THROUGH WALLS WITH THIS, you can only walk through minions and champs.

This is a good spell for getting back you your lane quickly. It will reduce the amount of cs you miss and allow you to stop any assaults that are happening at your tower.

Non Viable Picks:

Don't Touch this unless your jungling
Don't touch it, you shouldn't be dying anyway.
One of the most useless spells for Teemo/in the game.
Teemo doesn't depend on mana. Don't touch it.

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Amorous Abilities

camouflageCamouflage Hide in Plain Sight And Attack with Deadly Speed
When Teemo stands still for a few second he is put into a state in which no one is able to see him. When He leaves this state he gains increased attack speed for a few seconds. This ability is good for surprising unaware bystanders by coming out of now where and throwing out a lot of attacks.

Blinding Dart Don't Let The Enemy hit you
Blinding Dart Blinds the enemy, Making all their attacks miss you. This is a good skill to use when you want to kill an enemy and your below 40% in Health. Throw this at them then quickly burst them down with your Attacks and Poison. DO NOT HARASS WITH THIS.

Move Quick Move Faster
This Ability Has 2 Parts, Lets Start With the Passive. Teemo Moves faster unless he is struck by a champion or a turret. It is Restored 5 seconds after he is struck if he is not struck again. The active. Teemo Doubles His Movement Speed for 3 seconds. Use this to Get Away From/catch up to Enemies. Can also use this to block attacks like Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole.

Toxic Shot Your Attacks Do more damage Over Time
Teemo's Attacks now inflict upon the enemy it hits Poison that damages over time. It's like a mini Ignite in a way. This poison Scales with AP BUT it doesn't stack, it only refreshes with each hit. This skill Passive doesn't need much explanation.

Noxious Trap An Invisible Trap That Slows and Damages
Teemo places an a trap the hides it self when placed. When an Enemy Steps on it or goes near it they are revealed on the map. When an Enemy steps on it they take magic damage and are slowed for a duration. More Information on using this Ultimate Later on in the guide.

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Taking Inventory - Damage

Classic Teemo

Frozen Mallet
This is A core Item for Teemo. It gives 700 Health and a Spectacular Slowing CC. On top of all that it will Also give you Some Attack Damage.

Wit's End
100% Necessary Item on Teemo. This item is Basically the Magic Resist Version of Malady. Your Auto Attacks Still Shred the enemy dealing 42 Magic damage. But this Time, instead of reducing the enemy's Magic resist it Improves yours with every attack up to 4 Times.

Madred's Bloodrazor
Again we have a Core Item to playing Teemo. This Will give Attack speed, Attack Damage and armor. It's Passive Does this cool Thing i like to call Health Shredding, in which his attacks deal a percentage of the enemy's health in magic damage.

AP Teemo

Sorcerer's shoes
This Will allow you to Utilize more of your poison and Mushroom by allowing you to go past more of the enemy's Magic Resist. Take this when building AP Teemo.

Rod of Ages
This is The first item you should go For when Playing AP Teemo Gives AP, Health, and Mana. Good starter item because it improves your Survivability while still keeping true to the high AP goal.

Deathfire Grasp
This is the second item you are rushing if you are playing AP Teemo. It will give you 80 AP, 15% CDR which is very important on AP Teemo and a nice active that deals good damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap
THIS is when your damage should become crazy. Incorporate this into your build for the PURE Ability Power. It's also a lovely hat!

Lich Bane
OK so after you have gotten your Rabadon your AP should be crazy. You would be out of your mind if you dont buy a lich bane to use ALL THAT AP to even more of it's amazing potential. This will Proc after using your Q, after putting a mushroom down, After using your E to speed up. So you could use E during the fight for an extra proc. Very good

Void Staff
Final item to finish off your AP Teemo build. This will give you more Penetration meaning that you can utilize more of your damage against Magic resist enemies. It's also a nice boost in AP.

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Taking Inventory - Survivabilty

Frozen Mallet
This is A core Item for Teemo. It gives 700 Health and a Spectacular Slowing CC. On top of all that it will Also give you Some Attack Damage.

Mercury's Treads
Mercury Tread is one of two Shoes i recommend. It will give you Magic Resist. But what i like More about it is that it will give you Tenacity, Reducing your Cooldowns. The lower your cooldowns the more you can Spam Your Noxious Trap and Blinding Dart

Guardian Angel
The King of Defensive Items, This Will Give you Armor, Magic Resist AND a Passive that Revives you on death. This can be Very effective if you died before being able to finish of an enemy because now you can finish them of or the enemy is too op. This will give you another chance to run away.

Banshee's Vail
This is The Item to get if the Enemy is a bunch of AP scaling Champions. It has a Active that adds to the 50 Magic Resist you already Get out of it by giving you a shield that block the next ability. A Great item in General since it gives you Health and Mana As well.

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Playing Teemo

Now We Get to The Fun Part - Playing are little scout. Lets Begin By Getting of a few points

1. NEVER HARASS WITH Blinding Dart, Blinding Dart is for killing things, not lowering their health a little and not even using the effect of the Skill itself.

2. When you have your Full build and have some extra gold, BUY POTIONS. Just buy every type of potion and an Oracle. And look at this, your at 3k HP, you maxed out your attack speed at 2.5 per second, your Poison and Abilities do more damage AND you can see invisible things. WHATS NOT TO LOSE.

3. Try to stay out of your base early on until you have 1.5K gold. Then comeback, buy stuff and go back out and gather another 1.5K before coming back. If your going B a lot your missing out on Much needed CS and gold.

4. Don't Push The Tower Early, Pushing the tower early will initiate the Roaming Phase and make it very difficult for you to farm. The turret isn't evil, ITS STUPID. Take down your turret at about 15-20 Minutes and tell your teammates to do so as well. You want to farm creeps as much as possible.

Ok Now Lets get to Lane Specific Things. Im going to start out with Top lane.

Top Lane:

1. Teemo is Most effective top lane, He counters Almost everyone who goes top meaning that it shouldn't be difficult to get lane dominance and have the person your laning against standing next to their turret too scared to go and farm creeps because you will probably kill them. Watch out for Ganks Though. More information on Stopping ganks Later on.

Champions you May be Laning against When going Top

Yorick Danger Level - Very High
Yorick is the Number 1 Worst Champ for Teemo to Lane against. You have to play defensively and focus 100% on farming. You wont be able to harass him, if you try to chase him his ghouls are there to kill you, if you lower him he will heal up instantly. Buy A LOT of sustain or you wont survive. Focus 100% on cs and wait for your jungler to gank the lane.

Rumble Danger Level - Very High
A Very bad champ for Teemo to lane against. Denying him farm and outdamaging him at pretty much all stages of the game. Even with a strong Jungle presence, Rumble will zone Teemo and rack up kills against him. Move Quick is negated by Electro-Harpoon and Rumble has his own speed buff. Blinding Dart has no affect because Rumble doesn't need auto attacks.

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Magnificent Mushrooms

Placement of Mushrooms is VITAL to playing Teemo Right
I Will upload a few Picture below and give explanations on why they are the correct way to Set up Mushrooms and why they aren't. I will also give explanations on Setting up Mushrooms as Mini Wards to watch Enemy Movement.

Top Lane Place a shroom at the River Bush Entrance and one in your Bush

A shroom at the middle River Entrance and the little bush

The Ideal setup for Mid Bushes, This will ensure that the enemy hits a shroom.

If you only have 2 then place each at the 1/3 and 2/3 line of the bush

A shroom to keep an eye on Dragon, another at the middle River entrance

A shroom in the river entrance bush, and one in your own hind bush.

Another at the enemy side, Do this for top as well.

Warding Blue. Set up shrooms like so.

Same with red, also put one in the bushes near by.

When going for baron to watch for Steals

So those are my tips for Mushroom Placement, Obviously you don't want to place it in the middle of a road. Also you should know other places to place shrooms just by seeing these pics. ALSO, the stuff you see in my build is NOT what you build on Teemo. Nashor's Tooth is horrible on Teemo. I only bought it for the Cooldown Reduction since i was taking photos a lot.

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Alright Guys Thanks for reading my guide i worked very hard on it to bring you the best information possible. I had A lot of Help from Wrath And PsiGuard who gave me many Tips and of course TheMasterSherpa helped me a lot as well with the AP Teemo build. I would like To Thank Jay for The banners and for her guide on making a guide. The guide and the signature shop can be found below.

Guide to Making a Guide
Signature Shop

Thanks for reading :)