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Ahri Build Guide by thatsnotmypirate

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thatsnotmypirate

ThatsNotMyPirate's Ahri Guide

thatsnotmypirate Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Ahri is a new mage champion. She is highly mobile with her ult and can burst down single targets very well. There is a learning curve because of her skill shots but if used well with your team. She can be pretty scary.

While reading this guide, remember that this guide is meant to help people who are new to ahri. I encourage all player to build there champions the way they want to, which is why I have a "other items" chapter in this guide.

Each game is different, and will call for different items.

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My Games Stats

More to come

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Fan Stats

As for all my guide, I want to see how well you guys are doing with my build. Will you make the cut? Send me your end game stats and I will post them here!

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Pros / Cons

*Great Burst damage
*Ult can deal damage or use to GTFO.
*Able to stay in lane a very long time cause of her passive.
*Amazing auto attack for last hitting minions.
*Low Cooldown ult.
*Lower movement speed then other champions.
*Fun to use and can unload on people in 1 vs 1.
*Fun to use
*Pretty good ganking if you can hit charm

Cons __________________________________________________________
*Isn't the best mid when there are mages with higher burst and better cooldowns.
*Most of her important skills are skill shots.
*Charm can hit creeps.
*CC can be a Bi***
*Can be very hard to learn.
*Your ult can put you out of position if used wrong.

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Summoner Spells

- Goes with out saying. Good for getting away, killing runners, ganking and getting over walls. Best summoner spells for mages.

- Wdf? Teleport? Yes, teleport. It is good for getting back into the lane if you want to grab an item fast. But it's best to save this spell. Your a very good ganking so I save this spell to teleport to wards in other lanes. With this spell you will get free kills early in the game. Try it out and see how powerful this spell is.

----Other spells----

- Another good spell. Its great for getting kills and taking out people that have healing. It's a great pic, but I feel that because you are such a good ganker, I take teleport over this spell.

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Play Style

Early game, your burst isn't high. So you will end up trying to just pick at the other team.

In lane, focus on farming and small harassment when able. You can heal pretty well unlike the other team, so beat them in gold. If you don't go mid then try to find a team mate with a slow or stun. This makes it easier to land charm and because of this combo the other team will think twice before trying to attack you.

When in mid game, use teleport to gank other lanes. Ask your teammates to place wards in there trees. Make sure there team sees you in another lane so you can blind side them with your ganks.

The key to getting kills is working with your team so make sure you talk to them often and let them know what you are up to. (sometime a simple ping won't be enough)

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Skill brake down

- Sends out an orb that does damage on its way out and true damage on its way back. Much like sivir Q, it can deal pretty amazing damage if someone takes both hits. This spell should be the one used with your passive cause it hits the most minions. This spell will be your bread and butter so make sure you learn how people move to make sure you hit your skill shots.

- This spell is great for blowing up someone standing next to you. You summon 3 balls of fire which attack near by targets. This spell will always attack champions first, Try to get on top of someone to make sure all 3 hit your targets. This spell is best used with your ult to get up close and hit them in the face.

- Charm is pure awesomeness. I like to think of it as a ranged op taunt. It makes lining up Q very easy and its easy to forget that it does pretty good damage itself. Sadly minions can block this spell so it will be the hardest to master. But it can be used to find ganks that are being set up. Just throw it in a tree and see who harmlessly comes out lol.

- Ahri took a page from ezreals books. This ult is amazing for not only dealing damage but setting up your skill shots. It can be used to jump over alls, run down your enemies, or run from your enemies. This is where you learn how to dance on peoples faces. Use Spirit rush often, its cooldown is very short and you can almost always get a kill when its up, so don't worry to much about wasting it. But save it in team fights, only open up into it once you see you can take a few people out. Its great for the end of team fights when you have runners.

Use R to get into range, Q - R to get close - W - E - Q - R
Your combo for taking people down will be.
- - - - - -

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Runes in lane

I have flat AP runes because I like to have the extra damage early game.

You can end up getting Very fast and teleport back into your lane. You will have about 80 AP just from that and runes. You will be able to farm your heart out after you have hextech revolver, but you will be a bit mana starved, so grab blue buff when you can.

You can also go for AP per level runes if you would like, I just feel like a strong early game will get you ready to be god in late game.

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Foxes like to be chased

This is true. If your on the run, you can turn the tides of battle even with low hp.

As your enemy comes close to you, it should be easy to land , then follow up with and This will do damage, heal you, and it may just turn the tides. Do this again till they turn and run. After they turn, they become your pray. for the kill. :) Chasers goina chase.

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Build 1

This is a build that will keep in you lane as long as possible early game. Then make you pretty tanky late game. This is the one I use the most. It gives you good armor and magic resist, but still give you the AP you need to kill your foes. It also lowers their magic resist and gives your team an AP and spell vamp aura. This is an all around good build.

The down sides is that it can leave you mana starved, so blue buff will be important

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Build 2

This build will keep you from being forced first, and if the other team is foolish enough to do so, you will have a spell shield and revive that will give your team the chance to kill them all while you are revived.

As far as which build will keep you alive the most, I am not sure. While this build gives you more armor and magic resist then build 1, it doesn't give you hourglass. Which I feel is more important to have if your the one being jumped first. But I think build 2 will keep teams off you just because they don't want to bother with your spell shield and revive in team fights.

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Doran's rings

- Stacking up to three doran's rings is an amazing opener for any build, even more so if you are having problems early game. I do feel it is a great opener for all mages. But as for this build I think its better to rush spell vamp to keep you in the lane longer, the hp you end up healing is over all better then the hp you get from doran's. But if your having a problems, by all means get this item :)

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Other Items

Here is a list of items you should think about using. Try out new ways till you find your own. Remember, all games are different and will call for different items.

- This is for if you are having problems with a spell caster and teams with Magic resist.

- Op item. Removes all CC from you. I use this for Anti Veigar, remove his aoe stun, then use hourglass as he wastes his ult on you :)

- If your having problems with mana and aren't able to get blue buff as much as you want. This item is prefect, It alone can give you 120 AP while still giving you the mana you need.

- This is for if your having problems with a team that is stacking Magic resist, If you aren't having much problems with spell casters, This items wins over Abyssal Scepter and vise versa.

- Underrated item I believe. Its very cheap, Like dirt cheap. A very good item if you need just a bit of magic pen and some HP to keep you alive. This item should be sold end game. Void staff should give you all the magic pen you need.

- Good for a AD team, its also good if there is a carry other then you and you get force down first, the active will throw them off enough to let your team get the jump on them. Also good in 1 vs 1 if you need to wait for cooldowns.

- Another great item. It gives 50 AP and then an aura that gives your team 30 AP and spell vamp giving you 80 AP. This item is great if you have Vladamir or any other champion with healing skills. But its great with your passive

- An item I will never get, But people use to boost your Healing of your ult. But it has been nerf and to tell you the truth, The spell vamp from the item you get from WOA Wins over this, Even more so because it gives AP.

- If you want to get moving this could be very good, I have never used it myself, but because of your spamable ult you could really deal out the damage. The movement speed is great also. I wouldn't underestimate this item.

- Can't go wrong with this item on anyone. More Hp, more Mp, more Ap because of AA Staff, and block one spell every 45 secs. It even blocks ults, Who wouldn't want that.

- Blue buff + Elixir of Brilliance will deal with cooldowns if you need them. But it is still a very good item for spell casters.

- This item is very good if because sometimes you just need that extra Hp and MP. Also more Ap if you have AA Staff.

- Also a yes. Need a big Hp boost with good Ap, then go for it. The slow on your spells is pretty awesome.

and Others - This is a common mistake. When your build is finish, buy them. It's worth it. Also Ap stacks with your Deathcap.

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More to come

This guide is a work in progress

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Who is ThatsNotMyPirate?

I am a LoL player like you. I have been playing the League for 2 years now after I left dota. I am a very good player and enjoy helping my fellow gamers. I will be hosting a live stream of my games and starting my own youtube channel dedicated to League Of Legends as soon as I get my new computer. But I am always willing to try and play with you guys when you want. If you ever want to get a game in with me just message me and I will try to make time to play a game with some of you.

Thank you for all the support you gave me on my other guides, if you keep enjoying my builds I will keep making guides.