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Ezreal Build Guide by Zyean

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zyean

The big book of Ezreal, map not included. (More to come!)

Zyean Last updated on June 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Congratulations, you've read this far, that means you don't have to follow that standard build I put up there anymore and can fully understand that there are many many ways to build Ezreal, and each build is pretty much equally good.

This will be updated with more content regarding AP/Hybrid Ez and etc eventually.

Clearly there isn't much reason to listen to me other than whether you find this guide helpful to you or not, I don't get to play him a lot in ranked, I'm usually supporting, but I feel like I have decent stats with him and enough experience with him to make a decent guide so why not.

These two images are to save you the trouble of looking me up, obviously, there are better players than me, but I hope to get to gold soon, I've done a lot of custom game scrims with platinum ranked players and I've held my own, and learned a lot from those games, now I just gotta get up there.

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Summoner Spells

All of these summoner spells are viable on Ezreal, it all depends on the situation and which ones you feel most comfortable with.

  • - Cleanse should be easily understandable, a team with a lot of CC, Helps Ez get out of some sticky situations.
  • - This one is really nice on Ez I think, it helps you re-position yourself in team fights a lot better, synergizes with can save your life when being chased by bruisers in fights to help you kite better, I use it when fighting someone like Nocturne or Singed, or something along those lines.
  • - I'd take this only if your support doesn't take it, which isn't often given the current meta, but you may like the double exhaust as well, helps keep bruisers away from you.
  • - Standard Meta game spell, taken for obvious reasons if you've been following the current meta for AD carries.
  • - Taken to counter enemy heals and secure kills, good on Ezreal since he has a built in flash and doesn't need flash.
  • - Double flash OP (not that OP though)

Grey area spells, these spells are spells that I have not personally tried on Ez, or spells that I'm not entirely sure are good on him or not.
  • - Good for getting around the map quickly, and getting back to lane, I don't find myself using this more than a few times each game, I get quite a bit more use out of a spell like
  • - Could be good on Ezreal because he scales both off of AP and attack speed even when you build him AD, I don't know the math for this though and I have not personally tested this on him.

Spells I would highly recommend you not getting on Ez
  • - Great on junglers, just not on you, unless you want to jungle Ez, which I can't really recommend.
  • - Too long of a cool down, and you're not Shen, Karthus, or Pantheon, or anything like that.
  • - If you really need the extra mana to spam, just get a .
  • CHOO CHOO!!! No.
  • Again, great spell, just leave it for the support.

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Rune Pages

Oh jeesh, so many viable options here.

Standard Pages

This one is for the spammy build below
The other one up top is pretty standard, and those are the only two you should need for examples, if you need other examples post your question in the comments.

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Mastery Pages

These are just going to be example pages

This one is for the spammy build below using ghost + heal summoners, the points are slightly interchangeable.
The other one up top is pretty standard, and those are the only two you should need for examples, if you need other examples post your question in the comments.

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Oh boy, the fun part, WHAT ITEMS DO I GET?

Well I'll tell you what items you CAN get and what each items use is.

Attack speed (it's colored red because it goes faster)

  • - Cheap boots, good attack speed increases, why not?
  • - Gives Ability power, Attack speed, and Damage, not highly recommended, but it works, worth it if you want to try something different, other than that, there's much better items than this.
  • - I'm not a big fan of this item on Ez, but it's popular with a lot of people, so it must be good for something, attack speed, movement, speed, and crit is never a bad thing.
  • - Great item, gives attack speed, armor pen and damage, applies stacks when you hit with .
  • - This in my opinion is core on AD Ez, always get this sometime in your build, also gives tons of damage.
  • - I used to get this all the time on Ezreal because I used to always get , but then I was told it's not nearly as good on ranged characters, I still get it from time to time when doing CDR build.
  • - I just love this item, gives Ez a constant %health damage for magic damage to split up his damage a bit, also works with his .
  • - Good for extra attack speed and magic damage and magic resist, but I don't really recommend it, some people love this item though, I can't see getting this over a ever though.

Attack Damage
  • - Standard item for every AD carry, always recommended.
  • - Good for when a lot of people on the enemy team are stacking armor.
  • - Life steal, spell vamp, damage, ability power, active slow, why not? Better on hybrid Ez though IMO, I don't get this often on AD Ez at all.
  • - Good for people who like to spam a lot, I don't find myself needing the extra mana much at all though.
  • - I'd reccomend this item if you really need the magic resist/magic shield.
  • - Is funny in team fights with it, not too great of an item though.
  • - Never ever a bad item choice, always great on Ez for the life steal and tons of damage.
  • - Ez discovered it, and now he uses it from time to time when he doesn't have a sustain support or is losing his lane. (Hint hint)
  • - I can never truly recommend this item because it's a snowball item, but it's by no means bad on Ez, or any AD user for that matter.

  • - Armor, magic resist, another life, can turn the tides of a team fight, great defensive item.
  • - I get this item mainly for the health, and the 100% chance to perma slow, I'm not a lucky person with the %chance from
  • - Because suppression and crowd control sucks
  • - Old school defensive item not seen as much anymore, good for blocking a spell that could kill you, like I still love this item and get it from time to time.
  • - I rarely get this, but it's still a good item, and very cheap for what it does, always recommended against annoying melee DPS champs.

Miscellaneous items
  • - Gotta go fast!
  • - Again, crowd control sucks.
  • - CDR build
  • - Good Early game item, I don't recommend more than 1 ever on Ez though.
  • - Again, good early game item.
  • - Get it early only if you plan on getting a .
  • - :\

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Example Builds

These are example builds that I feel synergize well with each other.

CDR spammy type build:

( OR )
This kind of build focuses on spamming mystic shot, you need to put 3 points into to get the full 40% CDR from this build, you will also need x4 and x5 this will give you 40% CDR at level 18 OR to get the full 40% CDR from this build, you will need x8 and x1 and 4 points into .

'Standard AD' build

( OR ) ( OR )

This is the standard AD carry type thing, I'm not going to explain it, you all know what it is.

And the last example is the one I put up there which is another general Ezreal build.

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Leavers stink
There will be more to come, along with video commentary coming soon, hopefully.

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6/27/2012 7:26 PM: Guide published