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Urgot Build Guide by 12inchpvpness


The Crab With the Golden Gun: Number 1 Urgot NA OVERHAUL

By 12inchpvpness | Updated on February 24, 2020
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Runes: The Gladiator

Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Ravenous Hunter
Taste of Blood

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


The Gladiator
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Top Lane
Ranked #8 in
Top Lane
Win 53%
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Ability Order Standard Game


Welcome to another gimped champion guide brought to you by 12inchpvpness, currently the number 1 Urgot NA.

Today I am bringing you the crab with shotgun knees known as Urgot. Honestly I never thought I would end up updating this guide after they changed Urgot, but here I am ready to show what I've learned in my many, many Urgot games. Keep in mind this build and guide isn't the 4fun play style that NA is known for. This guide and builds are to win by any means possible.

In this guide I will shamelessly plug my stream, give you cool descriptions of abilities that you probably already know the effect of, and Batista Bomb your teammate's ranked games with the one juggernaut that came out ranged.
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Should you play Urgot?


-Can nuke squishies
-Awesome looking
-Highest priority dash in the game
-Consistent Safe Laning
-Lane bully
-Great mid game
-Decent late game
-Can ball up or play slow
-Can successfully switch roles during games
-I stream him

-Slow Base Movement Speed
-Slow Dash
-Slow Playstyle
-Long Cooldowns
-Did I mention slow?
-Can get shut down hard
-All or nothing late teamfights
-Unreliable CC
-Needs items
-Low Mobility
-Caught out easily
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Echoing Flames Is an incredible ability for leashing, objectives, and burst damage. And with its scaling off your AD as well as percent max health damage, it packs quite a punch to tanks and squishies alike. Urgots 6 legs each cover ~60 degree arcs around him with small gaps in between the legs where if you attack neither leg will fire. Each leg has lower cooldown, increased attack damage scaling, and increased percent maximum health damage on levels 1/6/9/11/13 except for an additional increase in attack damage scaling at level 15.
The numerical values for those interested are as follows:
Lower Cooldown: 30/20/10/5/2.5
Increased Attack Damage Scaling: 40/52/64/76/88/100
Increased Percent Maximum Health Damage: 2%/3%/4%/5%/6%

Also Urgot's Echoing Flames are coded as spells, so they will proc Manaflow Band and Arcane Comet if you choose to take these. It will also proc Luden's Echo and Runic Echoes if you are drunk and decided AP Urgot made sense. The spell coding of this ability is what makes Ravenous Hunter a viable and sensible option on Urgot.


Corrosive Charge is no longer what makes or breaks Urgot, accuracy of Urgot's Corrosive Charge and his Fear Beyond Death are still what seperates a bad, good, and great Urgot though. This ability is still maxed second even though its importance has been drastically reduced due to the recent changes.


Purge is the sole reason why Urgot can build 0 attack speed and still be a different champion. Max this first and don't ever look back, permanently attacking at 3 times a second is worth an obscene amount of gold. At level 1 it surpasses the attack speed cap and lets you attack a whopping 3 times a second, which passes the attack speed cap of 2 times a second. However this doesn't come cheap.
Urgot loses 125 BASE movement speed, and does only 12+20%/24%/28%/32%/36% damage an auto.
Now I specify base movement speed because this cannot be avoided, this means that items that give you percent increased movement speed such as Trinity Force will give you a scaling movement speed from your lowered movement speed as debuffed from your Purge. Also as this is a base movement speed reduction, Boots of Swiftness will not mitigate it and should never be purchased on this champion.
Purge will attack the closest target be that a Minion , Monster , Ward , or Deployable Unit( Deployable Units include Jhin's Captive Audience, Nidalee's Bushwhack, and Malzahar's Voidlings). This is a double edged sword as sometimes you want to clear minions as when you are sieging the opposition under tower you don't want to aggro tower or an issue when your opponent places a Control Ward next to you and you lose 4 attacks worth of damage to a Ward . You can control to an extend the targeting of your Purge by landing any ability on the Champion that you would like to target, however you cannot explicitly target Ward s, Monster s, Minions s. Keep in mind the mark put on by other abilities expires and must be reapplied by attacks from Purge specifically.
On a finer point of Purge, as it is a change to an auto attack, it is an auto attack reset. So if you are chasing someone or engaging, make sure to get in your first auto attack before activating Purge so you can get full damage off. Also if someone is about to get away or your ult is about to go out and you need a smidge of damage, consider taking off W to get full auto damage to get the job done. Generally a last resort, but good to keep in mind nonetheless.
In regards to hitting tower with Purge, if you are not level 9 yet then just Purge the tower on cooldown, but if you are, there is a faster way to take it down. Since Purge is an auto attack reset, you can drastically increase your damage by allowing yourself to do a traditional auto attack every 2 shots. So Auto into 2 ticks of Purge, rinse and repeat. If you do this you will find yourself taking down towers and plates much faster.
WARNING: All on hit effects do 50% of the damage they normally do with Purge and items like Guinsoo's Rageblade and Blade of the Ruined King and extremely inefficient.


I cannot express my mixed feelings for Disdain with all the words in War and Peace, but i'm going to be grateful Urgot gets a dash and not look a gift horse in the mouth.
Urgot's Disdain is a channeled dash that takes .25 seconds to cast and cannot pass terrain. I mean literally any terrain. If there is a pebble on the ground, this dreadnought of a champion is gonna have to take the Dora the Explorer option and go around. Base movement speed of this champion is very slow so if running away or closing a gap, using your E is generally a good idea since .25 seconds is not much of an investment to move forwards quickly.
If Disdain hits a Minion , Monster , or Large Monster, it will do full damage and knock them aside. However if at any point in the Disdain dash a champion is hit, Urgot will stop moving, pick up the enemy, and flip them over while stunning them for .75 seconds. In .75 seconds not many things can happen, however what you do have time for is to land Fear Beyond Death and Corrosive Charge, if you choose to fire both of these be sure to fire them IN THAT ORDER. Tenacity is sneaky and everywhere, and just a smidge of it makes only one of these feasible.
Generally Disdain should be saved to escape, kill pressure, or interrupting a channel, dash, or enemy flip. You can interrupt an enemy flip by pressing your E key (assuming you smart cast) as soon as you are going to be flipped to create something called a buffer. Buffering an ability can let you use it through any CC and in any condition. Its important here to note that when I say Disdain has the highest priority out of any ability in the game, I really mean it. It can go though anything if buffered correctly from Azir's Emperor's Divide to Bard's Tempered Fate.
ALSO: Disdain is a movement ability classified as a dash, while this seems obvious, this means you can flash during the start of Disdain's windup to increase the distance and catch players by surpise. This does not work the same way as Shen's Shadow Dash and Vi's Vault Breaker since it has to be done during the .25 second windup and not during the dash itself.

Also your Disdain gives a shield now which is pretty cool, less buttons to press when you engage or run away and you don't have to slow yourself to activate shield anymore.
Stats for Disdain shield
60/80/100/120/140 + (150% Bonus AD) + (15% Bonus health)


Oh finally, you're here. This is it. This is why you play this clunky, slow, off meta champ. Fear Beyond Death is the real deal. 25% hp or less and its instant death, assuming they aren't invulnerable or unkillable for any other reason.
These exceptions to Urgot's execute are but are not limited to:
Kayle's Intervention
Kindred's Lamb's Respite
Taric's Cosmic Radiance
Zac's Cell Division
Anivia's Rebirth
Kled while going from Mounted to Dismounted
Tryndamere's Undying Rage

On top of these cancels, your ult and the chains that drag your opponent to their death are 2 different casts and abilities. Any out of map to any sort of suppression cleanse or stasis can clear the chains that drag your opponent to their death. Also Yasuo's Wind Wall can not only block the starting Chem Drill but the Chains that fire to execute the enemy. SO DON'T FIRE YOUR CHAINS INTO A Wind Wall!!!
Fear Beyond Death before the flashy kill is a massive long range skill shot that does low damage and slows for 4 seconds on impact based on the amount of health they are missing mirroring the slow it gives (ex. 45% slow for 45% missing health for 4 seconds). This can only be canceled by Urgot dying and nearby enemies will be Fear ed and slowed for 1.5 seconds. You can walk around to your pleasure while finishing your ult and can even use Flash, this means you can Fear Beyond Death one person and Flash onto the rest of the enemy team and Fear them all for 1.5 seconds. This can be a huge swing in teamfights and can pull a winning fight out of a losing one.
Onto a few finer details of Fear Beyond Death, double tapping R will automatically pull an enemy as soon as they drop below 25% while waiting until the end of the timer will also automatically pull when enemies are below 25% hp. As a rule of thumb, you want to pull asap, there are niche situations where you don't want to pull automatically which I will go into in my matchups library.
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Matchups Library

This will be a completely disgusting and unedited library of every top lane Urgot matchup I go into off of my stream. Games posted here will be assuming I play well or decent in laning and my opponent does the same, winning or losing the full game will generally be irrelevant but you are welcome to view them in their entirety.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is it. If you aren't taking this spell you are trolling period. This spell can literally do almost anything in the entire game, case closed, moving on.

Smite is for jungle Urgot. I will include a jungle Urgot video how to later in this guide, but in my opinion it isn't good and there are junglers that do what Urgot does but better.

Ignite is for support Urgot. God help you if you play this. It is awful and with the amount Urgot needs items, Ignite is the only way you can be moderately useful.

Teleport is what a sane human being takes. Be a good boy like me, eat your Wheaties, and take teleport to gain elo. You are slower than a dead tortoise in quicksand and teleport takes you anywhere where you need to go. So take it and don't argue :D. However if you're taking Unsealed Spellbook, run Ignite and just swap into Teleport as needed because you'll be using Ignite a lot more than Teleport.

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I cannot express how good this item is on Urgot. If you proc an Echoing Flames with Urgot it is 2 stacks of Black Cleaver out of the total 6 you need to shred armor by 24%. Armor penetration is amazing on Urgot since literally all of his damage is physical. 20% cooldown reduction is great as Urgot's abilities have long cooldowns, the AD is good since all 5 abilities use AD as a scaling, and the health is a great scale with his W shield. The movement speed Black Cleaver gives isn't a percentage so it isn't an issue that Urgot has low base movement speed. This item is more important than any other on Urgot period, always build it.

Frozen Mallet is not what it used to be, this item is very niche now and generally doesn't give the tankiness that Urgot needs to play the game normally. Even in a 1v9 situation its generally better to just take your teams Red Buff for the slow.

This item gets me rock hard. It is hard to express my love for how good 100 armor and 20% cd is all in one package. Combine this with Black Cleaver and you've got 40% in 2 items off the bat. A must have against AD teams.

Imagine a tank that has 3000 hp and a shield that scales off of said HP. Now double it and give it +80 armor and +80 magic resist. Now focus real hard and imagine it all for 2200 gold since you use your trusty stopwatch to build it. This item exists. It's a real item. Build it and never look back.
Get caught and you're crying where is my team? Pop this for double your Hp, press your shield that gives extra from the scaling and start walking towards those bad boys. Tank fights, do whatever, its super efficient.
To put this item at no active efficiency while around 3 people, its worth 3040 gold. You buy it for 2200, and that is before you use it to double your health. Why more people don't build this item on every tank ever baffles me, but we know the secret and we are going to use it. So build it.

In this day and age everyone and their mother is building crit items. This item is an Adaptive Helm vs AD champions AND it even comes with a slow. If you couple this item with Frozen Heart, not only are you unkillable, but you get to laugh at how stupid the enemy team is for lowering their attack speed by another 15% from your Cold Steel passive. Reducing an attack by another 20% without armor in a way that is irreducible by the enemy team is absolutely insane. Take it versus Yasuo for some extra laughs.

Honestly not the best item on Urgot, it's a good filler for the last few item slots. Only really viable against a full physical damage team, it shouldn't be built early or often. It's a niche item for when you have 40% total cdr and you don't want to be inefficient in going over it. The extra MS is a huge help when traversing the map late game.

This is a fine way to cap out 40% cooldown reduction. Some sweet 80 AD, Lifesteal applying on literally all of your damage and a bunch of resistance that when coupled with gargoyles makes you nearly invincible. Good candidate and an item that I buy often.

This item is so slept on, by so many people, its almost criminal. This item is infinitely better than Spirit Visage on almost every champion ever, yet no one opts to build it. Doesn't matter how efficient or how useless this item may seem in comparison depending on the enemy team comp, if you aren't building this, you are going into Maw of Malmortius. You have no crucial burst healing so Spirit Visage isn't efficient and plenty of champs do the same effect multiple times in magic damage, so lowering damage by 20% is massive. Imagine Corki firing blanks at you because his auto attacks mostly do magic damage. You are rocking 12% resist from Ninja Tabi and another 20% from adaptive? Sounds a lot better than 30% bonus health regen am I right?
NOTICE: If you have Soraka or Yuumi on your team as burst healers, taking Spirit Visage over this is viable. Just be aware of who is getting healed and how much you want to rely on it.

Maw of Malmortius has really grown on me as an item, previously I wasn't too sold on it, but it has just enough MR to be viable as a resistance item, but enough sustain and AD to be a viable item into teams with only 1 or 2 sources of magic damage. This is a great first item into magic damage top laners that aren't tanks or a great item for later on into a heavy AP team.

Solid item in Season 10. This might change if they ever decide to start nerfing sustain and healing, but as everything looks, buying an early Executioner's Calling and turning it into a Mortal Reminder as a last item is extremely good. I personally build it into champions like Darius with sustain, Conquerer, and Doran's Shield. Its great versus all the little healing and support burst that we see now a days and it gives really good armor pen. All around great item and should be considered every single game.

This item is a classic noob trap. I hate saying the words but after extensive play with both this item and Randuin's Omen, there is no comparison. Early game getting yourself an Executioner's Calling is much better than ever buying any piece of this item.

I would be flayed if I didn't include this item. I guess it's okay. Solves the problem of you being slow and slows your opponent. Issue is the item is barely 88% efficient without the active. For a champion that likes extended fights and slugging it out an item that can't even hit 100% efficiency with a 90 second cooldown is simply just not enough. So you can try this item if you want to, but its a no from me.

A better item now than it was in the past. Spirit Visage should be build AFTER Adaptive Helm. The item is good to buff up your already solid sustain and when used in conjunction with Death's Dance and Maw of Malmortius it is an excellent choice.

If you're building other sources of armor, this item got way buffed for you. And we are, so it's great. If Udyr, Jax, Master Yi, or any other auto attack based champions are, slap on some Ninja Tabi and continue on your way.

Okay these boots have magic resist on them. Do not build them for this explicit reason. Build them for the tenacity because you can only obtain any other tenacity on a Elixir of Iron on Urgot. So choose from these two boots wisely, its very situational and just about 50/50. Sometimes I start with Ninja Tabi and sell them just because tenacity is that important.

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Jungle How to Video

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Combo Video

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Urgot in Ranked Play

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Conclusion and Plug

This is my second guide on Mobafire and I hope it is much better than my first. I appreciate you looking through it and if you have any questions you can reach me on YouTube, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or Twitch. I am not hard to find and any advice on the guide would be very much appreciated.

League of Legends Build Guide Author 12inchpvpness
12inchpvpness Urgot Guide
The Crab With the Golden Gun: Number 1 Urgot NA OVERHAUL