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Darius Build Guide by DaddyMan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DaddyMan

The Daddy of the top lane and the game

DaddyMan Last updated on June 23, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 0

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 12

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

Threats to Darius with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Dr. Mundo Not much to say. He is fairly easy to beat. All you need to do is get executioner's early and he is done (if you haven't fed him yet). No need to recall to get it before 6, just dodge the cleavers and you should be good.
Garen This should be easy for you. Just force trades early and q when he uses q.
Nasus This is a pretty easy match up. You need to show dominance by forcing a fight early and then just zoning him from farm. Be careful of letting him freefarm if you tp to an other lane.
Gragas You have the strength until about 8. You can force fights if you want to. But be careful, even when ahead he can deal surprising damage around lvl 8.
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Hi! My summoner name is Daddyman. I am currently maining Darius. My current elo is plat. Why should you play Darius? That is simple, because he wins. If you wanna play ranked and have fun, then you should consider this champion. Nothing screams badass more than your opponent team screaming in chat about "luck" and sending some flame after his jungler, when you get a sweet double kill when they try to gank your juicy ***. Darius is the bane of all mistakes, be it your enemies' or your own. So if you wanna climb out of your rank then let me help you look cool while doing it!

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The runes are that of a basic Ad laner. The armor and mr are good for early and mid game defence. The ad will help you dish out that sweet bleeding damage, with the crit giving you that extra sauce to your trades.

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You don't need any ferosity masteries because cunning grants great offensive stats. The resolve masteries are simply to help you sustain better and allows you to reach your desination.

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This is THE PASSIVE. This is where most of Darius' damage comes from. The reason you are so strong against most toplaners lvl 1-3 is this guy. He helps you win pretty much any trade. To use this ability to the fullest you need to commit to the trades. Because when you commit you get rewarded with extra ad which increases the bleeds damage itself and your other damaging abilities. Remember it refreshes its powerboost any time you hit a champion.

This is your most important tool. You become a healing beyblade, you will only be able to move but not attack when amping up the spin. You need to know when the optimal time to use it against your enemy is, for example try to save it against champions with dashes. next is how important it is for your duels. Because of the heal based on missing hp it is exectional for getting the fith stack of your passive on the enemies. But it is also good because if you get the 5th stack while using it everyone else hit by the blade gets 5 stacks too, and let me tell you that is satisfying.

This helps you have the upperhand in most trades. Theres is not much to say about it. The most effective way to use it is aa+w, since it resets the autoattack timer.

Get over here! This is the helping hand of killing people. It is a good way to punish your opponents for going in on you thinking they could get away too. Something to remember is that this slows so you can get an auto in before using w.

I know this is what you came for. THE DUNK. This is the best "F*** you!" spell in the game. All it requires are targets and patience. The most common mistake made is thinking you need the 5 stacks to get the kill. That is not true. You need to take into account the other persons potential shields and current health. In laning phase the reset is useless so it is often enough to dunk when they have low health and 4 stacks, because it adds stacks to the game. And if you didn't know getting a kill with this baby fears minions your own and the opponents.

Now this is just a little "basic" trick. One of the most surprising ways to get 3 stacks in on an enemy is to aa then instantly w and waiting about 0.1sec then q.

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Pros / Cons

A big lane bully
Early wins almost all 1v1
Has great impact on teamfights
Using tp in the early almost always grants a kill
Can turn around ganks with his passive

Easy to kite
Late game adc's will be hard for you
Hard to make comebacks with
Must not get arrogant
No long ranged gapcloser
Needs 5 stacks to be strong in teamfights

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Stages of the game

Early game

The most deciding factor of your game. This is where you need to show who is the boss. In most match ups you have a strong advantage and should abuse it. When you go in to auto attack trade lvl 1 most will respond by hitting you too (duh). However you are much stronger than them when you get the 5th stack, so you need to keep fighting and spinning to heal up during the fight. Keep in mind you don't need a kill just the farm the winner of the fight gets. Farming is an essential part of any laners early game, so you can use your spells to get farm from time to time, remember w refunds mana and 50% cd on kill. It is also worth the 75g to get a pink down since you will undoubtably be pushing, SO KEEP THE VISION (WARDS) UP.

Now here is one of the greatest things about Darius. If you get ganked while you are ahead and have the items to prove it, then it is extremely easy to get a double kill when you get ganked by the enemy. All you have to do is try to keep 2-3 stacks on your enemy at all times without using any spells. Then when the jungler comes to gank the laner will most likely engage, you don't need to run just get the 5 stacks on the top laner as quick as possible (preferably without using q). When you get the 5 stacks the top laner will in most cases get spooked and retreat for a bit. This is where you switch your attention to the jungler, and since he is probably not on same lvl as you he quickly realises his mistake and you should get him low enough to dunk or let him bleed out. You do not need to chase anyone at this point, you will get low enough from the fight with the jungler to make the laner think you are easy pray, and if he is impatient you will still have the passive up, so you can win the fight.

As with any toplaner you should keep an eye on bot lane since you will rely on them in the late game. They need all the help you can give them. So look for oppotunities to gank with your tp.

Mid game

At this point you should have taken your lanes turret. So you place zz top at a place where it won't be killed easily (preferebly under your turret), then you leave the lane. Now you have to help out the lanes that haven't been fairing well. Bot lane is usually the best one since the adc is rather squishy and the support shouldn't be in a much better in that department. The midlane also has it's benifits but you are gonna need your own adc to be strong so becareful you don't take all the kill when ganking. Remember to try to get some drakes while you are down there. In teamfights your job at this point will be to be in the face of who ever is strongest on the enemy team.

Late game

This will be annoying for you but you will not have as great of an impact anymore. Late game is the adc's zone. And because of you being a tank with no gapcloser besides your e (which won't be any use against any adc with an escape) this means you are gonna get killed most likely. But there is a great chance you take someone with you. You should take as much of the enemy adcs attention as you possibly can. Now in the best teamfight you get your passive stacks on a tank engaging on his own (even if it is just a bit), to which you are an even bigger threat for the enemy team not to ignore. If they do ignore you try to line up a spin to share the stacked passive, and hope for dunk potential. Remember to not be afraid because if you try to back out of a fight you are unable to dash out of it.

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Tips and Tricks

-Use the bushes to help your trades by walking in and out of them.

-Keep an eye on your passive duration to make most of your time.

-Get 2-3 stacks (with autos) on your laner if they are getting a gank before the jungler comes to increase the chance of a double kill.

-You can get 3 stacks in on still standing opponents quickly by: autoing >> W >(0.2s after using w)> Q.

-If you (>75%hp) see the enemy jungler (<66%hp) down in the river and your lane is pushed go and make fun of him by punching him a bit (pre-6). (NOT: Kindred, Lee, Vi, Noc, Udyr or Kha (if fed)).

-Commit to fights or not.

-So far I have been able to solo carry myself out of gold into plat with Darius.