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Shyvana Build Guide by ForsakenAtlas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ForsakenAtlas

The Dragons Age - Shyvana Top

ForsakenAtlas Last updated on September 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my Guide The Dragons Age, I'm ForsakenAtlas from Last Option. and this is my Shyvana. You can watch my stream at, or check out my youtube for more video guides, tips and tricks, and playthrough's.

[ This video will be supplemented with a guide video soon. ]
Shyvana is a naturally tanky bruiser with move-speed enhancing mechanics and a short cool-down long range dashing ultimate that makes her great in the current meta-game for peeling enemy carries while aerating lots of radial damage to those who seek to peel her. Thanks to abilities like Burnout and Dragon's Descent she isn't susceptible to the same kinds of things Shen and Renekton are in that dashes and stuns won't completely cripple her ability to dash and move fast. However Shyvana is a high skill cap laner whom in many matchup's requires an intricate knowledge of the champions toolkit and the ability to changes playstyles depending on matchups.
(Things in Light Blue will be rare or completely alter the play style and ideology of this build.)

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The runes I run on Shyvana are unique to herself and a few other champions. However this particular rune page isn't concrete and can be substituted for more ad marks for last hitting and early physical damage.

Greater Mark of Precision

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage : The additional ad from the Quintessence line allow for better farming, and are all that is really warranted for physical dps throughout much of the early/mid game.
  • Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration : Because Shyvana's kit is fairly hybrid oriented with her Q scaling physical and every other ability scaling as magic damage split pen works wonders for her overall damage output.
  • Greater Seal of Armor : Standard Armor seals help early to fend off against bruiser lanes, and early/mid game team-fights against the enemy teams adc.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist : Flat magic resist glyphs are interchangeable with the per level glyphs and are often used on champions who have higher early game magic damage like Vladimir. For any other occasion i would take these per lvl as you'll only be likely to encounter magic damage later on in the mid-game when team-fights breakout and by that time these would be just as effective as flats..

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My choice of masteries is flexible in that the nine points invested into the offensive tree can be altered to favor magic penetration should you be forced into a lane that can easily buy armor and convert the armor more effectively, i.e: Taric, or Malphite to name a few. Since Shyvana is a manaless champion avoiding the Utility tree allows her to maximize her sustainability and damage potential both in lane and during teamfight's.
  • : Summoner's Wrath simply put it makes your ignite slightly more useful. It also helps enhance exhaust should you need that.
  • : 3% CDR is a personal preference, you can argue the attack speed helps to keep the Burnout on more frequently, but i prefer to have more CDR in general.
  • : Deadliness scaling attack damage is great for Shyvana since we won't be picking up anything threatening in the physical damage department until all of our core items are complete.
  • : Weapon Expertise absolutely essential armor penetration to chew through those squishy backline carries. In the past you'd rely on Flame Breath's armor penetration as well, however now since it adds percent health damage there is no need to go heavy into pen.
  • : Durability allows you to be a bit more tanky, since you will be in the middle of things this can be very helpful.
  • : Defender decent synergy with your champions passive makes you that extra bit tankier.
  • : Safeguard you'll be tanking towers during dives, this will help.
  • : Hardiness additional armor never hurt your bottom line, combine with you Dragonborn your a very tanky lvl 1.
  • : Resistance like with Hardiness more magic resistance never hurt anybody, plus it's an essential pickup to go further down the tree.
  • : Unyielding combine with Block and the Doran's Shield you'll effectively reduce the poke of most pesky top laners and be allowed to farm more frequently.
  • : Veteran's Scars early health combined with Doran's Shield make you a suitable frontliner for lvl 1 ward paths and protection.
  • : Block same as Unyielding .
  • : Tenacious 15% tenacity is no laughing matter, this will help you get to those back line carries as the enemy team attempts to peel you off their carry.
  • : Juggernaut amplifies the health items that you will inevitably buy for the sake of your team.
  • : Honor Guard simply put makes your more tanky by reducing damage, every little bit counts.

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Strength's and Weaknesses

Strength's and Weaknesses


  • Snowballs Insanely Well.
  • Percent health Damage with Flame Breath.
  • Great utility and movespeed make her excellent at peeling.
  • Passive stats from her Dragonborn make her surprisingly more tanky then most.


  • Ult can be canceled/stopped by Hard CC.
  • Vulnerable to anti-attack speed late game builds and champions i.e Lee Sin, Malphite.
  • Because her ultimate uses fury and will not be back up soon after use, initiating can sometimes compromise your position and leave you stranded if teammates don't react..
  • High Skill champion.

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Itemization and Rationalization Early/Mid Game

Early / Mid Game Items

Item Sequence

Health Potion

Doran's Blade

Doran's Blade

Stealth Ward

Giant's Belt

Chain Vest

Sunfire Cape

  • : You want Doran's Shield and a health pot in nearly every starting matchup, combined with your runes and masteries its a perfectly neutral starting option. Occasionally a Elixir of Fortitude or Boots and Pots start is warranted but those instances are rare and generally depend on the player your against having either picked horribly or your pulling some purple side cheese.
  • X2: You want the Doran's Blade's because you'll have virtually no sustain other than the blades early on. Your could argue for a vamp scepter but i find that Shyvana excels early, and these items work great with her early game.
  • sight ward: Warding frequently and far is best suited to this style of build, because as with Shyvana's premier in pro play as a swift counter jungler so to should you be doing that same provided your lane is pushed forward enough and you spot the enemy jungler away from his camps. Your mobility and aoe wave clear is paramount to success as are the wards that allow you to safely do it. Remember this is more denial of enemy gold than net gain of your own. So reinvesting a golem of wolf camp into another ward is fine, its one less camp for the enemy jungler and one more ward for your team.
  • : The components of the Sunfire Cape are tricky, often times people assume that if you have the gold the more expensive component is generally better but that's not always true and you should weigh your options accordingly. The Giant's Belt will be your bread and butter for most matchup's as it will give you the pool of health you need to simply overwhelm your enemy with radial damage from Burnout and Flame Breath.
  • : The chain vest component needs to be weighed according to your lane matchup, there are some traditional top laners like Renekton and some unorthodox top laners that can start The Brutalizer, under those circumstances it is more sensible to counter those matchups with a chain vest first and follow with the building of the rest of the Sunfire Cape second.
  • : Say hello to every current top lane bruisers favorite best friend. This item will essentially double your radial damage when combine with your Burnout. It is an absolute must have for any midgame lane tank.
  • / : Explained in the situational items section as buying these items early can often be impractical if done without proper reason. Build in lieu of Sunfire Cape early.

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Itemization and Rationalization Mid/Late Game

Mid / Late Game Items
Item Sequence

Warmog's Armor

Blade of the Ruined King

  • : you want Spirit Visage as your second item almost always, forget that it helps amplify your healing and Regen, those things aside its magic resistances, cooldown, and health for its cost are insane. Mid-game will also see a spike in the amount of magic damage that you'll be forced to deal with so there wont be many instances where you can get away with not having any. .
  • : warmog's is your final I'm tanky as all hell item, this is your capstone item as well. After it is complete you need to start thinking about what you personally need to do your job and that's when the Blade of the Ruined King comes into play.
  • : As you progress into the end game you will begin to find the shortcomings in your ability to do your job against a skilled team. Because you have no hard cc, and are susceptible to cc even mid flight in Dragon's Descent your going to need a hard peel item to lock down on a carry and aid your kit. There are times were you can negate these kinds of items but that requires a more intricate knowledge of the champ then just having the right build and that will depend more on play-style and your teams ability to move.

Situational Items

Item Sequence

Wit's End

Abyssal Mask

Randuin's Omen


Atma's Impaler
  • : by saying this is situational I am referring to buying it pre- Sunfire Cape. Situations like this can take the form of laning against an AP burst champion like Malphite or Singed. You want to make damn sure that starting the components to this item is essential to your progress as it will greatly reduce your midgame damage. Take stock of your opponent and analyze their play before rushing into this purchase as a first item.
  • : Similar to the Spirit Visage in its intent, often times this item is a signal of early game aggression over an ap laner you want to keep down, you can however use this as your final purchase item over an ap heavy team however at that stage in the game bursting becomes more frequent as mid laners reach their peaks and your ability to frequently auto attack will be seriously diminished, thus Wit's End is seen as an early snowball item and not generally associated with this build.
  • : ironically you might think this item to be a bad pickup on Shyvana. However, it does work surprisingly well against a stacked ap team as it will make your fairly tanky and allow your Dragon's Descent and Flame Breath to do much more damage. This item however is highly situational and requires you to have a team that will benefit in its mr reduction.
  • : more often than not this item will be your 4th or 5th purchase as an enemy team that is balanced will have at least two physical damage champions, and even if it doesn't a team that relies solely on its adc for its only physical damage has a strategical weakness in you itemizing to deal with that individual and pigeon the enemy team into only effectively dealing magic damage which the remainder of your team can simply itemize against. It's active when combine with Dragon's Descent, Burnout, and Blade of the Ruined King make you all but impossible to escape from. However it is situational because sometimes having more than one omen on a team could be a waste of team gold, you may also be forced to peel an ability power carry in lieu of an adc and under those circumstances this item wont be nearly as effective as some other magic resist item.
  • : a team that has multiple physical damage dealers will find this item very annoying should you buy it, however that argument is also why its situational as you'd only really need it if they have more than one threatening ad champ.
  • : Given all the health your going to have the Atma's though nerfed can be a decent pickup if your jungler is bringing to the table all the armor items you aren't buying, like Thornmail or Randuin's Omen.
  • : Highly situational and in some cases necessary the Banshee's Veil is a purchase that you may be required to build should you be faced against an enemy team who is capable of frequently knockbacks and disengages. Because your ultimate Dragon's Descent can be canceled mid flight, an Ashe arrow, Alistar headbutt, or any number of things could easily cancel your engage. If your team is solely relying on you for engage then this item might then be essential as you can utilize its shield to prevent a single well times knockback or stun.

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Abilities and Explanations

  • : Dragonborn is Shyvana's passive ability. It essentially allows you to be naturally more tanky as the game progresses lending to your role as a tank. When your in dragon form the bonus is doubled .
  • : Twin Bite is Shyvana's autoattack modifier which causes her next attack to deal bonus physical damage equal to a percentage of her total ad.
Tips and Tricks
  • Twin Bite resets Shyvana's attack timer, making it possible to do burst damage by chaining a basic auto attack with your Twin Bite. Chaining this combo after a well placed Flame Breath would effective be a large chunk of an enemies health.
  • Twin Bite applies on-hit effects making items like black cleaver or wit's end more effective, however for the purpose of this guide your late game lifesteal and early game Doran's Blade's will also greatly benefit from this ability.
  • Twin Bite in dragon form is essentially a tiamat splashing in a conic area originating from the attacked target, this combine when combine with a ravenous hydra under the right circumstances can make you infinitely sustainable and maintain your dragon form by gaining multiple fury proc's per splash of twin bite.
  • : Burnout Is the core ability of Shyvana in more ways than one. As both a main source of radial damage and movement speed this ability cannot be underestimated or under stressed it is everything! For example a decent portion of Renekton's kit is the radial damage his Dominus puts out throughout a fight, and although the duration is longer than shyvana's the damage per second is relatively the same, and her cooldown is 12 seconds to his 120.
Tips and Tricks
  • Burnout grants a large burst of movement speed that decays over time, this makes her great at reacting to cc skillshot's and swiftly taking advantage of situations that other champions without a dramatic move speed buff or dash would otherwise be forced to hide from or play differently against. For example should a team with little cc but a Lux Light Binding use that ability to poke, you could effectively dodge the binding and engage with your Dragon's Descent before the enemy could react.
  • Remember a large portion of Burnout's duration lies in you extending it with autoattacks, against certain compositions that have far to many slows they will be able to effectively reduce both your damage and your ability to maintain your burnout's movespeed buff.
  • Burnout is relatively the same in dragon form as it is in human form, however not only does it radiate from you but creates a trail of fire for 5 seconds that damages anyone who passes over it. This synergizes well with her dive and peel play-style as people assigned to peel you off of the carry will have to wade through your fire before even reaching you.
  • : Flame Breath is a long range skillshot that affects all enemy's it hits with full damage and doesn't reduce damage per champion hit like other skillshots. Once hit a mark is applied to each enemy champion that allows shyvana to deal 2% of the targets maximum health on basic attacks, this mark lasts for 5 seconds.
Tips and Tricks
  • because Flame Breath's damage is reduced per subsequent targets hit like Piltover Peacemaker it is ideal for long ranged farming it difficult lanes allowing you to alternate how you skill your champion and applying points into Flame Breath early as needed to farm.
  • remember that Twin Bite becomes conic in its dragon form, in much the same fashion the Flame Breath becomes conic also, remember to maintain your E/Q damage combo in dragon form aswell as in human form to consume your marks on auto attacks and shred the enemies health bars with the mark.
  • : Dragon's Descent her ultimate once skilled creates a passive that will allow you to generate fury at an neutral rate that rises per level as well as is generated by auto attacks. Once you skill the ultimate your fury bar is instantly filled and your ultimate Dragon's Descent is useable. The active ability allows shyvana to leap at a range of 1000 and deal magic damage to all those leap over while pushing the enemy 60% of the distance you travel in the direct you travel.
Tips and Tricks
  • Dragon's Descent is literally just a better form of shyvana, because the cool down of the ultimate is dictated by a fury mechanic that never fades unlike Renekton and Tryndamere you can essentially reduce the cool down of your ultimate to around 20-25 seconds with average attack speed. As a result it is imperative that you use your ultimate in nearly every skirmish or confrontation you come across as the cool down is effectively not a concern .
  • Remember the active of your ultimate will push enemies in the direct you leap, so theoretically you could be aiding the enemy team if you over-extend your initiate and push the enemy team to far away from your own, since other than the soft cc of your ultimate which you'd have just used, you have no ability to hold them in place.

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General Gameplay

This guide has you playing Shyvana as a current meta traditional top lane bruiser, similar in role, responsibility, and build to several champions including but not limited too:
Zac Renekton Shen Nasus
As a result you can expect your play style and responsibility to mirror theirs with few exceptions. Because all of these champions have some form of sustain, frequent soft or hard cc, and innate tankyness they are prime candidates for hard initiating tanks and effective peelers. However Shyvana's ability to fulfill this role is very convoluted and not as simple as the traditional picks, her sustain comes from her ability to spike auto attacks and triple hit which means shes a very effective healer with just a simple Doran's Blade, her cc is dependent on her ability to maintain fury and utilize her tricky Dragon's Descent, and her innate tankiness comes in the form of her passive which also only becomes doubly effective when in dragon form, meaning that properly utilizing your abilities, cooldowns, ultimate placement, and niche' utility are key principles to success. .

That being said your overall job in general is to take damage while indirectly dealing damage to a key target plus as many other targets as possible. Peeling as it is often referred to is often done horrible wrong in solo q and in general. Mostly because people stop peeling and start chasing. Remember Shyvana excels at being in the middle of a team, therefore ideally you'll want to maintain pressure on your key target while they are within range of other enemy teammates, once you've effectively removed them from the team, stop, and help your team.

There will be few exceptions to this rule, and that will be explained below in Gameplay.

Early Laneplay

Very early in lane you are at your strongest, 1-6 you could argue is your peak in lane, since once you regain your dueling form you'd likely be out of your lane the early build promoted is one ran by Darien from Gambit Gaming, that being your double Doran's Blade. Look to wait out key abilities from the enemy while maintain a safe farming distance utilizing your Burnout speed, and Flame Breath to stay on top of the farm game. When you recognize the enemy has blow a cooldown even something as mundane as a 5-10 second cooldown, activate your Burnout, and charge for them landing your Flame Breath onto them while following up with your Twin Bite.

However remember basic rules of lane exchanging: if there are minions to kill there is generally no reason to be aggressive, only fight when the fight is in your favor, do not fight under enemy minions (especially with Shyvana as your Burnout and Flame Breath will inadvertantly push the lane allowing for the opposing laner to freeze the wave), and never fight without sight of the enemy team.

Mid Skirmish's

Midgame is an great place for Shyvana to be as your speed and ability to offset a skirmish is immense. However midgame can take the on many shapes and sizes and for the sake of this guide they will be split into two forms of midgame: Island and Freerange


:Lane locked against a stalwart opponent like another tank or a counterpick.

A lane locked midgame for Shyvana as with any tank can be a good thing and a bad thing. If your team has no off tanks midgame skirmishes elsewhere on the map could be a default loss if the damage of your remaining teammates doesn't match the damage or the opponents. However, regardless of the matchup on a team scale, if you are lane locked you have two options. Either your ahead of your enemy but simply cannot take a tower, for example Shen turtled; or you're behind and turtling yourself. If your ahead you want to punish your enemy laner and draw more attention to your actions, begin establishing deep wards in the enemy jungle, proxy the wave behind the tower, and rotate to mid for pressure ganks. This will effectively ruin the enemies skirmish potential even though your lane locked by forcing the enemy team to have to address your pressure on the map. If your behind, lock the enemy laner in place, freeze your lane to prevent proxying, keep sight on him, deny him the opportunity to back, and relentlessly push the waves with Burnout and Flame Breath any time you lose sight of him to force him to have to cover his lane. This will negate the relative strength of the enemy champion by bottling up all his potential on a lane he's already ahead in.


:Able to move freely because either your tower was taken or you took your opponents.

In a freerange lane your effectively open in the midgame. This principle indeed works both ways in regards to tower loss. Regardless of if it was your tower that is down or the enemies your free of the obligation that comes with laning. Had you have lost you must return every so often to catch the frozen or pushed farm and re-push your lane; had you have won and took the tower the obligation is still the same however the reward in terms of minions is lesser. Most players fail to realize that having a lost turret actually allows you to farm more than the opposing laner in most circumstances because you can effectively deny him the ability to farm past the river provided your actually buying wards that prevent him from warding and controlling the next tower himself! Regardless if your free, seek opportunity everywhere, ping for objectives, ganks, neutral enemy jungle camps, waves, anything. Be fast and disruptive and force the enemy laner to play a game that he ought to lose against you since few if any tops are as fast, in movespeed, clear, and attack to pressure lanes, take towers, force fights, and/or win objectives. Your worst enemy in mid game is stagnation, never stay in one place or one lane try to force all your lanes into a mode of Freerange.


Lategame is the end of your make plays take farm push everything attitude, your a tank first and foremost, therefore your with one of your carries or swiftly nearby 24/7 and the cs is now for the most part spoken for. Any risky cs or jungle clear can be taken up by you but the easy farm (frozen, warded up lanes, etc) those are for your carries now. Unless your 10/0/0 you aren't the carry and shouldn't think that you can since even a perfect Shyvana player can find it difficult if the enemy team has more than one form of each cc.

You need to remember your a map body, assist your support in maintaining vision by roaming with her to ward, secure your carries there required buffs, etc. Although you have the potential to split push effectively this build isn't meant for that style of play, and more often than not it is a bad idea, since most teams rely heavily on the top lane for a bruiser role that requires a fairly large amount of farm that often cannot come out of the jungle. Most professional split push teams are built around the split pusher rather than the carries as such they are well prepared with multiple forms of disengage and crowd control to systematically prevent team fights and allow you to split, however your team is relying on you to tank in this guide. So do it.

Regardless of if your the engage or just another form of cc your role is the same, assist the engage or engage yourself, peel, then return to assist your carry. Circumstances rarely differ unless your team, or more importantly your enemy team has a different style of composition for late game. If so, that will be explained now.

Against Another Tank

This is often the most likely occurrence since bruiser tops are picked more frequently than any other top lane. Your gameplay against another tank was fairly well highlighted in the itemization and above gameplay sections, simply out body them, out peel them, out damage them, and out play them.

Another tank will always, or should always go to your carries, therefore unless your behind you must go for theirs. If you for some reason are behind, your should peel the enemy tank off your carry at the risk of your death, since it is likely that you'll take the brunt of the cc in positioning between the enemy tank and your carries you'll allow your team to quickly deal with the enemy tank, and hopefully succeed in the 4v4 since now you and your fed opponent are down.

Remember that even if your equal or ahead of your counterpart and they are a traditional bruiser top, like Renekton, they are still highly effective against carries, as such you shouldn't assume that when left alone despite being at a deficit that they cannot do there jobs. Most carries with no escapes are forced to use high cooldown summoner spells to deal with just a plain old Sunfire Cape champion, let alone one with a stun and dash like Renekton therefore it's important that you always return to assist your team. Your job is never to assassinate the enemy carry, its to remove him from the fight.

Against a Hard Initiator

A few hard initiator's include: Malphite, Rumble, Kennen, Wukong, and Zac to name a few. These champions don't require that different a lane style or mid game style, however there effectiveness late game as pure engage champions should force you into a different position.

Champions like Malphite, Wukong, and Zac can be considered true hard initiators as there are few means to prevent there initiates, save for Wukong. These champions are often best played against when you opt to tank the enemy carries and directly fight the initiators to assist your carries before your team engages. This is called playing reactively and is ultimately more effective in these circumstances because these champions are often pigeonholed into engaging deep into and enemy team. Because they all have disruptive abilities like slows, burst damage, or attack speed debuffs, they make it incredibly difficult to fight off as a carry since they land right in front of your face more often than not.

Soft initiators like Rumble and Kennen differ in the sense that they often alter your teams requirements for what to engage on and how to engage. Idealistically you'd like to engage onto them whenever they are isolated or if you have debilitating information: you know there Flash is on cdr, or that they just mispositioned or spammed a Scrap Shield, Lightning Rush, or activated Junkyard Titan.

Because these champions utilize what I refer to as aoe setup abilities they require you to exterminate them before they alter the field of battle in their favor. Abilities like The Equalizer and Slicing Maelstrom require you to play in this method because the champions attached to them require singular item purchases to effectively alter the game. Should they attempt to recover there positioning and ult before they are dead you should activate Dragon's Descent to push them away from the team cancelling there setup and allowing for a recovery engage.

Against a Damage Dealer/Assassin

These are laner's whose match ups against Shyvana force her into unique playstyles and builds, because they choose to opt for damage these champions hold additional capacity to kill/assassinate your carries in mid skirmishes and snowball the game. A few of these champions include: trydamere, Riven, Renekton, and Rengar.

Traditionally an argument could be made to never alter your build order as a tanky champion because you'll negate your role, and as a traditional tank like Shen or Renekton you can simply cc the opposing laner on your way to your peel position. However, since Shyvana doesn't have hard cc you cannot rely on your Dragon's Descent to be enough to counteract the dashes, cc, and damage these champions would put out should you initially opt tank.

Instead you should invert your build in lane and opt for your damage item first after your doran's. This will create a more stable linear level of power, and you will be able to trade equal or out trade in general most of these damage based match-ups in lane. As a result your mid and late game will always be the same, maintain human form and kill the top laner as the enemy team engages. Blade of the Ruined King or Trinity Force will give you the additional movespeed and slow needed to actively find, damage spike with Burnout/ Flame Breath/ Twin Bite combo. Once down actively engage with your teammates.

Remember the power spikes will be different with an inverted build, since you'll opt for your damage item first your second item will always be the resistance based item most relevant either Sunfire Cape or Spirit Visage. Because of this your ability to dive in mid game will be greatly reduced and your playstyle confined to reactionary play in team fights until you complete your build to the point you'd have had it at had you went tank.

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: because aatrox by default is a high damage laner, your more than likely going to have to opt for the inverted build mentioned in gameplay. However an excessive lead over him can allow you to go standard build should he make mistakes. His Dark Flight and Blood Well are strong but both are double edged swords as dark flights cdr is terrible and is a huge hit to his health, and bloodwell although a second life isn't as effective as zac's because he spawns with no bloodwell built up so his attack speed is greatly reduced. Should you know your Aatrox you won't have a problem.
: A one sided victory for you early and her late, as a result your build should remain standard and you should opt for resistances to mirror her damage choice early on. Because she has a stealth mechanic you cannot maintain Burnout or reduce cdr on your ulty very effectively so help from jungler to get you to freerange is idea.
: She has the upper hand by utilizing her q and e to constantly maintain a stun at virtually no mana cost, however should she not have 3 or 4 stacks in her belt shes easy fodder. A fair matchup otherwise, just click her and watch her belt.
: Your strength is early, his weakness is early. Thats all there is to say.
:1-5 he's yours, anytime after you cannot count him out, attackspeed debuff, grab, aoe farm, true damage ult. He's a beast in any lane, farm carefully, and don't take any risks as he will always come out ontop.
: You can win easily, however she is a snowballer, and should she get ahead will always stay that way. Play cautious as equals until a guaranteed advantage comes your way, otherwise your risking her snowball potential for nothing. However 1-3, do try to kill her if you have sight of enemy jungler.
: Her percent health damage at maximum and at minimum makes it so that she will greatly reduce your builds effectiveness in lane. Go for Negatron Cloak then inverted build damage item, then finish the cloak item.
: Dicey matchup, Fiora is often misconceived to be weak buts he isn't the slightest. Her Riposte will bounce your Twin Bite and her health regen when attacking is immense. Know your place, its a skill matchup either could easily win, don't assume the opponent is bad, but don't allow her to win just because shes an oddball pick.
: Your about equal with this man. Mirror his build and try to stay ontop of him in trades by utilizing your lower cooldowns and his decent mana costs. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIS Grog Soaked Blade.
: A proverbial stalemate since his q will cancel your ability to combo him effectively, and his w reduces alot of damage. That being said, Garen players in general suffer from ****ersyndrome, so you should be okay, unless its the one in ten million garen's who actually builds right, and knows his matchups.
: Skill matchup. Read Irelia's wiki's and watch her build path. Hiten Style is much like your Burnout in that the damage it puts out is deceptively alot. Try to catch her misusing her Bladesurge or low on mana and she's yours. A good Irelia however shouldn't make those mistakes.
: Martial Cadence combined with his Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike combo are deadly. However he suffers from impractical mana costs, and you should be able to dodge his combo if your worth your salt. Winnable matchup with standard build items.
: He should win, you'll have to play on your back foot.
: The recent nerfs to jayce make this matchup decent for you. Should you ever acquire a lead hes going to lose hard.
: PLZ leave your lane if she's good, otherwise just run up to her and kill her early.
: Farm from range, only gapclose and attempt to fight when you see his Mark of the Storm proc's are down, or he uses her e for farm.
: Cheese. Play back,back,back, buy a Thornmail, kill her.
: You will stomp him if he is inexperienced. If hes good, you'll break even, and be forced to alter to combat his hard engage. Bring Teleport into lane, he will have it.
: You should be able to force him under his tower indefinitely.
: Her movespeed makes her a stalewart laner against you, you should however be able to survive fine. If she's bruiser her team will lose, ap you should crush her in lane.
: Depends on the olaf and his build. However your build remains the same.
: A decent counter to any melee champion, very high snowball potential. Get help, and you'll end him.
: Wash.
: Maintain bush control and you can win, you'll do more damage more frequently.
: Skilled matchup, either can win, cooldown based as to when you should fight and when you shouldn't. Bring exhaust for an advantage.
: Depends on the skill of the rumble, but you should either win or break even. Make sure you adjust your mastery page to negate slows.
: Very difficult lane, freeze your lane if you can.
: Free win.
: Skill matchup, need to know your singed.
: Play back, not a matchup you should pick into. However, should you not feed and farm safely his lategame will be terrible.
: You can out trade him always, just make sure you don't get caught after 6 in his pillar with his ultimate on you, because he will beat anyone under those circumstances.
: Fight him the second you see him at lvl 1. Don't let him maintain his fury and stick on him hard. Get your armor first and destroy him.
: If he's tiger play back, if he's anything else just walk on him.
: You'll have to adjust your build to effectively out trade him midgame if your lane is locked. However you should be able to trade with him, you'll outdamage him but he will sustain it to a balanced trade. Don't let him hit you more.
: He will lose, unless he snowballs off a gank.
: He can win midgame, but earlygame thats your lane. Control his minions. Your Burnout will kill them and force him to over commit to a fight without his passive up.
: wash.
: He's a flavor of the month champion, but you should be able to either beat him outright, or force him to play back.

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Shyvana is an incredible top lane tank, whose capability to radiate damage is second to none, and whose mobility, utility and hybrid damage is next to impossible to stop from breathing fire all over your carries. However, she requires an intense knowledge of wave mechanics, matchups, power spikes, roaming, warding, and vision.

Even in unfavorable matchups she has the ability to overcome ranged harrass and zoning with her Flame Breath and the ability to dodge skillshots and gapclose virtually anyone with Burnout and Dragon's Descent.

Enjoy your time on the rift, and remember its The Dragon's Age, and your time to shine.

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9/21/2013: 9:00PM - Released