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Evelynn Build Guide by RandomMoped

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RandomMoped

The Evelyncyclopedia: An Itemization Guide! (7.11)

RandomMoped Last updated on June 10, 2017
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**Update in progress! Currently I only have the cheatsheets done, check em out!**
Hello, I'm RandomMoped, a gold Evelynn main. This guide mainly focuses on Evelynn built around the Warrior enchant, which I believe is superior to the alternate Runeglaive path. This is due to the fact that Runeglaive has been nerfed in the preseason, making it a worse choice compared to the Warrior enchant, which has been buffed for Evelynn due to the removal of the flat armor pen and more flat AD instead. However, I've included runeglaive builds in this guide too. Masteries, Runes, and Ability orders won't have their specific sections in this guide due to how cookie-cutter esque they are on Evelynn compared to her itemization. If I do find reasonable alternatives however, I'll likely grant them specific sections.

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Pros and Cons to Evelynn

+ Invisible
+ Lots of base damage
+ Hard to catch
+ Hybrid damage makes it hard to itemize against her
+ High attack speed steroid
Evelynn's primary strength is from her passive, allowing her to be invisible almost all the time. This passive allows you to do plenty of things few other champions could easily accomplish such as ganking lanes that are warded, ganking from unique places, and being able to steal objectives or kill low HP champions unsuspectingly. Evelynn carries both high base damage and scaling off of both AP and AD, meaning building both tank and damage are optimal paths. Despite her squishiness, her W makes her hard to catch due to it removing slows and having built in resets on both kills and champion hits.

- Weak early clear
- Very squishy without items
- Lacks meaningfull CC
- Not that useful when behind
- Mana problems throughout the game
Evelynn has a plethora of weaknesses to make up for her huge strengths. Until she gets tank items, Evelynn is a very squishy champion and is extremely prone to getting kited due to this and her lack of CC outside of her ultimate. For this reason, it's unlikely you'll be dueling many people, unless you chose to purchase Skirmishers's Sabre. If you fall behind as Evelynn, you won't be too useful to your team and will simply exist for your tank stats and slow from Iceborn Gauntlet. Also if you don't chose to purchase a mana item, you'll potentially have mana problems if you don't get blues or manage your mana pool right.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is essential on every jungler, Evelynn being no exception, not to mention that the smite upgrades have great synergy with her.

I prefer to take ignite as my second summoner spell, granting you far more kill pressure than flash would, especially in the early game. It's also helpful for cheesing an early kill out of the enemy jungler while they're doing their first buff.

If you'd prefer to play safe and are maybe afraid of getting invaded yourself, you can take flash instead of smite. Flash scales better and allows for more safety, but lowers your kill pressure. I never personally take it, but a lot of other people have found uses in it.

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Other Items

*The items are each rated out of 5 using this scale, where red is AD Evelynn, blue is AP Evelynn, and purple is hybrid Evelynn[0/5][0/5][0/5]

Jungle Emchants

The Warrior Enchant is going to be a core item on most AD Evelynn builds and a primary option if you're doing a tank build. It's extremely gold efficient and Evelynn uses all of it's stats extremely well. This item is good if your playstyle involves lots of auto attacking and you don't need the mana return from the runic echoes enchant.

The Runic Echoes enchant is going to be a core item on most AP Evelynn builds and a primary option if you're doing a tank build. While it's not as gold efficient as the warrior enchant, Evelynn uses the mana return and the burst damage from the echoes passive very well. This item is good if your playstyle involves lots of spell casting and you value burst damage.

Jungle Items

Stalker's blade is the most popular jungle item on Evelynn, and for good reason. The chilling smite gives you good burst damage against enemies, and the 20% movement speed steal is extremely good for catching people out of your invisibility and can make you an even better early game ganker.

Skirmisher's Sabre is your other option on Evelynn, and defeinetely my favorite jungle item on her. Skirmisher's Sabre is excellent on Evelynn because it enables her to duel enemy champions a lot easier throughout the game, and is especially good against high burst opponents that'll get heavily countered by the 20% damage reduction of challenging smite. I recommend this to more experienced Evelynn players who can play without chilling smite.


In my opinion, these are the best boots all around on Evelynn. They're cheap, and Evelynn benefits heavily from the ability CDR and the summoners spell CDR. If you have no specific reason to get any other boots, grab these unless your build already hits the CDR cap.

Boots of swiftness are good on Evelynn because she loves the higher than usual movespeed the item provides and the slow reduction along with their cheap price. It's the best option if you heavily value being mobile in fights, or you're against a lot of enemies with slows.

Boots of swiftness are good on Evelynn because she loves the higher than usual movespeed the item provides and the slow reduction along with their cheap price. It's the best option if you heavily value being mobile in fights, or you're against a lot of enemies with slows.

If the enemy team has auto attack damage you can't deal with, or is composed heavily of physical damage dealers, get these boots.

Attack Damage Items
Trinity Force is by far the best attack damage item on Evelynn and should almost always be bought first after your jungle enchant in AD based builds. Evelynn is an extremely good user of both sheen and phage, and uses all of it's stats well, especially it's 20% CDR. Your build order will usually be sheen > phage > stinger. Make sure to auto attack a lot if you get this item in order to get the best out of it's attack speed.

This item is very good on both AD and AP Evelynn, but AD Evelynn uses it better because AP Evelynn usually uses Protobelt to fill her hextech gadget slot. Evelynn gets a huge amount of damage from this item because of how good she scales with it's hybrid stasts. The active is really good if you wanna frequently flank enemeies because it only has a 40 second cooldown isn't a skillshot. The omnivamp is also very good for extended fights. I'd recommend this item at any point in an AD build after your core if you're ahead and wanna perform better in extended fights, or if you really need to make catches with it's active.

This item is good on AD Evelynn if your primary focus is to burst down squishy targets, thanks to the nightstalker passive and its heavy AD. The out of combat movespeed is also useful for frequently seeking out targets. I'd recommend getting this item on AD Evelynn after your core if you're ahead and want to burst down squishy targets.

This item is very good on AD Evelynn because she benefits from the stats, and the passive/active components have very good synergy with her kit. always use the active right after you use your E against champions for extremely good burst damage. I'd get this item if you wanna increase your DPS in fights, or if you wanna focus on splitpushing.

Ability Power Items

This item works great in an AP build against health stackers, especially with it's insane synergy with Rylai's. Haunting guise is also a good early buy due to it's flat magic pen. Due to BOTRK it doesn't have a place in AD builds however.

A great item if you are in/against a heavy magic damage team. This item is mainly used in AP builds, but it can also be used in aura heavy supportive builds. The item doesn't have any hitpoints, however, so make sure there's a heavy AP threat.

All of the stats, especially the movespeed, work great on Evelynn, but the real kicker of the item is it's passive. Because of how spammy Evelynn's kit is, you'll likely proc it multiple times in a single fight. Buy this if you're snowballing and building AP.

Armor Items

This is your go-to item if you need armor due to how well the passive synergizes with Evelynn's "roam and gank" strategy. It should be your go to buy VS most threatening physical damage.

Buy this item if you're against lots of threatening critical strike damage, or if you need more armor in addition to dead man's plate. The active gives a lot of utility and can help with just about any kind of fight you're in.

Buy this item if you're against lots of attack speed reliant champions and have a need for the CDR on the item. Remember that the item doesn't give any HP, so you'll need to get some from another source.

Buy this item if you're against lots of attack speed reliant champions that deal a lot of physical damage. Remember that the item doesn't give any HP, so you'll need to get some from another source. Also has synergy with builds that have magic pen due to the magic damage on it's passive.

Magic Resist Items

This is your go to item vs magic damage (unless you need HP) because of how well the stats synergize with Evelynn's kit, especially with AD builds. Late game, you can either sell it or upgrade it depending on if you need more damage or tank stats.

This is a great item to grab against a heavy AP team if your support isn't bothering too, and both of it's upgrades work great on Evelynn, the one you get should depend on if you're seiging more (Banner of Command) or team fighting more (Locket).

If you need more magic resist, this is what you should go for most of the time. The spell shield means it's harder to poke you down and can shield you from critical crowd control.

The only time you'd want this item is for the CDR, the passive, or if you've already bought all of the other magic resist items and still need more. It also works good in builds that have some sort of healing in them (Hybrid, Hydra AD)

Other Items

Get this item if you're carrying and need to stay alive in fights. Make your your team can save you if the passive procs, if they can't get Steraks instead. I don't buy this item often due to its lack of base stats

Get this if you wanna stay healthy without recalling and you've already built plenty of tank items. Synergizes especially well with titanic hydra and sterak's gage

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Thank you for reading my guide to itemization on Evelynn. In the future I'll try and add more details including visuals, tactics, and more detail on some of the items. Oh, and thanks to jhoijhoi for making the guide to making a guide, because I can't code for the life of me.

11/30/15- Guide first published
12/09/15- Added AP and Hybrid cheat sheet & item explanations, added crit Evelynn cheatsheet
12/15/15- Changed cheat sheets slightly
12/19/15- Mobafire broke masteries, so I fixed them