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Ezreal Build Guide by BigRed

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BigRed

The new Ezreal

BigRed Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Hey guys im back with another build. This is my 3rd build and they have all been ranged carry but i promise to finish my tank guide soon. I would like votes and feedback as usual. Ezreal has gone through some changes latley but im shocked when I see that people are ignoring it. When they change a character even a little ignoring it can have repurcutions. With the small changes it completley changed the way I play him. I cant really explain it but i play him alot different than i used to.

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What do you mean new?

Well riot did it again. They nerfed Ezreal. The attack speed bonus per stack on was reduced by 5%. This changes from 75% to 50% at maxed stacks. BUT what alot of people didnt know is that riot fixed a bug with the item not adding the correct amount of damage to his Q. 20% more. This is more of a retooling than a nerf.

So with this ,this is how its broken down. Old Ezreal was A risky high damage champion relying on skill shot nukes and was rewarded for accuracy with a CD reduction On hit effect and a stack of all in one spell. If you were accurate you would get a free attack speed buff.

New Ezreal still has the same flavor just i had to tweek him for full effectiveness. Ill be comparing my choices to popular choices with Ezreal that arent as effective anymore.

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Like i said its had a sizable nerf. serves the same purpose.
This is your bread and butter especially with this build...make sure you are accurate with this.
The man reason is to either
1. Buff allies at an enemy turret.
2. Debuff auto attcker enimies. Doing this can save your life.
Try to not have to use this. You want this when you need it not to look cool.
I see people using there ultimate on single targets that are trying to escape when you couldve used it on there entire team and pull massive health off an entire team. You will also have alot of stacks of . My point is this should be used as soon as you can. Teams funnel into into little collums passivley all the time. When a team fight starts use arcane shift to position yourself for your ult.

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The runes are pretty straight forward.

Greater Mark of DesolationNuff said
This will give you a slight edge over casters and with your cleanse you can outdps just about every AP carry.
At least one Greater Quintessence of Desolation Theres math to prove that this is necisary but i dont want to do it cause im lazy.

A ranged Physical carry with no CC's biggest weakness is melee dps and ranged auto attackers.

For Glyphs just about anything could be put here. I would prolly go mana regen or something.

If you dont want armour pen get 2 of these and one armor pen.

I used to get Flat health yellows and quints but like i said i play him defferentey now.

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Standard Ranged carry masteries. I would suggjest staying that way. Dont invest into Utility tree to much since there isnt much ezreal needs there. This build has a good amount of survivability in it so defensive masteries arent really necisary but it can make you deceptivley harder to kill.

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K this is the most important part items. So this is how my build usually looked Before they changed Ezreal.

-> -> -> -> -> -> -> OR

Heres my usual build now

-> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> OR

In case you hadn't noticed there's an emphasis on on hit effects in this item build. This build has 4 items with on hit effects. This build also has a good balance of defense and offensive items. The new Ezreal build's items Compliment each other rather than just adding damage like the old build for Ezreal. This build is also hard for your enemies to counter with one or two defensive items alone.If your enemies build high health you have madredes 4% damage. If they go armor you have black cleaver. If they go magic resist...well you spamm your Q. They will be "man that ez is really killing me" and will have a hard time trying to figure out how to stop it with items. If they end up figureing they really cant without sacrificing damage the enemy team will most likely focus you. If they do then is the way to go. If they have more high priority targets [supports,disablers,etc.] or if you prefer then .

Again the balance of this build compliments Ezreals abilities very well.

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Optinial Items

I would say that the items cant change much and would encourage sticking with the items listed above but theres a few changes for situational purpose.

Only get this if its a team full of auto attackers [like i faced , , , on a team.] If you get this for survivability puposes then Merc treads are more important because this build gives you close to 200 armor and only 85 magic resist.
If its not Ionian boots its these.
some people like this.
If you feel you truley need lifestell/spellvamp.
This is if more than 2 of your enemies are building high armor.
This item is really a good item against AP i think. I dont see to many people useing this but its actually saved me plenty of times. This items seems to be very underated. However if your going against people reliant on spell combos you should go with Banshees vail.
People say this is for tanks. Thats fking hilarious. Why would you make yourself a less attractive target. If you dont agree with that then let me put it this way. If an auto attacker...and your dieng...everytime....then go for it.
Dont really need to explain this do i.

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Items to avoid.

You see this alot because people think its needed on all AD characters. But the on hit effects apply to your Q shot so theres no real room for it. It is not a bad item, just not as important.

This has a nice effect but it doesnt add enough attack damage. You will have to let somone else handle CC.

WHAT NO BLOODTHIRSTER WHY!!! Well any Ezreal build that has a bloodthirster needs more attack damage rather than on hit effects. If you absolutley think you need lifesteel then a wuold actually be better.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence isnt as simple as most people think. should be your focus(besides ult) but not necciseraley maxed as quickly as possible. If your fighting an AD/auto attacker character thats either ranged or able to jump you quickly [like , , , ] dropping a few points in is a good idea.

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Summoner Spells

I would highley suggjest sticking to and .

Good spells.
My favorite summoner spell. people will say this is for tanks but thats just wrong.
Simply put you have a double flash.
More effective in the long run than flash.

It has its uses.
see above.
Can save you but you shouldn't really be getting in slugfests with other champions.

Everything else should be avoided.

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Pros / Cons

Build Pros/Cons
Instead of raw attack damage builds this build has damage spreed out to 3 different sources and is harder to counter with items.
Is effective against a wide variety of enemies, be it tanky squishy a tough etc. Rather than choosing between them.
deceptivley harder to kill than people are used to.
Is tuned to how Ezreal has changed.
Will kill tanky characters faster than regular attack damage builds.
Includes 2 of the most exspensive items in the game.
If you use this build you will have to adjust your playstyle alot.
more risk involved.
Wont kill squishy characters as fast but hey there squishy.

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So with all that it breaks down like this. The way I build Ezreal now is a good balance between defence and offence. Old Ezreal could do alot of damage because you could buy attack damage items and rely on your passive to supply you with attack damage. Since got nerfed and his Q got fixed i thought i would utilize it to its full potential.