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Sona Build Guide by letsgoROSH

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League of Legends Build Guide Author letsgoROSH

The Offensive/Support Sona

letsgoROSH Last updated on July 5, 2011
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This is my first guide on any champion. Just incase you didn't catch on, it's on Sona, my favorite champion. As I said, first guide, so don't be too harsh, but I would appreciate feedback on how to make it better. Read through all of the guide please.

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Pros and Cons


-One of the best supports in the game
-Has a long-ranged heal
-Can do some burst damage with and
-Has an AoE stun
-Runs really fast with
-People love you if you play her

-Squishy (with this build)
-Can run out of mana easily if not careful
-Relatively hard to master
-She doesn't(SHOULDN'T) get many kills, may not suit some people

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Summoner Spells

As far as these bad boys go, my top choices are and .
But why those two, and not ? Because with this build, your mana will not run out, unless you spam your skills whenever the chance comes upon you.
I chose because it works wonders. I cannot tell you how many times this spell has saved lives, set up assists, or get many enemies in your ult. I always take it with Sona. The seconds spell was hard to choose from, or . I used to take because the philosopher's stone passive stacked, and was a win win situation with the extra money, and I never ran out of mana, meaning no need for . But since the last patch, the passive doesn't stack, meaning you shouldn't buy multiple philosopher's stone.
I ended up choosing because with greater seal of replenishment, your mana will be fine.

Other Summoner Spells:

Only if you love to spam your skills
Not bad, can combined with to make you really fast, but I prefer but it is also preference.
If you are playing vs. a heavy DPS character such as / , or an assassin like this might come in handy
Hmm...I love this skill! Especially on since she doesn't...oh
Never seen this spell put to any use, so we are going to keep it that way!
Always an option, if you want to get back into lane early if you get ganked. There are just better spells.
Too much CC on the other team? You have a new best friend.
Its just not your cup of tea.
Oh yeah, you are definitely going to need this to get the finishing touches on your kills...wake up, your not supposed to get kills.
Don't laugh, I have seen a jungle Sona before, and it did work out. Not perfectly, but he jungled.
This is a tough one...unless your in the mood for feeding, we are skipping right over this one.

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With Sona, I go greater mark on insight, for obvious reasons, Greater seal of replenishment, and .

You may wonder, why greater seal of regeneration instead of greater seal of replenishment. Because with this build, mana is an obstacle to you have to dodge, EARLY on in the game. By the time you get and philosopher's stone your mana is a thing of the past.

I went [icon=greater glyph of shielding because with this build, you get plenty of Armor, but lack Magic Resistance...anything else to explain?

The biggest question is about the three greater quint of avarice. The reason I put those in there along with the other Gold/Second items and masteries is because as , you are a support. Even though this build isn't full support, that doesn't mean you go into a lane only to steal your allies' creeps and hero kills, your source of income early on is going to be from items and Utility. If you don't like knowing that, isn't your type of character.

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In this build, my Masteries look like 9-0-21. I put the 9 points in offense to reach archaicknowledge. The extra AP from always helps any caster.
The other 21 points are put in Utility, filling your needs.
Why do I put the 3 points in ? Why not is the real question. It makes your time spent dead 10% less!!! At level 18, a death timer is 80-90~ seconds, reduce that time by 1/10, and your timer is now AROUND 72-81 seconds! That is amazing! Picture this, your team is trying to kill Baron Nashor, he is at about 5000 hp... and the enemy has a ward there. You fight, and kill all but one player on that team, who happens to be able to push very effectively, like an un-fed .. But back to the story, they ace you, but is the only one alive on the enemy team. He starts to push your mid back, and he is getting close to river. Your carry, who has 22 kills(KSES) is still dead, and has 40 seconds until he comes back. But you on the other hand, have 25 (you have 5 seconds less because you die quicker). is just about to start attacking the tower...and you are already back, and you hold him off until your other teammates come and get him to leave. Those 3 points, that could have been put into , which is 4% of your max hp and mana regen(The bonus won't even reach 3/5seconds for HP or MP) just saved you the game.

After , continue down the tree to get . Then get (your gonna need it!) then . Then and , then and , then duh, .

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Items; What to Always Get and Other Possibilities

Your core build will look like this:
shurelya's reverie
Without these, good luck being of much use to your team.

EARLY GAME(around 5-18 minutes)
philosopher's stone

MID GAME(around 19-40 minutes)
shurelya's reverie

END GAME(around 41 minutes-finish)
shurelya's reverie


This is a very solid item on , it gives her much needed HP, mana, and some AP. It is always a good option.
Not a bad item, but there are much better, the Mana regen and AP are nice, but there are better items.
I am never sure about this item. As a player, I don't like this item. It is great if you get assists and kills, but it just doesn't appeal to me. If you are playing a game where the enemy team doesn't even stand a chance, feel free to buy it. Even if you like the item, go for it. It is still a viable item for Sona, especially with this build.
Ohhh how much fun I had with this item on Sona!! I played one game with Lich Bane, and that buff combined with a Q-passive=win. It can add a lot of kills to your score easily.
If you are facing a very strong AD team, definitely go this item!!! If you don't...that's bad.
I once went this item, and it worked well early on, but once again, other items suit you better.
YES! It was either this or Abyssal Scepter, and since this build is going for a more offensive support, I chose option B.(Abyssal Scepter) But Banshee's is a superb item, and is always an option.
Like to play Sona as hardcore-support? Go this!!
This is a very great item on . It gives her that needed HP, AP, and a strong slow when she uses her spells, could be used if you want.
Just like , only if they have lots of CC

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Your Roll in the Team

In this guide, and with this build, you will fake out your enemies. They will think you are going to go hardcore support, with all the Gold/second, and then you turn into a solid support and killer.

/EARLY GAME-Level 1-6\

Your goal early on is LET YOUR ALLIES GET THE FARM!!! You are a support, no matter what the build you have as . Let them get creep kills!
Before you even leave the well at level 1, use twice. That way, when you are in the lane, and if you get ganked from the bushes(you should be fine, just use ) you can use , then hit them. That is an easy 150+ hp taken out. If you don't get ganked, just stay in bushes, and hit your opponent whenever they come close. If you have full mana, use , then ...this will get at two stacks. Then wait until you have more mana again. Once you are closer to full, get the enemy close, use to hit them, and hit them(!!make sure you have ready!!) Meanwhile, your ally is farming easily behind you.

/MID GAME-Level 7-12\

You now have and your skills are upped. Time to start owning. It is possible, that if you went back, you bought your and philosopher's stone. If you did, you can roam. Just simply find a lane that is being pushed, preferably with only one hero, and go gank! *Note: If you are going to gank, make sure to have , and ready. That way, you slow the target when you attack.

/LATE GAME-Level 13-18\

You are now at your full potential. But know that you are still a support, so play like one. You will go down early on in fights though due to your low life. So that means, use to set yourself up, then use on as many people as possible. Then spam and . If you manage to hit every enemy Champion with your ultimate, you're in good shape! If you don't win that team fight, get new teammates.
Who do you target? Nobody, your spells are random...and AoE. If you have the time, which you most likely won't, you can position yourself to make skill hit a specific target, but that takes too much time.

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-Let your teammates farm first
-If ganking, use as your passive
-Don't use ult on one person, as many as possible
-You are still a support!!!
-Let your teammates farm first

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Thank you for reading my very first guide. All feedback is much appreciated, so please rate and comment. Thanks