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Rammus Build Guide by MuffinStuff

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MuffinStuff

The Silent Tank

MuffinStuff Last updated on November 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Guys! First build here, and it will be the build that I will always hold closest to my heart. I have taken several awesome ideas from several pretty solid builds and just kind of tweaked it to be what I honestly feel is the best PURE tank build for Rammus.

So I know a lot of people will feel like this is too much tank and not enough spank, but as a tank it is not your job to spank, and as a champion that has a lot of CC it is really your job to hold down a single enemy champion and watch your AD and AP's just splooge all over there face.

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Why This Build works

Rammus does not have a lot of health, so a lot of people tend to try and build him with a lot of health, but really, this does the same thing, when you pop your DBC you have over 500 armor, and 400 MR, so you can just take punishment, which as a tank you should be taking as much of the damage as you can, but what this build gives you is a insane amount of Health Regen (over 100/5) so what that makes you able to do is to jump in a fight, take a beating, get out of the fight, and be never have to B, so that you are always there for your team!

Nothing is more aggravating then playing against the team with the tank that just refuses to die!

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So the new masteries have really made rammus OP, I chose my masteries the way that I did mainly so that when you are in a lane with someone you can easily hold the minions where you want without taking damage, and if you are solo top then you can easily farm minions without taking really any damage.

plus since you should have about 20 assist the bonus gold really helps you fill your build out quicker.

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Regrowth Pendant and a Mana Potion to start the game off, with your runes and your masteries you have enough armor to start the game with, so what you really need right now is staying power, so you start with a regrowth pendant, and the mana pot is so that if you have a pushy team and you have to lay the hand of Rammus down upon them, you can get your mana back real quick and stay in lane.

Since this is build is all about supporting your Carry, you are not going to have a lot of gold from minion kills, so to make up for that I have found that grabbing a Nomad's Medallion and a Heart of Gold as early as you can will make up for it, plus in most cases you will end a game with over twenty assist (a huge advantage to laning with the carry), so that is where your gold comes from.

***Edit-Another great option would be a Aegis of the Legion it could really make the difference in having a good laning phase, and a great laning phase, go with this if you are struggling to get the ball rolling (Thanks aussarian for pointing this out)

I tend to B ever time i get 1300 gold, because, early game, you are never really going to need to B, so you HAVE to MAKE your self B, because being a tank you can not allow yourself to fall behind on getting items.

The items that you get after your HOG are what really make you a tank, and will really set the stage for you to do nasty things, so after your HOG grab your Boots of Speed then grab your Negatron Cloak then your Chain Vest by this point you should be able to just take a beating.

So now comes the hardest part of the build, because from this point there is no wrong way to go, I listed above my suggested items, but I will list a few reasons why I feel like the items I choose are the best to use:

Force of Nature- it really gives you the most bang for your buck, it gives great magic resistance, a little bit of a movement speed buff, and my favorite part HEALTH REGEN! In my opinion a must grab.

Thornmail- it works great with your Defensive Ball Curl and with your Taunt you are going to be taking a beating anyway, so you might as well make them take one too! This item I really feel is only useful with a Rammus or a Shen, it is also a AD's biggest nightmare , nothing makes me giggle more than a cocky Master Yi killing them self on me!

Randuin's Omen its a lot of everything, most people agree that this is great Tank choice, it gives you health, it gives you health regen, it gives you armor, it has amazing passives, and actives, you can't go wrong, but with this build you really want to finish this item second to last so you can keep your gold flow coming in.

as for your last three items, it really depends on the enemy teams comp. if they are AD heavy then build some armor, if they are AP heavy grab a some Magic Resist, if they are balanced (which does not happen enough) then stick to the build that I left above, just make sure that you do not turn your HOG into a randy's until you have everything else, then sell your philo stone and grab your last item.

After you have all 6 items, don't forget your elixirs, you don't really need them, but they are so nice to have!

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What Items not to use

When playing rammus in the raw resistance sense you really want to stay away from some items, like the Ninja Tabbi if you are using the Thornmail Defensive Ball Curl combo then why in the heck would you want to dodge, that is negating just about all of your damage, and seeing as you don't do a ton, why hurt yourself? When playing Rammus its good to live by the motto "Take a beating to dish out a Beating"

The only other big No-No item would be the Warmog's Armor, yes the health and health regen would be nice, but taking farm away from the people who really need it is a HUGE no-no! The only time I would say grab this is when your soloing a lane, because then all the farm is yours to begin with.

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Skill Sequence/ How to use them

I don't really stray to far from the norm on my Skill sequence, you start with Power Ball, then get taunt twice, then Defensive ball curl, then max your taunt picking up your ulti when you can, and maxing DBC when you can't put a point in taunt, pretty basic on that one.

The trick is knowing how to use your moves, mastering the timing on your moves turns a fail gank into a "/all GOD OP-TAUNT FOR DAYS!" gank. The trick is to not just spam your moves because you have them off CD, here is a list of good examples:

1.When Attempting a gank on mid, Communicate to whoever is midding that you are going in, and tell them to not use any CC that they have until AFTER they see you power ball and then taunt, and when you hit them with the powerball wait about one second before using your taunt so that way you get the max time of them crying that they can't move. So if your person mid hits them with any kind of CC while you have them taunt, its a pretty much guranted kill, thus causing everyone to buy a ward, and yeah it should make you feel special.

2. If you are ever lucky enough to have someone dive you while you are under your turret, DO NOT PANIC, they just committed a crime of being ignorant and you shall deal out swift and painful justice to this person, all you have to do is wait for the turret to start shooting at them, not before or it gives them a good change to escape, then taunt them so that they are just soaking up all the turret damage, then exhaust and power ball to seal the deal, and if you are really wanting to rub it in, just pop your ulti and /d while they just melt infront of your eyes.

It not hard really, it just takes some practice and some patience to not just spam your moves.

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Summoner Spells/ How to make people cry because of them

For the way that I play Rammus, the only spells you need are flash and exhaust, you are more than welcome to try your own, but in a pure tanky mindset you should only really need these two spells.

1. Flash- Flash is arguably the most useful spell in the game, it can help you get into a fight, or out of one. The way that I play Rammus it helps get kills, and stop people from getting away. The best tip I can give you with flash is to start up a power ball, roll around like you accidently hit it, or like you are trying to zone them, then flash behind them, which should stun the enemy champ long enough for you to taunt them and have whoever is around you finish them off! It only takes one of these Flash-Ball combo's to make a AD carry cry

2. Exhaust is really great for when you start a fight, and that annie or that EZ tries to get away covered in blood, you can just pop it on them and roll up on them, and as I have found out, very few people can out run a Rammus once you pop that exhaust.

3. Smite- for when you have that jungle Fever, trade out exhaust for smite

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The really cool thing about this build is with Rammus you can honestly use this build to jungle too, just switch out the mana pot for a health one, exhaust for smite and just do the damn thing! Only suggestion that I would make is to start at wraiths, then go for blue once you have your philo stone.