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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Deckstar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar

The true meaning of PUSHER

Deckstar Last updated on April 6, 2013
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Sup! My name is Henry, but you ladies and gentleman, might call me Deckz, i've tried a Mordekaiser build before, with not much sucess, but after some time in meditation and gaming plans about how could i effectly play as a master of metal once again, i think i have grasped my conclusion... But before going into that...

Mordekaiser is a Melee Ap Tanky Champion, he is pretty strong and he can lead the game by himself if mastered. Note to one self: Mordekaiser IS NOT A "NATURAL TANK"... He is the champion that is FORCED to be tankier than most mages, or else he will die! He is said to be a tank, due to his passive.

His passive is Iron Man
No not the Avengers one, but a referece from Black Sabbath: Any magical damage dealt by your abilities gives you a shield that can be seen by the "mana bar" so no, Mordekaiser doesn't use mana, his shield can make you a dangerous tank. This shield is raised by 35% of the damage dealt, and decreases 3% each second, damage dealt to monsters and minions will grant only half of that percentage. Man... This passive is even more OP than Volibear's passive: Chosen of the Storm and even more annoying than Shen's ultimate: Stand United... You'll see why.

His Q, Mace of Spades
MACE NOT ACE, not that i dont like Motorhead: the next attack will deal bonus AP damage + Ad damage in the closest 3 enemies from your target, if the target is alone, he will take a significant ammount of bonus damage, and that also gives you shield. And its a great ability when dueling in close range. You can also use this to get minions last hit, as well as some bonus shield and bonus from spell vamp.

His W, Creeping Death:
It creates an aura that gives you a magical resistance and armor bonus for you or any ally that has this skill on, also- The aura deals magical damage for any enemy unit that is within range, and that also includes on your passive. The only problem is that Mordekaiser uses his life to use his abilities, so as soon as possible get your spell vamp, because when this happens this skill will grant you health, while dealing passive bonus from W and also getting the shield bonus from Iron Man, not to mention that you will have more than time to nailed the enemy with Mace of Spades and Siphon of Destruction... Which reminds me...

His E, Siphon of Destruction:
At this point you might have noticed that every skill of his is based on Heavy Metal music...: Its his best damage dealer and harass, deal strong magical damage in a cone in front of you, take this skill first, so you can easily push while keeping aggressive harass, but this aggressive early game is pretty much a bluff, one bad move you'll stay feeding the rest of the game... Be careful, but don't let the enemy get the lane.

HIS ULTIMATE! Children of the Grave:
The very reason why Mordekaiser is feared at Teamfights! He can actually turn the game if he gets to use this skill on the feeded carry. A Metal helmet appears above your target, and it deals magical damage initial burst and keep dealing a lower ammount of damage in a certain period of time, and this damage is also based on the target's max health for ten seconds... BUUUUUT if that target IS killed, even if not by your final strike, the target becomes your slave for 30 seconds, during this time Mordekaiser will be granted with a percentage of stats of your slave(20% of AP and AD), and your slave will be unable to use any skill but your pet will gain 75% of your ability power, attack damage and max health + HIS OWN STATS, and any basic attack damage that your slave does will count as YOUR magical damage, that will be affected by the Iron Man passive GIVING YOU MORE SHIELD AND SPELL VAMP! Your slave can't use abilities but he can auto attack AND his passive is still on! Meaning that if you are able to get the enemy Twitch as your slave his attacks will deal the bonus poison, and stack with true damage, a slave Blitzcrank will get his shield suddenly, i never tried this before but i suppose that if i have a Kog'Maw slave and he is killed before the time limit for the ghost, then the slave would charge in the direction of the enemy and explode! That as well would grant you some nice shield bonus, a Shaco as slave would get bonus damage by attacking the enemy from behind, Draven and Darius would deal bleed damage, maybe even things like itens passive would be granted, but i'm not sure... For example, you get a Sona as slave, and she had itens with aura effects, i'm not sure if this would work as i think but i'm pretty sure that Twisted Fate bonus money would be applied, even if for little time.

Mordekaiser can tank, can kill and can take the whole team by himself if fed enough. Actually i got my first PENTAKILL with him!

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Items+Laning phases

I always loved to play mordekaiser, ever since i learned how to play with him proprelly i've been in a roll... Until... Some itens management and the drastic change in the itens at the third season... After that... I simply became a noob AGAIN!!! After some time.... I realized that the fault of all of this is because THIS GUY...

...Was out of the game...And since this guy was my spawn item i simply took boots and pots, but guess what, I FAILED! I have no idea why i had so much trouble... But its still bugs me, therefore i picked another choice, 2 Rejuvenation Beads and 3 Health Potions... Which would be as effective as before. But of course... Players WILL complain and say that you are a troll... Your reply should be: .........

Since Mord uses tends to lose health more than he should, its a good idea to maintain health regen at least until you get spell vamp, but even then its good to have some sustain.

At early recalls you should get Boots of Speed and sight wards to avoid ganks and also get your potions back, be careful but at the same time aggressive, you want to push, but you also don't want to get ganked, always be careful. But if you are able to make your opponent recall or even kill him, give a final push to your turret and recall, and get a Hextech Revolver, after this lane is going to start being a cake walk, you will most likely never need to fall back because of health danger. At this time you'll also have the ultimate ready now, so if you have the chance... You can kill your lane match, crush the tower and then fall back to get more itens.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF ALL THIS IS THE FINAL ITEM CHOICE, before anything else, you must analyze the enemy team's builds as well as your team's builds.
Then you judge how well you are doing in the teamfights, and try to see and feel what is lacking in your build.

Now lets start the real explanation:


I take the Rejuvenation Beads for some health sustain, which is VERY important for Mordekaiser, since his skills are at health cost, meaning that your opponent will most likely engage you early on, and if he do so, than either he will kill you for first blood or simply force you to go back to your base, but with health regen you can stay longer in lane, harass without much risk and the 3 pots might just save your life. Mord is VERY easy to take before he gets spell vamp. After you have the chance for your first recall, you must refill your pots and get Hextech Revolver its a core item for Mord, without it, you are quite easy to outsustain. If you have extra money get a sight ward or 2, in case that someone tries to gank your lane. Its safe to get spell vamp BEFORE Boots of Speed, unless you are totally owning your lane, then you might want to get there faster, but don't forget that the MAIN objetive in this part is to farm... A LOT, i usually have at least the double than the ADC has farmed. All his skills deal damage on area, which means you don't really need to aim for a last hit, you just need to push the lane and kill the minions that are weak. Thats the secret: Push, Farm, Safe.

If you were able to win or at least maintain your lane and not feed your enemy in early game than you will unlikely have much trouble here, but this is the part where you buy your core itens, and also the part that will decide if you lose or win. BE CAREFUL. Get some extra moey from kage's lucky pick as well as getting closer to get Will of the Ancients; some health and magic penetration from Haunting Guise to help you survive more while dealing more damage and getting ready for a Liandry's Torment; Fiendish Codex will grant you some cooldown reduction getting you ready for something unexpected. You don't wanna have high cooldowns... Right after that you finish your spell vamp item as well as buying something more... aggressive, something like... Deathfire Grasp and Liandry's Torment, to finish these guys you don't need much money so they might be bought in the same visit to the shop. When you get these last 2... Things are going to be a cake walk... Of course... If you don't fed than its going to be fine, but if you do... well... Try your best to not screwing things even more.

Thats the part where you must decide what item is best for you and for your team, item choice demands experience, inteligence, instinct, and BALLZ! You need some guts to be mordekaiser, enough to go NEVER BACK DOWN, NEVER! Its not so pleasing going 1v5 only praying that your team gets in time or that you are able to get a pentakill. Make the right choices, in the teamfight... NEVER BACKDOWN, only if your team is on a retreat or if you are by yourself, Kaiser is tough but not immortal, remember that.

Anything else is pure skill and spirit. Good luck on your matches.

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Masteries + Runes

In my masteries set i always take 21 points in pure ap damage and the rest would go to something defensive, thats how i roll, Mental Force is not much needed since the ability power bonus is really low, then you use this point on Spellsword .

At the defensive tree i take health regen, bonus health and that single point in Resistance is almost irrelevant, but since i'll be taking mid, who knows... Might be useful.

At the rune page i take the standarf AP Rune, since most of people only have 2 standard pages, it will be quite a pain in the... lower parts, if you need to use a completely different rune set, so spare your money, play with what you got. But you can customize your runes if you feel like it, just don't take mana... If you can, get some spell vamp and cooldown reduction.

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I take the basic Flash and Ignite, Ghost is said to be another good idea, and i strongly agree with this, you won't need to much position with mord, you just ram over the battle field and Ghost will help you with that. Some people say that Exhaust is also a great pick but i disagree... With Ignite you can deal more damage and even ensure a kill. yeah, i know... Exhaust can be your ONLY CC earl on or even in the whole game, it IS very very useful, but in MY playstyle, Ignite is a lot more suitable, but don't follow my example blindly, develop your own style, play smart! Teleport is also a marvelous spell, you can join the teamfight quickly, you don't need to have much rush on getting to your lane, you can simply warp to there, it will help your farm and help you to maintain or even win your lane. Don't take Heal... Just don't, its very unlikely that it will save your life, the best choice is to stay safe and keep farming, without much danger, don't be too much aggressive. Cleanse can also be very useful, since Mordekaiser is really vulnerable to CC, but if your enemy doesn't have much CC than your spell might become unused... Either way, if you happen to go to ranked, things are going to be less risky, since you'll see if the enemy team has locked a Swain to counter you;

So... to Resume:

Flash - GOOD

Ignite - GREAT

Ghost - GREAT

Exhaust - GOOD



Smite - WTF

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Team Work and Team fights

If there are a champion being focused HARD, then you must use the Creeping Death in him/her, since this target will take less damage and will deal damage to the enemy jungler that might jump or dash in your adc. Some people might focus you, some might not, maybe the best way to call they're attention is to simply get in the middle of the enemy team, with a significant distance between you and your teammates, as you use the Creeping Death on yourself, since you'll be getting target this time, you try to use the Children of the Grave as quickly as you can, since that it will heal you up + the spell vamp bonus and even a chance to get your slave to fight in order for you to survive, also dealing as much damage as you can to the enemy team, without backing down, keep pushing, its going to be worse if you try to run away, as long as you are doing damage, your shield will raise up and your life will be healed due to your spell vamp. As soon as your allies notice that they are focusing Mordekaiser they have a good chance to come back and try to turn the teamfight, while the enemy will be trying to take you down. Some of them might think better and ignore you to focus the adc, but there is ALWAYS a noob that will keep focusing Mord, being fooled by the low health bar...

However, if your team DOES NOT come back to rescue you for whatever the reason, if they are too low on health, or they need to defend the base, DON'T BACK DOWN EITHER, protect your team and you never know what might happen in this... If you are strong enough... You might even get a Pentakill Solo, and i've seen this done before!

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A little more info...

Mordekaiser is one of those misterious champions that came out of nowhere and started to raise hell because they felt like to, such as Fiddlesticks and Shaco... But just from the appearence you notice that their difference is BIG.
The reason why Mord uses his health as spell cost is becuase he is dying, he is sick and in constatn agony, but he is so tough that he doesn't even show that even when he is struggling in the summoner's rift.

There are many pro plays that i'd like to show but for now, i'll show only 3 game video and 2 music videos, they are simple but they are more than enough to explain what kind of champion Mordekaiser is:

The music that best describes the master of metal!

A very interesting video that i found

Guide Top

Final tips...

Note: I'm not a pro, in any way, at least for now, i had many glory moments in the League, i had many ownages in my experience, but i am still far from PRO level, which means that once in a while i will say sh!t, sometimes you might need to completely ignore and follow your own instincts, don't stick to what someone told you, find your path and develop it yourself, to do that you need to waste a lot of blood, sweat and tears in your matches, but one hint, that ALWAYS worked with me and i believe that it works with anyone, DON'T GET COCKY, don't let any glory or praise that your allies give to blind your sight, it doens't matter how many wins you have, or how high your ELO is, and much less how many kills you have at that point of the match, you are better than NOBODY, ALWAYS respect your oponents and allies.

Another thing... Never, and i repeat, NEVER SURRENDER. Doesn't matter if the score is 0x50 there is always, once again i repeat, there is ALWAYS A CHANCE FOR A COMEBACK, i have seen A LOT OF THIS, that is also applied to you, sir/madam, don't think you won until the enemy Nexus explode in a flashy cutscene, doensn't matter if they are full noobs, or if you have a perfect 60/0/15 score, doesn't matter if you are a badass Mordekaiser, it doesn't matter if you are nearly at the nexus... NEVER CALL YOUR WIN BEFORE THE RIGHT TIME... Or else....

Do i need to say anything more? No? Good, but i'll say something anyway:

I found this video just now... Let me explain wtf happened... The "green/"blue" team had "won" but some douche from this team requested for a surrender vote, just as a joke... But everyone in the team thought: "lol! I'm going to answer YES just to laugh a little bit!!", Result: The green team destroyed the enemy nexus, but lost due to a surrender request.


Any way, the guide ends here, i hope you enjoyed, maybe learned something or at least laughed a little bit(even though i'm not really funny -__-), give it a like(or not) send me a feedback or something like that, check my other guides if you enjoyed... And just to finish on a good way...

...Wow... That was some ****ty quality! Meh Whatever, lets try again...

MUCH BETTER! Once again, thanks for reading this guide and give me a comment, like it if you enjoyed and i hope to continue to improve my guides as much as i can.

Smell ya later!