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Blitzcrank Build Guide by nineteenjimmys

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nineteenjimmys

Tons of Damage Blitzcrank-Grabbing Chicks,Knocking Them Up

nineteenjimmys Last updated on December 17, 2014
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Season 4 Updated

My names Jimmy. Basically, this is my first build and it's for my favorite character in the game, Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank is super versatile and thus can be played multiple ways. However, I find my build to be easiest to use, logical, and pretty straight-forward. It helps build a hybrid Blitz. It focuses on building survivability, support, and burst. This tops full-ap guides which comepletely abandons Overdrive's utility and the double AD from Power Fist. Full-ad is viable, but this doesn't take advantage of his high AP ratios. Now onwards to the build and guide. Keep in mind, I am not another Downright Dyrus, I just wanna input my guide in the flood of Blitzcrank guides in hopes that I see more people play Blitzcrank because he truly is super fun to play and is cute as a button unlike Evelynn (gross!). Also, don't try this guide in ranked for the first time and yell at me if you stink it up. Try it in practice or even normals first just so you can get a hang of it. You should feel a strong connection and fondness for Blitzcrank if you did it right. Also, you should be able to feel a tingly sensation in your private parts from all the raping you commit. IDK maybe that's just me :3

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Blitzcrank is super ability dependent. Without his abilities, he is useless. So, here's a quick overview of them.

Mana Barrier

His passive gives him a temporary mana shield that gives him a big shield depending on his current mana pool. This is only activated when he hits below 20% health. Also note that the shield has a longer cooldown, but this shouldn't really affect anything unless you go Big Balled Brian and play aggressively every minute. I suggest seeing a doctor if your balls are obscenely huge.

Rocket Grab

is his signature Q. He shoots out his arm and grabs someone and then proceeds to pull them in towards him. This is used to pull an enemy to your team or to your tower. It deals higher than average magic damage by the way. Keep in mind that it only pulls the first target it hits. Be wary though since the area of effect is wider than the animation, it may accidentally pull a minion to its left or right. Also, the length of the grab is slightly longer than the animation.


is his W and speeds him up and gives him extra attack speed. This gives him a great escape tool as well as a great evasive maneuver. Also, since AD will be built on Blitz, it provides the attack speed.

Power Fist

is his E and DOUBLES the attack damage in the next attack and knocks up the enemy(hehe). This restarts the attack speed and so you can auto-attack and automatically use Powerfist right after.

Static Field

This is his ultimate. Its passive shoots randomized lightning bolts to nearby enemies. This helps with accidental farming :) When he activates his ultimate, a field of static erupts from him and deals an AOE around him, silencing and damaging the enemies. However when his ultimate is on cooldown, his passive stops. So that is why it is better to not activate his Ult early in a one v one scenario.

For skill sequence, I start with Rocket Grab usually. This is great when the game starts and is probably the best ability out there if your team is gankinng the enemy's buffs. You'll want to begin the game with Grab then Fist then Overdrive. You'll want to max your Rocket Grab, picking up points in ults as usual and max overdrive second, finishing off with powerfist last.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

For runes I use:
Greater Mark of Armor Penetration which provides armor penetration in order to balance the amount of AP items I have as well as boost Blitz's AD damage with still retaining its power late game unlike flat AD,

Greater Seal of Armor just because it provides a motherscrewing ton of survivability (plus its super cheap [210] and I am broke),

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because of survivability and more often than not, you will not need much mr early game vs late game,

and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power because the 15 AP at game start is just too good to pass up. Also because it give Blitzcrank a true sense of hybridness with armor pen and ap quints.

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Utility tree has been buffed and with it I grab:
-Crucial 5% cooldown from Intelligence
- Wealth gives you the option to start 1 pot,1 ward or 3 pots
-Mana from Expanded Mind & mana regen from Meditation
-And Health Regen that scales off Mana from Strength of Spirit (how convenient for Blitz)

I go down the Offense tree too:
-Crucial 5% cooldown from Sorcery
- Mental Force and Arcane Mastery up the AP damage from Blitz
- Expose Weakness works with Blitz pull
- Blade Weaving would be nice, however, I find it meaningless to go further into the Offense tree just for that. Spell Weaving is not worth it.

Overall, I focus on non-damage masteries as the items usually take care of damage. Masteries are present in the beginning of a game, and so I tend to focus on getting the cooldown reductions when the cooldowns are the longest. These masteries give you an immediate 10% CDR.

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Okie, this might just be the most controversial section here. So here we goooo

First you want to start with Sapphire Crystal. This will give you another 200 mana meaning an extra grab and powerfist OR a stronger mana shield. Grab two health pots too just so you can stay in lane longer.

Try to go back only once you got a decent amount of money (about 700). I will tell you later in the guide how to stay longer. Go back and get a Boots of Speed and Tear of the Goddess and more health pots/WARDS. These will help with mana regen and the spamming of the abilities account for bonus mana which is always good for Blitz.

The second time you go back should be after about 1200 gold. Go ahead and grab Catalyst the Protector, or if you can a Mercury Treads as well. With a Catalyst and Tear of Goddess, you should have enough sustain in lane. Work towards a Manamune and THEN a Rod of Ages. Manamune is your first main item. It'll give a nice attack bonus and will keep adding attack when your mana increases after using abilities or just simply attacking. Since you spam abilities as Blitz, it is standard in mostly all builds for him. Rod of Ages should be your second main item. It's a nice bonus that quickly becomes stronger as the game progresses, giving mana, health, and ability power. Think of it as sort of an item staller. After getting a RoA, you usually would want to work towards a more expensive and harder to achieve item. This is because RoA rewards the user systematically and so naturally gives off huge bonuses for its rather inexpensive price.

Around this point in the game, no one should be laning anymore (unless you dominated). You'll want to grab a Sheen and Hextech Revolver (in that order preferably) so this would mean you should save up about 2500 (rough estimate). The Sheen will eventually build into a Iceborn Gauntlet while the Hextech Revolver will naturally build into a Hextech Gunblade. Sheen doubles your attack damage when an ability is used or activated. This is necessary for when you grab and then hit up with a physical attack such as Powerfist. It also gets activated when Powerfist is activated and thus giving you double AD+double BASE AD (after a Trinity Force, it becomes x2 base AD or 237.32 bonus damage). Hextech Revolver gives the early survivability and adds to AP AND AD. Also, its passive works great with Blitzcrank.

It should be about 30 minutes and also this is where most games would have ended.

Next visit to base should give you a Trinity Force and if you got money to spare then buy a Hextech Gunblade if you got an extra 2000. If not then buy it next time. Why buy Trinity Force then Gunblade? Well there are several reasons why. At this point, your team should be all grouped up and pushing a lane. The extra Mana and CDR will help with the spamming of your grabs.

"Why Hextech at all? I thought it was bad?" Well my young Luke Skyhumper, Season 3 buffed Gunblade. Not only is there its hybrid juicy lifesteal/spellvamp/AP/AD, it also has, tacked onto it a very tempting active. With this build and your whooping 300 AP end build, you will be able to dish out a 300 magic damage nuke from its active every 60 sec (-3 sec every basic attack or spell on a champion). Oh baby aint that juicy. What? Not juicy enough? Tack on the fact that its an actual gun and just imagine bada-ss Blitzcrank strolling around with it. Sorry if you had to change pants.

Anyways, at this time, the items get more general as you would want to get anything to fit your needs or your team's needs. I prefer to get a Athene's Unholy Grail. Athene's Unholy Grail fills Blitz's mana by 12% after every kill or assist. This is great in a teamfight when you get assists/kills and as your health goes down, the higher your mana, the bigger your shield will be which may be crucial in the fight. It also gives 15% cdr which finally gives the 40% max cdr (Iceborn Gauntlet, Athene's Unholy Grail, Masteries). These items are great though just because they are cheap and make the entire build a miniscule 15700 gold (about 4 Trinity Forces). Another great item is Zhonya's Hourglass. It is perfect for grabbing and popping. If you see that the other team is AD heavy, feel free to replace Athene's with Zhonyas

That last paragraph is mostly a suggestion. It is recommended you use items that best fit your playstyle. Items I thought of to include in the build but did not fit the bill are listed in the following section. Feel free to pick any one of those items up in junction with the Core Items.

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Runner-Up Items

Abyssal Mask depletes nearby enemies' magic resist which is great for you Ult and your team if they are mages. Also gives you magic resist which is helps.

Archangel's Staff is a great item for Blitzcrank. It gives tons of AP based on mana which Blitzcrank just so happens to exceed at. It'll help tip the scales towards a more AP build. The reason why I don't use it is because I found that balanced levels of AD and AP lead to a better burst and follow-up if the burst didn't kill (double AD from powerfist and utilizes Attack Speed bonus from Overdrive). Just replace Guinsoo's if you want this item.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is super optional. It gives health which is always good. Plus people get slowed when pulled or when you hit them with your static shiet which is pretty cool.

Atma's Impaler combo-ed with Frozen Mallet or Warmog's Armor. This gives a max of 64 bonus AD. This is great on Blitzcrank and would replace Frozen Heart and Guinsoo's Rageblade if you choose to use it. However I feel like the added CDR, Armor and a motherload of Mana from Frozen Heart would trump a Frozen Mallet anyday. Also, with the CDR for spamming Powerfists every 3 sec. and added 35 AD from Guinsoo's would make up for the 65 extra AD from Atma's. Plus those items are so fcking expensive.

Guinsoo's Rageblade. It gives a decent amount of AD and AP, BUT with Blitzcrank's natural initiation order (Grab, activate powerfist, powerfist, autoattack once, actvate overdrive, another autoattack), you get a whooping 6 stacks (out of 8) on Rageblade already (yes powerfist basically gives two stacks). That becomes an extra 24% Attack speed and 36 AP. Holy Moly!

Guardian Angel I have never used on Blitz. Sure the prospect of coming back alive is cool and all but really the nerfs have lowered Guardian Angel's stats quite a bit. But hey, it's cheap!

Ohmwreaker. I recommend this item highly. It is best to get it midgame, or when you are pushing the towers. It may just give your team the win in the end.

Malady has a great passive and provides AP.

Athene's Unholy Grail has a huge passive that restores mana for a better shield.

Deathfire Grasp is nice. That active is nice, the cooldown reduction is nice, the ability power is nice, errthang is nice.

Iceborn Gauntlet & Frozen Heart This used to be part of my core items. However, since Trinity's price got lowered, so did my need to build these items.

Maw of Malmortius nice ad and nice passive to add the already big Blitz mana shield.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is mandatory for Flash+Grabs or the occasional Flash+Ult for the finishing move on the fleeing victim.

Ignite is useful for the early game kills and assists. It'll help with cutting away the tank's health or with tagging on an enemy and then focusing your attention elsewhere. Watching people run away with Ignite on is funny to see as if running will generate the wind needed to blow off that stubborn flame. IDK maybe its just me :3

Ghost with overdrive is Godlike-e-e-e. Enough said.

Exhaust is great to slow people from running away, or is way too overpowered during 1v1's.

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Initiation Order

Put simply, Rocket Grab them, Power Fist them, Tag on Ignite, Pop Overdrive and hack away their health while lightning bolts electrify them, and then when the try to leave Powerfist should be up. If they continue to flee, you can grab them again and start it over. DO NOT use your Ult until you know for sure you can kill them with it OR you are facing a mage, then that silence would come in handy.

Another way to do it is to Powerfist if that idiot surprises you. Then Rocket Grab them close range. This is because that added stun is essential to confusing them and well,stunning them. Then proceed to Overdrive and then Ult.

If you want to flee, simply Overdrive and Flash would do the trick. If that doesn't work and it is only that AD carry whom simply never gives up, attempt to run and then abruptly aiming the Rocket Grab towards them. It will stun them and confuse them too :D Then proceed to power fist and quickly ult. Then pop in Overdrive. This should keep that Frost Shot Ashe away enough so that you aren't slowed anymore.

In teamfights, your job is to disrupt the problem makers. This means Powerfisting the AD carry so that the mage can use their whole arsenal on them. This meaning Rocket Grabbing that Mage away from the fight. That means ulting in the midst of the fight. Get the picture?

Now the math in all this shiet. This hypothetical scenario is based on the end build. First of all, here are the end stats:

Attack Speed:0.825(1.31625 with Overdrive)

(These values are different than the ones provided above because the ones above do not include bonuses from Item bonuses and masteries)

So now, heres how the standard scenario of the first eleven steps that would go down if it's a one v one. For demontration purposes, I only include True Damage and ignore Armor and MR. You can just multiply all of it by the MR/Armor to find out in the end. These are stats from Season 3 and use Season 3 items.

Example: Move-True Damage-Time elapsed-Total Damage(Magic,Attack, Total)-Extra Effects

1) Rocket Grab-577.85 AP-1 sec-(577.85,0,0)-1 sec. Stun, Spell Vamp +115.57

2)Activate Power Fist-0(0)-0 sec-(577.85,0,0)-Iceborn act.

3)Hit them with Power Fist-648.045 AD-1.5 sec-(578,648,1226)-Knockup, Lifesteal +64.8

4)Lightning-355.57 AP-0 sec-(1093.5,648,1741.5)-Spell Vamp +64.6

5) Overdrive-0-0 sec-(1093.5,648,1741.5)- +32% ms, +62% as, Iceborn Act

6)AutoAttack-400 AD-1 sec-(1093.5,1048,2141.5)-Slowed, Lifesteal +40

7)AutoAttack-250 AD-1 sec-(1093.5,1300,2291.5)-Slowed, Lifesteal +25

8)Lightning-355.57 AP-0 sec-(1449,1300,2749)-Lifesteal +64.6

9)Activate Power Fist-0-0 sec-(1449,1300,2749)-Iceborn act.

10)Hit them with Power Fist-648 AD-1.5 sec-(1449,1948,3397)-Knockup, Slowed, Lifesteal +64.8

11) Static Field-778 AP-0 sec-(2226.85,1948,4174.85)-0.5 sec Silence, Spell Vamp +155.6

So in a mere 6 seconds, 4174.85 true damage has been applied and about 600 health healed. An activated Hextech would have done 300 more magic damage. Also, an Activated Muramana would make each grab, lightning bolt, powerfist and attack damage for 6% of Blitz's mana which would be about between 150-200 depending on your current mana. For demontration purposes, let's apply this to Cho'gath with base stats. He would have 2780 HP with full stacks, and 80 armor/30 magic resist.

2226.85 magic damage x 100/(100+30)= 1713 magic damage
1948 attack damage x 100/(100+80)= 1083 attack damage
1713+1083= 2795 total damage

With a full stacked Cho'Gath, in 6 seconds as Blitzcrank, you will be able to kill him. Keep in mind, he will not have done too much to you due to your massive amounts of crowd control. Also remember that as Blitz, you have a massive amount of health/armor/mr and a shield. This means you can still move on to the next enemy with enough health left.

*Damage values may change from recent Riot patches

Holy mother of pearl, Blitz is just too much of a beast.

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This is going to be a quick paragraph.
Bot lane, let your teammate, unless they are Evelynn (gross!) or a tank, farm it up. You do not need much farm early game because your main job right now is to grab. Instead farm it up mid and late game when you see those massive minion waves all piled up. In that case Overdrive over there and pop your ult. Watch the minions vanish into thin air and all those +28 Gold <3

On a side note, while I was procrastinating in real life, I decided to do some math on the relationship between minions and getting stacks onto Manamune. By use of logic and arithmetic, I have finally concluded that it takes about 13 minutes in a perfect world to get from 0-1000 bonus Mana from . This is assuming that there are 6 minions in each wave (I exclude the fat ones because I don't feel like calculating them in). Now, activating icon=Power Fist size=19 and using it gives you 5 mana (+1 for attack, +4 for a skill). So that is 30 mana per wave so far. Not to mention the fact that most likely, you will activate Overdrive to help farm the farm (+4). And then using your ult to destroy all the low health minions (+4). So in total, 38 mana is achieved with each wave. Divide 38 from the 750 mana cap and you get 20 waves in order to achieve the cap. Since waves come every 30 sec., you can get 1000 mana in about 10 min. Tie in the grabbing and constant pressing of Overdrive, max stacks doesn't seem too hard of a challenge. (Compared with Rod of Ages, it gives 650 mana in 10 min. for 2800 Gold compared to 1000 mana in 10 min. for 2100 Gold).

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Staying in Lane Longer

A good tip is to only farm when close to your turret. You are melee and so will be beaten up badly, especially at level 1 and 2 when you dont have overdrive. Only become less timid when you get to level 6. That is when your passive ult starts attacking your tormentor and your combo is all ready to go.

In solo top, hug the turret. Let the enemy minion wave come to your turret. It is the only way to kill an enemy at early game. Right now, Blitz is average. The only chance is to be smart and pull the enemy to your tower if they make a mistake. They will either die or blow off a flash. If you are low on health and they come to attack you, grab them, then knock up, then ult. After that run with overdrive. Chances are they die.

In dual lane, wait for one of their partners to go base or gank mid. Then pounce on the lonely partner. Grab, fist, ult, all that jazz. Two enemies means double the chance to grab one to the tower. If they stay behind the minions, you have two options. You can run in and powerfist one. Chances are they will retaliate and pounce onto you. You can then flash to the tower and quickly grab one. Or two, you can ult to get rid of the minions around you so that the tower will then focus them. Then when they barely get out of turret range, pull the squishier one and powerfist them. These scenarios may not result in an immediate kill, but will allow you and your partner to have more leniency when one of them goes back to base.

Another tip is to conserve Rocket Grab. It will take 140 mana on all 5 upgrades and so conserve them. Don't waste one to grab into the bush blindly. You will probably not get one as the opponents will probably know you can do that. Instead, play smart. Wait for one to accidentally step in front of a minion. Also, don't use powerfist or Overdrive to farm minions early game. The other team will swoop in to attack you who had just used up half of your abilities already.

On the rare occasion that you do go base, always Overdrive in the fountain so that you regain the lost mana instantly and then make a speedy jog toward your fragile lane.

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Positioning and Logic

You have to be smart and always be aware when playing Blitzcrank. Always look for a grab to launch because once you land a grab, you will have the upperhand from the stun. When in early laning, Boots of Speed and Overdrive will work really well. This will help you move back and forth quickly so as to move to look for a opening for a grab. Stay behind your minions and just pace from left to right with your Q already clicked so you can see the range and direction your grab would extend to. This positioning not only protects you from them, but also confuses them as to where you will be grabbing.
A great tip for Blitz is to use Flash as much as possible for better positioning. Flash helps you surprise the enemy from another angle other than what they were expecting. If an enemy is closer to your turret or attacking it, you can flash right in front of their path so that you block them from your turret. Then simply launch a grab to pull them into the turret. These techniques take lots of skill to master and so it would be wise to practice it in a Practice Game rather than attempting it for the first time in Normal or even Ranked.

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How to Be the Douchey Blitzcrank

This is only for when you are playing with friends or when you wanna be a douche to a bigger douche on your team.

1) Nine times out of ten you can take away a farm from a teammate with your Ultimate. Overdrive over there to take all the farm from that AD carry.

2) Stealing buffs is easy. Just wait in the bush next to the monster and wait for their health is be super low. Then just launch you Rocket Grab and take it :D.

3) Grab enemies out of teammates' Ultimates. This is super funny when your Warwick does his Ult and you can just grab them away.

4) You can get the turret points by just autoattacking and when it is one shot away from being destroyed, pop your Powerfist. This also works for other champions like Nasus.

5) You can often steal kills by just simply Ult-ing.

6) If your teammate is recalling, you can simply pull a minion so that it attacks the teammate and thus ending the recall.

7) Become really tanky with a high CDR Blitzcrank. (Get Boots of Swiftness, 3 Warmogs, Frozen Heart, and (this is vital) a Rylai's Crystal Scepter) With the Rylai's, you can basically follow a low damage champion (such as their tank or Soraka) and constantly Powerfist them. They will not be able to escape either since your lightning bolts now slow them for 35% and you got Overdrive and your Rocket Grab. Laugh as they helplessly try running away while you frolic behind them.

8) Comment a suggestion and I'll put it to the list :D

Suggested ones word by word:
2 Uber-Douche things you can do that I have already done.

1) Just as your ally is about to put in the finishing blow on some poor bastard, hook them and Power Fist for the ks. When you have buddies on vent, that move is priceless. Especially if you did nothing to burst the enemy down in the first place and you just happened to just Overdrive into the situation, all like, "Sup, bros? Looks like your about to kill an enemy champion..."

2) Your ally is near death, and you are at near full health, camping a bush, waiting for him to safely teleport away...when lo and behold, a wild enemy champion with AoE burst potential happens to be walking by, not suspecting you guys are there. Hook him but dont power fist. Watch as he tries to burst you down, killing your adjacent ally in the process. Extra points if you successfully solo and kill the champ anyway.
-Credits to Ony73

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So that's just my guide/build to Blitzcrank. Sorry if it's super unprofessional and not up to Mobafire's standard with their pretty pictures and stuff. This is just my build for Blitz because I just found it excelling in all areas such as support, large killing power, and lots of survivability. It is also SUPER cheap, even if the ending items are just add-ons to the bulk of the build (Boots, Iceborn Gauntlet, Hextech Gunblade, Manamune) and so it is not necessary to finish the build by the end of the game, as the game will most likely end before you even get your Hextech. This build is intended only for Normal Games and not Ranked just because in Ranked Blitz would be played as a support mostly. This build is just a new way to play Blitzcrank. :D

Oh and if you want, you can upload pictures of your match history using my guide to make me feel special. Heres mine:

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8/20/11 Added some pretty pictures and fixed grammatical errors in first few chapters.
10/2/11 Hello again! Added more pictures. Btw, thanks VKZ for the suggestion
11/12/11 Found the time to revise the guide and help it cope with the new patch.
12/10/11 MAJOR UPDATE to cope with Season 2. Also put a time consuming damage tracker in the Initiation Order chapter.
1/14/12 Replied to comments because I love all the 19 people who voted up my guide <3 BTW thinking about including a bunch of ingame photos so readers will easily understand what I am implying.
2/7/12 Edited few things. BTW does anyone know a program I can use to record games? I use LOL Recorder, but its starting to lag my computer and games way too much.
5/24/12 Major update on items and shiet. Dat Athene's
8/7/12 Major update on items again. Changed items and reworked initiation order.
10/10/12 Fixed some grammatical errors
10/22/12 MAJOR UPDATE. Made it look super pretty and cute, and changed items/ skills/ runes
1/1/13 MAJOR UPDATE FOR SEASON 3. Major update to items/masteries/runes
1/4/13 Changed items
3/19/13 Removed faulty images
12/24/13 Updated masteries for Season 4
6/14/14 funfun