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Tryndamere Build Guide by Wozo1264

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wozo1264

Tryndamere: All you should know

Wozo1264 Last updated on August 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide and I hope this will help you with playing Tryndamere.
This is my first guide and I hope you will enjoy it as well.

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So let's start.
As everybody knows Tryndamere is famous for his large crits and his ultimate. So what else he contains?

- deals tons of damage also with a small amount of items
- has immortality for 5 seconds
- has build in flash (also usable to damage opponents a bit)
- has build in heal
- has build in slow and AD reduce
- his passive gives him 35% crit if played well
- he's pretty hard to kill with with all his sustain and escapes
- awesome mid/late game

- vulnearable to CC
- is being focused in fights
- melee range (is problem in teamfights)
- he is pretty hard early against some opponents

Next thing you should propably know is where to pick Tryndamere. Every champion is good in some teams and against some teams so these are some examples where you should NOT pick Tryndamere.
- enemy team has a huge amount of CC (when you think even cleanse+QSS won't help you)
- your team needs a tank (Tryndamere is not a tank, althrough he's hard to kill)
- your team already has 2 heavy AD champs (AD jungler+AD carry or Talon in mid)
- your team needs more CC (Tryndamere has only one slow with pretty high CD)

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I prefer taking AD/Armor pen. mixture because it gives me enough damage early game. You can go also full AD or full Armor pen. (comapring these two i will recommend full Armor pen. as you have AD from your Q) and also Crit chance runes, but personally only runes (except these in the guide) I would use conatins Movement speed Quints and Armor pen Marks.

Note: you can take Glyphs with Magic resist/level when you are laning against physical damage dealer.

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The only change i would do to my mastery page is to take Vampirism instead of Havoc but i think Havoc helps you much more later on, when Tryndamere is just a killing machine.

Note: don't ask me why I don't go deffensive tree on him. It's maybe good in some points, but Tryndamere is made to deal tons of damage and monster crit from the very beginning of the game.

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Summoner spells

Althrough my favourite choice is Exhaust and Ignite there is more summoners to choose.

Exhaust is good against AD based champions to reduce their damage and you will use it later against their AD carry. It's usefull when you are chasing with CD on your W or when you are running for your life.

Ghost is also a great choice for Tryndamere. It helps you chase and run. Combine it with your build in flash and you can outrun almsot everybody and with your W you have great chasing potential.

Ignite is great against somebody like Dr. Mundo or just to finish the enemy of. It's more offensive choice while Ghost and also Exhaust can be both used deffensively.

Heal is something i wouldn't recommend you as a primary choice, however it's useful if you are feeling unsafe on your lane and you can also play a bit more agressively early on.

Cleanse is good if u need something to counter enemy CC. If you know who will be in the opposite team and is seems like u will need it, take it, of course. It's great spell that will help you survive a lot of teamfights with your ultimate.

Flash. I don't use it as my primary choice as I already have build in flash with even shorter CD and i will much more recommend you taking ghost for escapes/chasing.

Smite is of course a junglers choice but i highly recommend you to play Trynamere on top lane, because you take a lot of CS.

So, I don't think there is something else usefull on Trynamere with his playstyle.

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Skill order

Now let's look on what does Tryndamere have.

Battle Fury
Basically gives you 35% crit chance. Really useful and improves your damage output a lot. It has 2 main purposes.
1. gives you crit chance
2. heals you more with your Q
and if the enemy know what Tryndamere with full fury is:
3. to scare the **** out of them
Really, sometimes they will just stay away and wait until it fall down (it often means never, if you don't have to heal up with Q)

Gives you passive AD bonus, gives you that funny thing with missing health (yay, more AD) and a heal. This heal is small with no fury, but pretty high with 100 fury. Choose wisely if you want more damage or health when you are holding your finger on Q.
Max it first for more sustain and damage.

Mocking Shout
Nah, only a chasing ability that slows every coward who turned his back on me.
The AD reduce is unnegligible. You take it at level 3 because your Q gives you sustain and AD for the very beggining. Lasthits are easier and you can take a couple shots. Also taking free flash on level 2 is in my opinion more useful then this (sometimes you can take E on level 1 for extra damage or chase/escape).
I max it second because it gives you ability to reduce opponent's damage a lot (80 AD reduce on lvl 13) a i think it's just great. Also the slow is increased up to 60%.

Spinning Slash
Tryndamere's build in flash. "Spin to win" in absolutely new way. You can chase through walls, escape the same routes, do some extra damage and also the great trick. You can give autoattack, spin through the enemy and hit him once more. This ability refreshes "CD" of your autoattack and giving so much damage in one combo is great (even more if it crits).
I max it last, but you can max it second. You should max it second only in case you really need more damage or much more mobility, but the cooldown is lowering just -1 second/rank, so i recommend maxing W second.

Undying Rage
"OMG, Tryndamere's so OP. You just right click and when you're low you press R."
This ultimate is really great ultimate to have. But it's not so easy to use it properly, because in one moment you can have 50% health and then just explode. If you can use this ultimate properly, you will be able to towerdive full health opponents and survive (unless they have a lot of CC/escapes).
Take point in this whenever you can, of course.

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Early game

So you picked Tryndamere to the game, hopefully on solo-top.
"OMG, what item should I take? What skill should I take?"
This is really game-dependant.

If you are facing heavy AD champion, take Cloth Armor and 5 health potions. Your main goal in early game is to farm and not to die. With this item you will be hard to kill and able to sustain yourself a lot. However, if you feel like you can crush him, you can also take Doran's Blade, but i personally don't use it very often, only when facing somebody that is burst-based (e.g. Riven) and i want more health and AD to overdamage him.
If i am against any AP/hybrid champion i take Boots of Speed and health potions for higher mobility. You can dodge skillshots, feel more safe to lasthit further minions and you can outrun possible engagments. You can take Doran's Blade here to deal more damage, but only if you are planning to play really offensive.

Maybe a question. Why I don't start with Brawler's Gloves maybe combined with full crit runes?
It's something that can be played. With runes you can get abou 50-55% crit chance and it can hurt, but you will have ahuge lack of sustain and mobility. I highly recommend taking boots a lot of time (i take it sometimes even against AD champs), because you can outrun skillshots, ganks and everything dangerous. Taking crit is good for really offensive play which i don't prefer, as a lot of champions will not allow you to stack up your fury easily.

What to do in early game?

If you can get kill, get it and take an advantage. Keep your lane warded, take purple team's golems (also as blue and purple, doesnt really matter). If you can't farm, ask for ganks. If you still can't farm as much as you want, you can take Avarice Blade and/or Heart of Gold for G/5s. It will help you, but if you can get enough gold without them, dont get them. I don't think you are going to build Youmuu's Ghostblade, but you can take Randuin's Omen against heavy AD teams or just to counter their carry (i preffer this item to Thornmail, will explain everything in item section).

You should finish Wriggle's Lantern, boots and Zeal before taking down outer turret.

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Mid game

Now you passed to the mid game.
To be honest, your goal is not very different. I often just sit my lane and my jungle (whole red jungle of purple team) and farm. If you farm enough, you became a monster at the end of mid game. If teamfight is near or it's dragon fight/mid turrets fight then take a part and take a kill. Steal enemy jungle, solo dragons, push free towers and get as much farmed as possible, If you are sitting your lane, you can play much more aggresive and make your opponent to recall all the time, allowing you to free farm and push turrets. (Be aware, because now you can be the main target of full-team ganks, so hold your things warded.)

If you have your early game items, rush Phantom Dancer and then start building Infinity Edge. Again, i will explain everything in item section.

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Late game

Now only a few turrets will stand. What does that mean to you?
You can farm EVERYWHERE. You can just roam around the map, get as many cs as possible, get some free kills on AD carries, midders or basically everyone out of position. In this phase you can 1v1 almost everyone. Get red buff everytime you can and you will be monster. Now the difficult part is to find your place in teamfight.

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Teamfights and your role to your team

1. Always remmember: you are there to deal damage. don't initiate or you will be focues and useless under that heavy CC and you can rather build AP Tryndamere.
2. You are not a tank. If you are focused, get away, get back and continue.
3. Don't waste your ultimate if you/your team won't get anything from it.
4. Protect your carry but not by taking damage. Protect him by killing everybody so stupid to come close to your sword.

Youn are not tanky DPS, you are DPS able to be immortal for 5 secs. Don't get caught, try to force 1v1/2v2 skirmishes, because that is what Tryndamere is really strong at.

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Now comes the important part of every guide.
What should I buy on Tryndamere.
Core build:
Wriggle's Lantern Phantom Dancer Infinity Edge and boots. Which boots?
If they are AD heavy and you are having a bad time on your lane: Ninja Tabi
If they have a lot of AP damage and a strong CC: Mercury's Treads
If you are the main damage dealer and you feel free to go without tenacity: Berseker's Greaves
You want to roam all day long and PD is just not enough for your mobility: Boots of Swiftness/ Boots of Mobility

Why I take Phantom Dancer before Infinity Edge?
So there are more reasons.
1. You already have your Zeal and finishing it costs the same as B. F. Sword
2. It gives you more mobility you nead to get as early as possible
3. More attackspeed - faster building up your fury
4. Gives you more crit chance for less gold
Yes, IE gives you more damage, but if you don;t have fury at the beginning of the fight, it takes just too long to stack it up and crit often enough. Also, you already got som AD from wriggle's and your Q (about 50 bonus AD) and now you should focus on farming and not fighting, although you can overdamage almost everyone. Farm for your IE as quick as you can.

If you don't feel like having wriggle's is usefull (i would disagree, but it's your game), i would recommend you to get 2x Vampiric Scepter for better sustain and awesome dueling thet is otherwise given by wriggle's.
You can sell wriggle's for The Bloodthrister later on, when you don't need to hold your lane warded (because there's no lane anymore xD )

What about the next 2 item slots? What should I buy then?
This 2 items are rather optional and depends on the game and how it's going. If you need more health, armor or resistance or you can continue building pure damage build. The items in this guide are items that wiuld help you survive teamfights and do your job better. Also you can 1v1 much easier with that slow.
Here are listed some item's that are worth thinking about.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
It gives you AD - not much. It gives you crit - not much. It gives you CDR - not needed on Tryndamere. Active is great, however. Anyway, i would rather buy second PD (200g more to spend). If you want to build this item, take it instead of PD or even before wriggle's, but i personally don't like this item on Tryndamere.

Cloak and Dagger
Take this item if you don't have tenacity boots, but this item is not that great (pretty cheap tena, though). Also take this item earlier if you want it.

Executioner's Calling
Good to have another ignite. You can take this item INSTEAD of wriggle's for early crit chance and some small DoT effect, that can deny early health regen.

Frozen Mallet
I would recommend you this as one of your last items. It gives you a high amount of health so you can rush a but more, some AD bonus and slow. Tryndamere has only one slow and it's sometimes way too short. Take it to better dueling, chasing and surviveability.

Trinity Force
Not worth a buy on Tryndamere. It give's you usefull stats but you won't use the whole sheen proc thing. Take PD and FM instead and it will pay off.

Madred's Bloodrazor
Great item against high health opponents. You will use everything. More AD - harder crits, more AtSp - building up fury, generally more damage.

Maw of Malmortius
Good choice against AP champs. It's great for AD and that passive that stacks with your Q (less health, more AD - you will be r**ing everyone wiht 0hp and ultimate on), and also some magic resistance and the absorb.
(note: with no health you get 100 bonus AD from your Q and MoM passive)

Last Whisper
Yay, armor penetretion. Enough said.

The Black Cleaver
Your choice which of these two items you prefer. You can take both if you feel so. I personally prefer LW.

Randuin's Omen
What? This item on Tryndamere?
Yes. It does not increase your damage, right, but you can duel every autoattack-based champion with this, you can survive a lot, you have anouther slow and some health regen. Build this item if you are focused although you do everything possible to not be.

Reflecting some damage to attackers and gives you a lot of armor. Anyway i find Raundin's more usefull because of that slow it gives to attackeds so you can eake them down. Again, it's up to you.

Guardian Angel
Here we come. You probably know what is this item and when to build it. Great synergy with his ult (use it after resurrection).

Force of Nature
Good to counter AP champs and to gain some more movement speed. It's a bit better if you take some health from the other item, but it's pretty good anyway.

Banshee's Veil
Yay, spell shield.
(And some health and magic resist too.)
Again your choice which one you want (or MoM).

The Bloodthirster
Another one?
Yeah. If you want more damage and/or you are not being focuse, get this and you will be dealing even more damage. Nothing more to say.

Phantom Dancer
Again something you already got.
This is not that great choice, i think. You will get more then 100% crit will 100 fury (120%) so you will waste a lot of money on that crit chance that will just not pay off.
Anyway great for more mobility and more damage from attack speed.
I don't recomment you taking double PD.

Warmog's Armor
Yay, a lot of health.
Great synergy with FoN and....

Atma's Impaler
Some armor. Good. Some crit chance (108% with full fury - more cost eff. than with double PD). Nice. Some AD. Perfect. If you take FM or Warmog's consider buying this, even against AD teams. (or they just have theur ADs dealing mroe damage then APs, whatever)

Zeke's Herald
I would recommend you to NEVER buy this.
However, it's still no waste if you have more autoattack-based champs in team. In that case, tell your support to take it. You have more important items to buy.

Sword of the Occult
Take this if you are getting fed early and nothing can stop you. I wouldn's recomment it, but it's sometimes the best choice.

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Match ups

Every champion has counters and counters som other champions. Now i will list some champs you can meet on solotop and my personal feeling about facing them.

I think she cannot do much to you. If she show her face near you, you just smash her back to her stealth. After level 6, try to stay in brushes as much as possible and you should be safe.

He is annoying, but he can't really deny your farm and that's what matters. He will be farming as well, but you can't to much about it. Ask for some ganks to get him low and it's OK.

You can pretty much beat him up early. His Q is not that hard to dodge now (even though they reduced casting time and delay) and he can not take you low enough to scare you. Force him to the turret and farm with your back warded. He will be more dangerous maybe after 3-4 stacks of his ultimate, but until that time, you should have advantage large enough.

Only phase he can beat you up is between 2-5. If you can get gank in that phase, use it and win your lane. You are stronger and you can use your W to get some advantage.

Dr. Mundo
Poke him. He will not be able to poke you back if you have full fury. Don't get hit by his Q, don't stay close too long and farm. You can poke him with crits and if it's problem, ask for gank.

Be beware of two things: parry and her ultimate. Don't underestime that she can ignore one of your crits and reflect some damage instead. Don't dive her when she has her ultimate up. Rest of the time, you have a huge advantage in sustain and also damage. Use your W to get her weak and E for extra damage. You should be able to pick some kills on this lane.

Nothing dangerous. Farm, poke, scare the **** out of him. You can't kill him easily, neither outfarm him, but you will get more gold and you will kill anybody else later on.

This is kinda hard. He can harras you and you should try to return him the damage. Your advatage is that he is mana-based and if you give him so much damage, he can't do nothing and you can just kill him or free farm. You can try to push turret eralier, but i don't think it will work :).

He is pretty hard. You will probably not be able to lane against him without ganks, so ask for them.

He can do nothing to you. You can farm as much as you want, poke him to turret and possibly dive him. However do not risk, because he can outrun you.

Hard to lane against. You have to get some ganks to get him away to get more XP and stack up fury. Be aware of his turrets and his ultimate. You are weak against champs with constant CC and Heim is one of them.

I never had a problem against Ire. I often pick an early kill and get a lot of farm. However, be aware of her stun in middle of her minions and her ultimate. Your crits is stronger then her true damage and if you get early Vampiric Scepter you can just oversuastain her rather easily.

Jarvan IV
I haven't played this match up so often, but he has more poking damage, and you have more 'fight' damage, so it's worth to have bit longer damage trades. He has plenty of CC you should be aware of and keep your lane warded. Not so easy to lane against, focus on farming but don't get low because of his poking.

Often it's not easy to counter him, but you can damage him everytime his Counter Strike thing is on cooldown. I won every lane against Jax playing Tryndamere.

I played this only like twice, so I can't say much to this. In early levels you should play safe, only returning his pokes hard. As soon as you have your ult, you can try to get him down.

You counter her. It doesn't matter what she will build, you will be taking her down with your crits. He can only poke you with her knives and jumps, but at close range, you just r**e her.

Haven't met her yet on top. It would be one of the harder lanes betause she has absolutely everything, but you should be able to take her down on level 4-5 and then enjoy your advantage.

Harrasing fast ninja. Annoying, but as soon as she/he (don't know, think it's female :) ) has CDs you can return her all that damage even harder. If you are getting low, get also her low and farm a lot.
Note: i would recommend buying mercury's as soos as you can and take double-doran's or double-scepter.

Lee Sin
This lane really depends on his playstyle. If he is playing deffensive Lee, you win. You can farm, poke and maybe get some kill. Use your W properly and don't waste your E if he has his Q on you. If he is playing offensive, it's much harder and you should stay safe out of his abilities. Try to farm and get some ganks (be aware of his W-minion hop).

However he is often building a tons of armor, you can kill him even on early levels. No problem to you to get a huge advantage early and use it whole game. You can go early The Brutalizer, The Black Cleaver or Last Whisper if you are having problems with his armor.

Harder lane for Tryndamere ever (if he knows how to play him). He can poke you all day long, denying your farm, getting you low and out of fury. You really need ganks. You can beat him only if he's stupid 1v1.

You have more damage then him. Outfarm him, kill him, do whatever you want. Use you autoattack-E-autoattack combo when he slows you and farm. Nothing he can do, unless you get ganked by high damage champion (Dr. Mundo or Shyvana)

You r**e him. Your crits is more than he can handle. If you have enough fury, you can take him down.
Note: the last slice of health he deals the most damage: burst it with your E combo. You won't give him a chance to kill you.

Not so easy. Anyway, if he bursts you with his full combo, give him some shots before using your Q.

You should beat him up. He is pretty though, has damage and sustain. Averything you also have but you have your damage reduce instead of slow. Use your fury wisely and don't risk dying. Don't undersetimate his damage and neither his ult.

Hard. You have to master your W usage and your fury managment to get her down. Be aware of her jumps and CC. If you know when to jump on her, you are going to win your lane.

You are unable to kill him. He is unable to kill you. Farm. That's all. Don't stay in 'tauntable' position and poke him if he is too agressive.

Pretty hard around level 4-5. Before this you can take her low and use your advantage later. You kill her after level 9 with no problem. Focus on farming and it will be fine.

Annoying poison, annoying flip, annoying slow. He is pretty much able to make your farming pretty hard. Try to avoid his flips, don't get afflicted by his poison and farm. The only phase when you can kill him is before lvl 6, so try it but keep playing safe.

He can stun you and give you some decent damage. You can turn to him, reduce his AD and give him some crits. Your damage is pretty even, farm and try to use the time when he has CDs.

He is not so common solo-topper, but he is extremely powerfull after level 6. Don't mess with him, wait for ganks. You can get him down early, but so eh can take down you. It's risky lane and here are important junglers. Try to farm and don't die.

You should probably beat him up. He counters casters (also AD casters) and rather squishy champions. Tryndamere can **** him down with his crits and force him to the tower. As he is AD champ, use your W to reduce his damage.

Teemo is just annoying. He is so fast, gives you DoT on every single shot and has blind. You have to farm and try to force him to use his blind. Then when it's on CD you can rush him and crit him for a lot of health.

Haven't laned against him yet. He has AD reduce as you have and he can do a lot of damage early game. Try to farm and if you want to harras, harras quickly and then get away.
Note: you can use his pillar to spin through, so he will collide with it.

Udyr on solo-top is pretty strong in generall. You can try to fight him but i don't think you would get him low enough. Farm and wait for ganks and/or mid game.

He is one of the few ranged solotopers and it's pretty annoying. Don't get locked by his green-poison thing and try to poke him with your E and redcue his damage with W. You should win this lane if you can dodge his E.

He is pretty weak early on. You can force him back to the turret or respawn on even kill him. The real danger comes after level 8-9, because he will get his spell-wamp and he will poke you all day long. Get your advantage early.

He is hard to kill. But not as hard for Tryndamere. He can just flip you in some time and that's pretty all. Farm, poke and you can maybe pick a kill. You have more damage and he is mana-based. Take this as your advantage, use your W during trades.

He is though. He can poke you and heal at the same time. He can overcome your damage with his attackspeed and if you get low, he chases you and make you recall or sit back at your tower. But you have something better. Ignore his Qs early, stack up fury, return him his damage. Use W when he uses his attackspeed boost, use your E combo to get him low and scared. Also he is able to sustain only if he has mana. Take it as your advantage.

This is one of the hardest match-ups for Tryndamere. He has his damage and if it seems like he is loosing the damage trade, he just clone away. He is extremly dangerous at the beginning and also with his ultimate Cyclon. Poke him when he has CDs or when he doesn't have mana. Try to farm and overcome him later. But be aware of ganks and their synergy with his ultimate.

Xin Zhao
Haven't played against the new Xin Zhao model, but i plyed him. He is pretty powerfull with his Q damage and he ca burst you for half health easily. Try to return him as much damage after he knocked you up in the air. If he plays aggresive, he will run out of mana and you will be free to do whatever you want. Focus on farm and just return his damage (possibly harder).

Yorick is able to counter Tryndamere easily. You can do really nothing without ganks. Building some armor will help you a bit and your only hope is ganks and mid game. Don't try to kill him, use brushes against ghouls. Don't die even if you should farm under your turret. It's easy for Tryndamere.

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So that's pretty much all. Rate and comment and tell me what you liked/didn't like.
I tried to put my own experience playing him into this guide and i hope it will explain you some Tryndamere mechanics and goals.