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League of Legends Build Guide Author Revenire

Tryndamere: The Hard Carry

Revenire Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Hello, and welcome to my first build, probably my last as well. This build features Tryndamere. Tryndamere will either carry you single handedly, or bring you down. It all depends on the player! Which is why I am creating this guide for those of you who wish to play Tryndamere like a boss. So, without further ado, I present to you....Tyrndamere!

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sight ward

How can I put this...


"Bot me don wanna pay 75g or 400g for usless itam. scruab.[/i

L2 grammar Troll.

I don't care how much it costs you to buy wards. By them.

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Pros / Cons

As I said before, Tyrndamere can be Beast or Bunny...and by bunny I mean cute furry little bastard that gets run over by his enemies

[*]Hits like a truck
[*] Unstoppable late game
[*] Can ignore death for a time.
[*] With enough Items He WILLcarry your team
[*] A Solid Slow
[*] A good counter to AD champions due to W
[*] Built in heal
[*] Can be hard to learn
[*] Very team dependent early game
[*] Can have a rough early game
[*] Can sometimes be item dependent
[*] Squisy

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I will get flamed for this. However...


"Lol, u so nub. why so rob bot?

I do this for many reasons.

Many patches ago, Riot removed base Crit Chance. This was a major nerf to our "little" friend Tryndamere. Or so we thought.

Tyrndamere's passive Battle Fury was buffed to give 10% Crit Chance at start. With that said, a Full Crit Chance page will Give you a start of 22% Crit chance. Combined with Brawler's Gloves And Battle Fury You now have a start of 40% Crit Chance. This is a HUGE amount to have at Level 1. As I see it. Tryndamere is all Damage. With this insane amount of Crit. you will be nearly half-shotting everyone you see from the start. Not to mention, when you lose health Battle Fury you become even more dangerous. Which is one of the reasons I love this guy.

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Skill Sequence

Battle Fury
This is what makes Tryndamere a truck. Down to half HP? Don't worry, because you just earned yourself an extra 30% Crit chance. Get back in there and get those Bloodlust stacks and heal up boiiii.

You. Must. Max. Bloodlust. First

This guy is squishy from the start. He NEEDS this heal in order to stay in the lane. Max it first dear god. Undying Rage Will instantly give you stacks to this, increasing your Crit Damage, and your heal amount.

Mocking Shout
Another great ability for our friend. At max rank, anyone within radius of this spell will take a -100 damage debuff. Enough Said.

Also a great slow for chasing down champions.

Spinning Slash

All around great initiation and escape spell. The damage for this spell can be great, however, you will be killing most champions in the game in 3 shots or less. So there really is no use for this later in the game.

Undying Rage
Ignore death for 5 seconds...I cannot count how many times this has saved my ***, nor how many times its going to save yours. This is what defines Tryndamere.

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Reason I go down the defense Tree.

Think about it. His is an all around bruiser. A Semi. This can can help you stay in your lane longer than normal. Its going to help you stay alive longer.

I put the rest in Offence for the extra Crit Chance and attack speed.

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Summoner Spells

First of all. You are a carry.

Your that guy going 21/4/10...The will target you first. Providing they are not dumb. You need to be the Last one in, and the first one out. I grab

This combined with Spinning Slash Is great for getting in or out of teamfights.

Just another escape spell. Great for chasing and/or running

Other Viable Picks

Great for getting those lucky few that survive this monsters massive attacks.

Combined with your slow, they won't be given the chance to get away.

A great pick. This really comes in handy if your being focused. Get out of those pesky stuns, snares, and slows.

Not Viable

Your not in the jungle, so no need for this.

I don't recommend this.

Leave this one to the supports

It's the tanks job to defend the towers. Your here to break them.

You already have a built in heal....

What is Rally?

Do I even need to explain?

Don't....even think about it.

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The part many of you have been waiting for. The Item Build.

I grab a Brawler's Gloves at the start and two Health Potions
Reason: While this can put your laning survivability at risk, the 8% increase to Crit is aa must. This is further explained above.

When you have saved up the cash, Go back and get a Zeal
Why grab a Zeal and not Avarice Blade? For many reason's.

Avarice Blade only gives you an extra 4% crit and a 30g per minute buff. You could go with this. Games normally last around 25-40 mintues. Its going to give around 720-1200 gold in one game. Which is actually not bad however, at some point you will have to sell or upgrade this item.

Zeal However, Grants a multitude of things. Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and 2% extra crit. and its only 40g more.

After a while, you should be nearing the Infinity Edge Zone
This. This item. When Jessie Perring took up the sword, a child was born. And his name was Tryndamere. This item is what will make you dominate EVERYONE. Sit back and watch yourself Crit for over 500 damage.

If they have not surrendered yet, go back and get Phantom Dancer
This is pretty much the rest of your CORE build here. Extra attack speed and crit. And some nice movement speed.

The Rest is up to you. That right there ^ is your core build. the other three items is up to you. Squisy? Go tank. Lots of AP? Get some MR. The possibilities are endless.


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Honestly...I don't need to add this section. You should have no problem with getting last hits. Your hitting like a truck. Late game you will be One-Shotting every minions you see.

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Early Game Tryndamere:

This is where Tryndamere is most vulnerable. He is squishy early game, can be focused and killed easily. Start off by focusing on getting those minion kill. Again. It should not be hard to get last hits with your Crits. Try not to focus to hard on attacking the enemy until after you have at LEAST 2 ranks of Bloodlust

Once you have at least one point in Spinning Slash don't be afraid to run in and slash out. If you land those crits, you are going to SHRED them to pieces. They will fear you. It will only take 3 or 4 hits to get most champions down. Make sure you lane with someone who has good CC. Anyone with a slow or stun will be beneficial to your early game.

Great Laners
Twisted Fate : with Pick A Card you have a solid stun and slow
Rammus : Puncturing Taunt All around Great Taunt, will help you get a few hits in
Alistar : Pulverize and Headbutt Nice knockup and knockback
Amumu : Bandage Toss , and nice solid snare
Blitzcrank : Rocket Grab and Power Fist Great pull/knockup combo.
Annie : Pyromania can be very useful, with Annie's burst and your crits. Unstoppable

The above champions will help your early game harass without the worry of being focused down due to being focused down.


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Mid Game Tryndamere:

By now you should have at least 2 or 3 kills under your belt. At this point you are MUCH stronger than before. This is Tryndamere's strongest point in the game.

Remember. Last one in, First one out.


Later in the game you will sell zerkers for a CC reducing pair. The reason to grab zerkers first is because Tryndamere lacks the attack speed needed to fully dominate in teamfights. Once you get Phantom Dancer, you will sell zerkers for Mercury's Treads

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Late/End Game Tryndamere:

Right now you should be over 10 kills a few deaths. Trust me, early Infinity Edge will break anyone who stand in your way. Your build should be complete and you should now be looking into the next three items to buy.


Your core build is now complete. The rest is up to you. [i]MOST[/i] of the time, the enemy team will have surrendered by now assuming you are going 15/2/3 and can 1v3 their team. The next section will further explain what items to get after you complete the core build.

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Build Aftermath.

You should only think about this until your core build

has been completed.

So, now you have three slots left. "What should I get?"

Well, to put it simply Look at their team

There are a VAST amount of item variations here. But these items should be dependent on what the enemy team composition is like.


: This item will SHRED those annoying Tanky Dps champions

: REMOVES ALL debuffs. This item is a built in cleanse that can escape and slow,stun, suppression, ect. This item is very underestimated

: Another great item with a little attack speed and damage. The Armour debuff it throws out will make those health bars dissipate.

Heavy AD champions

: Stop hitting yourself. This item is a awesome counter to heavy AD Carry champions who use mostly auto attacks, such as xin zaho Master Yi Tryndamere ect.

: This item adds a nice amour boost and revives you with a little HP after death. A good combo for your ultimate Endless Rage

: Grabbing this will provide you with an advantage against other Hard carry champions. Nothing is more annoying than your attacks being dodged.

: Amour boost, and another built in slow can really help you negate unneeded damage

: This item provides a nice health boost and a mediocre amour boost. Items like these can help you become another annoying Tanky/Dps carry

Heavy AP Champions

: Yes. I know it gives you mana. However it provides a nice sell sheild every 30 seconds, and some health and magic resist.

: This item is going to give you MASSIVE health regen and magic resist. This item is a must for heavy ap teams.g

: REMOVES ALL debuffs. This item is a built in cleanse that can escape and slow,stun, suppression, ect. This item is very underestimated

: This item adds a nice amour boost and revives you with a little HP after death. A good combo for your ultimate Endless Rage

If they have a solid mix of everything, go ahead and grab one item for each, or, come up with your own end game build.

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Hopefully you all enjoyed the guide. It's my first one, so it may not be as well written as many of the other ones. Please leave a comment bellow and tell me how I can improve this guide.

Thanks for checking out my build on Tryndamere: The Hard Carry!

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Something Fun before you take it to the Field of Justice.

Thanks to MittenMagick for creating a nice spoof to Sun Zu's "The Art of War"

"Mitten Tzu's The Art of LoL"

When capable of attacking, feign incapacity - Lag-baiting. It works. And is hilarious.

When active in moving troops, feign inactivity - Jungler coming to gank? Don't stop attacking minions or retreat to the back of your lane. It makes it way obvious. Look like your derping about your lane as usual. It's like people who smile when they lie because they think they're getting away with something. By thinking you're about to gank them, you start to show it, so the enemy knows something's up.
Prepare against the enemy when he is secure at all points - Is the enemy turtling? Are you the jungler and there aren't any ganking opportunities? Keep building up. This is an obvious one. Don't attack when the enemy is secure.
Avoid the enemy for the time being when he is stronger - Also pretty obvious. If you're going to get your butt kicked in a fight, don't fight. Similar to when they're secure, just keep building up. Don't ever be too far from your team. Have at least two escape routes at all times, in case they block one.

If your enemy is of choleric temper, try to irritate him - There's a fine fine line here to tread. Very few people still get annoyed by endless "noob" spam. It's also a double-victory for him when he kills you after you kept calling him "noob". Work the "overly-nice" angle. Each time you kill one, say "Got ya! " in /all, for example. It gets irritating, but no one thinks to /ignore the overly-nice guy.

If he is arrogant, try to encourage his egotism - People who are full of themselves get greedy. Give him more chances to get greedy, but then somehow make him fail. A friend nearby waiting for the enemy to tower-dive so you and your buddy get the gold, have a stun up your sleeve, something. Then when he fails, say something like, "Lucky I had <whatever it was>".
If the enemy troops are well prepared after reorganization, wear them down - The ol' poke meta. Europeans know this one too well. Even if you can't poke them, push lanes. Make it look like you're going for their turrets, even if you aren't really. Get something done other than a head-on attack, because chances are a head-on attack will fail.

If they are united, try to sow dissension among them - Mention how little one of their teammates actually does. Point out a low CS. Point out high death rates. Gank someone who constantly goes off alone, even if they survive. It'll get his teammates raging at him.
Attack the enemy where he is unprepared, and appear where you are not expected - Your minions pushing a lane like a boss? Push another lane. They'll most likely already be on their way to that minion-pushed lane because, well, it's getting pushed.

A wise general sees to it that his troops feed on the enemy - This doesn't necessarily mean feed on enemy champs, though if the opportunity arises, by all means go for it. Do things like take their buffs and other jungle creeps as well. Nothing is more frustrating than to see that your enemy has been through your jungle and taken your blue buff when your Anivia needs it.
What is of supreme importance in war is to attack the enemy's strategy - Disrupt junglers. Ward against roamers. Going against an AOE team? Don't clump together.
When five times the enemy's strength, attack him. If double his strength, divide him. If equally matched, you may engage him with some good plan. If weaker numerically, be capable of withdrawing. And if in all respects unequal, be capable of eluding him, for a small force is but booty for one more powerful if it fights recklessly.

ONE MAY KNOW HOW TO WIN, BUT CANNOT NECESSARILY DO SO - To this I say practice, practice, practice. Practice zoning. Practice last-hitting. And, by all means, practice with the champions you will play.

One who is skilled at making the enemy move does so by creating a situation, according to which the enemy will act - If you constantly make the enemy react to you, you will win. If you dictate the situation, you know what is coming and will be able to plan and act accordingly. Make him respond to you.

There are 5 qualities which are fatal in the character of a general:
1. If reckless, he can be killed - Don't. Get. Greedy.
2. If cowardly, captured - Don't ditch a teamfight because you took a hit or got stunned. If your team is still alive, stay in the fight.
3. If quick-tempered, he can be provoked to rage and make a fool of himself - Raging gamers make reckless gamers. See #1.
4. If he has too delicate a sense of pride, he can be easily insulted - Accept that you aren't the most pro thing to play LoL since sliced bread. Know that you have things to learn, and go from there. Getting raged at for whatever reason? Ask what to do to improve. Ask for a real response. This catches a lot of ragers off-guard. It's also a nice way to diffuse a raging "pro".
5. If he is of a compassionate nature, you can harass him - A passive lane enemy makes for an easily-zoned one. If you're the one being too passive, make your enemy scared to sit too far in lane, either with your jungler making numerous ganks or harassing him back.

It is the business of a general to be serene and inscrutable , impartial, and self-controlled.

Now, the reason a brilliant sovereign and a wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is their fore-knowledge of the enemy situation. This "fore-knowledge" cannot be elicited from spirits, nor from gods, nor by analogy with past events, nor by astrological calculations. It must be obtained from men who know the enemy situation. Wards. Wards wards wards wards wards. Wards wards. Wards. Do I make myself clear?

And last, but certainly not least:


Yes, this one deserves all three font-modifiers. Too many times teams fail to communicate, and that is their main downfall. Want to know why duo-queuers are griped about in solo queue? No, it's not because they have super-awesome Wonder Twin powers that help them win. They have COMMUNICATION. They LISTEN to each other, and they DO whatever it is they decided to do. Need a gank in your lane? Talk to your jungler. Don't expect his ganky-sense to tingle and immediately run up to you. Jungler, someone needs you to gank? Talk. Let them know why you aren't coming at that very instant.

Knowledge is power, and it also doesn't cost a lot of gold.

tl;dr: If you need a tl;dr, this probably isn't for you. Go play Jenga.