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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kindred Build Guide by Yasutsuna

Jungle Tsuna's Guide to Jungle Kindred (Only Build Updated to 7.11)

Jungle Tsuna's Guide to Jungle Kindred (Only Build Updated to 7.11)

Updated on June 7, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasutsuna Build Guide By Yasutsuna 23,294 Views 2 Comments
23,294 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasutsuna Kindred Build Guide By Yasutsuna Updated on June 7, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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About Kindred, the Eternal Hunters

Lamb and Wolf, the Eternal Hunters

Kindred consists of Lamb and Wolf, although Lamb will be the one doing the attacking most of the time. Kindred excels in being an anti-burst champion, denying assasins with her Lamb's Respite. She is also good at kiting and functions relatively well as a backup assassin since her damage can sky-rocket with her Mark of the Kindred. She is naturally squishy, so staying in the back or just popping out to kill someone and disappearing will be her best role. Attack Speed takes priority over Attack Damage as her main damage source comes from her passive and her AD scaling is horrendous. Even after that, getting some tankiness is still better as it allows you to live longer to deal damage.

  • Good at kiting.
  • Can deny assassins' burst.
  • Can bring unexpected damage if left unchecked.
  • One of best duelist mid and late game.
  • Shadow of her former glory.
  • Mark-reliant.
  • No hard CC.
  • Ultimate can go both ways.
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Patch 7.11

Kindred got a rework where she doesn't do %-health based damage anymore and her scalings improved. Short run down here.

No sense in going full attack speed anymore since you won't deal enough damage. So as of now, you're more focused on getting AD like a traditional ADC with some AS to back it up.

Q - Still the same, except it gives minor attack speed bonus.
W - The same, except it now has a scaling of enemies current health which scales off your marks and you can put his zone slightly more around you.
E - Same, except it has a scaling of missing health which improves based on your number of marks and can critical strike for more damage based your crit chance past a certain % of your enemies HP.
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Fury vs Sorcery:
As said, attack speed is way more important. Furthermore, her Dance of Arrows doesn't deal as much damage unless she get a few marks, making it unreliable sometimes.

Double-Edged Sword vs Battle Trance :
DES will always be better as you aim to burst someone down as fast as you can, then leave. If most of the enemy team is tanky, then going Battle Trace might be better as you need longer periods of time to take them down, anyway.

Fervor of Battle vs Warlord's Bloodlust :
Normally Fervor of Battle will always be better since you don't really need sustain in the jungle due to Wolf's Frenzy. However, it is still a good pickup if your enemy is easily kitable. Most of the time, Fervor of Battle is still much better.

Wanderer vs Savagery:
Her early clears are really meh due to her low starting AD. Getting Savagery can help with that issue a bit.

Runic Affinity vs Assassin :
You're going to go and gank, where it won't be a 1 v 1, so assassin's a bit wasted. Also since you rely on mana a lot early game, getting Runic Affinity will be better as you can clear slightly more camps before going back. However, if you plan on counter-jungling weak starting junglers, then Assassin will be more worth it.

Dangerous Game vs Greenfather's Gift :
More of a matter of preference. Greenfather's Gift gives you better clears while Dangerous Game gives you a spare bit of health during fights. Pick the one which you like best.
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Main use is to help your clear easier. Since Kindred's base attack damage is relatively low, getting extra Attack Speed will actually hurt your clears early on.
Do you feel lucky? I know I do. Can be swapped for another Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you want.
Standard champion seals. You need extra armor to take less damage from camps, anyway and it's unlikely the enemies will go full AP.
Since most teams have a fair balance of AP and AD. Having magic resistance is important, especially early on so you don't explode as fast.
Since Kindred's main damage come from her on-hit effect, stacking attack speed is often better compared to stacking attack damage due to her **** AD scaling. However, if your enemy has early aggression, getting the extra Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is better.
Same reasons as Greater Glyph of Attack Speed, gotta go fast.
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Items - Standard

[color=#ff0000]WORK IN PROGRESS[/color]

Most of the common question will be, if attack speed is so good, why not just go full Attack Speed with Phantom Dancer, Runaan's Hurricane, Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon? Why do you build some bruiser items. One of the main reasons is because Kindred is really squishy. What's the point of having attack speed if you can't use it? Hence the fighter items. While Attack Speed is important, if you can't live long enough to use it, it's pointless.

Gotta get 'em booty.

Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor - Everything about this item screams for Kindred to buy it. It provides you Attack Speed, which you stack every well since it synergizes well with your Mark of the Kindred. They are close to never when you will not get this as your first item. Your subpar damage will also increase exponentially after this item.

Tracker's Knife - Bloodrazor - May be a better option during lower elo games when deep wards aren't common. Since you need to place wards to watch enemy jungler movements to gather marks or to stop them from jumping you.

Runaan's Hurricane - Normally your second item. It gives more attack speed while covering one of your biggest weakness, your lack of AoE damage. Since it also proc on-hit effects, you can maximize your amount of damage if they stick too close to each other.

Boots of Swiftness - Either this or Berserker's Greaves. The extra movement speed allows you to kite more efficiently, allowing you to save your Dance of Arrows to dodge important skill shots, especially if your Wolf's Frenzy is on cooldown.

Black Cleaver - The Phage effect allows you to kite easier by walking instead of solely relying on Dance of Arrows. In a one on one, Wolf's Frenzy and Dance of Arrows will easily allow you to shave the armor so you can deal more damage. Since AD doesn't particularly stack well with Kindred, getting this will be better for damage compared to other B. F. Sword item. It also provides a little survival.

Frozen Mallet - Same reason for Black Cleaver. It also provides an additional slow for easier kiting and gives you some survival. It also covers Kindred's weakness of having no CC.
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Items - Alternatives

[color=#ff0000]WORK IN PROGRESS[/color]

Phantom Dancer - Good if your enemy assassin is getting too fed and can kill you before you get to use Lamb's Respite. It also good for chasing if you need some early chaing power. The problem is it doesn't really help with your clears like Runaan's Hurricane would. Good alternative to get if you're behind.

Maw of Malmortius - It's a good source of MR while still remain offensive. It's good if the enemy mage have a lot of burst like Syndra or if your enemy team has a lot of magic damage and you need the Magic Resistance.

Sterak's Gage - Similar with Hexdrinker to protect you against burst damage. This item is a little tricky to use since if you use your ultimate, it will still proc and waste the passive.

Blade of the Ruined King - Good as your final item if your enemies are tanky in terms of health. It gives you some extra attack speed which you need. The active is good to allow you to chase or escape.

Mortal Reminder - Good if you're fighting against a team who is tanky in terms of armor. It also good against champions who heal a lot like Volibearl, Dr. Mundo and Soraka.

Trinity Force - This item is really garbage for Kindred. The main reason is because her AD is terrible, hence you'll be wasting 3000 gold for something you couldn't use effectively due to the low damage. If compared to cheaper items like [{Runaan's Hurricane], the difference can be seen really obviously.
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> > >


Mark of the Kindred

Kindred's passive. Each mark will improve your abilities, as well as your attack range for every 4 marks you get. However, as this ability is tricky to manage, it will have its own section.

Dance of Arrows

A pretty straightforward ability. You dash in a direction, allowing you to fire three arrows, dealing damage upon impact. This is your attack speed steroid which improves based on your marks. It has a static 4 - 2 second cooldown inside Wolf's Frenzy, making it ideal for dodging skill shots. In the jungle, use this to kite the camp to reduce the damage you take. During teamfights or skirmishes, the usage of this varies on whether you have Wolf's Frenzy or not.

In Wolf's Frenzy:
- You can use this more aggressively since it have a 2 second cooldown (at max level).
- Use it for damage and to reposition yourself.
- It also resets your auto-attack timer, although it doesn't matter much later on.

Without Wolf's Frenzy:
- Try to use more defensively.
- Try to save it to dodge skillshots as the cooldown is long without Wolf's Frenzy.
- Of course, use it to chase if needed.

Below is a map that shows where you can leap over the walls with Dance of Arrows. Some jumps only work at where the arrows specifically are, since Training exist, it's a good idea to test out yourself where it works.

Wolf's Frenzy

Yet another ability that relies on your mark. This will be the tool you use as a form of sustain in the jungle since it slows down the attacks of the camps. Try to cast this in the middle of the fight so you wouldn't accidentally jump or walk out of the zone. Early game, you need this to ensure you stay healthy during clears. Since Wolf's Frenzy allows Wolf to attack, it is always good to use it during fights to maximize your DPS. You can also use it to scout beyond the wall by standing close to the wall and summon Wolf over it. This way, he can patrol the area for the duration of him being active.

Mounting Dread

Your only form a CC and a relatively ****py one at that. It deals %-missing health, making it ideal for takedowns. However, since it is your only CC, you're more bound to use it at the start of the fight. Later on, try to save it if your team has good CC to make the most out of this abiility. If the target is below certain % amount of health, the ability will deal more damage. The threshold and damage depends on your critical chance, making it ideal for you to stack them.

Lamb's Respite

The best anti-assassin ability in the game. There's no way to cover every scenario that will happen when you should use your ultimate but there are generally guidelines. Also, beware Lee Sin and Alistar who can kick you and your allies out of the ultimate.

1. When the enemy jumps onto you or your ADC and prepares to unload his ****.
2. When you need to delay for your team to arrive.
3. Jump in and deny Dragon and Baron Nashor. Nothing is more hilarious when the enemy jungle wastes smite on nothing.
4. When you starts getting Wombo-Combo like Malphite and Yasuo.
5. Although not advised, can use this to replenish health for a final push to secure objectives.

When to never use Lamb's Respite:
1. When you're 1 v 1 the enemy ADC, especially if they have Heal as your damage falls off once their HP is low.
2. If your assassin is doing his combo, try to delay it as much as you can so he won't waste his spells.

Ultimately, the only way to actually know when to use this is to practice. Nothing beats experience when using a spell like this.
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Mark of the Kindred

"Gotta go hunting, gotta go fast."

Your passive improves your abilities. Unlike Old Kindred, you're not as reliant on marks as you used to be. Due to this, getting Marks aren't as important but still important, none the less since they improve your abilities' damage.

Below this is a list of what Kindred will mark at said number of marks. (Courtesy of LoL Wiki)

0: Rift Scuttler
1 - 3: Rift Scuttler, Crimson Raptor, Gromp
4 - 7: Ancient Krug. Blue Sentinel. Greater Murk Wolf, Red Brambleback
8+ : Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, Dragon.

Since your first mark will always be the Rift Scuttler, it is better to start with Blue (Don't Smite) since you can take Gromp (Don't Smite) or Wolves (Don't Smite) then pray to **** the first Rift Scuttler is the one near you. Try to save your Smite for your first mark so you can move away as fast as you can to avoid confrontation since your early game isn't the best.

When to go for your mark?
The age-old question of Kindred. The general consensus is to know where your enemy jungler and laners are. If you see tha jungle ganking top and your mark is at the bottom, it is the best time to go for your mark as it will take longer to respond. If the enemy jungler just recall, don't attempt to go for the mark if they can outdamage you as you risk getting creamed on by them if you screw up since they'll be full health while you're not. Below will be a guideline how to claim your marks, arranged according to the list above.

One of the more annoying marks to collect as it is literally right beside the middle lane. Only go it when the enemy mid lane has gone back or is pushed out and you can avoid getting detected. Early game, just get big Raptor and then run off so you don't get stabbed out of nowhere. If you're afraid, place the Vision Ward on the brush near the Dragon or Baron Nashor pit. Once you get Enchantment: Bloodrazor, it is easier to clear this.

The other 1 - 3 Mark that is easier to get. It is relatively far from the bottom / top lane so you can grab it then hop over the wall to run away as fast as you can. Be careful when going as you can easily get boxed in if you're not careful. Suicide is always an option. (Not the best one though.)

Ancient Krug:
Keep an eye on the enemy top or bot lane. If they recently recall, don't get the mark as they can easily come after you. Same as Raptors for early game, get the Mark and **** out of them as soon as you. When doing the Mark, ward the Red Brambleback bush so you can watch if the enemy jungler is coming.

Greater Murk Wolf:
Watch for the mid laner and get it. The Wolf camp is relatively low damage so you can just claim it and get out before anybody notices. The Big Wolf isn't particularly that tanky so it is one of the easiest 4 - 7 mark to collect.

Blue Sentinel + Red Brambleback:
Both are similar. Ward the bush that leads to the enemy base and keep as eye on the bottom lane and middle lane to check if the ADC or APC have started moving towards the buff or recently recalled. You can hide in the bush of the Blue Sentinel if you feel safer.

Rift Herald + Baron Nashor + Dragon:
Just get it like you would normally get a major objective. Try not to take chances as the enemy will have this warded most of the time.

Since all successful gatherings relies on you getting in and out without being seen, try to get the [{Sweeping Lens]] and Oracle Lens as soon as you can to sweep their wards. Getting Tracker's Knife is always good if your allied team don't ward as often as they should.

Ganking to Collect your marks:
Aim for the weakest lane. If the enemy support has no escape, go chase after them. Don't mark the most fed person, mark the one easiest to kill so you can maximize your damage. Early game, try to go for lanes that have strong CC like Morgana or Nautilus so you can have an easier time to kill them. Also, try to go for lanes that are shoved.

Gathering marks in teamfights:
While the target the weakest still exist, you should focus on those who have a tendency to dive, with the exception of tanks. If there's a Master Yi who seems to like diving, target him and kill him so you can get your free mark.

Small tip, never, ever chase too deep with no visions just to get your mark. Marks can be easily collected during teamfights as you're likely to ping everyone with Dance of Arrows and Runaan's Hurricane.
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Conclusion + Thought about Patches + To-Do List

With this, I'll end my Kindred guide. Guides like these relies on users voting and commenting to improve so I hope you would take time to do so.
Thanks for reading the guide.


25.03.2017 - Guide Published
03.03.2017 - Guide Started.

To-Do List:
Nothing so far. Maybe will think of something.
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