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Twisted Fate Build Guide by hyenah

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hyenah

Twisted fate, carry lanes to carry games

hyenah Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction - my way of playing twisted fate

Hey ladies and gentlemen,
i want you to show how i play my favorite champion in the league of legends, Twisted Fate. I play him in most of my games except i´m forced to play something else, i really think i understand him quite well so i wanted to write a guide about him.

This is my first guide btw, please tell me how to improve and what you think about it...

Please know that i´m not a high elo player and i wont be in future, i rarely play ranked games and sit around 1,5k elo with only a few games. I played wc3 and sc2 pretty high and started LoL with some friends for fun purposes only. Still felt in love with it ^^

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Pros and Cons


+ good for level 1 invading
+ decent damage, godlike CC
+ global CV and stronk ganks
+ build in manareg
+ challenging
+ badass looking!


- hard to master
- no gapcloser
- squishy as hell
- vulnerable to ganks
- hard to find cons on him!
- his /dance sucks ***

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >

- start level one with Pick A Card and then follow this order ;) you could even mix Pick A Card and Stacked Deck but make sure to have Wild Cards and Destiny maxed ASAP

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I used to play him with regular AP runes, manareg yellows and AP quints etc., i tried out lots of stuff and finally "arrived" at this runepage. Explanation below


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp

Guide Top


wont go into detail here, its pretty much standard on most ap´s

another possibility if you prefer utility over damage in your masteries. You´ll get 9% spellvamp combined with your runes which is nearly a build in Hextech Revolver, shorter cd´s for your summoners, more cd reduction in general and some gold.

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Twisted fate skills

Second sight
Provides you and your team with additional 2gold per minion.
Explanation: This passive + Frostfang provides you with wards and some more gold all game

Wild cards
fires 3 cards forward in a cone, passing through targets and dealing magic damage.
Explanation: Everything you need in one skill, aoe damage, single nuke and long range poke

Pick a card
Cards flash over Twisted Fate's head in the following order: blue, then red, then gold, then blue again, starting randomly.
Explanation: Blue: highest damage to manareg and last hit with. Red: medium damage for slowing opponents and dealing aoe damage. Gold: lowest damage but a stun, awesome ****.

Stacked deck
you gain bonus attack speed and cooldown reduction. In addition, every fourth autoattack will deal bonus magic damage.
Explanation: With blue buff and the 4% cd reduction from masteries you are at 39% without any items. Attackspeed is "ok" and that extra magicdamage is nice to have.

Twisted Fate reveals all enemy champions, including stealthed champions, for a few seconds
Explanation: Global CV and offers best gank ingame, even worth using it for secure kills on stealth champions

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

must have in my opinion, safed my *** a million times

awesome skill but i think flash is more important. If you want it, take it in combination with flash for suuuuuper mobility

nice to finish off people and win trades, need i say more?

take it sometimes if enemy teams have a lot stuns like sion mid and ashe bot

its good but i prefer Ignite over it. but still its a nice support for ganks and PREVENTING ganks.

awesome for backdooring, still i dont like it at midlane so much. You decide

you can take it when you have to fight a hard midlane and the enemy jungler is a shaco or twitch but change your mastery then

you are very mana hungry, take it....... NOT!

dont like it

If your support dont take it, you could think about it. But on the other hand you already offer some kind of CV with destiny... NO

its not that bad, could safe your turret while ganking but no place for it ^^ so no!

Guide Top

Starting, core and situational items

Starting items

3x : your starting set vs most common mid champs

5x : you can start with this if you have to go vs AD champs

First time base aka early core items

1x > >

most people go 2x Doran's Ring, i go Doran's Ring+ Frostfang instead... dorans got nerfed on HP anyway and the manareg isnt needed as much and kage provides you with some ap and can be build into Deathfire Grasp or Morello's Evil Tome later on while offers gold whole game.

sight ward get atleast one every time you got home and you have place for it and make use of it!

Core items

those beautis make nearly every build viable as long every other item gives you AP

The glorius three

get two of these three items when...

...enemys AD bruiser or carry is fed or to counter stuff with the active (karthus ulti for example)

...laning vs AP assasin/burstmage thats equal farmed or ahead or enemy team is just ap heavy are fed or you just wasnt in need of the other ones

small advice on items with active abilitys: USE THEM /profit


Dont get it for the magicresist, get it if enemy laner/team has annoying cc´s. I Prefer sorcerers early on BUT if you have your build done and you have your voidstaff up, you can sell your sorceres and get these boots.

If your team runs double ap, think about getting it. For me alone its too expensive and i have no room for it.

maybe a good laning item if you like it

with this baby you could get a higher AP-count lategame but i prefer utility items

The hp are nice but the only skill its nice for is Stacked Deck, on Wild Cards the slow is pretty meeeh and with your Pick A Card they are slowed or stunned anyway

If you get fed early on you can take this

Anti-heal debuff every 20seconds, get it instead of Deathfire Grasp when fighting teams with lots of sustain. ( Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, Soraka and many more)

pretty nice lategame item, another active ability item and some nice synergy with your Pick A Card and godlike sustain

If the respawntimer reaches the one minute mark and your team is not ahead you could get this, if its on cooldown though and you have gold left, sell it again for something else

I like to rush it vs Veigar in lane. If you like it you can take it instead of Abyssal Mask in my builds, but be sure to get 2-3offensive items first.

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Some build examples

please note that you rarely finish your build, always try to have Frostfang as long as possible

Regular Build

Abyssal scepter build vs AP assasins in lane

Cookie cutter build

Anti-Heal build

Guide Top

Laning, farming, warding and co


Check list in laning phase:

- do last hits as much as possible (blue cards and stacked deck are helping a lot)
- avoid enemy harass and if needed strike back with a Pick A Card+ Wild Cards combo
- use Pick A Card on cooldown and always safe some mana to be prepared for ganks
- buy wards, buy wards, buy wards
- If your enemy gets low and you have your flash up, try to stack your Stacked Deck, pull a goldcard and then Flash->stun-> Wild Cards followed by Ignite. Dont make it to obvious though, no one stays near you if you look like a damn christmas tree (try to get that last stack on E while you have your cards already rotating and finish them both at the same time while already get near to your enemy)


If you hit the level 9 mark and bought yourself some AP you should be able to kill waves pretty fast...

To kill them in one combo and you´re high on mana do it like this:

1) pick a redcard and wait for the wave to come at you in a straight line
2) throw your redcard on the second melee minion in the wave and instantly throw your wildcards after
3) if there was a siege minion in that wave, kill it with some autoattacks or a blue card
4) rush to the next wave and repeat

(If you dont have blue buff up and want to safe mana do it with bluecards instead)


If you kill your lane fast enough, your jungler isnt near by and there is no good gank in sight you can take out the wraithcamp.
Just redcard/bluecard the big ghost followed by your wildcards, stay near enough that all of them get hit. Depending on AP level the small guys should die immediately most of the time, finish the big one with some autoattacks or another bluecard and get your *** back to lane.

warding your lane

I like to ward the enemy wraithcamp side this way, your opponent wont be able to see you place it. Place your ward where the star is, the ward will jump in the bush. (it works on both teams the same way)

My reguluar ward placement at the own wraithcamp side, if you prefer it somewhere else its ok. (ward alteast one side)

How to pull properly

Thought it could be helpful even its pretty standard (still people doing it wrong especially on purple team side)

Normal bluepull: Add damage to wolves and pull the blue camp (redcards on both are best)

Normal redpull: Add damage to the wraithcamp and pull the red one after (with redcards, stand in a direct line to the big guy)

This is where people mess up sometimes... You cant pull the big guy from behind the wall, instead stand in a direct line to the small buddy on the right side and pull with your redcard. Do damage to wraiths first of course.

Guide Top

Matchup list

-This is from my point of view and based only on my experience and nothing else-

level of difficulty from 1 to 10 (1 for mega easy, 5 for being pretty even, 10 for nearly impossible to win)

Try to always have a minion between you and her for not getting caught by her Charm or Orb of Deception. If she harass you though she will push her lane and can be ganked quite succesfull pre6. After she hit level 6 try to keep her at max range, if she catches you on close distance with your pants down you are history. try to pass her with a goldcard and move from side to side if you trade with her.

Items: You should be fine with your regular build if you get used to her

level of difficulty 5,5/10

You will notice a good akali if she has two glowing hands right from the start or atleast from level 2 on. Try to harass her pre6 with your cards so that she needs to last hit with her Mark of the Assassin and cant even start to zone you. If she gets the upper hand once she can kick you out of your lane like a boss, get some magicresist and be calm if she jumps you with her ulti (concentrate and pull a goldcard asap, messing this up can kill you fast) and stun/wildcard her and get range again.

Items: Abyssal Mask build or regular build with lichbane before rabadon if you doing well

Level of difficulty 5,5/10

Socereres shoes should be bought here quite fast for more mobility. If you are able to avoid most of her stuff then you should do ok. Beware of small passages cause she can just wall you in and eat your face. If she gets bluebuff she becomes a true nightmare, try to keep up with cs and stay alive.

Always keep her egg-passive in mind when you go for a kill!

Items: Regular build, maybe lichbane before Rabadon's Deathcap for mobility and some damage reduction

level of difficulty 5,5/10

One of the best burst ap mages out there, try to teach her a lesson pre6 where she isnt able to show you her bear tibbers. If you dont get the upper hand till level 6, think about getting some magicresist before rabadon for not getting one shotted by her flash-stun-damage combo.

Items: If you want to be safe build abyssal szepter, if you are doing fine then go lichbane before Rabadon's Deathcap, if you own her go for your regular build.

level of difficulty 5/10

If he harass you with his Pillar of Flame, then move your *** and hug with your minions so your lane gets pushed. But if he walks right into your face for getting a safe Conflagration-> Sear-> Pillar of Flamecombo try to avoid his sear as good as possible and harass back. His full combo + ignite can kill you early on, punish him for getting close and shutdown his stuncombo with your own.

Items: regular build

level of difficulty 6/10

She is one of those champs you really don’t want to trade with early on, after level 2 she can zone you like nobody else. Try to avoid her skillshots and if she gets to close then immediately do your stuncombo and get range again.
You will getting safer with every level you make and if she overextend too much early on she´s getting easy gankable but never count on that.

Items: regular build

level of difficulty 7/10

He can be annoying if he gets lucky with his Dark Wind and hits you multiple times with it, but on the other hand you can really shut down is heal with your stuns. Just play it safe and if you get him low go for a kill.
start can be annoying, still a good matchup...

Items: regular build

level of difficulty 4/10

Some people consider him as a hard counter, well i think he´s not. Try to deny his farm in the early levels while you are able to do so and FAKE goldcards (walk back and forth on throw range) to make him use his playful/trickser and stun after followed by wildcards and maybe some autoattacks if he´s not in meleerange to get damage on him. Try to stay above 70%hp atleast cause if he gets close with chum of waters up, it will hurt and he can snowball out of control like most AP assassins.

Items: Abyssal Mask if you want to be safe or lichbane first if you dominate

level of difficulty 6/10

well, avoid his Resolute Smite as much as possible and farm up. Even Galio isn’t invincible in the early stages, he needs some farm first to get to a point where you cant do **** against him. Before he builds his malice he´s pretty fast oom and can get harassed back if you dont take too much damage by him. MAKE YOUR GANKS COUNT and own other lanes!

Items: regular build, Abyssal Mask if you get hit a lot

level of difficulty 7/10

Harass him much in the early levels and keep in mind that he needs to get in melee range for his last hits if he don’t want to lasthit/push with his barrels. He gets dangerous with level 6 because a good placed Explosive Cask by him can ruin your life especially if he gets help by his jungler.
Fun but intense matchup, dodge dodge dodge!

Items: regular build

level of difficulty 5,5/10

he can push you hard, really really hard BUT he wont be able to kill you if you play it smart. You can safely throw bluecards on his cannons without getting shot back and use your Wild Cards like mad cause he will outpush you anyway. There isn’t really much add, except train your last hits under the turret.
I don’t think that he´s a real threat.

Items: regular build

level of difficulty 4/10

Just like you he can **** on other lanes... Karthus lacks range so try to stay away from him and only get close for a stuncombo if you want to harass him but take care for those bombs.
Try to stay at high health for not getting to the point where he can kill you with his harass followed by his Requiem. You can buy magicresist if you want but you can also build an hourglass before rabadon to counter his ultimate.

Items: regular build, maybe lichbane or hourglass before rabadon if you need it

level of difficulty 5/10

tough one, probably one of the hardest matchups for you but you wont play against him most of the time because people still like to ban him. If he´s not getting banned/counterpicked you could still go with your support to botlane and let your ad carry teach him a lesson.

If you have to play against him then play it passive and wait for him to harass you, try to answer his silence with a stun, while you are silenced TRY TO STAY CLOSE to autoattack a few times followed by your Wild Cards after the silence. This can work out pretty good pre6 but when he gets his rift walk you have to turtle like crazy.

Items: Abyssal Mask build with lots of pots

level of difficulty 8/10

he´s okay, dont get hit by his Thundering Shuriken and stay behind your minions. if he lightning rushes through your minions try to pass him with a stuncombo and maybe some autoattacks. if he hits level 6 be very careful, if he gets his Slicing Maelstrom out after lightrushing into your face you are going to die.
Kennen snowballs harder then many other champions, if he gets ahead he can stomp you like crazy.

Items: regular build, if you get caught too much by his harass go Abyssal Mask build

level of difficulty 6/10

Try to stay away from her and only trade with her if you cant avoid it (she gets deadly by level 2 just like cassio). Tread her like kassadin and other burst ap champs and get magicresist. She has really nice singetargetdamage but she is manahungry and has a tougher time to farm then you. Try to stay alive and warn your teammates if she misses, which is pretty much her counter. Rush Negatron!

Items: Abyssal Mask and lichbane before rabadon

Level of difficultry 7,5/10

Well she has a really annoying harass and her ultimate makes her really untouchable. Her slow feels like a snare , her utility is hilarious and she can still spit out some nice damage too. She is not one of those champs that burst you down in no time, but she can bring you down over time. Try to farm more effective and look for ganks.

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 5,5/10 (still haven’t played many, i will update her soon)

She has pretty long range spells, dodging Lucent Singularity is hard but try atleast to not get hit by her autoattack after. Her Light Binding is easier to dodge especially on max range you shouldnt be hit. If she gets close to land it punish her for trying...
If you get low keep her finales funkeln in mind and port back if you are sure you cant be seen by her.

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 6/10

He is a strong laner but he will most likely push the lane cause of his Malefic Visions, but he wont push it fast most of the time. Try to push against it but only hard enough that you are close enough to your turret but his minions dont get in its range. You will need to build magicresist after he hits6, quick silver stash works wonders here, if you get it go nuts on him.

Items: QSS before Rabadon's Deathcap or Abyssal Mask if his teams lacks cc

Level of difficulty 5/10

Do what you are normally not allowed to do, push like mad. Throw blue cards and wild cards as much as possible while try to not get hit by his Siphon of Destruction. You should be able to drop him early when he dont have his hexteck revolver or Will of the Ancients up already. Early ganks are helping a lot too...
Just try to shut him down asap and dont let this stone gets roll and HUEHUEHUE you and your team. Later on try to keep up in minion count and back off if he uses his Children of the Grave on you.
Early game counts a lot here!

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 6/10

This matchup is basically a farmfest, while she can do everything you can do but better. You have to dodge her Dark Binding without losing your flash to have it ready for her Soul Shackles. This matchup is playable but you have to keep up in cs and stay alive. Try to kill waves fast if you want to gank cause she brings your turret in trouble.

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 7/10, level of fun 1/10

Thankfully she became more of toplane champ then mid. She gets really unkillable with blue buff up because she can heal through your pokedamage easy while she is a good poker herself. Try to farm up and harass her if she attacks your wave in cougar form and care for not getting jumped.

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 6/10

Take care or else you get balls in your face ^^ because her harass is just out of control. If you get close you will get punished for it. This harass + her nice bust after level6 can lead to an easy kill on you, try to get some sustain and magicresist to compensate her damage. She is really manahungry at the early stages so farm up and gank like a boss.

Items: Abyssal Mask build with lots of pots

Level of difficulty 6,5/10

He gets damage with defensive items, has a snare and combos that kill you in no time! Don’t trade with him at close distances and try to get your goldcard out asap if you get caught by his Rune Prison and then get back! Still you should be able to kite this guy pretty well. He is really a bad pusher and because of his lack of AP and AD he hits turrets like a wet noodle, which gives you more time for your ganks.

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 5,5/10

An enemy has been swain! Learn to avoid his snare and don’t get close to him after level 6, he just heals through your damage and still deals good damage to you. If you want to go for a kill be sure to have ignite ready. Just farm up and go for good gank or wait for a good gank by your jungler. Later on he is less of a threat then most other AP champs because he lacks burst damage BUT he is harder to take down.

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 5,5/10

If he is in mid they got to have an AP champ on toplane, either go and change lanes everytime this sucker follows you or you call for an early gank and try to get some farm for a Chain Vest and build your Zhonya's Hourglass first. Even with armor he can kill you and he can jump you easy BUT he´s still a melee so you will have an easier time to get him down with your junglers help.

Items: Rush chainvestinto Zhonya's Hourglass and go your regular build then, go Cloth Armor+ Health Potion if you dont swap lane and go against him from the start

Level of difficutlty 7,5/10

Try to trade a lot with him early on so he waste his mana on you. Against Veigar i rush Banshee's Veil to get some magicresist and to have something to absorb his Event Horizon and not get hit by his full kit. When you get caught by his ring you are either stunned or trapped inside.

Check list:

-Caught in the ring: DON’T PANIC :D dodge his Dark Matter inside the ring, meanwhile pull a goldcard and combo him with some autoattacks and then go back. You should´ve won this trade (at early stages atleast)

Caught by the ring: Get back and wait for your shield to come back, poke with wildcards though.

Items: regular build with Banshee's Veil before rabadon
(This build may sounds stupid but it helps to shut down veigar, for me atleast it works)

Level of difficulty: 5,5/10

Underplayed but still really strong. I rarely see a viktor doing bad if there is one in a game, I think people don’t like him because of the missing itemslot. He can damage you pretty safe with his Power Transfer and Death Ray. If he uses his ray a lot you can go agressive with your Wild Cards without fearing to push the lane. At early stages he can harass you a lot but its getting better with every level, take care for his level6 burst though.

Items: regular build, maybe Abyssal Mask build if you lack experience vs him

Level of difficulty 6/10

Go agressive on him early on aslong as you can, later on just kite him and stay away from him and do some good ganks while keeping up the cs(little bit like mordekaiser). [quick silver stash] could be a possibility if you like it but you should do ok in laning phase anyway, cause he´s more of a teamfighter. so dont clump in teamfights and do your stun+wildcards thing.

Items: regular build with QSS if you want

Level of difficulty 5,5/10

Tough one, he has more range, more damage and ridicioulis burst after level6. Keep moving from side to side to avoid his pokedamage the best you can, or else you get bursted down in a stuncombo after level 6 on a hilarious long range (stay above 70%hp atleast). Get some magicresist and live through his damage and poke him back as good as possible.

Items: szepter before rabadon

Level of difficulty 7/10

He´s like talon just even stronger in early levels but more doable in the later stages.
Swap lanes or rush your chainvest and call for jungler help. Melee champs especially agressive ones are the easiest to gank in midlane. But try to have some HP left before your jungler arrives...

Items: Rush chainvestinto Zhonya's Hourglass and go your regular build then, go Cloth Armor+ Health Potion if you dont swap lane and go against him from the start

Level of difficulty 7,5/10

He can be really annoying, keep on moving and dodge his Bouncing Bomb whenever you can. If he spams his stuff too much you can try to harass him harder with Wild Cards. Keep his Mega Inferno Bomb in mind, especially when you go for a gank or turret dive.

Items: regular build

Level of difficulty 6/10

His laningphase is really really strong. Try to have him on range all the time to not get double bombed. Get some magicresist and some more pots then usual to live through laning phase. His Chronoshift and Heightened Learning are nice team tools but i think you are the better lategame carry.

Items: Abyssal Mask build, maybe lichbane before rabadon for some magicresist if you want to go the normal build

Level of difficulty 6/10

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Ganking checklist:

-Look for pushed lanes and low enemys
-push your lane if possible
-leave your wave not through the sidesbushes go back instead (check picture)
-tell your mates your coming or atleast ping it
-prepare a goldcard before or while using destiny (stacked deck would be nice too)
-while using destiny check near by champions of your ganking foe to be prepared for it
-try to cut off escape routes (if you feel safe) and port in
-kill your foe

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Some motivation

Some good games of playing twisted fate

my last three tf ranked games at around 1,5k elo

Guide Top

Thanks for reading

Thanks and shoutouts to all my ingame mates who like to play this game as much as me and just having a good time...

and also thanks to jhoijhoi for her "how to make a guide - guide" helped me bit to get this guide not looking completely boring.

Btw my english is kinda bad, i will update this guide when some people read over it.

Thanks for reading guys :)