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Twitch Build Guide by Shadowemulator

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadowemulator

Twitch - Im Right Behind you... [S3]

Shadowemulator Last updated on May 14, 2013
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Hello guys and welcome to my Twitch guide, my second guide here on mobafire. Twitch has always been my favourite adc, and when my friend showed me what Twitch could do, i went and bought him immediately. So without further delay.. i present you.. my Twitch guide!

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Pros / Cons

So, as you already know, Twitch has his advantages and disadvantages, so lets take a look at them.


[*] Deals heavy damage from early to late game.
[*] Easy ganks with Ambush.
[*] Very long range with his Spray and Pray.
[*] Can win aggainst almost every other adc.


[*] Very squishy and most targeted.
[*] Cannot escape easily after getting involved in a teamfight.
[*] He needs a support to be at his ''full power''.
[*] Very stinky.

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Offence Tree
For the masteries take Fury , Deadliness and Weapon Expertise for the armor pen. Then grab Havoc , Brute Force , Lethality and frenzy for the exra attack speed. Finish off with Sunder and Executioner . NOTE: Executioner can be very helpfull and let you finish enemies by using expunge.

Defence Tree

Now lets move to the defence tree where you will get Durability , Resistance , Hardiness and Veteran's Scars . Twitch depends on this tree because he very squishy and can easily die.


You can also spend 9 of your points on the utility tree and leave the defence tree empty. BUT NOTE THAT YOU WILL BE VERY SQUISHY AND YOU WILL DIE A LOT IF YOU CANNOT PROTECT YOURSELF FROM DAMAGE.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Now for the runes you can start with9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage because you early base damage can be very low. Then go with 9x Greater Seal of Armor and 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because you are still very squishy and the enemy will probably target you first. Finnaly get 3x greater quintessence of armor penetration and you are ready for super damage.

You can also take 9x greater mark of armor penetration instead of 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage if you are to face tanky champions. Additionally, the 3x greater quintessence of armor penetration can be replaced with 3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.

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Skill Sequence

Usually my skill sequence is:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

First max:


[*] This is the ability that mosts describes Twitch. It is not his invisibility but this awesome skill. It can secure a kill and bring the tables around in a teamfight. Make sure you have put 6 stacks on the enemy champion before using this and you will -on most occasions- get the kill.
[*] You can also use this skill to KS your teamates and make them ragequit..(which means you will lose so dont).

Max second:

[*] Ambush is a very good ability, and if you learn to use it properly in a teamfight you can take down the enemy adc and then your team will start pushing the enemies back.
[*] Make sure you have this ability activated BEFORE going in a teamfight and always look for its cooldown.
[*] Note that you can use this ability to escape from ganks or gank yourself BUT be carefull because if the enemy support buys Vision Ward or Oracle's Elixir they will be able to see you even while ''invisible''.

Max Last:

[*] This is actually a very decent skill, which can be used for slowing the enemies while you gank or getting ganked.
[*] Note that it will put 2 stacks of your passive Deadly Venom so use it when you go 1v1 with the enemy adc from the start.

Max whenever possible:

[*] This one is your damage key. Time it right and you will get Quadra or even Penta kills with ease.
[*] Bear in mind that although it can deal a great amount of damage to the enemy team you can very easily be countered with Thornmail so make sure you have The Bloodthirster with full stacks before attemping to hit someone with a Thornmail.
[*] Combined with Runaan's Hurricane you get to deal even more damage to all enemy champions.

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Starting Items

Getting Started:

Boots of Speed, 2 Health Potions and 1 Mana Potion are an almost standar start for an adc. I like to take 1 Mana Potion because of the huge mana cost on Twitch's abilities.

You can also start with Long Sword and 2 Health Potions if you took 9x greater mark of armor penetration or if you want to last hit more effectively.

Starting with Doran's Blade can only mean that your lane will be a very easy one and you will not need the 2 Health Potions. Still it is a great item for lasthitting and for some extra health.

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Mid Game Items

This item will provide lane sustain and extra damage so you can farm more and get rich.

Now you get to deal more damage and more criticals strikes by triguring your Frenzy. You also get additional movement speed.

This item will increase your base damage output and make your criticals deal heavy damage.

Now you get closer to your core built, so at this point farm and get as many gold as possible.

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Late Game Items

The Bloodthirster is an essensial item on Twitch, because if he gets targeted he can get HP from life steal. It also stacks and makes your attack damage go through the roof.

Who says no to an easy critical strike? Your Spray and Pray will now deal tons of damage and your attack speed will provide you more damage per second.

Apart from the extra attack damage and critical strike chance, this item provides an additional
50% critical strike DAMAGE.

This will be your last damage item and it will give you the opportunity to exterminate even tanks.

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Last Item: What To Choose

As far as the 6th item is concerned i suggest Guardian Angel. It will save you from getting focused and killed in late game when your role is the most important. There are other options though like:

[*] Pick this if your enemy ap champion is fed. This one best counters Anivia, Brand and Mordekaiser.
[*] Pick this aggainst Morgana, Lux or Amumu etc.
[*] If you have dominated the game then you can grab this item for the additional armor pen it provides.

NOTE: Other defensive/offensive items can be used to finish you built. Feel free to choose which one bests fits to the situation you are dealing with.

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2nd Built: The Black Cleaver

The example built for ''The Black Cleaver Twitch'' is:

So, this built includes 2 new items that are The Black Cleaver and the Sword of the Divine. The Black Cleaver gives Twitch the opportunity to place stacks in all the enemy team due to his Spray and Pray, while combined with the Sword of the Divine's active ability the enemy team will not know what hit them.

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3rd Built: Runaan's Hurricane

The built you should should follow here is:

If you choose Runaan's Hurricane on Twitch remember to get one or two high damage items before buying it, that's the reason why i rush Infinity Edge from early game. Runaan's Hurricane is a very good item for Twitch because of its passive combination with Twitch's Spray and Pray as you can damage 3 enemies per attack and the whole team depending on its positioning.

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How to teamfight

Synchronization and good positioning is everything at the team fights. As Twitch you will want to take down the ad and ap carry of the enemy team, so just before getting in a teamfight you will activate your Ambush and steadily go behind the enemy adc. When you see that the enemy initiator is targeting your intiator and that everyone is getting involved in the teamfight, start attacking the enemy adc with Venom Cask>>after some hits>> expunge and kill him/her. Then change to the enemy ap champion and pop your Spray and Pray to secure that he/she will die. Finally help your team finish off the last ones, and remember target the tank last.

After some teamfights the enemy team will be expecting you to attack from behind and therefore not starting a teamfight. But when they do eventually make sure you kill the adc and apc.

If you see that your team gets beaten and you are not in the teamfight yet and not behind the enemy adc/apc then do NOT get in the teamfight. You are too squishy to take all their damage.

Make sure you get all minion kills and start ganks with Ambush.

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So this is it folks. Hope you liked my guide and please tell me if anything needs to be fixed. Have fun playing Twitch!!!

Oh almost forgot.. here's a nice Twitch penta kill:
Anyway see ya at the fields of justice!!!