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Vex Build Guide by VuKing

Middle Ultimate Vex Mid/Top/Sup Guide ss12

Middle Ultimate Vex Mid/Top/Sup Guide ss12

Updated on March 10, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing Build Guide By VuKing 58 4 196,604 Views 0 Comments
58 4 196,604 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing Vex Build Guide By VuKing Updated on March 10, 2022
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Runes: Put damage

1 2 3
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Ultimate Vex Mid/Top/Sup Guide ss12

By VuKing
Pros and Cons
+ The early game is very safe with ranged skills and wide area damage
+ She is the enemy of generals who can close with gliding
+ Very efficient wave clear which also allows her to damage multiple enemies at the same time. This gives her an innate advantage against ranged matchups, as well as lane priority in general.
+ Her poke damage is obnoxious and very strong. This can allow her to force his enemy laner out of the lane and then take objectives with a numbers advantage
+ The ultimate with a fairly long range as well as the ability to cool down when the enemy is destroyed will turn her into an assassin. R's ability to engage in teamfights from a distance can also help her get into fights faster to help her teammates
- Weak blood
- Difficult to play if not mastered
- Inability to run away in combat
- If she uses the wrong ultimate, she will easily rush into the enemy's arms, then it will be difficult to run away.
- The appearance is quite sad and gloomy, not suitable for people who love life and like beauty
Vex Skills

| Vex Passive |
Doom - Periodically, Vex becomes empowered by Doom, causing her next basic ability to interrupt dashes and Fear enemies. Gloom - Whenever a nearby enemy dashes or blinks, they become marked with Gloom. Vex’s next basic attack against a marked enemy detonates the mark, dealing bonus damage and refunding part of Doom's cooldown.

| Q - Mistral Bolt |
Vex launches a wave forward, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through. After a short delay, the wave accelerates but has reduced width. Mistral Bolt detonates Gloom on any marked enemies it hits.

| W - Personal Space |
Vex gains a shield and emits a shockwave, dealing magic damage to enemies around her. Personal Space detonates Gloom on any marked enemies it hits.

| E - Looming Darkness |
Shadow flies to a location, increasing in size as it travels. On arriving, Shadow deals magic damage, slows, and marks enemies hit with Gloom.

| R - Shadow Surge |
Shadow flies forward, marking and dealing magic damage to the first enemy champion hit. Vex can then recast this ability to have Shadow pull her to the marked target, dealing additional magic damage.
If the marked target dies within a short time of taking damage from Shadow Surge, Vex can cast Shadow Surge again within a few seconds.

Summoner Spell
Flash is always the spell of choice for each champion. It gives you the mobility you need. Are you being chased by the enemy and can hardly escape? You run after the opponent but can't get close because the distance is too far? Just using the spell " Flash", all can be resolved peacefully.

- Ignite gives you a lot of advantages in the laning phase, if you're an early aggressive player, pick it
- Ignite in the eyes of gamers is often used to finish off the opponent for enough damage, but few people expect this auxiliary spell to have many side effects. The first is the effect of reducing lifesteal, gamers can take advantage of this effect to reduce the ability to duel from the enemy. Next, using Ignite on the opponent's head can cause a bit of psychological damage to the enemy, especially when 1v1.

Teleport is more of a tactical spell than a laning advantage. Good use of Teleport also requires individual skill of the player. Gamers need to know when to use Teleport to return to lane. When your minion pushes to the enemy turret, everyone just needs to walk back to their lane. And when the enemy minion pushes to kill your turret, you need to Teleport immediately to avoid losing gold and experience
- When you want to use Teleport for kills, pay attention to bot lane. The bottom lane is long, so it's easy for players to use Teleport to "Hook Tires". However, when you hit the lane, be careful in using Teleport because the enemy minions often push high, the player who moves will be hit quite deep and lose the outer turret.
+ 69,88% Pick rate
+ 52.90% Win rate

With the strong damage play that has become a trademark, Assassin players in LOL often use Electrocute runes to increase their ability to finish off their opponents. Electrocute very suitable for Vex because her kit has many skills that can be used at the same time and deal strong damage.

+ 6,88% Pick rate
+ 51.40% Win rate

- Arcane Comet should be used for traditional mages. Mages with high range, with remote control skills will be extremely suitable for this Super Rune.
- When you deal damage to an enemy with an ability, you will launch a meteor that lands on the location of the hit enemy. Meteor will deal a significant amount of damage, and has a fairly short cooldown.
Since Arcane Comet is a super rune for mages, you'll want to maximize the damage you can deal with your bonus AP, while adding a little bit of needed versatility.
- The use of Electrocute gem is in the mindset of killing the opponent in a combo of regular Assassin players. However, Electrocute is a rune that only works when attacking an opponent. Whereas a LOL game is not only about killing the enemy, you also have to stay in the lane and survive the fight. Many times you will not be able to win the lane and lead to being too weak compared to the game, Electrocute then does not help the gamer at all. With Arcane Comet your early game is much safer

+ 1,88% Pick rate
+ 50.90% Win rate

Phase Rush is a Super Gem in LOL, extremely suitable for champions who are able to perform a series of consecutive moves but lack mobility like Vex. Good candidates for Phase Rush include lackluster Mage and sluggish Gladiators. They are often very easily kited by hardened mages and need to find a way to catch up. For mages who already have a good stack of damage, the biggest problem will be how to keep up with teamfights.
- That's where Phase Rush comes into play. Hitting an enemy champion with three unique attacks or abilities drastically increases Movement Speed ​​for a few seconds. This Super Rune is especially suitable for low mobility Mage and physical Gladiators. Because of that, we'll focus on gems that can help you stay in lane, while also increasing movement speed to help you play a little more active.



I like to build Everfrost, since you can root someone for a total of 3 seconds if you combo your spells right. Everfrost works exceptionally well versus targets without dashes and is a decent tankier and more setup-oriented alternative to Luden's Tempest.

Crown of the Shattered Queen
Crown of the Shattered Queen's passive up to 75% damage reduction over 1.5 seconds is the perfect tool for Vex to protect himself. With more and more generals in LOL with huge damage, the ability to protect too well from the Crown of the Shattered Queen will help an AP character with a fighting style like Vex survive much better.

Luden's Tempest
Amazing first item vs squishies, since it gives 80 AP, 10 AH, 600 Mana and 10 Magic Pen. The passive gives you extra damage and it also gives movement speed. All other legendaries also get magic penetration which amplifies your damage against champions that want to build mainly damage!

Liandry's Anguish
When the enemy has a lot of champions that stack Health this item can be useful; since it ignores their magic resistance up to 15% and it deals maximum % health damage. Other than that it also gives you 80 AP, 600 Mana and 20 AH. The passive also gives you ability haste on your Legendary items, which works well with a battle-mage like Vex.


Shadowflame: The pure attack options for mages are not too many right now, especially for champions who need a Legendary item that simply helps them deal more damage. The Shadowflame will help you blow away your opponents and especially those who used to laugh at you with weak shields. Furthermore, the magic penetration stat that this item provides will become even greater when attacking a weak target. So this item is considered a very good tool to finish off the opponent.

Horizon Focus
Horizon Focus: This item is amazing and is made for champions like Vex. You rely on your binding for your combo a lot of the time and/or you should be long range, so it will be very easy to have that 10% extra damage, on top of getting 115 whopping from this item!! I also LOVE this item in those certain games where they have an Akali, Evelynn, Twitch, or anyone that has stealth (even assassins who build duskblade) bc ur abilities REVEAL them!!!! I wanted to put this item as a core item because it's an item for champions like Lux, Vex, Xerath BUT there will be many games and situations where you won't be able to buy it. For example, if you need a defensive item AND healing reduction, this item won't be bought (You'd buy: Boots, Mythic Item, Rabadon's, Void, Defensive Item, & Morello's to stop healing, so there isn't another slot space for this item). If you miss Q - Mistral Bolt, R - Shadow Surge and someone is in your face aka not 700 units away! However, in situations where you need the stealth reveal or if you just preference this item, it's still a high competitor and works very well on Vex!

Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's Hourglass: Great item that increases resistance to survivable physical damage from assassins or negates some enemy skills like Zed Death Mark, Kayn Umbral Trespass, Fizz Chum the Waters.....

Void Staff
Void Staff: This is a flexible item that only needs to be bought when enemies start stacking magic resist (about 100MR or more). It’s also still a core item because you want to buy it basically every game (unless there’s a game that has no magic resist stacking, which is rare). The best part about the new items is you can just buy Blighting Jewel if you do need some % magic penetration, and then finish void staff after buying other necessary items!

Morellonomicon: Item that's useful when the enemy has champions with a lot of healing. Applies more Grievous Wounds when the enemy is below 50% health and Liandry's Anguish re-applies it for a total of 4 extra seconds. When your enemy has many champions with good healing ability, Morellonomicon is a snow gift to confront them: Dr. Mundo, Sylas, Warwick, Yuumi, Aatrox Vladimir, Soraka......

Cosmic Drive
Cosmic Drive: This item is probably one of my FAVORITE items!! It has health, Ability Haste, Ability Power and above all the mobility it brings. For a champion that lacks mobility like Vex, this is a pretty suitable item

Rabadon's Deathcap
Rabadon's Deathcap: Incredibly strong item on AP scaling champions, the passive gives you a total of 40% bonus AP. The item got a bit more costly in the beginning of Season 11, but they've brought the price down again in patch 11.6! ''So much, so much magic power''.

Seraph's Embrace
Seraph's Embrace: Completed version of Archangel's Staff . Gives a lot of AP when finished, much needed mana (which also translates into a lot of AP) and the ability to build tear early. You want to get this item relatively early, since it synergizes so well with Vex's kit.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart: With this equipment, you can comfortably 1v1 with assassins and gunners without fear of shock damage. It combines very well with the item Seraph's Embrace, the amount of energy that Frozen Heart gives is also damage, the more energy the more damage when you already own Seraph's Embrace

Sorcerer's Shoes
Sorcerer's Shoes: Great item for some early to mid game damage since it gives 18 magic penetration quite early. Equipment that more than 90% of mages own, of course Vex is no exception


Banshee's Veil
Banshee's Veil: This is a great item if you're afraid of being bursted down yourself i.e Fizz, Syndra. Banshee's Veil is well-known for it's spellshield passive which blocks a single ability which could potentially save your life if your opponent wasn't able to get their full combo off on you. It works great against CC champs like Sejuani, Elise, Zac, heck even Blitzcrank as it can stop one major ability which CC you to death.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Mejai's Soulstealer: Very strong on AP champions, however this one is a bit more risky. Should only be build if you think you'll be able to stack it and stay alive. Also gives you 10% movement speed. This item is the cheapest Legendary; it will give you the extra stats from your Mythic item of choice. Use it when you are really strong and confident in your abilities

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Synergizes decently well with Vex's kit since it gives a whopping 90 AP, a lot of extra health and a slow that allows you to hit your spells once applied. The slow makes it so much easier to land your abilities, but that's not all of it! Her ability to kite and reposition are improved 3x with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Phase Rush, as almost noone will be able to stop you if played correctly. Still, because there are better items to build right now, this item has become obsolete.

Demonic Embrace
Demonic Embrace: Another burn item that shreds down tanks, while providing us with 10 bonus armor and magic resist, increased by 2.5 for each additional enemy champion affected. It is an item that pairs very well with Liandry's Torment

Lich Bane: Gives her additional MS and added burst to all of her combos. Consider buying this on item 3 if you need extra burst and the enemy does not/will not build MR. Great for snowballing.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Ionian Boots of Lucidity: I'll buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity for faster summoner spells against comps with many engage tools

Control Ward
Control Ward: Control Wards are some of the most important items, and they're only 75g. During early/mid game, I'll place it in one of the pixel brushes and I'll try to always have another one in my inventory in case it gets removed by an enemy. However if I'm getting constantly pushed in and my jungler is losing too, I'll place it in the brush at raptors and play to that side, to avoid potential dives. I'll often keep buying Control Wards even when I only have 1 item spot if I don't have enough gold to buy a full item - one well placed Control Ward can make a bigger difference than a Blasting Wand.

Elixir of Sorcery
Elixir of Sorcery: Useful when already on full build for more AP and mana regen, but I'll also buy it if I have gold before a Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon fight that might decide the game.
Vex Combo
Use Q - Mistral Bolt + Flash, surprise the opponent as well as turn you into a master in the enemy's eyes =)

R + FL
Use R - Shadow Surge + Flash, surprise the opponent as well as turn you into a master in the enemy's eyes =) If you are quick, you can also remove the obstacle in front

Melee Trade (W - Q - E - A)
Use this combo when you trade with nearby enemies
W - Personal Space Q - Mistral Bolt E - Looming Darkness and basic attack

Quick Poke (Q - E)
Use this combo when you trade with distant enemies
Q - Mistral Bolt E - Looming Darkness

Extended Trade (E - A - Q - A)
Trade with enemies at range and maximize damage by using attacks between skills
Q - Mistral Bolt + A E - Looming Darkness + A

All In (E - R1 - Q - R2 - W - A)
Combo deals damage when you're lvl6.
E - Looming Darkness + R1 Shadow Surge + Q - Mistral Bolt + R2 - Shadow Surge + W - Personal Space A

TeamFight (E - Q - R1 - R2 - W)
Your combo in teamfight
Use this combo when you are sure to take down the enemy or have teammates around, otherwise you will be wrapped in the warm embrace of the enemy
E - Looming Darkness + Q - Mistral Bolt + R1 - Shadow Surge + R2 - Shadow Surge + W - Personal Space

R + Kill Reset (R1 - R2 - E - Q - W - R1 - R2)
Vex's R will be reactivated if an enemy she marked with R is killed immediately. Use it at the right time for highlights

KingKongLoL's Youtube link, where you can learn Riot's new champion combos in the fastest way
How to play?
Early Game

+ Depending on the match up, the laning phase can go two ways. When playing against a long-ranged champion, you’ll probably be pushed in, since Vex won’t be able to compete with their range and her passive won’t be as effective.
+ When playing against any short-ranged champions, you can easily use your Q - Mistral Bolt to poke them out whenever they walk up to cs. If you know that your jungler is close by, you can also utilize her E - Looming Darkness to slow opponents and then Q - Mistral Bolt them for the perfect gank combo. Your jungler merely has to clean up in the end.
+ You will want to focus on wave clearing and conserving mana during the early game. Your Q - Mistral Bolt has a vast range and hitbox, so make sure that you target both minions and the enemy simultaneously.
+ Keep track of your Passive timer as it is the difference between a won fight and a lost one. If the enemy relies on diving you, W - Personal Space them to fear them and reposition quickly.
+ Your only escape tool is her W - Personal Space, so keep it up in case the enemy jungler tries to counter gank with a dash – which will proc Vex’s passive. You’ll be able to use W - Personal Space to fear them and damage them. If you’ve also got your Q - Mistral Bolt up, then you could even try to get a kill out of the whole ordeal by using your W - Personal Space, then Q - Mistral Bolt + Ignite to burn them down.
+ Ultimate R - Shadow Surge will allow you to roam around freely after shoving the wave in. See if you can catch the enemies in the side lane and burs them down.

Mid Game

+ Once you’ve got your Luden's Tempest and your second item, you’ll be dealing some decent damage, and you can look to jump into fights. When teamfighting with Vex, you should make sure to stay on the outside before jumping in to find the perfect target to R - Shadow Surge onto.
+ Skirmishes should be accessible for you as long as you land your Q - Mistral Bolt on multiple targets. This also means that clumped fights will be the win condition for you.
+ Show up to neutral, objective fights whenever you get the chance. The goal is to use your AoE-based abilities to catch and kill targets who try to disrupt your Jungler.
+ Vex has insane range with the ultimate, so you can make some insane plays happen even when you’re further away from the fight. When you find your opportunity, you can jump in with her ultimate and right before landing the second R - Shadow Surge, make sure to use her W to fear nearby enemies and then Q - Mistral Bolt. That’ll be the finishing death blow for anyone.
+ Use your Ultimate R - Shadow Surge wisely and combine your W - Personal Space with your Passive whenever possible. This can easily allow you to dive into the enemy backline.

Late Game

+ Stick with your team and take fights in or around chokepoints for maximal effectiveness. This will allow you to get multiple kills in a brief period and eventually win the game.
+ Just be careful not to overstep and only go in for fights you know you can win. You’re not a tank, so you will be burst down with ease. But, Vex is going to play a huge part in any fight thanks to her passive. Having the ability to fear multiple champions in quick succession gives her huge play-making potential.
+ Keep securing picks with your overall burst and Ultimate R - Shadow Surge in the game. This will help you single-handedly take over fights if you use your abilities and Passive correctly.
+ Try to set up death brushes when possible. Your W - Personal Space will easily fear enemies when combined with your Passive, and then you can proceed to blow them up.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VuKing
VuKing Vex Guide
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Ultimate Vex Mid/Top/Sup Guide ss12

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