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League of Legends Build Guide Author TROLLing1999

UNSTOPPABLE URGOt [Quick Guide to Urgot]

TROLLing1999 Last updated on October 25, 2013
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Quick Guide

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my second guide on Mobafire presenting bot lane Urgot, one of the most unique champions! In this guide i'll cover all the basics about playing Urgot effectively including advanced tipr 'n tricks ,always trying to keep the guide as short as possible , so that i don't waste your time.

Urgot is one of the most underrated and underplayed champion is the league. The reason?
Many people are under the misaprehension that urgot is one more ranged dps carry, build arounf AS/CRIT...and with just 425 range he would have a very hard time. However, Urgot can deal huge damage from massive range thanks to his Noxian Corrosive Charge+ Acid Hunter combo, while he has the ability to swap positions with enemies and bring enemies out of position. As a sequence, it's logical to build him similar to a bruiser with CDR, Armor Pen, tankiness and a Muramana. With this build Urgot can do extremely well early-mid game and remain a preety strong anti-carry during the late game, when he otherwise would fall off.

In lane , Urgot's main use is to destroy late game beasts like Vayne or Kog'Maw by harassing them from afar and denying them their farm. Supports than can help him in this task are the strong poke ones like Lulu and Janna and sustain ones and mainly Soraka, which on the other hand is and his hardest counter due to her ability to heal a considerable amount of damage. Other strong picks against Urgot are Corki(due to his ability to trade well early on and his long range harass after level 6) and a smart Sivir(that can dodge all his combo with her spell shield).

So, although if i recommned reading the whole guide, if you wanna learn just the very basics stick at the cheatsheet and the chapter you're interested in. FEEDBACK IS DESIRED!
spacespace 1.Building
Runes; Masteries; Summoner Spells

Main Items; Alternatives; Comparisons;

Ability Explanation; Skill Sequence

Early Game; Mid Game; Late Game

The offense tree looks more or less like an ADC tree with just two but worth-mentioning differeces. The first one is Sorcery. The reason? Urgot benefits much more from CDR than AS. The other one is the 2 points in Butcher ; you want to put these points there cause there is no point in using CRIT/AS focused masteries like Lethality and Frenzy.
Durability provides with more tankiness, especially in late game , while the 1 point in Hardiness is the best choice if you want 21/5/4. Otherwise, you can go 21/9/0 grabbing 4x Durability , 3x Hardiness , Resistance and Veteran's Scars .
Summoner's Insight because you are dependant on Flash for your escapes and Meditation to manage your mana. If you go 21/9/0 you might want to get Mana Regen Seals.
greater mark of armor penetration The greater mark of armor penetration is a typical rune for many AD casters/bruisers, because combined with Weapon Expertise , Sunder and The Brutalizer it will allow you to hurt the enemy carries from early on.
In bot lane, where the most damage is physical,you need armor to survive. This rune provides you a nice amount of it.
Ok, in bot lane you generally won't be hurt by much magic damage,but after level 6 many junglers tend to gank bot/top for kills, while in the late game you always have to face up with AP champs.
You have ArP, now you need AD, this rune will give you enough.

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greater quintessence of armor penetration If the reds are AD, or if you depend so much on abilities that double ArP is worth the value.
They provide you with less MR but they can help you survive vs mage supports like Zyra, Sona etc.
If you can't manage your mana early on even with Meditation .
Summoner Spells
Flash is a must on Urgot since he lacks the real escaping mechanism, that will bring him out of sticky situations. It can also be used to chase or reposition yourself in a fight.
Igniteis great for finishing off targets. You just need to find the perfect time to get close, which is generally after Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser or while the E+W+Q combo is being used and the enemy can't respond to the damage.
Exhaust is a bit outdated but it's still viable. If the support doesn't get this and there are enemies like Tryndamere, Kha'Zix etc. then this will allow you to beat them. It can also keep the enemies withing your range,so it's also good for chasing.
/ Barrier and cleanse are both defensive-minded items that are used very very often on other marksmen, on Urgot they are of course usefull but i prefer Exhaust or Ignitecuz they have more killing potential.
Starting Items & Laning Phase
Long Sword and 2x Health Potions is a good start for Urgot. It allows you to build quickly into The Brutalizer and it provides enough sustain and damage for these first stages of the game. Doran's Blade is a great start that give syou everything you need: AD, HP and sustain. However, you need to be carefull since the sustain applies only on basic attacks and with 425 ...positioning is neccessary. Crystalline Flask and 3x Health Potions are an ideal start for beginners who can't manage their mana and have much trouble with Urgot's low auto-attack range; you can always get mana regen seals or Meditation for your mana, though.
aaaaaaa These are your standard items during the laning phase, maybe with the addition of Doran's Blade in some cases. Anyway, this start gives lots of CDR due to The Brutalizer and Glacial Shroud for your E+Q+Q combo,which combined with the ArP and the damage will allow you to hurt the enemy carries. Also the armor will cause much trouble to the enemy ADC,. Tear of the Goddess(covers all your needs in mana along with Glacial Shroud) shall be rushed as fast as possible, so that you gain stacks for a quick Muramana. Finally, Boots of Speed must not be upgraged into tier two boots unless you're facing a Varus, Ezreal or Caitlyn. Anyway, the possible choices are Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Mercury's Treads and Ninja Tabi(more in the spoiler).
NOTE: Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed must be rushed first , The Brutalizer and Glacial Shroud can be purchased in any order according to your needs.


Core Items
This is a good item itself, but the item you're really interested in is Muramana for the bonus magic damage on attacks and abilities which increases your burst even more. AD, HP , ArP, CDR and an awsome armor reduction passive that is applied on Acid Hunter, Noxian Corrosive Charge and of course your basic attacks. Just superb! Great item for Urgot! It provides you with tons of armor, lots of CDR and mana(=damage due to Manamune), while it's aura will reduce the enemie's damage output especially if their AS dependant.

Finishing your Build
Its' time for some MR. This item will not only provde you with enough of it but it will also give you damage and a nice spell shield usefull both vs burst and over time magic damage Time for a third damage item. Last Whisper is awsome due to the armor pen that allows you to hurt even the tankiest enemies. If you don't need it get either The Bloodthirster for awsome sustain(be carefull with auto-attacks range) or Youmuu's Ghostblade. Now you almost finished your build. You jst have to upgrade your boots into tier 3 ones. The three options are Enchantment: Furor, Enchantment: Alacrity and Enchantment: Homeguard.
Defensive Items and Enchants

The Spellblade Items

Ability Explanation
A great passive that reduces the damage your enemies deal. It is applied only on basic-attacks but it's still very usefull since it makes all eneies and especially carries less dangerous.
This spell itself doesn't say much and it has limited uses including last hitting and finishing off very low HP targets. The real power of this ability is shown on targets that have been hurt by Noxian Corrosive Charge. In this case, you just need to move your cursor over the target and press the Q button- the bullet will lock onto the target and help you harass from safe distance.
This ability has both an offensive and defensive use. The defensive on is of course the shield, while the slow will allow you to chase enemies or just keep them within the E+Q+Q combo range.
On its own this ability is nothing more than a strong over=time damage resource. If combined with Acid Hunter it makes the E_Q+Q combo, which allows you to deal tons of damage from a very long range.
A lethal- for the enemy- ulti if used correctly. It's awsome for chasing , helping jungler gank and team focus the right person and of course it's usefull in 1v1 situations due to the bonus resistances.

Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
The skill sequence for Urgot is standard in almost every game. Like withe every other champion you get your ulti whenever it's possible. Acid Hunter is your primary damage source , so you max it first (lvl 9). Your second damage abiity, Noxian Corrosive Charge comes next, while Terror Capacitor shall not be maxed before lcl 18, unless you have a really hard time and you want to get a couple of points earlier( in every case your priorities shall be R-Q-E-W).
Early-Mid Game
As Urgot you're really skill dependant; this combined with your low basic attack range makes farming very difficut in the very early stages of the game. However, you don't want to fall back in farm, so what do you do? You last hit a few minions here and there and you try to force your enemy push your lane, so that you are able to easily take the minions under your turret(melee need 3 turret hits and ranged 2). After reaching lvll 3 laning becames easy-peasy. You can zone your enemy thanks to your strong long range harass with Noxian Corrosive Charge+ Acid Hunter and then farm in piece. Even then, though, you'd better not push your lane, since you lack the escaping mechanism and you're exposed to ganks. Urgot's real power is shown during mid-game. After having rushed Tear of the Goddess and The Brutalizer you can spamm non-stop your spells and bring tremendous damage to the table , denying this way your ebemy's farm. As a strong early game champion you want to force your enemies to trade(in the most cases); in this task, the position trade and the bonus resistances from Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser are a great help, have in mind though that generally the support is the one that shall dive first and absorb damage, especially if it's a killing one. As a side note: try to save flash for sticky situations like escaping from the enemy jungler and have map awarness.

Late Game and Teamfights
Although you're not a Vayne or a Kog'Maw your performance during late game is still more than decent. You're extremely stong in 1v1 situations and over all you're an awsome anti-carry that can outrange the most carries , deal tons of damage and still be very tanky. Where you excel though is teamfights because:
1)thanks to the Noxian Corrosive Charge+ Acid Hunter combo you can hit the enemy team's backline(the squishies) while you stay at safe distance
2)you can secure kills for your team with Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser( see above)
3)you can reduce the damage output of the enemy team's carries/ assasins
So before the fight starts you can harass the enemie's frontline with Acid Hunter alone so that you get a slight advantage and at the same time keep the E+Q combo for the actual fight. If you find an enemy completely out of position, use your ulti to secure the kill. However, if not you shall let someone else to intiate. During teh fight focus the enemy carries, generally your E+Q+Q combo will allow you to pick them up from long range but if the have a really good position just kill the closest target. You shall never sacrifise yourself for a kill which is not even sure you'll get. If you won the fight you can push towers or kill baron, if you see your team is in very bad position though, just try to save yourself. As Urgot you're able to defend for your team and save towers but if you're dead you can't.
My final thoughts...
Urgot might be underestimated but this doesn't mean by any fantasy that he is useless. If you have in mind that you're not a DPS carry but an anti-carry, you won't need to put much effort to reach success.