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Quinn Build Guide by quinn adc

Top *UPDATED SPLIT 2* [14.11] QuinnAD's SEASON 14 CHALLENGER Quinn Guide

Top *UPDATED SPLIT 2* [14.11] QuinnAD's SEASON 14 CHALLENGER Quinn Guide

Updated on June 8, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author quinn adc Build Guide By quinn adc 2324 85 3,189,285 Views 44 Comments
2324 85 3,189,285 Views 44 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author quinn adc Quinn Build Guide By quinn adc Updated on June 8, 2024
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Runes: Best Rune Page Split 2

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Absorb Life
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

*UPDATED SPLIT 2* [14.11] QuinnAD's SEASON 14 CHALLENGER Quinn Guide

By quinn adc
Hello, welcome to my Quinn guide. My name is QuinnAD, and I am a Challenger Quinn player on the North American Server with over 6 million mastery points on her. I am a 748LP Challenger Player on the North Amer ican Server

Here is a link to all of my Socials/Guides!

I also held accounts for Rank #1, 2, and 3 Quinn NA on league of Graphs all at the same time, and in Season 9 I hit Rank #1 Quinn World on Down below are all me. On the left are my 3 accounts NA, and on the right is the site showing me being Rank #1 Quinn WORLD

If you are unsure which match-up I recommend each keystone, I have it ALL layed out in this Complete Toplane Matchup Guide.
Quinn is the most versatile champion in the game with build diversity & Role diversity Quinn can play Top, JG, Mid, & ADC all *viably* ). Quinn Also can run the MOST keystones viably out of every single champion in the entire game. You can play Quinn with Glacial Augment freeze playstyle to kite bruisers, Phase Rush to counter champions with slows, Fleet Footwork against poke matchups, Hail of Blades or Electrocute against squishy champions, Grasp of the Undying against sustain matchups, Lethal Tempo or Conqueror for champions who like extended fights, Predator if you want to 4fun it in normals, and Press the Attack for tanks. Each keystone involves a different playstyle, which makes her fun to play and learn.

Quinn is fun to learn, play, and master because you are going to tilt the living HELL out of your enemies #CancerRangedTopFTW. She is a champ who can CARRY games. Quinn has a strong Early Game, Mid Game, and Late Game. Quinn can also run ignite every game to win lane easier, which gives you an edge since most enemies need to run Teleport. Quinn can also play ANY role your team needs: the role of an AD Carry, Assassin DPS, split pusher, etc.

She is arguably the best 1v1 champ in the game due to her versatility. Yes, ANY champion. For example, Against Duel champs like Jax , Fiora, Tryndamere, Quinn can out duel these champions by running Glacial Augment to perma slow them and make them useless. Even FoggedFTW2 admits in his matchup guide, after vsing my Glacial Augment Quinn multiple times that Tryndamere cannot beat this Quinn build, and he recommends for Tryndamere players to group with team because he cannot win the 1v1. Quinn can also beat scaling range champions like Vladimir or Syndra or Vayne some champions who have incredible late games, because if you land your Blinding Assault, you have 1.5 seconds to nuke them. Since your build scales as a crit build, 1.5 seconds is all you need to kill the enemy.

She has no losing matchups 1v1 pre 6 (very few hard matchups early on, but no losing matchups levels 1-6). Also, Quinn is the fastest Champ in the game with Behind Enemy Lines: Very great champ to improve macro with. Her Ultimate that allows you to pressure the map like no other champion in the game

Lastly, She NEVER gets boring!! Never picked or banned either, perfect for one tricking :)
Harrier (Passive): Quinn's passive is Harrier, which periodically marks a nearby visible enemy with a harrier mark. This mark will reveal the enemy for 4 seconds. If you hit an enemy with Blinding Assault, Vault, or Skystrike, the target will also be marked with a Harrier mark as well.

This passive scales with critical strike chance. At level one, Harrier's cooldown is 8 seconds, and at 100% crit, Harrier will mark enemy champions every 2.93 seconds. Quinn's passive Harrier will mark minions if there are no nearby enemy champions, but if there is an enemy champion nearby, your Harrier will mark the champion instead. The range of Harrier is supposed to be 525, which is the same as our auto-attack range, but valor seems to have a mind of her own, and your harrier will oftentimes mark champions a bit outside the 525 range.

If you NOT VISIBLE by enemy champions (AKA if you are in a bush, then Harrier Will ONLY MARK ENEMY CHAMPIONS! This means that, if you are hiding in a bush, your Harrier will not mark any nearby enemy minions, and if an enemy champion walks in your Harrier range, then your passive will mark that champion.

Blinding Assault (Q): Quinn's Q ability is Blinding Assault. Quinn signals Valor to fly forward in a line, and if your Blinding Assault hits an enemy champion or minionit will stop and deal physical damage to all nearby enemies. The PRIMARY target that Blinding Assault hits will Nearsight them for 1.5 seconds.

Here are some mechanics you can do with Quinn's Blinding Assault


- In order to do this juke correctly, Quinn must use Blinding Assault, and after the Q nearsight the target, DO NOT AUTO ATTACK THEM! The reason is because when you auto attack a champion when they are blinded with Blinding Assault, the enemy champion will see you switch directions because they get vision of you for a slight second.

- To do the juke, walk in a certain direction, then after Blinding Assault hits them, IMMEDIATELY switch directions, and then when the nearsight wears off, auto attack the champion to consume your harrier proc from Harrier to gain bonus movement speed from your passive


- How lock on abilities work is that, if a champion has a lock on ability (for example, Mordekaiser's Realm of Death, Garen's Demacian Justice, etc. Doesn't have to only be ultimate abilities, it also applies to abilities such as Nasus's Wither as well. Essentially, ANY point-and-click ability in the game works where if the target leaves vision when the ability goes off, if the enemy is out of vision, the ability is cancelled and put on a very short cooldown. Since Quinn's Blinding Assault nearsights targets, we can take advantage of this by CANCELLING these point-and-click abilities with our Q. You must be out of their nearsight range for it to work of course, and if you time it correctly then you will cancel it. The animation goes off, but the damage on their ultimate ability will not. Be mindful though that it will put the ability on a short cooldown, so they can recast it very shortly!

Heightened Senses (Q): PASSIVE: Attacking a target marked with a Harrier mark will grant Quinn bonus Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 2 seconds. The Attack Speed bonus scales to 20/25/50/65/80% and the Movement Speed increases to 20/25.30/35/40% and based on how many points you have in Heightened Senses.

ACTIVE: Quinn will signal Valor to reveal the area around her for 2 seconds. The range of Heightened Senses active is 2100 Units

Vault (E): Quinn will dash towards her target, knock them back, deal physical damage to them, slow them by 50% that decays over 1.5 seconds, and then leap back 525 units away from the target (which is the same range as Quinn's auto-attack range)

- First, let me make this clear that Quinn's Vault is programmed as both a DASH and a KNOCK UP. What this means, essentially, is that our Vault can knock champions up, which synergizes with champions like Yasuo's Last Breath. Quinn's Vault can interrupt any standard dash like Lucian's Relentless Pursuit, Vayne's Tumble, and also follow blinks, such as Ezreal's Arcane Shift and Flash

- However, Quinn's vault is programmed as a DASH too, which means that any ability with ANY FORM OF CC will cancel Quinn's Vault. Think of abilities like Vi's Vault Breaker (lmfao it's legit in her Q name XD), Gragas's Body Slam, etc. The weird interactions are like Camille's Hookshot. Quinn's Vault CAN CANCEL Hookshot when Camille is leaping towards the wall, but when Camille dashes towards you away from the wall, Hookshot will cancel Vault. This is because Hookshot towards the wall is programmed as a dash, but when Camille leaps towards a champion away from the wall, this part of the ability has CC attached to it, and thus, will cancel Vault.

- A fun part about Quinn's Vault is that it is a KNOCK BACK, which means that when Vault hits an enemy champion, for a split second their body will flip directions to the other side. This means that, with practice and good timing, Quinn can make many champions use their skill shots backwards. Just to name a few, Vault can make champions like Ashe use Volley backwards, Shyvana's Flame Breath, Twisted Fate's Wild Cards, and my favourite, Cassiopeia's Petrifying Gaze.


- To do this, the timing must be perfect. You can re-enact this against champions like Cassiopeia pretty consistently with practice because they tend to use Petrifying Gaze as soon as you approach them, and by using Vault right away, you typically pull this off. PROCEED WITH CAUTION


- With this, when you learn the timing of certain enemy abilities, you can use Vault to dodge certain abilities like Gangplank's Powder Keg. And yes, that is Solarbacca in the clip (rank 1 GP).

Using E To Insta Vault Flashes

Here, in this clip, you can see that if you time Vault perfectly, then you can cancel a champion who uses Flash on you. This is tough to re-enact and you have to get lucky most times, but essentially Vault acts as the perfect disengage tools towards standard dash abilities and Flash.
(Credits to Areon for this clip)

Behind Enemy Lines (R): Quinn channels for 2 seconds. When the channel is successful, Valor takes control, which increases your TOTAL Movement Speed , and the ability to cast Skystrike.

If you take damage from ANY champion, monster, OR turrets, you remain in Behind Enemy Lines, but you lose the bonus movement speed from the ability for 3 seconds. If you don't receive any damage for 3 seconds, then you will regain the movement speed from Behind Enemy Lines

If you level up Behind Enemy Lines, now whenever you respawn or enter base, you will automatically be cast in Behind Enemy Lines. The Movement Speed increase scales to 70/100/130% TOTAL Movement Speed depending on the amount of points Quinn has in Behind Enemy Lines.When Skystrike hits an enemy champion, that champion will be marked with Harrier. This will stack up to however many champions are hit, so if you hit 3 champions with Skystrike, then they will ALL receive a harrier mark.

My favourite thing to do with Quinn's Behind Enemy Lines is, since you are insanely fast, I like to use it to bait out skillshots. For example, if I fly towards Thresh and I get close enough, then Thresh will most likely cast his Death Sentence trying to catch me. HOWEVER, since you are so fast in Behind Enemy Lines, you can easily side step this ability, and thus, baiting the skill shot to go on cooldown, which can help your team win the team fight since this crucial ability is down. You can do this against any champion like Sona's Crescendo. Of course, only do this if you are comfortable and confident with your Quinn ability. If you mess up you will die, but with practice, this is worth learning!
Level 1

Early game on Quinn you want to be AGGRESSIVE. Level one, I recommend to wait in the top bush, and perform a cheese on the enemy. Essentially, Quinn's passive Harrier will mark minions if you are near them, but if you are hiding in a bush, your passive will ONLY MARK CHAMPIONS! Wait in this bush until the enemy walks close to farm the wave, and stand by the edge of the bush.

Here is a key part about laning phase. When your Harrier passive cooldown is coming up, walk towards the enemy champion when it is about to come off cooldown. By doing so, your Harrier will mark the enemy champion instead of a minion, which means that you will be able to trade against your opponent even better since your Harrier marked them instead of a minion. Do this all throughout laning phase whenever possible. The range is 525, which is the same as Quinn's auto attack range

You are able to use Vault aggressively level 1 because almost no champion levels up their gap closer level 1. Some rare cases champions like Darius will level up Apprehend or Camille with Hookshot. Be cautious of this, and if you are unsure and afraid, wait for them to use their ability first on the minions to see what ability they leveled up first.

Level 2

Level 2, level up Blinding Assault. For basically every single matchup in the game after level 2 onwards, be cautious of your Vault usage. Almost all match-ups will level up their gap closers, like Darius's Apprehend. USE YOUR Vault FOR REACTION ONLY LEVEL 2 ONWARDS! What I mean by this is, when the enemy uses their pull, like Darius Apprehend, that is the ONLY TIME you should use Vault to push you AWAY from them after they pull you in. Level 1 you can Vault aggressively because basically no champion levels up their gap-closer, but level 2 onwards they will likely have it, so be careful.

If they walk into range of you, your Harrier will mark them. If it does, then immediately auto attack them, Vault them, and then auto attack one more time. This combo will proc two Harrier procs and two auto attacks along with Vault damage. If you are running Press the Attack, then auto attack them one final time after your Vault to proc your Press the Attack mark for even more damage.

Level 3

Level 3 you will have Heightened Senses leveled up, which means the way you play the lane changes. Like I said before, when you have at least one point in Heightened Senses, every Harrier proc will now grant you an ATTACK SPEED and MOVEMENT SPEED steroid for 2 seconds. So, when you auto attack a champion with a Harrier proc, you will want to use this DPS steroid to trade more after every auto to make the most out of our Harrier steroids.

Level 3 onwards, and this works best the more points you have in Heightened Senses, I like to use my Harrier move speed to go in for engages, and also to juke skillshots. For example, if my enemy is playing back and I'm in kill potential since they are low on HP, I stand back a bit, and when my Harrier passive marks one of my minions, I consume this Harrier proc on the minion, and instantly run towards the enemy champion with my enhanced Movement Speed from Harrier. This will catch your opponent off-guard since they underestimate your Movement Speed, and thus, will allow you to secure a kill on the target.

Level 6

Now that you have Behind Enemy Lines leveled, you can use ult to fly back to lane quicker. This means that if you are low, you can back and fly back to lane without worrying about losing too much CS.

I want to make this note that I recommend not to roam much early game on Quinn because you only gain 70% Total movement speed level 1 Behind Enemy Lines, which isn't as fast as you think. This means that if you roam bot, for example, and it doesn't work out, now you just lost multiple plates and a whole lot of CS top lane, which will set you SUPER far behind. Only roam when you have the perfect opportunity to. You can roam mid more often since it's close in proximity to top, but only roam bot when you have the perfect opportunity to do so!
Thank you for reading this guide! I hope I was able to teach you about Quinn and help you, even if I only helped a little bit! Watch my Quinn guide video linked at the top for a more in-depth guide. If you're interested in seeing more of Quinn, please follow my Twitch or my Youtube.

I will update this mobafire guide frequently, and right now I know I am missing a whole lot of information. As it stands, this mobafire is in the VERY EARLY works, and I plan to put in a whole lot of work until I find that I can provide all of the information that I know about Quinn on here. I started making this guide on March 16th, and I wanted to drop it along with my video guide on the 17th. I will update it a whole lot, and transfer over a lot of the information from that guide & my Ultimate Quinn Guide Spreadsheet onto here to make it easy to read and understand! :)

If this guide is helpful, please shoot an upvote! VALOR ON BABY <3
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League of Legends Build Guide Author quinn adc
quinn adc Quinn Guide
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*UPDATED SPLIT 2* [14.11] QuinnAD's SEASON 14 CHALLENGER Quinn Guide

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