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Shaco Build Guide by GinWinsky

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GinWinsky

[Updated/Working] Shaco CAN One-shot/ Shaco CAN Frontline

GinWinsky Last updated on August 4, 2017
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Why would i use Shaco? He's so hard!

Some reasons why you should REALLY consider to try to master Shaco:

1. Shaco, unlike some other junglers, is an assassin who has the perfect kit to go In and Out of most teamfights, and a lot of forms of juking/escaping;
2. If one has enough skill, dedication and attention he can turn into a invisible carry who the enemy will fear through the whole game;
3. Shaco can fulfill lots of roles, like AP TOP, AD TOP, AP MID, AD JG, AP JG, TANK TOP, TANK JG, TANK SUP, AP SUP. If you master shaco and is really good at other roles, you will find yourself winning any lane you want.
4. A shaco main in a match is a reason for them to not farm well, being under towers early, and to be honest, some will play defensively the whole time against him;
5. Extra annoyance while BMing granted! (Extra points of humiliation if you got lvl 7 Mastery with him)

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Build: Why and how strong?

>Why is it good?
-Much better for starters on shaco since it provides the extra tankyness needed to get out from sticky situations you might put yourself in;
-Better against champions with "outplay potential" (ekko, yasuo, leblanc, fizz, etc.)
-WAY better teamfight potential with and without your clone;
-Can pretty much solo anyone with exhaust and ult.
-Still has decent damage to assassinate, take objectives AND annoy with the gauntlet, black cleaver, sunfire cape and hydra.
-Even if you fed early game, can still be useful mid to late.
>When is it bad?
-When teamfighting is just going to lead in your team's death;
-When they are just too strong, shredding through all of your protection and bursting you down with ease, even when you're tanky;
-When your ADC/APC aren't strong enough to assassinate their carries, even when you're tanking.

>Why is it good?
-When the enemy team has no real tank/no teamfighting/sieging potential, you can splitpush your way MUCH faster to victory and burst all the squishies pretty fast in good flanks;
-When they don't have the forms of CC to shut you down, you'll just get stronger and stronger, to the point where they surrender or you take every objective in the game without giving them a form of comeback;
-Extra tower-taking potential. You just break towers SO FAST with your clone at full/almost full build. If they make mistakes with open inhibitors, you can take 'em all before they even notice with mobility boots and youmuu's;
-Pickoff potential off the charts. Youmuu's active and E's passive gives so much pickoff potential and you can catch almost anyone with your gap closer. Also, duskblade's passive is extra good for cleaning vision and making yourself unnoticeable.
-Very anti-motivation. When you're just 3 shotting anyone, they'll begin to be salty, to spam FF and give up. Specially when you BM before killing and spam mastery/laugh afterwards.
-If your team has 1-2 tanks to initiate and the enemy team use their hard cc to disengage, you'll be free to disrupt almost any teamfight.
>When is it bad?
-When they have more than 1-2 really strong/fed champions/hypercarries (yasuo, riven, vayne, etc.);
-When they have more than 2 really strong tanks and CC. In these cases, it is better to just split, counterjungle, take objectives and pickoff with your team;
-When you fed early game and couldn't help your lanes/ enemy jungler is much stronger than you;
-When you have just started and don't know how to properly escape from tight situations where you get caught.

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Hi \o

I'm a Shaco Main from the BR Servers of LoL, called GinWinsky.
I'm inspired by Shaclone and CraiyX and love to play shaco ever since i bought him on season 5. I think in fact that any champion can jungle as long as you know what you're doing and what you'll be doing for the whole game. You just gotta have brains and determination. Thanks for reading and checking my personal builds out :3 <3