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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vagga

Vagga's way of playing! Updated [12.06.11]

Vagga Last updated on July 15, 2011
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Hey guys!
This is a guid simply for my own sake, and for fun! :)
It is my first guide and I guess I am just gonna show my way of building the characters.
I will not go into the playstyle of each character, but I will tell why I choose the summonerspells and builds etc.

P.S. If you don't like it, it is not a very seriouse guide, so don't go ahead with all that bull**** about how bad it is :)

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Vladimir needs MP and survivability mainly from runes, you may also get som AP, but CDR is always sweet as it really helps having ca. 15% reduced cd early and late game.

For marks I choose , simpley because every mage needs MP. I guess there should be no discussion about it.

For seals I choose Greater Seal of Vitality, you could also use , but it is useless render that the vitality seals gives you more health at lvl 6.

For glyphs I choose , the reason for this is that it is better than early game. And late game, IF you have 20 stacks of Mejai's, you don't need the little than what you get from flat CDR runes.

For quintessences I choose , because it gives survivability and a good early game. Here you can also use , which increase your possibility to get an early kill.

This is a jungle build, hence runes specified for jungling. He needs armor and MP, CRD for easier jungle + ulti.

For marks I choose , this is a great help to the jungling, and it is also good for late game, it does increase your dmg on all of your abilities.

For seals I choose , also helps you with the jungling and also as a tank armor is never wrong. You can also use , but I still prefer the armor for late game.

For glyphs I choose , basically to reduce the CD of the ulti and the other abilities, this helps ganking etc.

For quintessences I choose . Flat health is the best for early game, you may aswell use the helping the jungle (as all of your abilities stack with AP), but I prefer the health.

Shen is a lane tank, possibly one of the best sololaners. Therefore he needs armor and magic resistance. MP is nice for the possibility of a kill and some damage in general.

For marks I choose , they give you some extra damage against stacked magic resistance.

For seals I choose , armor for survivability, as I said erlier, it is never wrong. You can also use , but I still prefer the armor for late game.

For glyphs I choose , to increase the MR early game as well as late game. This is indeed a great boost at early game if you end up solo lane towards champions who are AP based.

For quintessences I choose . Flat health is the best for early game.

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Summoner Spells

What I prefer

the reason for this is that with ghost, 1. you can run faster and longer after enemies than with flash, 2. you can use it before your SANGUINE POOL to run away or to engage!

is also very favourable summoner spell, I can't count how many times it has either killed the enemy or have decreased their healing recevied to make me able to kill them.

What you can use
you already know why you can use it.
as Vladimir is not the most summoner spell dependent character, and therefore it is a good substitute.
makes it way to easy to chase an enemy....
as any character staying at lane is very important, makes you better at laning.

If you don't have smite, don't jungle. Simple as that, goes for any jungling champion.

What I prefer
Flash, the reason I choose flash is because it is very good for engaging, if needed. Also an exceptional escape ability.
Ghost is an ability you can use in most situations, faster return to the jungle, escape, chase and so on.

What you can use
Basically what ever else you'd like, but unless your team strongly needs an or , you should pick either of the above.

What I prefer
This is a must I'd say, why? Chase down the enemy and taunt it for your team to kill. Escape an ambush by combining it along with , leaving you very often alive and well after the ambush.
I use this as a way of locking down their ad carry.
Pick Ignite if your team lacks it or if they have several people that are self sustainable like or , or if they have characters with heal such as and

What you can use
What ever else your team might need.

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Why rush Mejai's? Having this as early as possible to stack it as fast as possible. When you have 20 stacks, you are invincible (almost anyhow), because it gives a high amount of AP, and additional CDR.
HEADS UP! In ranked going with Mejai might be very risky as it gains you even more attention that what you in general do (And you gain enough already!) Therefor you might, if your team is not dominating early game change it for something else.

Why go for Spell Vamp when you already have a spell that replenish health? Let me tell you, you will most never die 1v1 if you have Spell Vamp because all your spells replenish health! Rush it if you are struggling with a harsh harassing enemy.

Go for the MP, simple as that. All of your spells benefits from it, leaving you with more health replenished after a trade.

Even more Spell Vamp! The does not stack anymore, therefor you rush a , which enables you to stack it with another Revolver.

At this point you have some AP, this is leaving you off with a lot more. Once you get this item (If you can make it pretty quick) the match should be a win for your team.

Health and AP, this stacks perfectly with both your and your passive . Increasing your survivability by alot, 600+ HP and about 100 AP.

At this point you no longer need your and therefor you should sell it and replace it with . Lots of ability power, but not at least probably the best passive, 100% chance that your next auto attack after an ability is increased by 100% of your ability power. When you have 700-800 AP this really hurts. It also making attacking towers fun!

What you can get

If you are having a hard time facing another mage mid early game ( / ) this might help you out. But I would still recommend .

CDR, Increased health generation and MR, an item worth noticing if you are having a hard time early on.

If they start stacking up MR this might be your best choice.
They start stacking up HP? Pull of the active ability and reduce their HP by 40-50%! How do you think a Dr. Mundo would feel when you push that up his face?

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As Vladimir, your ultimate is not such a "big deal". Yes, it does ok dmg, staks ok with AP and it also icreases your dmg to the target. But it is not a gamebreaker, and it is not what you rely on. As Vladimir it is not your ulti that makes the diffrence, but SANGUINE POOL, as probably one of the most overpowered skills in the entire game! As your ulti is not as good as many other ulti's. It gives you invurnability, survive Karthus ulti, Caitlyn's ulti or any other spell or stun. It also causes damage and slows your enemy! This is a spell to reckon with and to really appreciate; engage with it, damage with it, slow with it. Or even escape, it does not matter, this skill is too good! It is probably the skill that makes him the most hated. It is not the life steal, since all your skills are based on health instead of mana, but the fact that you can attack them without them being able to target you! <3

Amumu has one of the best ultimates in the entire game, it is a game changer no doubt. What it ultimately does it stunning the entire enemy team (If you can manage to hit all of them) for 2.5 second, leaving their carries, tanks and what not unable to act. This gives you a great chance of an ACE. Leaving the enemy team stunned while your fed or it is certain death for the enemy team. It might as well be one of the best ganking abilities as you grip (Stun) and then cast your ulti upon your enemies.

There are many reasons that can relate to Shen being the best (In my opinion at least) tank in League of Legends, and his abilities is certainly one of them. Shen has a unique lifesaver and way to enter an ongoing battle using his , from where ever on the map he might be stationed. Shen also has an incredible taunt, in which he is able to taunt multiple targets if they are within the range of his , leaving them unable to do much damage to anyone at all. This is probably the best ability Shen has to offer, and this can indeed be a game changer if you just hit the right targets.


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