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Viego Build Guide by Rastub P

ADC 👑Viego The King who Ruins your lane [ADC]👑

ADC 👑Viego The King who Ruins your lane [ADC]👑

Updated on February 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rastub P Build Guide By Rastub P 21 3 29,222 Views 2 Comments
21 3 29,222 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rastub P Viego Build Guide By Rastub P Updated on February 26, 2021
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Runes: Poke the Grap out the enemy

1 2 3 4 5 6
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


ADC so duh
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

👑Viego The King who Ruins your lane [ADC]👑

By Rastub P
Who tf im?
My name is Rastub that just is a basic guy who just liked viego in that one game and have made guides before like the seraphine what i may or may not Finnish it cus Viego is cool maybe but here the link if u think imma cool guy
The guide also if u are really liking me and want to praise me heres my YT channel that i have been reservedly making some funny content so if u want go ahead and subscribe so i can sleep happy
Just to tell u before u go in
I want to warn u that this is ain't 100% good idea and its really up for u if u want to go and get f if failing your lane. what i'm try to say is that this guide ain't the GOD like guide and u can just go and make your own build if u don't like the items and all.
also im trying my best to make this guide
Why does this exist?
Cus i think Viego can really be Great ADC melee champ that should be a meta ish justl like our boy Yasuo ADC is u can go ahead and try to be even more deathly with Yuumi at your back or then u just being Yuumi <:D but i really hope that this guide is going to be a new meta adc champ that can Work in some kinda way
So Is Viego ADC good?
If u ask me YES He is in the way i mainly recommend u to 24/7 ban Morgana cus she can be PAIN but now u may ask "So Is Viego Troll or Nah" well depends how your team feels of course but the reason why i thing Viego ADC is good idea is cus 1 He has 225 Range making him 2? Longest Melee Range Champ and also 2 that his Q Blade of the Ruined King (not the Item!) scales with Crit with hitting 2 with Q passive and also his not really a copy of pyke ult cus this one u mainly going to hit mostly his R Heartbreaker making Viego be Great ADC but 3 Reason is cus his Passive Sovereign's Domination that makes u A have some hp back and also get enemys items and moves for short amount of time and that is the reason to have the Triump in your rune cus u get so much Hp making u instantly go back in fight against that Jg PERSONwho is ganging your lane in his 5 time in 12 minute but also when u take over some ones "body" or u wanna go not chad way "possessing the body" your R Hearbreaker Resets instantly making u again using the R and killing EVERYONE Also Reminder u will loose the re use of your R if u dont use it in short amount of time, also if u haven't use your R Hearbreaker before taking the enemy body and use your then Hearbreaker no worries your ult haven't went in 100 sec CD but went to 10-30 sec or something srry im not your professor im just trying to make ADC Viego a thing or if u wanna go cool anime name u can call him Diego (and YES! that was a jojo reference)<:D
How to i play ADC viego
U first Do this or what ever abilities u want to use like u can use Q Blade of the Ruined King to Harrowed Path into last Spectral Maw its up to u of course but i recommend to play safe till u get level 2 or 3 cus that the only way u can engage the enemy.
And always take over enemy body or "possess it" if u wanna go that way and then just go for it attack it really does not matter what champ u take over cus u can still get out with your R able to be recast-ed
So is it fun to play ADC Viego
Its is really fun to play if u ask me mostly when u start getting a 1 kill in team match u are getting on fire and start killing everyone left and right like Jesus Chrish it is a really fun champ to play in ADC like go ahead and try it u can play Rank or non rank if u wanna try your luck then go in rank
Tier list of "possessing the enemy"
This is a tier list all champs who are OP at for Viego passive Sovereign's Domination or just bad.. I made this mainly cus why not it will come more when i keep playing Viego so expect more in this list
Tier: 4
Really good when using Blade Whirl, Wild Rush and then last Heartbreaker his passive Daredevil Impulse aint really good cus u cant use his Ult at all but ay atleast u can throw enemy samira a coin <:)))))) and his Q Flair is kinda good for some extra damage

Tier : 3
She is pretty good assist when using Black Shield and Dark Binding making u an great OPENING! for your Heartbreaker to use at the enemy his W Tormented Shadow is kinda Meh also the passive Soul Siphon to is kinda meh but rather than that she is really good with Black Shield but of course very hard to kill Morgana Tho
Tier: 3.5
Udyr is kinda good mainly with his E Bear Stance cus he get many SPEED and its very good for Heartbreaker Turtle Stance is good too Of course Tiger Stance is kinda ok but passive is good Monkey's Agility Udyr is kinda good mainly good for Chase moments with Bear Stance sadly u cant use Phoenix Stance tho but i bet u do not care about it
Tier : 4
Urgot is pretty good to take cus he can dash and stun the enemy with Disdain giving u a change to beat the enemy with W Purge and ending with the Heartbreaker his Corrosive Charge is ok with the slow passive Echoing Flames is of course good for Purge
Tier : 3
He is good with his stun Shocking Orb and slow Eye of Destruction also the charge ability Arcanopulse and these are good for Viego then using Heartbreaker as his last move cus Xerath does so many damage when doing the combo. His Passive Mana Surge is pretty useless cus u dont use many that much for obvious reasons
Tier : 4.5
Jhin is pretty good for Viego cus he can use his E Captive Audience same as Caitlyn can what will actually help u for litte while like good to put your E Captive Audience at the river so that enemy jg cant Gank u easily his Q Dancing Grenade is good mainly for minion wave of course of course. his W Deadly Flourish Is very good u just need to hit once the enemy then E making the enemy Root and then use Heartbreaker as the last. His Passive Whisper is pretty good giving u MS and gives u Crit damage as the last bullet.
Tier : 2
She is kinda good for Viego but lacks a lot because if u fail your Q Bladesurge u just got rid of your important move of Irelia whole kit i mainly recommend to use Flawless Duet first and try to hit some one with it so u can atleast use Bladesurge twice so u can atleast get some hp back and do some DMG or then attack minions when they are low HP Defiant Dance is ok i guess. the good combo what i can say is Flawless Duet and then stun the enemy and use Heartbreaker as a last move his passive Ionian Fervor is only good for use if u get all the stacks
Tier : 2.5
The reason why Olaf is tier 2.5 is cus he needs his R Ragnarok mostly and u cant have it so yeah he does of course have good moves like Undertow is good for slowing the enemy and giving you change to kill them with Heartbreaker his W Vicious Strikes is pretty good ngl same as his E Reckless Swing his passive Berserker Rage tho is great in some fights
Tier : 2
Katarina is not great when she need his ult Death Lotus the most in fights she is pretty good when u get some kills with his passive Voracity Bouncing Blades and Preparation are good when u pick up your weapon of the ground by walking or using Shunpo but rather than that she is not that bad or good in the way Preparation is good tho for MS and for Heartbreaker by catching the enemy
Tier : 4
Wukong is really good actually his W Warrior Trickster is good if u A Run the Duck away like doing the secret joastar family bloodline move or B attack... Just like Twitch but faster his E Nimbus Strike is great too giving you a way better change to kill the enemy and even use your R Heartbreaker Wukong Q Crushing Blow is Nice with because your W Warrior Trickster will do the move too! Wukong passive Stone Skin is ok because its makes u tank MAYBE
Tier : 4
Sett Is very good if u ask me. Even tho he cant have his R The Show Stopper he is very good CC and tanky as well with E Facebreaker he by ez to stop the enemy by running away form you and giving u a change to use the R Heartbreaker Q Knuckle Down is good for doing the "Chase" at the enemy and also it resets your basic attack too, but now saving the best for the last is HIS W Haymaker!!! this thing does so much damage mostly when u hit the enemy at the middle doing some TRUE damage its good for E Facebreaker and the W Haymaker to do damage IF the enemy is tanky Sett your W does DAMAGE! also this gives you some SHIELD his passive Pit Grit is nothing much (mostly the Garen passive 2.0 that heals u faster by 5% of your missing hp) he does more damage when hitting the enemy with a other ARM also a small bigger range too <:D
Flexing my Things
Heres me getting Pentakill as First time as ADC viego

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