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Viktor Build Guide by Ableton

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ableton

Viktor S4 - Destroy, then improve

Ableton Last updated on August 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys, this is first my first guide on this website, and english isn't my first language so constructive feedbacks would help me a lot for further guides
I hope you'll enjoy it !

I'm actually plat III, I play since season 3 and I main that badass champion named Viktor


The strength of this champion is unknown by many players at the moment, and this is what it makes him even more powerful

Actually I have more than 100 games with him but I'll keep increasing this amount because Viktor is an amazing champ

Viktor is a burster, once fed you can one shot the ennemy carries without any problems


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+ Huge Burst, easily kills squishies with R Q E
+ Death Ray is a powerful skillshot with good ratio
+ Can Deal with melee champs thanks to Power Transfer AND range also thanks to Death Ray
+ Gravity Field and Chaos Storm are very strong in teamfights
+ Unknown champ
+ His silence can shutdown champs like Katarina
+ You can use Death Ray while walking or using other spells

- Very squishy
- No escape except Gravity Field, even though it is hard to chase a Viktor
- Poor wave clear without Augment: Death
- Hard to master because of his skillshots and you need to move your ult while fighting if it goes in the wrong direction
- Walks like a snail
- Needs to be close the teamfight for full burst


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Classical AP Mid masteries 21/0/9
Why Culinary Master instead of Runic Affinity ?

I tried both of them and I finally chose Culinary Master

- Better sustain in early
- If you build a Athene's Unholy Grail, your mana regen is already very good and blue buff isn't really necessary if you don't spam your spells

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Why do I recommend this runes ?

Yellow : Armor are probably the best runes, mana regen isn't necessary at all on VIktor
Blue : If your opponnent is an ap too, otherwise feel free to pick some offensive runes here
Red : Magic pen are the best red runes
Quint : Ability Power obviously

You can now use scaling armor and magic resist, a mix of flat/scaling is really good

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Your Death Ray is your main source of damage, max it first
Combined to your Augment: Death you will do tons of damage in mid-late game

Then max your Power Transfer and finnaly your Gravity Field-[/colour]


Always start with this abilty ! This is a pretty strong harass lvl 1 for a really low mana cost
It will also offer you a shield but be careful : the shield needs time to come back to you before protecting you
Power Transfer is very strong against melee champions, so if you feel you need to max it then do it
The only drawback you may encounter is a poor waveclear, so do not max it vs pushers like Zed


Probably one of the most epic skillshot in this game. Do use it when you walk or while auto attacking a creep for surprise effect. This spell doesn't have any casting time, remember it !
This is a strong harass in lane, and it allow you to farm from a fa if you are in difficulty .
With Liandry's Torment and Augment: Death you will have a nice double DoT which can surprise your opponents
Death Ray deals TONS OF DAMAGE so abuse it when needed.
By the way, Death Ray reveals bushes so do not face check with Viktor unless you are OOM

What makes a Viktor impossible to chase. Take it lvl 3 then you're almost immune to gank. Combined with Chaos Storm, ennemies will be trapped and will take tons of damages over a few seconds. Don't forget it needs to slow before stunning, so Master Yi will not be stunned while Highlander for example

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Summoners Spells

Best choices

: Probably the most useful summoner spell, you can do everything with it. A must have

: Extra damage will help you killing ennemies, in lane or teamfight, and will shut down regenerating champions like Dr. Mundo

Other viables choices

: If you need to back often then you may take it

: If you play vs agressive champions then you can use it if needed, such as LeBlanc

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The right combo

How to burst an ennemy with Viktor ?

When you hit 6 on your lane : if your ennemy is below 50% health, then you are ready to go

Flash in + Chaos Storm + Power Transfer / Death Ray (try to do it at the same time) +
You have 0.5 silence on your ult so be quick to burst your target. It oftens leads to a First Blood

In teamfights : It's almost impossible to engage with your Gravity Field, so just wait the fight begins before going. Try to catch the carry and the best combo is Chaos Storm + Death Ray + Power Transfer
Silence before using your other spells then your target can not flash out

If you are not sure to manage to place all your spells on your target, do not engage with your Chaos Storm

Viktor needs experience to be fast enough to place all your skills in a few seconds. Even though I have more than 100 games with him, sometimes I'm not fast enough to full combo a Lucian or LeBlanc before he dashes out

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Early Game

Doran's Ring + Health Potion : Best starter at the moment for the midlane

Back and get Chalice of Harmony and Boots of Speed

Core Build

Athene's Unholy Grail : Very nice item. It offers you what a midlaner needs, Mana Regen, magic resist, AP and CDR. Except if there is no ap in the other team I recommened this item

Augment: Death : The most viable augmentation, even though Augment: Power may be used in a few situations, if you play Viktor top lane for example. Don't forget that this item scales with lvl, so the more you stay on your lane without backing, the more powerful you are.

Sorcerer's Shoes : Classic boots for midlaner, grants magic pen

Liandry's Torment : Again some magic pen, but grants extra HP and AP. Very nice item

Late Game

Zhonya's Hourglass : Viktor isn't a high range middler, so this item is very useful for him. The armor bonus is also very strong

Void Staff : Cheaper than Rabadon's Deathcap and almost as efficient. Very nice item I build in late game, because in early players don't tend to buy Magic Resist so just pick Flat Magic Pen early

Others viable items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter : Huge synergy with your Chaos Storm. Perma-slow ennemies trapped in, nobody can escape you anymore

Rod of Ages : I don't like building this item on Viktor but this is still viable, as Viktor needs a HP Pull as average-range mage. Viktor is a burster ap mid but unfortunately he has to live as long as possible to keep his ult at the right place.

Rabadon's Deathcap : If the ennemy team doesn't buy magic resist, take this item instead of Void Staff

Abyssal Mask : viable choice if you need to rush in melee or if they have a lot of ap damage

Morellonomicon : Can be nice against Vladimir or Swain but it's not my favorite item for Viktor

Lich Bane : Viktor's auto attack is awful, do no build this item. Moreover, this item has been recently nerfed

Deathfire Grasp : You still have lot of damage without this item, not necessary at all.

Will of the Ancients : No comment

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Viktor is deadly with champions who have AoE CC in their kit. His Gravity Field and Chaos Storm are excellent then.
For example, here's a list of champions Viktor is good with

Leona : With her Solar Flare, you can put your Gravity Field easily

Wukong : His Cyclone does almost the same thing than Leona's Solar Flare

Amumu : Curse of the Sad Mummy is also very good

You can add Lissandra and her Ring of Frost, Jarvan IV and Cataclysm, etc..

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Here's a map of the wards I usually put on the map

Green : Important Wards for your laning phase

Blue : Others wards you may put later in the game

Pink : Pink wards

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Match ups

Easy match ups

Easy match up for Viktor are champions without mobility and having a lower burst than him

Swain : My second main on the midlane. Viktor destroys Swain in every points. You outrange Swain and if you manage to Gravity Field him, just Chaos Storm + Power Transfer + Death Ray + Ignite and he's dead whatever happens. You can build Morellonomicon against him.

Katarina : You outpoke Katarina and when she uses Death Lotus, use your Gravity Field and Chaos Storm. She's dead.

Brand : Try to dodge his skillshots. If you manage to dodge them, you will out damage Brand easily. But care if he manages to stun you.

Malzahar : You have a better harass than him with Death Ray. Post 6, when you think he will use Nether Grasp, put a Gravity Field to interrupt him and Chaos Storm. He has no chance to escape you.

Vladimir : It is unlikely to see Vladimir on midlane but I already met some. If he comes close to you, you will outtrade him with Power Transfer + Death Ray. Once 6 burst him, wait him to use Sanguine Pool, then just Chaos Storm + Ignite.

Medium match ups

Ahri : Ahri is easy to shutdwon pre-6, but once she get her Spirit Rush it becomes way harder to kill her. Try to get a kill before she gets 6 and it should be ok. If she kills you first, she will unfortunately snowball you.

Anivia : You are both very slow and have a nice burst in late game. Anivia's passive is annoying, if your jungler comes just put a Gravity Field when she comes back to life and you'll get the kill. Try not to be hit by Flash Frost because that really hurts. Skilled match up.

Akali : Your Gravity Field counters her Twilight Shroud but she's a threat once 6. If she dashes on you, put your Gravity Field and your full combo. If you didn't kill her and you are low HP you should back because she outsustains you and deals more than you if Chaos Storm is on CD.

Fizz : If the fizz plays very well it may be hard for you. He can dodge your Chaos Storm while jumping. If he hits you with Chum the Waters put Gravity Field on you. Harass him early with Power Transfer but take care after lvl 6.

Mordekaiser : One of the camps I don't really know how to play against. But usually it's fine vs him, I don't really know why. The Gravity Field prevents him from attacking you so his shield can't be stacked.

Karthus : Not as easy as you may think. With Viktor you need to come close your target and his Defile is really annoying. If you see a Requiem then Power Transfer immediately. It may save you.

Nidalee : Kill her first, you will snowball her. She kills you first, you will have a bad game. Harass her before she gets 6 then she can't all-in you once she is 6. Rush Chalice of Harmony.

Veigar : He one shots you, you one shot him. I suggest you to take Magic Penetration in early because his ult has a ratio from your Ability Power. Chalice of Harmony, Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes are good items vs him. If you need to take Cleanse, take it is very useful versus Veigar.

Syndra : Really depends of your skill. Syndra is a scaring champ. She has a better range than you but she's skill shot dependant like Brand. If you are stunned and she is 6, you will probably die. So dodge most of her skillshots and try to catch her in your Gravity Field. You'll probably need your jungler.

Gragas : The old Gragas was damm too stronk but with his nerf on Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask you can deal with him.

Lux : Way too much range with her Lucent Singularity. Don't get caught in her Light Binding and try not to miss your Death Ray. You will probably only hit a few Power Transfer and killing her without jungler is kinda hard. Still, you can surprise her with Flash and if you come close enough .. You willd estroy her in Chaos Storm

Medium/Hard match ups

Ziggs : Same comment than Lux. Too much range, hard to kill without jungler but you still can waveclear and not lose a lot of CS. You'll probably never hit a Power Transfer neither and Ziggs is really strong against non-mobile champs like Viktor.

Talon : You have no choice to rush Zhonya's Hourglass against him because he deals tons of damage]. However, if he cutthroat on you, move backward and put your Gravity Field as soon as you can. If he gets caught, Q+E and you win the trade.

Orianna : Very strong against non-mobile champs, rush Athene's Unholy Grail and use only Death Ray. If you try to land a Power Transfer she will punish you with Q + Z, so stay from a far until your jungler comes. You are better in early tho, so try to kill her ASAP. In late game she probably outscales you.

Diana : Once 6, she will jumps on you with her Lunar Rush and you will suffer. Try to kill Diana before level 6, otherwise it will be hard for you to win this lane. Use your Gravity Field to counter her Lunar Rush. If Diana doesnt buy Abyssal Mask or Rod of Ages you can still kill her, but you will both almost one burst each other.


LeBlanc : Rush Negatron Cloak against her. Once 6, play very safe. If she lands on you Ethereal Chains, you are dead. When she roams, push hard the lane with Death Ray, you'll be able to take quickly the turret. Try to harass her lvl 1 with Power Transfer to take a small advantage on the lane because when she hits 3, you will not be able to trade with her anymore. Be careful when using Chaos Storm because of her Distortion. Use it at the right moment and try not to feed her. You will be more useful in teamfights.

Kassadin : I have no idea how to play against the new Kassadin yet, but his moblity is still annoying and you'd better ban him.

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Q : Is Viktor a viable champ ?

A : Just have a look at this and decide by yourself.

Q : Is it safe to first pick Viktor ?

A : If Leblanc is banned, it's possible to win your lane as Viktor since he's a skilled champ, you have always possibilities to kill your opponent by making nice plays. But if your opponent is better than you, you may obivously lose .. Don't forget that Viktor can deal with melee ( Power Transfer) and range ( Death Ray) champs. That's what makes him safe.

Q : Is it worth to buy Creator Viktor ?

A : Yes it is.

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I hope this guide will help you to master Viktor and to enjoy playing him.

That'd be great if I had some feedbacks, please read it and try it. It took me a lot of time to do this.

Thanks to this guide, it helped me a lot :

I'll hope you'll join the glorious evolution !