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Volibear Build Guide by Panfuu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panfuu


Panfuu Last updated on September 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Intro before the Introduction

Honestly I will try to work hard on this guide because Volibear has a huge potential to be the best Survivor of all Champs, maybe i will change the complete Itembuild to figure out whats the best for Volibear.

I play him mostly Bot lane with an AD/AP-Carry/Hybrid

But you can also play him Top with this Build, the Guide for it will coming soon.

PLEASE Feel free to comment, help me, and give me some tips i can use to optimize this build. Jokes i have a lot in my mind but Volibear is more complicated ^^

*Edit: Well actually I think The Brutalizer is much better than Razor's Bloodrazor and changed it for a Youmuu's Ghostblade
*Edit: Why not?!? 1.0 Here I explain why I dont use some Items and why I use some
*Edit: Alternatives 1.1 Stackin Doran's Shield?!
*Edit: Masteries 1.1 Named
*Edit: Ingamemovies & Stats 1.1 Volifullbuild kill Baron & Tower solo
*Edit: Edit
*Edit: Interesting Teammates 1.0
*Edit: Pro & Cond
*Edit: Skill Roation 1.0
*Edit: Runes 1.0
*Edit: Masteries 1.0
*Edit: Ingamemovies & Stats 1.0
*Edit: Summoner Spells 1.0
*Edit: Alternatives 1.0
*Edit: Item(build) 1.0

7th highest Voli Guide lol 09.03.2012

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First, im no English Native Speaker so please excuse my mistakes :)

This is my first guide. I have Voli since he came out and always tried to optimize my build more and more and this is the Semi-Result. My build is simply awe ... wait a minute ... some but he needs a lot more work to get the perfext Voli for every Situation. With these Items Volibear should be able to manage nearly every Champ 1on1. He also has a great great survivability.

I will add much, much more gradually to complete this ****in good item build

If you enjoy my Build, give me feedback and send me Youtubeurls of your video, so that I can add them with youre Summoner Name

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Pro & Contras

    - Extremly Overpowerd in the Early Game!
    - Thats a quite good Build for beeing OP in dealing AD/AP/Truedamage PLUS beeing tanky enough to handle youre things alone
    - If anyone sees a running Volibear, they run faster
    - High Heal/Regen + his passive makes him extremly Survival at Early Game
    - When Voli hits 3 Times you can steal any kill, thats a Pro if you play with an Idiot
    - He can run away very fast and can run even faster to chase a champ
    - A very easy Champ and a very effective Supporter

    - CC makes him cry
    - If he feeds or he extremly underleveled or he has no farm/gold, its surely gameover for him cause he is useless

Guide Top

Skill Rotation

Chosen of the Storm
Well this is one of the most usefull Passive ever, it powers Voli in such a way, that the Team with Volibear nearly always get Firstblood. With this Skill you have a backup, so youre allowed to go a Step deeper than any other Champ. Like Anivia's Passive, Volibears Skill is so great, it saves him if he gets ignited or inflicted with DoTs. But when its used, go back if the Enemy isnt low or beatable.

Rolling Thunder
Thats the Skill Voli is Famous AND deadly for, the Rolling Thunder *rofl* With this skill you begin youre Rotation. Look for the Ad/Ap-Carry and use it. You always have to check the Lane if there is a Ganker or a Stronger One in the Brush. Ping before you start it so youre teammate can prepare himself.


Frenzy is the second most powerfull skill of Voli. With it you can get absolutly any Kill, but you should always have in mind, that teammates hate you if you lasthit and dont play inteam

Majestic Roar

This Skill is great to slow a group so that youre teammates can kill and harris them, but its also a great skill to flee from enemys. Use it, flash it, roll it.

Thunder Claws

This is the most powerfull Skill of Voli BECAUSE with this Skill you can easily have doubelkills and triplekills. You have to get the perfect moment to use it, indeed when enemys have half life and are sure to kill you. Then you have to use it and facepalm youre Enemys

My Englishteacher would hate me, if she could see this

Guide Top


You start with Dorans Shield because it gives you the Extra Armor plus nice Health and Regen, just that what you need at the beginning

For more Speed buy these Shoes after Doran's Shield to run faster with youre Rolling Thunder. Finish this to because it gives you this deadly speed the Enemys hates.

For chasing someone without dieing thise Belt is necessary, finish this to Warmog's Armor for ruling the Early-Game

The next item is a nice thing, it gives you 20%Critchance and 20%Attackspeed AND 35 Tenacity, which is quite usefull for running without adverse effects. Buy Cloak of Agility first if you have the money. Let me explain why im using this item. It makes every 5th hit a crit, gives you little more Attack Speed and it reduces the Disables you get when you chase one, its really fine mid game.. honestly. WIth it you should rule over youre Opponent.

For more Gold you can buy Avarice Blade now, are there more teamfights buy The Brutalizer for a bit more damage

Now the most important item on Volibear is the Trinity Force. It gives you a ****in nice Power, for example it passive your Rolling Thunder or any other ability with nice bonusdamage and it boosts everything of Volibear, youre Majestic Roar getting stronger, youre Frenzy does a tic more damage and youre running more faster and deadly with a Speed of 450!!!.... game over. Start building it with Phage or with Sheen

I changed this Madred's Bloodrazors to Youmuu's Ghostblade Because its more usefull and has a very nice Active since it bost up youre Movement Speed and you Attack Speed + Cooldownreduction and Armor Pen. WoW. I start it with The Brutalizer But starting it with Avarice Blade is also good cause it gives you some extra gold early.

lol btw im watchin musictv and theres the video of Gossip Move in the right directionFat. But the Keyboarder rocks.

The last item, Infinity Edge, is for the extra Critchance + Critdamage + Damage which Voli can need. Start it with the item you have gold for.

With this Build youre able to Solo Towers, Solo Baron and actually Solo nearly any Champion.
Im woking on it, to make it more surly ;)

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Let's talk about the alternative items,

for more Magic Resistance buy Banshee's Veil. It gives you Life and Mana, a looot Magic Res + the AbilityShield which cooldowns every 60th sec.
Or you can buy Wit's End Its also a very nice Item on Voli since it gives you Attackspeed, Magic Res and Bonus Damage.
The last alternative for Magic Res is Maw of Malmortius It protects you for Nuker like Leblanc or Ryze who wants to Instantkill you. Buy it instead of Cloak and Dagger
But I think its a great Mid-game Item and i never got busted by Ap Carries cause the need to run.
Youmuu's Ghostbladeis a REAL Alternative for Cloak and Dagger cause it finish off youre Movement Speed and give you some Armor Penetration + More Cooldownreduction
Ionic Spark is also a great Item, you can use it instead of Bloodrazor, it stacks super with youre ulti so youre doing 255 Damage per Hit which hits up to 4 nerby Enemys. But all in all you have to keep an eye on the situation.
Another Alternative for Madred's Bloodrazor is simply The Bloodthirster. It gives you 1/8 till 1/5 of youre Damage back as heal and also has a strong AD basestat.

Stacking Doran's Shield?
Im not hundert procent sure, but my opinion about stacking Doran's Shield is this: If you play vs an AD-Carry Enemy and you die but have 825+ Gold, buy Boots of Speed and another Doran's Shield and if its an Ap-Carry/Deals Ap Damage buy a Null-Magic Mantle to semi-counter it

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Why not?!

Thats the Chapter where I explain, why I dont buy specific items and prefer some other items.

Why not Mercury's Treads? Well thats actually easy to anwser, I just prefer this little Speed of Boots of Swiftness because without them you have at Early Game 390, with BoS you have 410, if you add Rolling Thunder and the 15%/45% make catching every Enemy Champion no matter how far he is away.

Why not Frozen Mallet?? When i played a Game with Voli to experience, I played versus a Voli with Frozen Mallet. Well let's compare Frozen Mallet with Trinity Force. Its quite useless because you have the slow of youre Majestic Roar 30% till 50% for 3 Seconds and the Cooldown is with Masteries about 10 Seconds. With Rolling Thunder and the short stun the Enemy has 6 Seconds to flee - the throw of Voli - 4 Seconds to run freely, and if you bought youre Trinity instead of Frozen Mallet you have a 25% Chance to Slow the Enemy by hitting him + there is the 12% Movementspeed. Well it takes actually very long to explain but its completly logic and comprehensible.

Why not Guardian Angel? It gives a nice boost of Armor, Magic Resistance and it revives you. BUT its still useless in LateGame because it gives you only 750 Health and while youre waiting for the revive, youre Opponent has his Cooldown over and gives you the rest. And since youre a tanky Voli, no one focus you first.

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Now its time for Explaining the Masteries. Damn do you know Carly Rae Jepsendamnit is shee hot, but ok:

I use 21/9/1.... pf stupid

Summoner's Wrath Since I use Ignite it gives me at Early-Game a nice Attackdamage Bonus.

Brute Force For the Bonus Attack Damage, so that I (and my botmate) can fast kill and rule about 'em

Alacrity A little bit Attackspeed is always welcome to Voli, 2% Attack Speed = 0,2Sec faster killing Ashe/Graves/MissFortune/Teemo/YoureMother

Sorcery Thats for the little CooldownReduction. Voli has a quite big Cooldown, so with these 2 Points you can use youre Skills a bit earlier

Weapon Expertise Thats the Armor Penetration we really need cause my Itembuild, my Regulary, hasnt ArmorPen. Thank you Riot for that System

Havoc Thats for Dealing more Damage to Carry/Support/Tanks, and not more

Vampirism Since my Mainbuild has no natural lifesteal I take 3 Points on Vampirism to get a little bit Damage back as life

Sunder Well thats the Wall to the Mart, the Sunder to the Weapon Expertise, the Ying to the Yang, the Pizza to Itali, the Turk to the JD, the...

Executioner And last to increase youre lowlife Damage I skill Executioner

Resistance Just for beeing more Defensive and more Survivalable I skill this and:

Hardiness this little guy, so you increase youre Chance to Firstblood on Botlane without Dieing

Vigor I skill this for an extra Healgen, which I like to have so I can hold my lane a bit longer before i need to go back etc

Indomitable Thats the last Point I forgive, its usefull for running trough minions to the Enemy and using youre Q.. wait?! He is already dead?


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There is nothing to say about the Runes. I take Magic Res and Armor for the Damage Reduction when im chasing the Champ on the bot lane for the kill with my Ad-Carry/Ap-Carry/Hybrid. Thats the Second Reason why im using Attack Damage Runes, they boost up my Earlygame extremly.

My English really sucks but sry sry sry, thats not finished yet i will work on it so hard like its my ***** before i sleep

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the most usefull spell, it can save youre life a thousand times and it cant save the life of enemys a thousand times cause you got'em.

Exhaust is the Opposite of Ghost. If youre Bot and you want to kill the enemy Champ sure take it instead of Ignite.

Ignite is usefull if you play Top or you want to get these "Flashed Aways" Champs which you cannot chase anymore.

Heal. If you play Support Support it may be nice for saving the Ad-Carry but since you have youre Passive you absolutly need it

Ghost is a really nice subsidy for youre Movementspeed. With this spell NO ONE is able to flee from you.... honestly no one, even Usain Bolt and even he gots

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Interesting Teammates

In this Chapter I talk about Champs which fits very well to Volibear

The very first Combo I played was Volibear + AP Teemo

Since Ap Teemo does really nice Damage over Time and blind Enemys, he is an overpowered Teammate
with Voli. Teemo easily counters ANY AD-Carry and let them miss their autoattacks. While this, Voli throw the Carry behind him, slowing him with Majestic Roar and doing some little extra Damage with Fenzy. Teemo's Passive is very welcome for nice Ambushes and Instantkills on squishy AD-Carrys.

The second Combo which is also really nice to play Volibear + Singed

Its not really a Botlane BUT together they do very very nice Damage. One of the mainreason is Volis Rolling Thunder combined with Singed Fling throws every Champ in the Turretarea. While they gots shot, Singeds Poison damages the Enemys per Second. The Second Mainreason is the doubel slow. Majestic Roar combined with Mega Adhesive slows the Enemys 65/80/95/110/125%. 3,2,1..dead

There are many more, the third Combo will be a Collection of AD-Carrys.

1st: Urgot Yes, Urgot, Voli can throw the Enemy to the right/ a free Position where Urgot can hit his Acid Hunter or can lock his Noxian Corrosive Charge for sure. Even if they focus Urgot, he has his Terror Carpacitor which shields him. But the best Reasons is his extended Ulti Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse. Thrown in the right Position will teleport the Enemy directly into the Tower Shot Area in which he is a sure kill.

2nd: Graves Graves high DPS can kill Champs in such a Speed, combined with his Smoke Screen the thrown Enemy has no Chance to escape. Just Buckshoted and a Quickdrawen Graves give him along with Volis Damage the rest.

3rd: Caitlin Caitlins high range (650) offers a huge latidude, thrown in a Yordle Snap Trap and shot with Piltover Peacemaker AND 90 Caliber Net the Enemy is nearly dead. Another Way to kill someone sure is to Yordle Snap Trap behind Volis Rolling Thunder and instant use Ace in the Hole. The Enemy has no chance to avoid the bullet.

There will be a Guide for EVERY COMBO WITH VOLI in future, ill keep working on it, feel free to comment and mail me.

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Ingamemovies & Stats

Here are some pictures. I just played him 3 times and see: Thats the Way Voli rocks

Some Volibearscenes with this Guide

Voli kills Baron with FUllbuild

Voli destroys Tower with FUllbuild solo

I keep work on it, relaxe and enjoy the way to the perfect Voli, no matter HOW and VERSUS you play.