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Anivia Build Guide by Milanor14

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Milanor14

Walling 101 - Anivia and her Walls of Doom

Milanor14 Last updated on October 6, 2011
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Hey guys! I've noticed that what makes an Anivia use a pro, is his use of Crystallize, seeing that not alot of guides have put detail on the use of this skill, I've decided to fill in that gap and sharing extensive knowledge on the use and limits of the Ice Wall of Doom. I guarantee that done properly, you'll make the enemy **** bricks when they realize that their perfect escape plan was foiled by a simple skill.

This is my second build, my first one being My Hybrid (AD/AS) Renekton Build but this build is built towards helping Ranked Anivia's dominate the hero fights and ganks.

This Build has NO PARTICULAR PREFERRED LANE it supports either babysitting(On a dual lane with a DPS) AND Solo on Top/Bot OR Mid occasions.

Please don't down vote without trying the build out, or at least taking into consideration the amount of time and work I put into it.

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Pros / Cons

Anivia is well worthy of being one of the few "Easy-to-use, Hard-to-master" Champs because precision is key to using her.


-Great ganker
-Has influence in almost EVERY Hero fight she's in
-Has a built-in revive
-Great damage output
-Quite a long range
-Mighty great Kiter
-Unlimited Ultimate damage output


-VERY Mana hungry Early Game, and especially Late Game
-Picked off first because of damage output
-Hard to master
-Revive can sometimes just prolong death

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- x9

Greater Seal of Vitality - x9

- x9

- x9

The Marks are self explanatory.
The Seals help keep you alive in case you're focused on.
The Glyphs let you cast your skill's more often
The Quintessences are for utility, they help you chase, moving around the map, escape and much more.

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This is the standard 9/0/21 mastery page for Anivia, nothing new about it.

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Item Breakdown: Early Game



Choice #1( ): Go with this if you're on a dual lane and if your Mid or Ganker (either Jungler or Invis) prefers ganking on your lane.

Choice #2( ): Go with this if you're playing SOLO and/or unsure about your teammates.

Choice #3( ): This is my standard starter items. It's universal in terms of balance, without rushing boots.

Recommended: Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potion

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Item Break Down: Transition -- Early to Mid Game

NOTE: This is an optional part of the build, if you feel you can last in the lane long enough to gather your Core Items, then do so. Staying alive long enough for your Rebirth to cool down is recommended.



Choice #1( ): This is where your Meki Pendant turns into, getting this item ensures that you have enough Mana for harassing on the lane.

Choice #2( ): Improves your MovSpd.

Choice #3( ): A good substitute for Tear of the Goddess if you need more of AP than Mana.

Recommended: Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Swiftness

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Item Break Down: Mid Game / Core Items

NOTE: You will need ALL of the items listed. ALL of the items are mandatory in most of the item builds on Anivia.

Morello's Evil Tome: Built from Fiendish Codex, gives a nice early boost to AP and more importantly Mana/5.

Archangel's Staff: Built from Tear of the Goddess, this item's Mana and Mana/5 will be the backbone of your Glacial Storm. Gives you a bit of AP too.

Boots of Swiftness: You'll be thinking, why not a Sorcerer's Boots? It's the exact same reason why you put it on Ashe too; because Anivia has NO escape skill, leaving her defenseless without her Crystallize.

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Late Game / Choice Items

NOTE: Items you see in this section are all OPTIONAL and can be interchanged with one another, according to what is befitting to the situation.

Void Staff: Nearing Late Game, the enemies will have enough of your damage output, they'll build up MRes items, this item will let you avoid that.

Rabadon's Deathcap: Not enough AP? This item is the solution.

Abyssal Mask: Need MRes but don't want to stray off the AP path? Then this item's for you. Though, I don't recommend this item because you'd rather not be near the enemies too much.

Banshee's Veil: If Abyssal Mask isn't enough, then this might item's Unique Passive will save your *** lots of times.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Getting too many kills early on in the game? Getting this item may well be worth your money.

Moonflair Spellblade: When there's too much CC, then this item's Tenacity gains will be useful.

Rod of Ages: This item will be quite useful getting early on, considering it's HP, Mana and AP boost.

Will of the Ancients: AP and Spell Vamp, why not?

You may be wondering: Where the **** is my Zhonya's Hourglass? I assume you're thinking of pairing that with Glacial Storm, which happens to be a CHANNELING spell(even though it doesn't say it). In other words, whenever Glacial Storm is up, and you pop Zhonya's Hourglass' Active, it STOPS the skill, wasting both the Active and the Skill.

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Full Item builds

Note: I haven't inputted a lot of builds on Anivia because her MAIN item build is ALMOST universal.

Against a balanced team:

Against an MRes stacking team:

Dying often?

Getting too many kills?

Too much CC?

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A run down of the Skills

NOTE: I haven't included Crystalize in this section because, like I said, it'll be extensively explained compared to the other skills.

- Rebirth - Your miracle skill, it's automatically activated whenever the cooldown is done upon your death. Only problem with Rebirth is that if nothing/nobody is there to protect your egg, then the revival is wasted, the cooldown starts and your death is horribly prolonged.

- Flash Frost - Your "Bread" skill, goes hand in hand with Frostbite. What most people don't know is that it deals damage upon passing through enemies AND on detonation. So a quick tip on this is that if the "Passing" damage hits, quickly detonate it to hit them with TWICE the damage. When your CORE ITEMS are completed, if the "Passing" and "Detonate" damage of Flash Frost hits, then the ranged creeps will immediately die. Neat trick isn't it?

- Frostbite - Your "Butter" skill, goes hand in hand with Flash Frost. Keep in mind that it deals DOUBLE DAMAGE if the enemy is FROSTED. Frosted effects come from Nunu's Ice Blast and Absolute Zero, Ashe's Frost Shot, Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow and from Frozen Mallet as well as Rylai's Crystal Scepter. That's a fact you don't come across often.

- Glacial Storm - This is what lets you sway the damage during clashes. Glacial Storm lets you deal an infinite amount of damage, provided you can supply the HUGE mana cost of this skill. This skill will be rarely used during early game, to conserve your mana, but as soon as you pick up your CORE ITEMS, you'll be using this skill as often as your mana pool can carry. The minimum usage time of this skill is 1 second, meaning that, given the occassion, that 1 second of slow and damage can either save your ***, or kill a hero's. You have to remember that Glacial Storm is a CHANNELING spell; if you get feared, taunted, stunned, silenced or tossed up into the air and, of course, if you used Zhonya's Hourglass, then it is cancelled.

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Wall Mastery: Mastering Crystallize

Let me ask you a question: What makes a Pro Anivia? Is it the item build? The placing of the Ultimate? Well, in my opinion, a Pro Anivia is an Anivia that uses her Walls properly.

- Crystallize - This skill has an infinite amount of uses. I'll lay them out in more detail as we go on. What's hard about this skill is that the change of the angle gets much more sensitive the closer the cursor is to Anivia, making it hard to make precision Walls under pressure.

I. Influencing the walking path

Influences a creep's, neutral's or hero's path.

Example #1: Let's say Master Yi was farming at bot lane. Your Flash Frost is simply too slow to hit an aware Yi(Considering he IS aware). You can pop your Wall when you get best chance to narrow down his escape route to a bottle neck. This INFLUENCES YI'S MOVEMENT and forces him to take the safest route, which is the path you left open with your Wall. WRONG. If Yi takes the trap, you can predict his movement and send out your Flash Frost and stun him as he is moving through the bottle neck.

Example #2: This time, we'll pretend that Ashe is being chased by a group of heroes(3-5) and you will want to SAVE ASHE but at the same time DRAW THEM INTO A TIGHT CIRCLE to let your Amumu set his ulti correctly. Simply placing the Wall as a bottle neck(Not too tight or you might risk blocking them) will INFLUENCE their movement into a tight line/group allowing any hero with an AoE Disable to set their disable properly.

Example #3: Imagine that a Ryze is running away from you. He suddenly pops his Rune Prison and you're left behind, all your skills are out of range but your Wall. You suddenly spot a friendly Xin Zhao chasing the Ryze but you think that he won't make it in time, provided that Ryze takes the quickest route possible: The lane. The Solution: Place your wall on the correct angle and side of the lane to INFLUENCE Ryze to assume that taking a detour is the quickest route. What he doesn't know is that he's walking straight into the hands of your fellow Xin Zhao. Getting you an assist and some street cred from your mates.

II. Interrupts channeling spells.

Example #1: Say Nunu starts casting Absolute Zero. Pop your wall out exactly on him to push him away and cancel his Ultimate. This works for Pantheon's Heartseeker Strike and Fiddlesticks' Crow storm too.

III. Blocks a path.

Example #1: Lets say that the enemies are running away after a clash. All your skills are either too slow or on cooldown to stop majority of the fleeing heroes. Simply pop your Wall and it should BLOCK their perfect escape route. This is the most common use for the Wall, and I assume that all Anivia players know this.

Example #2: So your team decides to wait in a brush to catch a hero by surprise, but all of a sudden, the whole team comes charging towards your brush. You can simply use your Wall to cut off 2 members from the rest of the team, leaving them doomed to fight 5 heroes for the duration of the 5 seconds. This works greatly on Ranged DPS that only have 1 form of escaping(assuming that their Flash is on CD). It also cuts the enemy tank or Melee DPS from taking out your squishies early in the clash.

Knowing which areas are capable of being blocked by certain levels will help anytime you plan on using Crystallize, I've vandalized the Mini map of LoL to show blockable areas.

Levels 1-2 will be represented by Teal.
Levels 4-5 will be represented by Dark Green.

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Summoner Spells

What I normally get:

- Ghost - Anivia is naturally slow, this will fix things up.

- Flash - This combos pretty well with Flash Frost. Also helps you get out of sticky situations.


- Clarity - I wouldn't suggest this because it gets useless late game. But if you're that mana hungry, then I guess it's ok.

- Ignite - A pretty useful skill if you're up against healers. Quite useful for First Blood.

- Cleanse - Quite useful if you're up against tons of CC.

- Teleport - An all around skill, useful for getting around the map and for ganks.

- Clairvoyance - This' ok if you're going for support than AP carry.

What not to use:

- Heal - First of all, you're not suppose to be near the enemies. Second of all, it's useless late game when the enemy DPS just crits your heal away.

- Fortify - Not so needed, you've got your Flash Frost and your Glacial Storm to stop creep waves.

- Revive - What's worse than dying once? Dying twice.

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Videos coming soon!

Please vote up if you like the build, or even just the Walling part.