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Fiora Build Guide by Shadeslayer808

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadeslayer808

Waltzin 'Round Top Lane-FIORA NEW REWORK INFO

Shadeslayer808 Last updated on July 15, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath 1: Start Doran's Blade+1 health pot. 2: Easy lane for you, his silence can hurt if you dive him, but it's not that big of a deal. Be careful post 6, as he deals a ton of true damage.
Elise 1: Start Doran's Blade+1 Health Pot / or Boots + 3 Health Pots+ 1 Mana Pot 2: Elise is squishy, and provided you can dodge her Cocoon, her stun, you will easily be able to burst her down. Save ulti for after she uses Rappel, otherwise you will waste it. 2:
Jayce 1: Start Long Sword + 3 Health Pots 2: Jayce is squishy, and easy to kill early game. Furthermore, even if he knocks you away, you can always use the second cast of Lunge to catch up.
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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my guide on Fiora, The Grand Duelist.

Please Comment if possible, I really would like to improve this guide and see your opinion about it!

Fiora is an excellent champ, able to carry teams to victory with her amazing pushing skills and ability to assassinate high priority targets with ease. She performs extremely well in the top lane as well as the jungle, able to take on just about anyone with the aid of ganks from the jungler as well as smart itemization choices. She also makes an amazing jungler, but for now, I will only explore her top lane. I will however release a guide to Fiora Jungle soon probably called "Waltzin 'Round Da Jungle", if I get the time! Meanwhile, you can read this amazing guide by Refpsi. Fiora Platinum Level Jungle!

Fiora is getting changed!

Im tentative of the changes, but hope that Guinsoo, who is handling the rework, will be able to succeed in remaking Fiora. I will explore this later in my guide.

As always, please read through the guide before voting!

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Pros & Cons

Whilst I may find Fiora to be an amazing Champion to play, she does have some drawbacks.

Pros: filler filler filler filler filler filler filler fillerfiller filler filler Cons

Great Early Game, levels 1-2-3 fillerfiller filler filler fillerHas Trouble Against CC

Decent Sustain Through Passivefiller filler filler filler fillerBrings no real utility to a teamfight

Excellent Snowball potentialfiller filler filler filler filler fillerLacks any form of CC

Amazing Split-pushing capabilitiesfiller filler filler filler fillerLacks Escapes, Other Than Flash

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are often a tricky choice, each offering different playstyles interesting advantages.
Flash: This is perhaps the greatest spell in the game. It allows engages, disengages and amazing plays. I recommend this as a must on Fiora, as she lacks natural escapes. Some would say Ghost may suit that role, but Flash can take you through walls. Choose your pick.

Heal: This can be scary when used correctly, and it can be taken if you have no other champs with heal on your team. It gives you an instantaneous heal, as well as a movespeed buff, and is a must have on Fiora. Furthermore, it allows you to bait people, as well as allows you to bring some utility to your team. I used to support heal over ignite, however, with new Doran's changes, it is better to take ignite, for an insane early game power.

Ignite: Ignite and Flash is extremely strong, allowing huge kill pressure, and increasing chances of First Blood. However, the spell falls of late game, and as a result, I often don't choose this. Furthermore, when diving people, you can ultimate, then ignite as the ultimate finishes, often getting a kill.

Exhaust: Exhaust is a nice spell to take, however I haven't personally tried it all that much. It offers a little early game kill power, but not as much as Ignite, and in late game, it doesn't scale as well as Barrier. It really is up to you on this one.

Barrier works well in late game, saving you in otherwise lethal situations. You can bait people, and even dive them at early levels and mid game! However, despite the early game power it gives (more health than heal), it falls off late game compared to heal. Also, don't forget that heal gives you a move speed buff. I guess, take this only if u need early game staying power, and are paranoid of double heals within your team.

Teleport: Teleport is also a great spell when used correctly. Split pushing, lane presence and escapes from sticky situations are all great, but sometimes, the opportunities may not present themselves, and unless utilised to the maximum, it's just not worth taking this.

All the other spells are not at all viable on Fiora, and I strongly suggest not running them.

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For Fiora, offensive masteries are really the only viable options. However, there might be some variations on what you take in the offensive tree. Below, I have listed 2 different mastery trees, both that are similar, but offer different results. I have also offered a 9-21-0 tree for those who wish to see how it works. I also plan to try a 21-6-3 mastery page, taking either the increased mana regen or increased movespeed. I will post this when I can.

The Standard Set I Use:This is a pretty standard Mastery Tree for Fiora. I take 4 points in Sorcery, as I benefit from the CDR and my E gives me Attack Speed. The Spell and Blade Weaving works well with Fiora's Kit, as she can pop them with her double casts of Q and Auto Attacks. I don't take Frenzy, as I never build Crit Chance on Fiora, whilst I also skip the Dangerous Game Mastery, as I feel the point is better utilised elsewhere. The defensive tree is also pretty standard, and I take 2 points in Recovery instead of Enchanted Armour, as I don't build enough armour for it to be viable. It is possible to take a more hybrid build by going down the utility tree, but I have found it is rarely worth it.

A Different Set, For More Sustain:
This set is basically the same as the one before, except that it gives me more sustain in lane, as well as allows me to build early crit chance. As a side note, the only crit chance I ever build is an Infinity Edge, but maybe an early Youmuu's Ghostblade or Statikk Shiv would work.

A Defensive Set:
Initially, I was hugely dismissive of going anything other than 21-9-0, or some variation with 21 in offence. However, the Tenacity proves invaluable in the early game, especially against a lot of Champ like Renekton, Riven, Rumble and Irelia. However, you lose a lot of early game kill potential. This set is interesting though, as if offered more staying power in lane, however less duelling power in a one vs one, which seems kind of contradictory.
It still works though, however I strongly advise against taking any points in enchanted armour, as you rarely will build enough armour for it to be useful.

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Runes are often a hotly contested matter amongst League players, now more than ever due to recent patch changes. However, through a lot of play and testing, as well as following the guides of more experienced players than me, I believe I have an interesting guide for Runes.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

I used to follow a different set of runes , but now I'm in strong favour of this set. You get over 100 Ad, at level one, provided you take W. Furthermore, now that Doran's Blade gives you 3% lifesteal, I strongly recommend taking it in combination with this set of runes. I tried using my old set (mixed Attack Speed+Health per Level+Lifesteal) but it just doesn't add up to this set.

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As Fiora, your abilities are fairly straight forward. Some may say that Fiora requires no skill, and cannot make plays. Whilst she may not be able to juke around like Lee Sin, over my time playing her, I have learnt tricks that you can do as her.

Duelist: This is your passive, and is one of the nicer passives in the game. It heals 7 health plus amountequal to your level, every time you deal damage to a minion or Champion. This gives you nice sustain if you play safe, and can stack up to four times. For example, at level one, 4 stacks, will give you 7+1=8 health times 4, so 32 health over 6 seconds.

Lunge: This is your primary gap-closer, as well as a form of escape. It allows a dash to an enemy Champion or minion, and a second dash within 4 seconds with no mana cost. Many players ignore this function, opting to spam both charges of immediately, often letting the enemy escape. This is also useful to dodge skillshots. Nidalee launches a spear? Use Q to dash to a minion to avoid it. A champion is too far away? Dash to a minion, then dash to them, much like Irelia's Bladesurge.

Riposte: This ability is what makes Fiora unique, able to block auto attacks, and nullify the damage, as well as reflect some damage. It can block Gangplank, Jax, Nasus, Darius and more. It also gives an increase in passive damage, 15 for the first point, then 5 damage for every point afterwards. However, unless laning against the champions mentioned above, its usually not worth more than a point or two early game.

Burst Of Speed: Burst of Speed is an attack speed modifier, as well as an auto attack reset. It lasts for 3 seconds, and can stack 3 times for extra movement speed. Furthermore, like Katarina, its cooldown resets after kills, and halves for assists. This is also overlooked, as the move speed buff can help chase, as well as as way to run. Lunge to a minion, pop Burst of Speed, and BAM, a way to escape!

Blade Waltz: This is Fiora's Ultimate. It can hit upto 4 people, starting at the person cast on, and ending on them. The ultimate counts as 5 auto attacks, and hence Doran's Shield and Ninja Tabi will reduce a lot of your damage. It also makes you untargetable, meaning that you can escape sticky situations, as well as Ulti to dodge the CC at the start of a teamfight. Furthermore, you can dive champs under tower, and since the ulti counts as auto-attacks, it applies lifesteal, allowing you to recover health. Oh, and I almost forgot. This Ulti is one of your best chance at a PentaKill. I personally have had 3 official, and 2 Unoffical Pentas, with many Quadra Kills!

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Skill Sequence & Explanations

For Fiora, there are a few different ways to level up your abilities. They change depending on the champions you face in lane.
For Champions With Escapes or Blinds:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This allows us to deal point blank damage, as spells are not affected by blinds. Furthermore, using Lunge, (Q) to dash to someone, waiting for them to burn their escape, then using the second dash can help catch those slippery targets.

R is better than Q, W and E are equal.
For Champions With An Auto Attack Modifier:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

In general, champions like Nasus and Jax counter Fiora. Hard. Skilled players will use their respective ability after your Riposte is down. However, you must still max this first against such champions, as otherwise, you throw away one of your only chances of winning a trade. It also gives you a small AD boost, allowing you to focus on buying more defensive items, such as a Ninja Tabi, or a Randuin's Omen. Oh, and I realise you can't do this in Blind Pick, but you can always choose a 9-21-0 mastery set if you intend to play ranked.

R is better than W, Then Q, then E
For Champions With..Certain Circumstances.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I never thought of this kind of levelling, relying on my previous two methods. However, thanks to some sound advice by GodLostSight, I trialled this set, and after much error, I figured out that it was only viable in some, special cases. For example, level E against Singed, as you can't chase him, and therefore, you can only deal damage with fast AA's. Levelling E is better than Q in this case, as you can do more damage for longer, as well as gain a small movespeed buff. Q onto Singed, wait for him to flip, then Q back, all the while attacking him with your E. The second scenario was when the champion you were fighting was weaker in extended duels, like Udyr at low levels. I may not be able to put it into apt words, but if you give it a shot, I promise you'll do well.

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For Fiora, there are four components you MUST address in items. The first is lifesteal and damage to make it usefull. The second is mobility, the third is armour pen and finally, you need survivability, which includes armour, health and tenacity.

First the Lifesteal and Damage:

These 3 items are the holy grail for Fiora. I strongly recommend that you take at least 2 of them, but not all 3. They all offer impeccable stats, and can hugely help. Ravenous Hydra has an excellent synergy with Fiora, however, getting it as the first item is inadvisable, as you often will push too hard, opening yourself up for ganks. When up against a "Healthy" opponent, meaning they build health, I recommend a Blade of the Ruined King first. Otherwise, grab a The Bloodthirster. After Lifesteal changes, rushing The Bloodthirster is awesome, since it can overheal, plus B.F sword gives a huge amount of Ad.

For Mobility:

These three boots are the only boots for Fiora. In almost every case, take the Berserker's Greaves. They offer cheap attack speed, as well as good mobility. However, when against an AD champ you have trouble against, such as Riven, or Jax, take the Ninja Tabi for the early armour and the passive. Finally, only take Mercury's Treads if you really, really need the early game tenacity. Examples include, once again a Riven, Nasus, or a Fiddlesticks jungle who is camping your lane.

For The Armour Pen:

Once you start getting fed, your opponents will usually start stacking armour or health against you. An early Ninja Tabi by your lane opponent, or even a Chain Vest will greatly reduce your damage output. Last Whisper is an item I always take on Fiora. The Black Cleaver is also extremely good, giving you some tankiness, damage, and the best part? Your ulti applies stacks, so you can shred EVERYONE'S armour. I do however think it is a little over kill to take both items, but it is your choice. After all, Fiora is all about over kill. A side note, taking a combination of the Blade of the Ruined King and the Last Whisper will allow you to melt through tanks, ignoring their armour and health!

For The Survivability:

Maw of Malmortius is a solid pick against an AP team, or an AP top laner, like Nidalee, Teemo, Vladimir and Rumble. Mercurial Scimitar is also very useful against teams with a lot of heavy cc, such as a Leona and Sona. I recommend these as they still offer damage. I guess Zephyr would also work, but you always must keep mindful of going over the attack speed cap, whilst popping Burst of Speed, your E. The Gaurdian Angel, I think, is pretty self-explanatory. Remember, while the passive for the GA is awesome, when it pops, the stats it offers are fairly useless, when compared to other items. You should sell the GA, buy an item, then 5 minutes later, sell the item and rebuy the GA. This is ofcourse, only I you can afford to do this, and are fairly fed. If behind, the stats may be very useful.

For The Tenacity

As you may have noticed or deduced, CC shuts down Fiora hard, which is why Tenacity can really help out. Consider Mercury's Treads for early boots, then sell the boots for a Zephyr, which works surprisingly well with Fiora, with extra Attack Speed and Movespeed. However, I sometimes found myself over capping the attack speed bonus when the Zephyr was used in conjunction with other items and my E, Burst of Speed, but that can be easily fixed. I also tried a Banshee's Veil, however it wasn't as useful as it first seemed on Fiora, with the items mentioned above often being more useful.

Example Builds For Different Situations!

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Laning Tips

Where and How to Lane, Optional!]Laning as Fiora is simple. Early Game kills. Getting fed as Fiora will only happen with aggressive early game plays. That's why flash and ignite can make Fiora lethal early. However, if you do not get kills between levels 1-3, then back off. Junglers will start ganking, afraid of Fiora's power. Most laners will pick up armour, and so on. This is where you have to play smart. In the picture below, I have outlined where in the lane you should play and so on:

Where To Ward:

This picture marks where to ward. On the blue side, ward in purple spots, and whilst on the purple side, ward in the blue areas.

This image shows the zones of safety. The yellow line marks the middle. Keep in mind that this is if you are playing as the blue team. Just reverse this if on the purple side. The Green Circle is your safest zone, as you lack reliable natural escapes,and a flash would take you into tower range. The Yellow Circle is where most of your laning will occur,and freezing lane here will result in an amazing laning experience. Finally, never go past the Orange Circle. It is way too risky, unless you plan to dive them, or they are squishy, and you want to pressure them. The Red Circle, should only ever be if you are pushing their tower. The moment your opponent comes back, back off.

On a side note, I realise that this is the map from before Season 4, with only two bushes in top lane. However, I believe that doesn't make much of a difference to the content displayed.

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Game Walkthrough

This is also an optional chapter, for a game walkthrough!

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Some Nice Fiora Gameplay Videos!

Here is a nice video of a montage of nice Fiora plays:

And this the video of CRS Voyboy playing Fiora:

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In Conclusion, Fiora is an amazing champion, often underestimated, or derided. Her playstyle is unique, and offers a variety of different players to adapt her to their own use. While she does have her disadvantages, her amazing duelling potential, as well as split pushing prowess allows her to work well in Season 4.

Thanks for reading through this guide! My thanks go to Teh GrazzH0pper, for his guide on making new guides, as well as JhoiJhoi for her excellent guide on formatting and layout. I highly recommend you guys check em out!

I'm open to criticism, and am willing to change or answer anything about this guide, but please keep it constructive!

Sincerely, Shadeslayer808

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Fiora Rework?

Hey everyone

Recently, whilst browsing through forums, I found a couple of posts on a Fiora Rework!
Before we begin, keep in mind that this is just a teaser, and the final version is yet to be decided.

This is a screenshot posted by Guinsoo, who has also has posted a more in-depth message on the forums:

For the actual link: Guinsoo's Fiora Rework Questions and Answers

What This Means:

Ok, lets look at this more carefully. The first thing we notice is that of course, her ultimate has changed, and you can read about it on the image. But what has me really excited, yet tentative, is what's below the ultimate's description.

Namely, the description of "upgraded" Riposte. "Fiora can move while parrying attacks and spells; Thrust dash range increased by 100" There are two levels of implications for this. The first is that Fiora can now potentially block CC, as well as spells in general! However, the second, more worrying implication is that Fiora must root herself, or stop moving to use Riposte, whilst her ultimate is down.

A new move called Thrust is also mentioned: "The way we’re choosing to handle this is to give her strong, steady DPS, but have it come in bigger chunks that one might anticipate from a steady DPS champion. For example her Riposte has heavily negative implications on her outgoing DPS… unless she blocks a significant spell or attack, at which point she can respond with a very hard hitting Thrust." This move seems to be part of the new Riposte, and seems kinda cool. I don't think I need to explain this, the quote is fairly self-explanatory.

The second major piece of information is " Disengage, buff stacks up to 4 times, and flips Fiora a little farther." Holy ****! FIORA IS FINALLY GETTING A DISENGAGE. AN ESCAPE!. However, with these changes, you must keep in mind that they are still in testing, and may not be the same when they are finished. Furthermore, Fiora may no longer become viable in top lane, and this worries me.

In conclusion, this seems like a buff, increasing the mechanics involved in Fiora, as well as filling in her weakness, namely the lack of escapes as well as a huge problem with CC. I may no longer be able to enjoy the frankly amazing old ulti, but I am optimistic that Riot will do us justice! My only fear is that they will overcompensate, and release her in an over powered state, then nerf her into the ground, a concern shared by others.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

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Notable Achievements!

Hey Everyone!

Post your screenshots of Waltzin Round As Fiora in the comments.

I realised that to provide validity to my guide, I needed to post my success with it. So, here goes. I realise that the build items in this case are crit chance, but all my other builds followed the normal build I have already listed. I strongly advice against Crit Chance, since your ulti cannot crit, and you deal way too much damage with your spells in comparision to AA's. For example, Q onto a carry, AA, pop W, pop E, AA, Q, and they are usually dead, especially with a hydra proc. In my opinion, not worth.

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Update Log

Wednesday 7th May: Updated Pros and Cons, thanks to YallYall for the suggestion.

fillerUpdated the information about GA, thanks to Wurdnurd.

fillerChanged some of the chapters to a spoiler format.

fillerChanged the defensive items by adding the Banshee's Veil

fillerAdded a link to a jungle guide I like!

Thursday 15th May: Updated Masteries, thanks to YallYall, De La Creator and JPGlew for the ideas.

fillerUpdated items guide again, this time for the Tenacity Items, thanks go to De La Creator and Kelcifur.

fillerUpdated the spell sequence and levelling up guide to include a section on levelling E first, thanks GodLostSight!

Saturday 17th May: Updated item guide notes on GA.

fillerUpdated Items Guide for Tenacity again, this time adding in pictures and a better explanation.

fillerUpdated Items Guide to include more possible final builds, and placed them under a spoiler tag.

fillerMade cosmetic changes to summoner spells.

Friday 23rd May: Added a section on the newly released teaser on a Fiora rework.

fillerEdited some mistakes in spelling and grammar, cheers to Violet to pointing them out.

fillerAdded a section on my successes with my Fiora guide,namely a screenshot!

Monday 2nd June: Changed information about Armour Runes in the Runes Chapter.

fillerEdited Rework Chapter to include information on Thrust, thanks to TheWarrden for that info!

fillerChanged the Summoner spell section. Heal is now better than Barrier.

Thursday 19th June: Finally added the section on match ups! Please give feedback, I need it!

fillerAfter the new Doran's Blade, I changed my items and tips.

fillerChanged the rune set up drastically, as well as cleaned up the guide in general.

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Future Updates

I will soon release a jungle guide to this, however, I need more time to test Fiora with the new Feral Flare, vs Fiora with a Spirit of the Elder Lizard, as well as which trinket is the best on her. Also, I only today, 15th of May, noticed another guide for Fiora called Waltzing Around The Jungle, which kind of annoys me, as I wanted to have a nice theme going. Going to have to think of a new name for the Jungle Guide, open to any ideas!

Make sure you check up soon, as I will be constantly updating this guide.



Im so happy, what I thought would be a failure has been supported by everyone! Lets take this guide to the TOP! Keep up the support, offer feedback and keep the discussion alive! Would love upvotes, but if you downvote, please make sure you state why, so I can address the issues you have. Till Then, May The Fiora Be With You!...(I'm so sorry for that pun)

BTW: I will only update my guide if I change 3 or more things, so, whilst Im always improving it, you wont see the published version as quick as I want you to. Sorry bout that.