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Warwick Build Guide by jhoijhoi

AD Offtank Wanderlust Warwick

AD Offtank Wanderlust Warwick

Updated on June 19, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi Build Guide By jhoijhoi 732 104 5,338,316 Views 393 Comments
732 104 5,338,316 Views 393 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi Warwick Build Guide By jhoijhoi Updated on June 19, 2014
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Let's make this fun.

I am Warwick
>> ToC <<

jhoijhoi's Guides

Who am I?
I often find myself asking this question. Sometimes I lose sense of myself. I feel empty on the inside and the thrill of the hunt is the only thing that excites me anymore. I was good at my job. No, I'm the best at my job. I seek, I hunt, I capture. Only thing is, sometimes my quarry isn't delivered alive. I black out in those moments. I forget who I am and what my purpose is. I rend, tear, bite and disfigure. I am the hunter.

What is this?
I'm not sure why I'm writing this. Maybe to keep some memory, some semblance of who I was and what I'm becoming. Every day it becomes harder and harder to ignore the blood lust. The Starchild's blood would make be whole, repair my mortal soul. She is protected now. I slate my thirst when I dual her on the Fields of Justice. For blissful moments per battle I taste the sweet syrup of her blood and sanity is restored to me. The clarity is always shocking. I become aware of who I am. And I retreat. I'm not sure if I want to return to full sanity. I'm not sure.

Eventually the beast catches up with all of us.

My Victories
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I can smell your fear!

My transformation
>> ToC <<

Why do they fear me?
I was renown far and wide, from the frost of the Freljord, to the high seas of Bligewater. But especially in the depths of the madness that is Zaun, there wasn't a man, woman or child who didn't know my name. I was crafty and ruthless, my sheer determination left me a force to be reckoned with. At first a tracker, I became a hunter. My projects became more and more dangerous, more and more shady. Most of the information was classified, buried, hidden, but my trade involved human trafficking.

Tracking became hunting. I hunted humans. As my prowess increased, so did the respect and fear of the people I worked for. I had seen this. I knew where this was going. Sooner or later, the same people I worked for were going to want me destroyed, want me eliminated. I knew too many secrets, I was getting too good at my work. Slowly the respect tipped towards fear.

I had no other choice.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to defend myself. After all the delicious evil I've committed. My sins do not weigh upon my soul at all; I don't have a soul. There is hardly any human left. I made myself this way. I needed to be stronger, hardier, faster. I needed to be able to keep myself protected. I sought an elixir, one that would make me more than human, better than human. The ingredients were at first easy to obtain: silver from the Shadow Isles, the fang of a Balefire dire wolf... and the heart of a celestial being. This last ingredient stumped me until I learnt about a creature whom lived in an enchanted grove, who healed the sick and wounded. I located her. I killed an unknown woman for her. And I befriended her. I am torn about this, as torn as I can be. We were true friends. But I needed her heart.

And now I can't take it back.
I was crafty. I was ruthless. I lulled her into a false sense of security. I played a game for her heart. I plied her with tales of my "wife", the woman I killed and brought to the grove. I showed her my grief, let it fester into rage and laid a trap for her outside of the grove. There was such sweet satisfaction when my dagger rent her breast. But I was not as crafty as she was. She smote me. Disfigured me. I fled. I had failed my mission, the first time I had not returned with my intended quarry. This time my rage was real. It clouded my judgement. I swallowed the unfinished elixir, and a terrible change came over me. A terrible, wonderful change. Heightened senses, the strength and limbs of a wolf; I had become the ultimate hunter. But at what cost.

What have I become?
I am now an efficient machine of a particular skill-set. On Summoner's Rift I mainly slate my blood-lust on woodland creatures. Hunter and Jungler, in my opinion, is synonymous. I am not often chosen to battle on the Fields of Justice, despite my obvious talents. My trade requires patience, timing. Other champions can initiate early skirmishes and I envy their prowess, but I need experience of my enemies before I can best utilise my abilities. For instance, I must Infinite Duress the correct target. In a teamfight, knowing when and who to suppress will make or break how my team handles the engage. My Hungering Strike also has hidden mechanics: striking a tanky enemy will heal me more and hitting a squishy will kill them faster, I have to gauge which is more important on the fly and go with it. And sometimes the wolf within gets the better of me: Blood Scent allows me to track low health enemies, but I become excited and howl, giving the gank away.

I am the hunter.
A Jungler is a role often seen in Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. A Jungler earns gold and levels up through experience via the neutral creeps located in between the lanes, better known as “the jungle”. There are many benefits of a jungler on the team:
  • Allied lane champions top and mid lane gaining 100% XP, whilst bot lane is traditionally shared.
  • The Jungler is an ally on your team that can help whichever lane is having the most trouble OR, even better, snowball a lane that is already winning. This attribute is also a psyhcologically negative factor for the enemy team, as the jungler can be anywhere at any time to gank a lane, forcing the lane to hug the tower to protect themselves.
  • Baron and Dragon control; these objectives give global gold and experience that can greatly contribute to winning the game.
  • Gold income is "static" and can't be "taken away" from me unless the enemy jungler counter jungles me/my allies pop into the jungle for a quick snack.
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I'll feast on their bones.

Learn my trade
>> ToC <<

> > >
Obviously I choose to deal more damage by learning more about Infinite Duress whenever possible. Hungering Strike is my only other ability that deals damage, provides health return and is a ranged spell, which means it is easier to hit than an auto-attack - I choose to max this ability first. Blood Scent is leveled second, in order to abuse the enemy detection and movement speed bonus. Hunters Call obviously requires me to be in range of whatever I'll be attacking, and as such, should be leveled 3rd. I don't need more than one point in Call for jungling, I promise, though if I'm part of a heavy push or heavy AD team, Hunters Call is acceptable to be maxed second.

S Eternal Thirst (Passive): Eternal Thirst rewards me for targeting the same champion/monster/minion. With each auto-attack, I deal magic damage which heals me for the amount of damage done. Whilst this lifesteal may not seem like much, it actually equates an auto attack from most of the jungle creeps. S

S Hungering Strike (Q): Hungering Strike is a phenomenal ability. It heals me for a huge chuck of health, and deals 16% of the enemies max HP in magic damage. In the jungle this ability allows me to complete a whole path without any worries of dying. S

S Hunters Call (W): Hunters Call synergises nicely with Eternal Thirst. The two coupled together means I'll be life stealing a whole lot of health from my target. What's even better, is that its an aura type ability that gives nearby allies the bonus attack speed too. This skill is great when I'm taking down towers, jungle camps and eventually, Baron. I grab this ability first to help me slaughter the jungle camps. S


S Blood Scent (E): Blood Scent is incredibly useful for enemy detection. If the enemy team has a weak jungler that will have to recall often, grabbing a point in this before level 4 will allow you to outrun/find bleeding junglers. Max this ability second. S

S Infinite Duress (R): Infinite Duress is one of the four suppresses in League of Legends. Like Malzahar's ultimate, I'm locked in place for its duration next to the enemy champion I've targeted. There are a LOT of bugs surrounding this ability, and I'll list them below - hopefully I'll read them in the future so I don't encounter the errors again myself. S




My standard battle combo is to initiate with Flash + Infinite Duress, immediately suppressing the target (obviously I avoid using my ultimate on someone who can cleanse or otherwise escape, like Gangplank). Once Infinite Duress finishes, I immediately claw my target with Hungering Strike and activate Hunters Call to get in a few auto-attacks to kill them. If they run, Blood Scent keeps me close on their tail.

Generally speaking, if I haven't killed them, they will Flash in fear. This is also known as a successful gank. Their Flash is now down for 250 seconds. When my ultimate comes up again, I return to finish my job.
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I smell their stench.

Supplements to my power.
>> ToC <<


Q: Is this the best set-up for me?
// If I know who I will be battling on the Fields of Justice, I may prefer a tankier 0/21/9 set up. Sometimes I feel that I can get away with a 21/9/0 set up, but those games are rare. I work well with a tankier set up until I get used to how much damage I can take. The current displayed mastery page is a great mix of damage and survivability with some utility thrown in; it's a good basic page when I'm note sure how I'll be building end game.


greater mark of hybrid penetration
This rune set-up is for a more experienced jungler, someone who knows how much damage they can take in a skirmish. Quints of Swiftness allow for traversing the map and Marks of Mixed Penetration boost your damage early, mid and late game. Seals of Flat Armour mitigate jungle minion damage. The Glyphs of Scaling AP are for increasing my damage and survivability in the jungle via Hungering Strike. I would not recommend attempting this page if you are weak of spirit.
greater mark of hybrid penetration
I find that this set up allows me greater survivability. The Life Steal Quints keep me uber sustained in the jungle and allows me to trade damage early game, especially with Hungering Strike. As per the damage description, the Hybrid Penetration ensure damage early and late game. The Flat Armour Seals and Scaling (or Flat) Magic Resist Glyphs have been proven to save my skin against poor engages.

Summoner Spells

sp J
Smite is a must have ability for the jungler; it is useful for securing objectives (such as Baron, Dragon and buffs), and it gives you a significant damage boost in the jungle. Flash of course, is an end all, be all summoner spell, great for escaping or chasing: being able to combo + is a great initiator for a team fight. Exhaust will help in trades and Ignite synergises well with Warwick's ultimate: the standard combo of Infinite Duress + Ignite + Hungering Strike should easily kill someone.
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It's only fun if they run.

In the Jungle
>> ToC <<

Starting Items

Space In the jungle, I am in my element. I rarely need the full 3 potions due to my innate life steal abilities and the life steal quints I use to supplement my kit. However, I always buy at least 3 s as it is best to err on the side of caution. If using Life Steal Quints like recommended, I only need ONE health potion in the jungle, and that's at Blue Buff, with NO help from allies. The Machete will increase my damage out put towards the jungle minions and help your survivability via the health regenerated due to Eternal Thirst, Hungering Strike and Machete's on-hit life steal. I keep my eyes peeled in the jungle for counter-jungling and invades. I use the Sweeping Lens to clear wards in areas I want to gank. Space

Initial Spawn: 1:55
Respawns in 5 minutes
Space First camp - Blue Buff
I start with Hunters Call and walk to Blue Buff and attack the biggest monster. I don't switch targets, as I am rewarded for sustained battle.

I use Smite here. Smite has a short cool down in Preseason 4, so you can use Smite far more often.

I tend to use a Health Potion here when I start to take damage. My allies often help me here, but I don't let them take the last hits; I need all the gold I can get.

Ideally I will only ever have one of my camp's Blue Buff. Blue Buff after my first jungle clear should then go to the AP Carry mid lane. This will make them extremely powerful, especially if the enemy jungler does not give Blue Buff to the enemy AP mid carry.

At level 2, I grab Hungering Strike and use it on the smaller monsters to regain my health.

Initial Spawn: 1:55
Respawn in 5 minutes
Space Second camp - Red Buff
I then head over to Red Buff. As per Blue Buff, I target the biggest monster first, as I want to secure this objective. My Smite is up; I use it when the Elder Lizard is on around 400 health (check Smite to see how much damage it does). If I am having trouble, I don't hesitate to use a Health Potion. I recommend having one potion in your inventory at all times, for JUST IN CASE measures. Completing this camp does not grant you Level 3. You need to do one more camp before ganking.

Initial Spawn: 2:05
Respawn in 50 seconds
Space Third camp - Wraiths
Next I head over to the Wraiths camp. Unlike the other camps, here I take out the smaller monsters first to get them out of the way so they don't deal so much damage to me. At level 3, I allocate a point in Blood Scent. This is a safety precaution, in addition to allowing me to chase low health enemies when I end up ganking.


After I get Red Buff, I'm capable of ganking. Let me tell you about ganking. You can choose to gank a pushed lane, but my ganks are better at level 6, when I access to Infinite Duress. This is a well-known fact. If you have jerks complaining in all chat that "enemy Jarvan has ganked 5 times and WW hasn't touched a lane", just don't bother replying. My ganks are not strong pre-6. The faster I get to 6, the better my ganks are.

Don't try and "get a kill", all you want to do is show your face in a lane and try to burn enemy summoner spells, such as Flash or Exhaust. This can set up kills for your lane without your being there; you won't get an assist, but that's not the point. As you are at Red Buff, the closest lanes are mid and bottom lane. Whatever you do, DO NOT FEED. You currently have DOUBLE BUFFS. Giving these to an enemy virtually ensures your allies lose their lane.

Last tip. If there is a lane that is losing, do not attempt to assist them. Think of it objectively. Would you rather help the winning lanes pwn their opponents, or try to help a losing lane? Remember, giving the enemy your buffs is the absolute worst thing to do as a jungler. If top lane kills you and gets your red buff, your top lane ally is even MORE screwed than before. So. I'm not saying, "don't help a losing lane, ever", I'm saying, "use your better judgement". If top lane is pinging for assistance, but mid lane is pushed in your favour, with the enemy Lux over-extended with no Flash because she burnt it earlier, are you really going to try and face a fed Irelia top lane? Or feed your mid lane and shut down the enemy AP carry?

I should be ganking as soon as you hit level 6 (if you haven't already tried). Take a look at the lanes. It's best to gank a lane that isn't pushed to the enemy tower. Often Top or Bot will call for a gank, but if they're pushed to the enemy tower, ignore them and gank Mid.

Always inform the lane you're going to gank that you're coming. With a little cooperation and coordination, your allies can bait the enemies into over-extending, allowing you to land a Flash + Infinite Duress combo. If nothing else, your ult and a few auto-attacks will send the enemy off the lane, allowing your allies to free-farm until they return.

The below video consists of two successful ganks. There's not much more I can tell you about Warwick gameplay. The best way to learn a champion is to play them in game :) Practise jungling in a custom game before you try it in PVP though ^^

Team Objectives

Dragon Initial Spawn: 2:30
Dragon respawns in 6 minutes
You will want to be taking dragon as soon as you have reached level 6 and have upgraded Machete. First go gank a lane, and use Infinite Duress. Regardless of whether you get a kill or not, help the lane push the minion wave to the enemy tower with Hunters Call and then with the help of the lane you just pushed, go do Dragon. Ask for help from the other lane (mid/bot, depending on which lane you just ganked) if necessary. Once you have your Smite back up, you and your team can safely go to Dragon. Make sure to place wards around the area to prevent Smite stealing, and unfortunate ganks.

Baron Initial Spawn: 15:00
Baron respawns in 7 minutes
Often fights at Baron can make or break games. Make sure you have Smite up for it, because otherwise it can be stolen by the enemy jungler. Always ensure Baron is warded once it has spawned.

For more information about jungling, I implore you to read these fantastic guides:
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It's time to hunt.

I never have enough gold...
>> ToC <<


If your goal is to be unkillable, to be the initiator of every fight, but live to jungle straight after, this is the build for you. This build is not geared entirely for damage as it has a great mix of survivability via health, armour and magic resist. This build works best with allies who have a lot of burst or sustained damage, such as Lux, Morgana, etc. Don't use this build if your team is very tanky with no damage, unless you're planning on turtling the game for some reason or another. The mentality behind this build revolves around three things: a) Warwick's ultimate, Infinite Duress allows for 5 auto-attacks during its duration, b) We want to raise the potential of his damage and c) A fantastic jungle initiator isn't fantastic, if he is dead. 1 & 2 are answered with Ruined King - increase his damage and that of his ult. The other items ensure 3 is met.


There aren't really many different ways of building Warwick. This is because Warwick synergises particularly well with on-hit items due to Infinite Duress. This guide covers only the items common for a tanky bruiser-esque Warwick. For other builds, feel free to browse other Warwick guides for their explanations.

Items by Characteristics

spaceArmour spacespac

spaceM.Resist spacespa

spaceHealth spacespace

spaceDamage spaceeee
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I'll eat your heart, Starchild.

We will meet again.
>> ToC <<

jhoijhoi's Guides

Is this the end?
I often find myself asking this question. Sometimes I lose sense of myself and everything around me. I feel empty on the inside and the thrill of the hunt is the only thing that excites me anymore. You may know me as Warwick, the Blood Hunter. But does anyone ever remember who I was, before?

I don't think it is.
I'm not sure why I'm writing this. Maybe to keep some memory, some semblance of who I was and what I'm becoming. Every day it becomes harder and harder to ignore the blood lust. I don't know if I can carry on fighting like this. The temptation to kill is too strong. I slate my thirst on the Fields of Justice, but only temporarily. When will the lust overwhelm me? What will be the consequences? But maybe I'll be able to stave it off. For another day. Week. Month.

Eventually the beast catches up with all of us.
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