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Mordekaiser Build Guide by TheJohn

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheJohn

Wanna rock? So get ready for the show

TheJohn Last updated on September 20, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 10

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 11

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Things you should know

  • First, I'm not a great writer and english isn't my native language, but I'll do my best to make this guide understandable and helpful.
  • I want to thank jhoijhoi for giving me a hand. Thank you.
  • I'll try to update this guide every time something new comes, and I'll answer all questions too.


  • 07/21/2011: Deleted AP build and Early, mid and late games of all builds; changed many chapters and the title.
  • 07/22/2011: Merged "OBEY YOUR MASTER", "Things that you should know" and "Updates"
  • 08/04/2011: Started changing the build chapter
  • 08/05/2011: Finished the changes in build chapter; changed the "Masteries" chapter
  • 09/20/2011: Mordekaiser nerfed. Thumbs up for the tanky build, changed "The build" and "Example builds" chapters

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Best choices:

Exhaust: It can be used to ensure that you flee or giving a great advantage in fight, making the enemy weaker
Ghost: Can also be used for defense or offense, but helps you run away or chase an enemy
Flash: As useful as Ghost
Ignite: Make a great combo with your ult

Other possible choices:

Teleport: You'll get anywhere faster
Cleanse: Pretty useful if the other team has tons of CC
Fortify: Protects your towers while you run to protect them

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Works like another HP bar. At lvl 18, you'll have 630 shield points. If you get some defense items, it will protect you a lot.
You have to charge the shield and the best way is hitting multiple targets. Try to fight when the enemy minions are nearby.

It's an useful skill to last hit. Deal additional damage to your next attack and hit other three nearby enemies.
But it has an advantage if there is only one enemy: deals even more damage.

Can be used both offensively and defensively. Boosts your armor and MR and deals damage to nearby enemies.
A good strategy is buffing the initiator with this. You'll charge your shield, the skill will protect the tank, and enemies will take the AoE damage.

It's his best farming skill, can fill up his shield.
It has great damage and plus 40% of your AP.

It's the kind of skill that makes you get pentakills. His ult is so strong that can hit-kill.
You also get some stats from the soul, making any slave you get useful.

Skill sequence

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The most common masteries are 9/21/0 and 9/0/21. To tell the truth, there are few Mordekaisers who get 9/21/0, and I'm one of them.

Defense tree

Utility tree

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The build

This build part will be different from everything: you're going to see the list of items I recommend and choose the ones you think that fits Mordekaiser.

Why are you doing this?

Because telling you guys how I play doesn't mean that you are learning how to play. And each person has a way to play, so mine isn't like yours.

So let's start:

Early game

  • Doran's Shield: HP and HP regen to use skills and armor. It's the best choice in my opinion.
  • Regrowth Pendant: HP regen to use skills. I recommend it if you're not sure about your ability and get a potion too.
  • Boots of Speed: More mov speed. I don't really recommend it, but Mordekaiser is slow, so it's a good item.


  • Sorcerer's Shoes: The most recommended boots for Mordekaiser because of the MPen.
  • Mercury's Treads: Another great item. Has tenacity and MR, it's better if you are the main tanker.
  • Ninja Tabi: I don't like it because it's best point is the armor, but gives only 25 points of it.


  • Randuin's Omen: This item is epic. HP and HP regen, plus armor and CDR and a great passive that destroys DPS champions.
  • Thornmail: If you need massive armor, you just found the item. 100 armor plus an anti-DPS passive.
  • Sunfire Cape: This item is too inferior compared to the other armor items. Its aura turns to be useless after some time and gives only 45 armor.
  • Frozen Heart: Everyone has a different opinion about it. I think you are spending so much money to get an item that gives a lot of MP, which is useless, and the armor + CDR.

Magic Resistance

  • Force of Nature: Tons of MR, great HP regen and mov speed. Everything that Mordekaiser needs.
  • Quicksilver Sash: Has only 45 MR, but it removes any debuff.
  • Banshee's Veil: This item has its pros and cons. It's nice to get HP, MR and the anti-skill buff, but it has the useless MP and it's expensive. I have nothing against it.

  • Guardian Angel: I'm not really sure about this item. It doesn't make sense this "die, come back and die again". It'll be helpful if you have a chance to escape.


  • Warmog's Armor: Another item with pros and cons. It gives a lot of HP and HP regen and combined with Force of Nature, you get 130+ HP regen, what helps to recover your HP when the shield tanks the damage.
    However, it's expensive and needs more items to work well.
  • Leviathan: This item isn't so good. Warmog's gives more HP and has permanent stacks. Leviathan only is good if you get 20 stacks and avoid death at all.


  • Hextech Gunblade: Has both AP and AD to boost your damage and spellvamp. But keep in mind that spellvamp only recovers the HP you use to cast skills, it rarelly recovers more.
  • Abyssal Mask: This item is a must. Has defense and offense plus a debuff aura.
  • Void Staff: It gives 40% MPen, there's nothing more to say.
  • Will of the Ancients: Has a nice amount of AP and spellvamp. I think it substitutes Hextech, but every person has an opinion.
  • Rabadon's Deathcap: Expensive, but powerful.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Many people get it because of its slow, but since most of Mordekaiser's skills have AoE damage, that slow is halved. Yet, it still slows.
  • Haunting Guise: It's not a bad item, but like Sunfire, it becomes useless in late game.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer: It's too risky to get it because you need many kills to make it work well and you can't die.

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Example builds

So guys, RIOT really nerfed Mordekaiser's shield generation, so building only AP isn't as viable as before.

Some examples:

Tank build

I don't really think this is the best build because Mordekaiser is strong, but his skills use a good amount of AP too. You'll be a normal tank: don't die, don't kill.

Tanky AP build

I really recommend this build. Nice balance between defense and offense.
Getting HP will boost Force of Nature's bonus regen, so I chose Warmog's as the last item, but you are free to choose.

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Questions and Answers

#1: Why the title of the first chapter is "OBEY YOUR MASTER"?

Because Mordekaiser is the master of metal and there's a song called "Master of Puppets" (by Metallica) that has this phrase. And even because it combines with his ult.

#2: Why get Creeping Death before Mace of Spades?

Simple, Creeping Death gives you numerical advantage. Gives armor and MR plus the damage every second and Mace of Spades requires one thing to work well: no enemy must be nearby.
So if you are fighting near minions, the damage of Mace of Spades will be kind of low and Creeping Death is always charging your shield.

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How I created my build

Long time ago, when I started playing as Mordekaiser, I had no build. I always started with Doran's Shield, Frozen Mallet and Ninja Tabi. The other item was FoN, Randuins or Aegis of the Legion. Then, to finish, Warmogs and Guardian Angel.

My lvl 30 friend asked me if I wanted to play with his friends (I was lvl 11), and I said yes. I dunno if I did the right or wrong thing. I've never been called noob that hard. They were destroying me. One thing they said was: "Sell this fking useless Frozen Mallet and buy Warmogs, **********er".

Then I decided to work hard and create a build to tank and kill anything. Warmogs became my second item (the first is dorans shield), got sorc boots to boost my damage early game. After searching for an armor item, I decided that Thornmail was almost useless in many situations, so I changed it for Randuins. Warmogs done, I was getting Rylais, FoN and Randuins. That continued for many lvls. I'm taking a look at some screenshots of my games and I was still getting this build at lvl 20.

Still looking my screenshots, at lvl 25 I realized that I was dying too much during the early game, so I just changed the sequnce. Started getting Ranuins and FoN after Warmogs and after defense comes attack, so I got Rylais.

Some weeks ago, new change came. Rylais slow is kinda useless. It only slows 15% if the skill has AoE and all Morde's skills have AoE. Since my last item was Zhonyas, I decided to get rid of Rylais and get hourglass. The last item always tricked me. I'm still studying some items, but Abyssal Scepter has shown better results than the others.


Anyway, I'm proud of my build. It has been helping me since I started making it. When I reached lvl 30, I was doing so well with my build that I comsidered myself a master already. However, I was wrong. There was so much to learn. And now I can say proudly that I have enough experience to help people teaching them what I know.

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This is the end

Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
One - Nothing wrong with me...

OK, turning down the volume to finish the guide.

Thank you for reading it. Please comment too. Your opinion is important.

Have any questions? Wanna play with me? Just say it:

Skype: joao.pedro.l.da.fonseca