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Mordekaiser Build Guide by SirWilliamSteven

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SirWilliamSteven

What damage? A Mordekaiser Guide to mid lane.

SirWilliamSteven Last updated on August 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 21

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Pros / Cons


+ Easy to farm (E and W)
+ Shields up when he farms
+ Decent time on shield decay
+ Naturally tank when using abilities
+ Counters a lot of powerful assassins early game like Akali and Kassadin
+ Mordekaiser Es Numero Uno!


+ One of the easiest champions to gank
+ Has no built in CC
+ Easy to kill early with no shield
+ Considerably selfish abilities
+ Armor/MR increase on Creeping Death
is terrible
+ Natural pusher makes him even more vulnerable to early ganks

Hard to deal with

+ Ryze
+ Malzahar
+ Orianna
+ Lux
+ A good Talon
+ A great Teemo
+ Any mid with early, effective hard CC

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I've been playing Mordekaiser for quite some time now and I thought my first guide should be about him. I know he can be built off-tank or top or whatever. But I prefer to build him like a carry (With a little health where I can). I personally think he is best built this way from my personal experience with him in several lanes. He is also a viable kill/push lane bot. But my knowledge on kill/push lanes is limited, so that'd be for another time.

Mordekaiser is a melee champion with short range or melee skills who punishes any short range/melee mid champion who so much as tries to farm. Not to mention when they try to harass you back the damage is mostly or completely absorbed by the shield you gained from harassing them in the first place. This champion is designed to punish mistakes and push a lane by quickly destroying the enemy creeps. Though vulnerable to ganking, Mordekaiser has a great laning presence, almost un-matched with any other melee AP champion.

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I'm not always too specific on masteries most of the time because they are mostly personal preference. But the reason I go 9/0/21 is mainly because he doesn't really need early game damage as much as other carries do, because his farming potential is that strong. I would rather have him with more movement speed and summoner/items cooldowns to be able to escape ganks easier, which is also Mordekaisers main problem. I also took the spell vamp because of its need on any health consuming champion. The early game damage from the early offensive tree is more than enough early game damage for Mordekaiser. The cooldown reduction also helps to spam your Creeping Death and Siphon of Destruction more.


Sorcery: Helps you spam your abilities without having to buy more specific items. Plus with Intelligence you start with 10% CD reduction.
Blast : Good scaling ability power for late game.
Arcane Knowledge : Mixed in with magic penetration runes, Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes, you can tear through any base magic resist.


Summoner's Insight : I take this to reduce Flash's cooldown.
Wanderer : This is a decent buff to your movement speed, helps you get around.
Scout : Needed to fill one more point in and this is the most useful spare.
Mastermind : Reduces all summoner spells, including your Flash.
Runic Affinity : A red buff is always helpful on Mordekaiser as he has no natural CC.
Vampirism : For better sustain early game. As the only time you're punished for using your abilities is early game.
Biscuiteer : Needed to fill a point. Helps with sustain.
Awareness : Everyone loves extra experience. Gives you a possible faster level 6, letting you use your ultimate earlier and helping you level your abilities faster.
Intelligence : Helps you spam your abilities without having to buy more specific items. Plus with Sorcery, you start with 10% CD reduction.
Nimble : Extra movement speed to avoid ganks.

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I don't ever stray away from these runes because I personally think the movement speed is necessary for Mordekaiser early game especially. But as I've stated in the masteries section, it's personal preference.

Though Spell Vamp quints and Ability power Quints are still viable choices.


Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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Items (Starting)

Doran's ring and 2 Health Potions

x5 sight wardx4

I personally Start with 5 Health Potions and 4 sight wards because it gives me better sustain in the early stages of the game and I can ward parts of the river to help me with avoiding ganks from junglers.

Doran's ring and 2 Health Potions/Amplifying tome and 1 Health Potion


If you have an easy lane opponent, or you are confident in your abilities as Mordekaiser, you can go Doran's Ring and 2 pots or an Amplifying Tome and 1 pot if you're feeling like you can own the lane (it helps for a faster Hextech Revolver).

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Items (Core build)

Hextech revolver to Spirit of the spectral Wraith

These items are core on Mordekaiser because it has spell vamp. Plus the ability power and Cooldown reduction helps and the money isn't wasted. The added damage also helps you clear the wraith camps faster. Though the mana regen is wasted I think it is still the best Spell vamps item to get because of how cheap it is compared to other items with spell vamp. ( Will of the Ancients Hextech Gunblade)

Rabadon's Deathcap

Essential item on any AP carry.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

This item is good because it builds a good amount of health and ability power on Mordekaiser and has a passive that gives your abilites a slow. Which is essentially your soft CC for the game and is very helpful in chasing down pesky opponents.

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Iron Man (P)

"35% of the damage dealt from abilities is converted into a temporary absorption shield. Shield generation is only half as effective against minions and monsters. Maximum shield strength is 90 + (30 × level). The shield decays by 3% per second."

Iron man is your passive and is the primary reason Mordekaiser is so ridiculously difficult to deal with for most 1v1 situations. It's a shield you make by spamming your own abilities and acts as health and is easily replenish-able soaking up a lot of damage.

Mace of Spades (Q)

RANGE: 600COOLDOWN: 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 / 4COST: 25 / 32 / 39 / 46 / 53 HEALTH

"ACTIVE: Mordekaiser enhances his next attack, converting it to deal magic damage and replacing the base attack damage component with a base amount of damage. He swings his mace with such force that it echoes out, striking up to 3 additional nearby targets.

If the target is alone, the ability deals 65% more damage."

MAGIC DAMAGE: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 40% AP) (+ 100% Bonus AD)
SINGLE TARGET MAGIC DAMAGE: 132 / 181.5 / 231 / 280.5 / 330 (+ 66% AP) (+ 165% Bonus AD)

This is probably his least useful skill. Decent for late game farming and putting some extra damage on a melee carry that's too close for comfort. Otherwise it's a pretty useless skill on Mordekaiser and doesn't suit his kit. I think it should be either replaced with a ranged ability or a form of soft CC. But don't get me wrong, you can still take this early against melee AP champions like Akali and Fizz to return harass but it is the worst skill for gaining a shield and hits 4 targets in total, where as his E hits as many as you can fit in its radius.

Creeping Death (W)

RANGE: 750

COOLDOWN: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12

COST: 26 / 32 / 38 / 44 / 50 HEALTH

"ACTIVE: Mordekaiser creates a protective cloud of metal shards to surround an ally unit or himself for 6 seconds, increasing the target's armor and magic resistance and damaging enemies within 250 range."

MAGIC DAMAGE PER SECOND: 24 / 38 / 52 / 66 / 80 (+ 20% AP)

MAX MAGIC DAMAGE: 144 / 228 / 312 / 396 / 480 (+ 120% AP)

ARMOR / MAGIC RESIST: 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30

Creeping death is a great early farming skill you can put on yourself, allies or your minions. It gives a small armour and MR increase which in team fights should either be put on you for extra damage and protection or a slightly out of position AD carry.

RANGE: 700
COST: 24 / 36 / 48 / 60 / 72 HEALTH

"ACTIVE: Mordekaiser afflicts all enemies in a cone in front of him, dealing magic damage."

MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 60% AP)

Siphon of Destruction (E)

Your main damage and farming tool. A short range cone of damage and a good way to increase your shield ever since Creeping Death was nerfed.

Children of the Grave (R)

COOLDOWN: 120 / 105 / 90

"ACTIVE: Mordekaiser deals magic damage to a target enemy champion and curses it for 10 seconds, dealing additional magic damage over time and healing himself for the damage done.

If the target dies while under the effect of the curse, their soul is enslaved as a controllable ghost and will follow Mordekaiser for 30 seconds. The Ghost cannot use any active skills or items and deals magic damage with its basic attacks."

"The Ghost's stats are:

HEALTH: The enslaved champion's total health plus 15% of Mordekaiser's total Health
ATTACK DAMAGE: The enslaved champion's base AD at Lv. 1 plus its bonus AD from items and 75% of Mordekaiser's total AD
ABILITY POWER: The enslaved champion's AP plus 75% of Mordekaiser's AP
MOVEMENT SPEED: The enslaved champion's base movement speed plus the bonus from Mordekaiser's boots.
During this time, Mordekaiser gains 20% of the enslaved champion's total AP and AD. This bonus does not affect the ghost's stats."

This is ofcourse, your ultimate. The longest DoT spell in League by far, with 10 seconds. However it does deal half of its damage initially, which is still impressive damage. You use this tool to finish off your laning enemy during your laning phase, just so you can push even harder than you originally could. It also heals you for a decent amount and helps keep you in fights longer. In team fights your main purpose, if possible is to get this on the enemy AD carry, as the game then turns into a 6v4 fight and gives you and your team a giant upper hand on the fight. Otherwise, this ability is just another standard damage dealer with a heal.

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Summoner Spells


Flash is very, very important to have on Mordekaiser because he has no escapes or CC. So this is his only form of escape besides running away, tanking up the damage. You don't have to have it. But I would highly recommend it.


Ignite is also a good spell for Mordekaiser because it helps do extra damage with the DoT on his ult Children of the Grave but it is not as necessary as flash.


Teleport is a great substitute for ignite in solo queue as it helps you help your teammates who might be losing their lane or a failing completely and feeding the team. Or simply just for extra map presence. Good choice overall


A possible spell on Mordekaiser as it gives him a soft CC (with a long *** cooldown) and reduces damage output dealt by your enemy. I don't personally take this on Mordekaiser because my main intention for my lane is to push and farm. I get a kill when I can but I don't tower dive or over-extend too much to get one. So this is usually skipped for me.

Other spells

Besides Cleanse and Heal, all the other spells are not that useful on Mordekaiser since he doesn't use mana and he already technically has a shield ( Barrier). Ghost is a possibility because it gives you movement speed needed to initiate or escape a gank but you already have a Flash for that, so you should only really take it if you're under level 12 or you just like running really fast.

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Your main farming tool is your Siphon of Destruction and your Creeping Death What I do to farm is I stand just behind my creeps and put a Creeping Death on my second melee minion as he is about to enter range and periodically move in with me Siphon of Destruction to either farm more or harass the enemy laner.

It is very important to note that you will easily, and should, push the lane, hard. It denies your enemies so much creep score early game especially and puts a lot of pressure on the tower and your enemy. It this point you may want to go and farm your Wraiths or his if you can see the enemy jungler or the river is heavily warded. It is important not to over-extend in lane because it puts you at a great risk of being ganked. So push the farm, hang back until the next wave arrives and repeat, occasionally going to hit the turret a few times if you're sure it's safe.

If you are playing your lane well you should have easily pushed a turret or two forward before you've finished the second/third item in your core build. It is also important to remember, the further you push the turrets, the easier it is to be ganked. So once you've pushed the first turret, don't push the next alone unless you have a certainty of escape or you're not alone.

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Team Fights

This is a short guide to team fights because he has a simple purpose.

As stated in the abilities section, Mordekaisers main purpose is to tag the enemy AD carry with your ultimate and possibly kill him/her then and there. Otherwise, you're just another damage dealer. You could build tankier and become an off-tank that soaks up some damage, but that build is not this one, and is better suited in top lane.

Mordekaiser is kind of a selfish champion. Apart his Creeping Death which gives barely any armour and MR anyway, he has no skills which benefits his team. He is simply a damage dealer whose main purpose is the elimination of the AD carry, along with maybe soaking up a little damage (since he's naturally tanky when he uses his abilities).

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Champions (And their difficulty in lane)


Difficulty: 3

A very easy opponent lane with early game as her only harass consists or her Mark of the Assassin with a possible Crescent Slash follow before retreating into a Twilight Shroud. This can all be easily absorbed by your shield and you should harass her when she comes to last hit whenever possible, pushing her out of lane or denying her farm as much as possible. Though when she hits 6 she has a nice gap closer with her Shadow Dance, its damage is still quite weak and can still be effectively absorbed by a good shield on your part. Just don't over-extend too much post-level 6 as her damage can impressive depending how much you've let her farm. if you play your lane well. This laning phase should be a breeze.


Harass her a lot early game.

Deny as much farm as possible

Keep your shield up.


Difficulty: 4(7 Post-level 6)

This isn't really the lane to go for if you're not that familiar with Mordekaiser and his shield. Kassadin is pretty powerful now with his current stats and abilities. His Null Sphere does a great amount of damage all-game round and has a silence that is long and very difficult to deal with, that is if you're not Mordekaiser. That being said. Don't go near Kassadin without your shield up and take care in your lane, especially post-level 6 with his Riftwalk The important thing to do is always place your Siphon of Destruction on him before he hits you with his silence (His is a projectile, and takes time to travel, where as yours does not). Other than that just be very careful with ganks post-level 6 because his combo with his dash on his Riftwalk, the silence on his Null Sphere and the slow on his Force Pulse. Because Whenever he does this, there is a likely chance that there is the enemy jungler on his way to follow up with his abilities, inevitably resulting in your demise.


Hit your spells off first.

Be cautious of his slow and silence.

Be extremely aware of your map and avoid all possible ganking opportunities post-level 6.

If you're new to this match-up, maybe take Cleanse as a summoner spell.


Difficulty: 6

Talon, like most mid AD-casters, can whittle your shield down by just auto-attacking, which makes AD casters more difficult to lane against, the later the laning phase. His Noxian Diplomacy also deals bleed damage, which can further reduce your shield and health faster if you're not careful. He has a decent slow with Rake a 'blink' and silence with cutthroat and the ability to deal a lot of damage and stealth with Shadow Assault. Like most other ememies, just farm and avoid as many of his abilities and auto-attacks as you can, and be careful of his Rake cutthroat Shadow Assault combo as it deals a ton of damage and can reduce your health to 0 in seconds. His silence and slow also give great opportunity for junglers or enemy laners to gank you.


Dodge his abilities

Avoid his auto attacks

Harass him when possible (He is quite squishy, like most assassins)

Take much care in avoiding ganks


Difficulty: 2

Seriously this is probably one of the easiest champions to lane against as Mordekaiser, just dodge her Javelin Toss, farm, avoid ganks and you're golden. Don't forget to harass!


That was as short as it was going to get anyway.


Difficulty: 8

This a very pesky champion to deal with, as Mordekaiser, because all of her abilities are really long range, so it's very difficult to harass her, unless she goes in for a last hit, even then it's still difficult. Just play your lane safe and avoid as many of her Light Bindings as possible, because if she's post-level 6, she can hit you with her very dangerous Light Binding, Lucent Singularity, Final Spark combo. The damage is phenomenal, even on an un-fed Lux. Bare in mind than Lucent Singularity is also a slow, and is another possible way that she can help one of her team mates gank you. Not to mention her Final Spark cooldown is very low, especially after she picks up Athene's Unholy Grail, Which most Lux players will have as a first item, because it synergises so well with her.


Dodge ALL of her abilities (Especially her Light Binding).

Never, ever stand still and always be ready for her terrible combo.

Keeping pushing the lane but don't over-extend. Just stay back and wait for the next wave.

If she feeds her combo will do insane damage.


Difficulty: 5

Ryze, since the 3.10 patch, has been buffed with his ult but nerfed with his range. This make him a strong follow-up on an initiator and can catch up to you to finish you off. He also relies on farm, so he may not harass you if he feels he should play safe. Take advantages of his item dependency early on and deny as much farm as possible. He can use his abilites a lot, all the time later in the game, and/or he has a blue buff, which makes his harass more powerful than a few other mid laners, constantly throwing his Overload at you every 3 seconds. Bare in mind it also passively decrease his cooldowns by 10% and with full %40 cooldown reduction and his passive Arcane Mastery also helps greatly. He is capable of constantly harassing with his abilities. The only CC he has is his Rune Prison that snares you for 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds. A typical Ryze combo is Overload, Rune Prison, Spell Flux, Overload. Lastly his ultimate Desperate Power gives him a great movement speed and spell vamp buff, also giving his spells AoE damage, this is what you need to be careful for, because with him spamming all of his abilities he can use this frequently and will help him regain his health and deal damage to your and nearby allies and minions.


Try to avoid his snare (and probably his combo).

Denying him all the farm you can.

Deny him blue buff, asking your jungler to counter-jungling or doing it yourself (Though I wouldn't recommend this as you don't even need blue buff and it's risky for Mordekaiser to venture in the jungle alone).

Be cautious of his Desperate Power as he can use it to catch up to you quickly and force a combo onto you.

Take advantage of his item dependency.

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Just remember, don't be afraid to comment and give feedback as it is always helpful. This is my first guide so I'm hoping that this will go well. I also hope this helps people who are new to Mordekaiser or just want to look at some build ideas. I may add more information on theis guide the more I play. For example: Champions and difficulty against them in lane, also how to counter them or harass them. But until then, I will leave this as it is. I hope you enjoyed the guide. Up vote if you liked it. And don't be so quick to down vote it because you don't agree with my opinions. I'm always open to discussion and will give all my reasons for using what I do and how I play that hasn't been put up on this guide and I will put up information by you readers if I find the information useful. Good bye for now. Have fun tormenting your oppenents and pushing your lane to victory.