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Hecarim Build Guide by DeadlyBro

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeadlyBro

What the Heca

DeadlyBro Last updated on July 21, 2012
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What’s up all? Though I doubt you’ve seen my work I have made a noc build a long time ago that has been so drowned its gone unnoticed. Hopefully this one will have more success lol. Alright hecarim came out a week or so ago and I have made a pretty interesting build for him. With this build I’m almost always the MVP and rarely lose so I think its successful lol. I beat all hecarim I’ve gone up against too. Now part of the reason that my other build hasn’t been seen is because it’s "unfinished" so I’m not going to make the mistake with this one. Hecarim is a very unique character and is amazing and fun to play if you do it right. Though him being new it’s not easy to be perfect with him so im going to help out ok lol. I want as much comments as possible ok and I will be updating as needed ok guys. So, yeah we're in this together lol.

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Now these two things are sometimes synonymous but that is quite untrue though 1 can take a jungler and a roamer as the same position team wise as in the gank but they don’t do it the same way. Now jungling/roaming is a much underrated practice I think. It’s essential for a team comp. it gets the tank to get his farm for money and helps feed the carries. Honestly it makes a team in general a lot stronger in general. Now how do we go about doing this???

Ok this is simple in my opinion. Get som1 to help you by leashing blue and go around killing monsters. now if u jungle u start with my builds skills and don’t try to gank until level three that’s when you get devastating charge and that is how your character initiates ganks. Now when it comes to kill stealing. Don’t tell anyone I said this but. It’s ok to do it lol. Your all one team and hecarim is enough of a carry its ok. Now don’t make it a point to kill steal from a carry though that’s bad. But if it’s your support or tank you go for that KS for bonus gold and stack on that beautiful sword of the occult of yours ok. If you’re lucky your team won’t care.
Now this is different. Jungling u level thru killing minions and ganking. Now a roamer just ganks. If they going to jungle it’s going to be for buffs and that’s bout it lol. You will start with same items as a roamer hecarim but a different skill sequence. this time start with devastating charge as your first skill and follow the sequence as normal because you will think not having your damaging skill will make you a bad fighter but the point on ganking is making it a 2v1 or a 3v2 so all out number them easily and you won’t need to attack much aside from auto attack.
all in all with hecarim is better as a jungler in my opinion because it helps get buffs and those things are life savers.

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now runes/masteries

MasteriesOk I decided to put these in the same category because their pretty dang similar. With runes I go straight at speed with some movement speed but that’s because I like attack speed so those are the runes I bought simple as that. Now the masteries are pretty unique. These are very similar to my mundo masteries actually. I give him as much movement speed as possible as well as a bit of deffence. that really helps out since his build lacks in that department. Since he starts with boots unlike a traditional jungler. Bonus gold at beginning helps with getting more health pots then you would without it. Also due to jungling not always giving a steady stream of gold the extra gps helps.
with runes i go straight attack speed with movement speed quintesences. thats just the way I play. other good options are straight armor and magic resist runes. the fact that Hecarim is good as an off tank and a carry you can play around with those. runes not to use are that of ability power or magic penetration

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Ok game start. We get Boots of Speed with pots that will give us a small boost of speed which will help with early game ganks and a small attack boost that I like. The pots are good for sustain. another big item you want is the Quicksilver Sash its perfect for escaping making hecarim a truely imposable to catch champ.

next trip
Get the Boots of Swiftness as a start. If you’re doing good rush the Sword of the Occult the quicker you start stacking this baby the better you’ll be off. If you’re not doing that entire special get Vampiric Scepter first.

core build
Ok these are the items you need as Hecarim

Trinity Force
You can ask any hecarim most will agree this item is perfect. Your rampage makes you use this proc all the time and the all-around stats help hecarim in every way. It’s just perfect.

Hextech Gunblade
this is great for hecarim because it gives nice sustain and it makes his ultimate and spirit of dread have some decent ap to make them stronger. the active makes it a breeze to chase the hardest part is remembering to use it lol

this is all those other items on the list lol

Sword of the Occult. this thing is not for the faint of heart you got to be at least decent to use this baby. you got to stack this as much as you can or else it hurts you a lot though at high or full stacks it becomes amazing and worth it. just don’t get cocky and lose the stacks. if you can’t handle the stack item the
is a good replacement for .
your boots now Boots of Swiftness are the best but if you’re plagued with ad carries or cc is bringing you down mercury treads and Ninja Tabi are cool

ok now I don’t like hecarim as an off tank but off tanks are pretty good so I don’t blame you for using it. if you do get it here’s what you do
get yourself Warmog's Armor Force of Nature and Atma's Impaler in whatever order you need them warmogs 1st warmogs is good cus hecarims got great health as is with it itll be big and itll strengthen your other two items. force of nature is great for 3 things. magic resist best item for it. lotsa health regen. and movement bonus that gives a wee bit of ad cool. the atma’s is good for attack damage armor and crit chance so you’ll be set with everything

Useful Items
Youmuu's Ghostblade is pretty viable item for hecarim. it gives good cooldown reduction wich can be very useful with hecarim plus the active is very nice it giving atack speed movement speed which means a little bit of attack damage. the critical chance is good as well with the armor penetration. it really is a good item but i prefer otheres up to you so. Spirit Visage this item is good with the spirit of dread it can really help though only use this if your going straight tank it can replace the Force of Nature its not a bad choice. Frozen Mallet is also a great item for tank hecarim since you can slow ith each hit and itll give more attack damage. these items are useful though i recomend my build i also say you should tailor it to your own play style

what SHOULDNT you get?

now these items look nice but aren’t at all
Lich Bane, no you shouldn’t be stacking ap it isn’t a good idea it sounds plausible but isn’t. Guinsoo's Rageblade, no this looks nice 2 gives ap and ad and its passive is cool. but it’s just not worth it cus the gain isn’t that great you don’t use your ap spells that often. Manamune, you are not mana hungry enough for this no matter what you think it isn’t worth it got it.

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item summary

ok. I’m a little excited about this build. scratch that, I’m really excited lol. this build focuses on damage movement speed sustain out the wazoo life steal and even spell vamp and ability power. it’s a very versatile build for this guy. makes him as much as a carry as a jungler. now he has natural sustain with Spirit of Dread that plus the combination of his aa and his Rampage he doesn’t need wriggles so it’s a waste. Sword of the Occult is not an item I use a lot. but for some reason it’s perfect for Hecarim. the high amount of bonus ad is perfect for his abilities. plus full stacks give movement which gives. wouldn’t u no. more attack lol. I give him Boots of Swiftness cus it is good for his passive and helps his other movement speed items. Trinity Force is perfect withe his dps doing lotsa damage with his rampage auto attack and trinity proc. Phantom Dancer is there cus it really helps auto attack with crit chance attack speed and movement speed adding a bit of ad too. the Hextech Gunblade is great for hecarim cus he uses his abilities and auto attack both a lot. plus that stacked with his Spirit of Dread give lotsa sustain. plus the active is great for chasing which you’ll excel at naturally to. the last item I was torn between the The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge. but after seeing my total crit chance and already having lots of sustain the Infinity Edge is a better choice.

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skill breakdown

this is his main damaging skill. I max this quickly because of this reason. when in a battle I use this immediately and keep using it as much as possible. it helps with chasing due to it giving you longer ranger than aa. though 1 must be careful due to if u miss you will lose stacks of rampage quickly so be careful. it’s quite useful for jungling since it attacks all at once. plus this paired with spirit of dread lotsa sustain.
Spirit of Dread
this skill will save your life. u got to remember when using it virtually gives u passive spell vamp and life steal. 1 may be tempted to use it at beginning but only do that as a necessity. try and use it when u needs it and you will do amazing. also remember this effect affects smite so using these together will give u a nice health boost which has saved my life and won me several 1v1s.
Devastating Charge
ok this is a total utility skill. perfect for chasing ganking and disrupting. let me explain. when u starts a gank initiate with this and knock the enemy away from their turret or whatever to make it harder to run. then finish them with it if they get away. now the damage is best when u start late so play around with the timing till u figure it out. but the knock back happens instantly so. use it to disrupt abilities like nunus ultimate and Warwick’s ult. it’s so mean but makes u TEAR up a team fight against chars like that.
Onslaught of Shadows
ok this attack even sounds amazing lol. this is a perfect initiator or finisher. this attack is perfecting for entering a team fight cus u rush in do some damage and fear the enemy’s. plus use this with spirit of dread gets a good health boost when u needs it. it’s also good for finishing the enemy is running away u ultimate in front of them fear them and. they are yours also know this. your ultimate can go thru obstacles and that is amazing

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What can you handle?

ok now you know your skills what can you do with them? hecarim can handle a lot so don’t underestimate him but don’t overestimate him cus as much as you can snowball up with sword of the occult you can go right back down.
ok there are very few that can beat you in this department. honestly the question here is who is fed more? also does the enemies have slows or silences? nunu can be dangerous this way. he has some good sustain with his q and his slow not only slows your movement and hurts you it takes away some attack too so be careful. also silences mean no Rampage no rampage means no Trinity Force. now you’re relying on only auto attack which is one third of your attack power. just some things to keep into account. you should still be good though don’t underestimate your sustain with Spirit of Dread. with that on and gunblade you virtually have 50 percent spell vamp and 45 percent life steal
ok hecarim can handle a 2v1 scenario I have faith in that. but a large of factors is in play. 1 your health. are you full??? if so ok we can handle it so far. 2.ur ultimate up? yes? good youll need it and 3 u have decent stacks? yes? more than 10? ok we got this here’s the plan. we go in with Devastating Charge. aim for the squishier of course use Rampage just before you hit that way your speed boost will be used to its fullest. now your health will take a beating now but keep going with your Rampage and auto attack. when the 1st person is low or you are at half health whichever is 1st use Spirit of Dread then ultimate kill the squishy while they are feared then you will have lotsa health now then take the other 1 out at your leisure. you just got a double kill and 4 stacks cool eh?
no. listen to my words no. I’ve tried it several times and I have succeeded a few times but just no it’s a bad idea in general less the other team is terrible you better not risk it cus there goes your stacks if you lose so just. no ok? good. anyway moving on
team fights
ok now there are 2 things you do. either help start it or you are fashionably late. if we are helping start this is what we do. you and the tank initiate you use Devastating Charge on whoever id be the most useful on. in other words Katarina using her ultimate or Nunu charging his ultimate ok. then we use our ult to finish off the enemy team as they escape, this got me a quadra last i tried(it was only a 4v4 no penta TT.TT). the fashionably late aproach. this is where you charge in with reinforcements just like lord of the rings and you’ll actually be using ghosts to help you lol. charge in (through terrain if possible it adds effect) and fear the enemy team and turn the tides. got a triple kill with this 1 (1 guy got away and 1 kill was stolen still no penta TT.TT) don’t worry I’m determined to get a heca of a penta ha-ha word play is so fun. these strategies will help feed you lots and keep the enemy team losing which is nice. Also know in team fights Spirit of Dread is total damage done 2 enemies itll aborb not just the damage you deal. me and a volibear RAPED in a 2v4 with his ult saving my life making me unkillable so nother thing to keep in mind.
turret diving
ok I have a bad habit of this personally in general as a player. but with hecarim it’s not too bad. if you r diving 4 some that cant stun u and will take a rampage or two and you can take a few turret hits do it. remember to activate Spirit of Dread for good measure you'll need it

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who to be weary of?

ok there are defiantly some good counters to hecarim no lie. these guys you shouldn’t 1v1 if you can control it.
his slow makes you a lot weaker than you realize. as well as the lack of magic resist on so you can really take some damage from it. though you can nullify his ultimate your devastating charge has a long cool down so if he’s smart hell use that against you. a tank nunu is a lot stronger than us think so be careful
this guy is terrifying to 1v1 he will fear you and drain you for all you got do not 1v1 him without mercy treads or cleanse. try and overpower him in numbers or attacking him while he is draining someone else that’s when he’s most vulnerable know that your charge will disrupt that
ok this guy is literally a slightly more ap version of you so be careful you are both evenly matched and it’s a bit of a coin toss who would win so be careful

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summoner spells

ok let’s do a breakdown of all the summoned skills
Clairvoyance. ok this gives a bit of sight anywhere on the map. pretty sweet, but oh wait, you’re not a supporter so any sorry
clarity. this gives a nice mana boost. ok I agree hecarim can be a little mana hungry but if u keep getting blue buff you will be fine. even without it you will be good lol.
Cleanse. this gets rid of DE buffs. this actually is potential great for hecarim since he doesn’t use marcs and uses a stacking item and would be perfect for escaping but not recommended. but if it works for you more power to you.
Exhaust. DE buffs enemy champ. this is good for two things. chasing and surviving. now we can chase with the hextech gunblade so that’s covered. plus the spirit of dread saves you so. not necessary, useful but. not something I would use.
Flash. not a bad skill can get you right out of a sticky situation easily. but I agree with the idea that it’s not as good as ghost if u stack movement speed so well pass over it for this guy eh.
Ghost. this is great because it helps you escape and chase. now I know his passive makes you avoid unit collision anyway but it’s still useful especially since u get that boost of ad that really helps plus this added onto devastating charge can cause you to initiate huge.
Heal. this is an all-around good skill. it really is it’s great for saving your life if you’re not that confident with your skills, don’t be afraid to guys don’t worry we have all been there. but I recommend using heal with tanks and supports so try and play without it cus it’s a bad crutch to depend on after a while.
Ignite..... huuh.... I’m sorry.... just... just give me a second this skill is... I can even call it a skill I just refuse to call it one cus it requires no "skill" to use.. ug any who. this is nice for killing the one that almost got away but personally I make it a point not to use this skill because it is so noob. you can use it I just. bleh xp don’t like it.
Promote. ok when this skill I was quite curious and I agree that it’s useful while laning but it only helps early game and oh yeah. almost forgot lol. we are jungling here lol. no minions here to promote.
Revive... hm... this spell has a HUGE cool down and seems useless early game. though I don’t deny it can save a team late game so I’m not going to knock it nor promote it. not what I’d do so I’ll leave it to your own judgment.
Smite. this baby is my bread and butter for jungling. honestly it’s just so nice for it and you add spell vamp and spirit of dread and it’s almost as good as nunu's q except it doesn’t interrupt your auto attack woot.
Surge. ok now you can’t not use attack speed but as a summoned spell for this guy it’s a waste. because the abilities that the ap boost would benefit aren’t worth the waste of a summoned spell you only get to so you got to be wise about it.
Teleport. I do like this spell don’t get me wrong. it’s great for soloing a lane and support but it’s useless for a jungler almost. so yeah no thank you

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ok this is my build. I don’t expect it to be the best though I hope I get some reviews that are positive. I am looking for constructive criticism so please I want to hear what you guys think alright lol. I hope this build helps all you hecarims out there. can’t wait to read the comments till next hecarim update see you summoners. and thank you Phil Collins that helped a lot