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Ezreal Build Guide by gips01

Bottom When you've got talent, there's not such thing as a lucky sh

By gips01 | Updated on July 18, 2020

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Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Main summs
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

When you've got talent, there's not such thing as a lucky sh

By gips01
Just useless information
This is a guide from, yea, a plat boy. But I probably have played ezreal over 1000 games, with this season having a 58% winrate on him but there is always something to learn with him(or the game itself). I hope you guys can find some help from this guide and good luck
Good and Weak Points Back to Top
+ Good poke
+ Also decent AP scaling on every ability(except Q) that makes him viable to play as AP carry
+ Safe pick, can be blind picked
+ Build-in flash in kit
+ Long range abilities
+ Global ultimate
- Lack of cc
- Weak early game
- Kinda squishy
- Needs some Mana-management early
- Kinda hard to master
- 3 abilites are skillshots
Items: Manamune Back to Top
Why Manamune? Well, if you get it to upgrade aka. Muramana , EVERY SINGLE TARGET ABILITY consumes 3% of your current mana to dmg the enemy CHAMPION with twice its consumed mana as dmg. Meaning you can deal Massiv dmg with all of ezreals basic abilitys cause all, even his W activates muramanas passiv
Sheen is a core item to build for either Frostfire Gauntlet or Trinity Force . Why Even Build Those Items??? They work pretty well with his Q aka. Mystic Shot which triggers on-hit effects. Basically means, you use Q and it can insta proc Sheen
Pls For the love of god if you are in low elo and you see the enemy team with a lot of healing JUST PICK EXECUTIONERS CALLING.
Ik what you will say, why not just build Maw of Malmortius , the reason is that it gives you a LOT OF SUSTAIN. Unlike Maw, Spirit Visage give you 450hp which can tank not only magic, but also AD dmg. Dont be fooled tho, if your team has a lot of healing, the enemy will probably go for antiheal, meaning you basically have no passiv. I would only recommend this item if they have ap assassins or 2 and/or if they are 4 or more ap
I would recommend this item if they have like... undodgeable stuns or roots
So this item is a thing. The rule for this item is basically, Only buy this when ahead because of how lethality works. Lethality gets stronger the more Level you have, but if youre even OR BEHIND, it will prove to be quite... worse as a stand alone lethality item because of how late you buy it (around 3rd or 4th item)
If it comes to now, Hextech is just getting outshined from Death's Dance.
It only gets outshined because, a while back Mystic Shot ap scaling went from 40% to 20% and because Death's Dance has 10% cdr and some tank stats.
Ok guys hear me out. If the enemy have like 5 AP or 5 AD Champs and you buy Frostfire Gauntlet or Spirit Visage, you will literally be unkillable, while dealing a lot of dmg.
Runes Back to Top
Lets talk about rune choices now
Conqueror Back to Top
Maybe you still now the time where Klepto was a thing but now that its gone we have to change as well.
So Conqueror is a solid choice for all i can say. Dont look at this Keystone like you have to fully stack it, this is actually the biggest mistake I made playing it. Even tho you can fast stack it with Mystic Shot, Essence Flux, Arcane Shift + and item like Blade of the Ruined King or Hextech Gunblade to around 8 stacks WITHOUT autoattacks but after that little nerf that made Conqueror take 12 stacks instead of 10, it feels a bit worse now, dont get me wrong its still a strong pick but I feel like other keystones are better because of the nerf. I would recommend this keystone if youre new to ezreal or dont want to manage Lethal Tempo.
Lethal Tempo Back to Top
So Lethal Tempo is a pretty solid keystone on Ezreal not as strong as for crit champs but solid. He can activate it by using Mystic Shot on Champ which should be easy enough. Now you can either choose to engage on a fight or push/depush the wave depending on the matchup/Lanestate. The downside is that you cant really buy AP items... well you can, but you would waste the Keystone. If they have a lot of melee champs this keystone is probably much better then Conqueror.
You are still an adc Back to Top
Ezreal is a champ, that is more of the skillful side of champs to play, with the only reason being that he has *3* skillshots. But dont think, that you dont have to autoattack the enemy, because MOST of your dmg comes from autoattacks. Let me explain. If you use an ability always make sure to autoattack before using the next ability if you want strong dps instead of burst, BUT, there is a wrong and right way to aa after an ability. The Right Way is, to use like Mystic Shot and instantly if the animation finished to RIGHTCLICK on the enemy to get the auto out as fast as possible
Mystic Shot Back to Top
This ability is Ezreal bread and butter. You should look at this ability, like a long range Auto attack with 120% Total AD scaling, with the ability to... miss.
There are a lot of combos for this ability but lets get over the most important ones.

AA + Mystic Shot + AA

Essence Flux + Mystic Shot

(a more risky combo) Arcane Shift + AA + Mystic Shot or even
Flash + Mystic Shot (make sure to use Mystic Shot before Flash to animation cancle Mystic Shot This combo is used to secure a kill)
This ability is... basically useless. Alone.
Lets not talk about combos now, lets talk about SPECIAL INTERACTIONS.
Essence Flux can be used on TOWERS and EPIC MONSTERS. On the other hand, it can't be used on minions or normal monters.
You know what, you even can poke the enemy with Essence Flux + AA , but it wastes a lot of mana in the early game. But, when you proc it with an ability, you will get the mana back from the ability that procs it but, also get 60 mana.
This is basically your safety net or your all in ability. You can use it to burst an enemy down or to stay save. This ability is very mana draining and his long early game cooldown doesnt make it better. Arcane Shift has a neet feature, that lets it prio. the target, who got marked with Essence Flux.
Lets get to some combo's.

Essence Flux + Arcane Shift + AA or Mystic Shot | This is basically the all in aka. burst combo. Make sure you dont get into a dangerous situation.

Arcane Shift + Flash + AA | Like with the Mystic Shot Flash combo, animation cancle Arcane Shift with your Flash and its meant for chasing/secure a kill.
There is nothing special to say about this except, its global and you can Flash in the middle of the cast, while it will still shot at the position you initially casted it from. Weird, but its a feature that shouldnt be ignored
All-in/Burst Combos Back to Top
Essence Flux + Mystic Shot + Arcane Shift | Best Used in a creep free zone (Burst)

Essence Flux + Arcane Shift + AA + Mystic Shot | (Burst)

Trueshot Barrage + Essence Flux + Arcane Shift + AA + Mystic Shot | Best used in an area, where they can't see you (All-in)

Essence Flux + Arcane Shift + AA + Mystic Shot + Trueshot Barrage | Aim your Ult at a spot, where they need to go, to not die from your auto attacks. They either get hit or need to use Flash or Heal/ Barrier. (All-in) (Doesnt work on fast champs)
This will still be edited but i cant stay all night editing a guide Back to Top
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