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Wukong Build Guide by pimboy12

Wukong - Solo Top Guide

By pimboy12 | Updated on November 21, 2012
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However, when he had surmounted every obstacle and defeated every opponent, he grew restless. Worried that there was nothing left to overcome, he sought counsel with the monkey sage who lived behind the Grand Waterfall. The sage told him a tale of hairless monkeys to the north who, with wits and strength, bent the world to their will. Kong was overjoyed at the prospect of such worthy competition, and he immediately set out to the north, hoping that the sage's story was true. Traveling north, he crossed the Southern Wastes and then the Great Barrier. Unaware of the League, he arrived outside the Institute of War where he found Master Yi in meditation. Kong was eager to test the strength of these northern warriors, so he challenged Yi to a duel. Intrigued by Kong, Yi decided to humor him. Within moments of his first strike, Kong knew he was no match for Yi. To be the best, he would need a mentor. He asked Yi to take him as a pupil and to show him the wonders of the northern lands. In return, he would honor Yi by becoming the greatest warrior Runeterra had ever seen. Admiring his passion, Yi agreed, but only under the condition that Kong would one day teach the lessons of Wuju to a pupil of his own. In the spirit of this agreement, he renamed Kong ''Wukong'', and gave him a weapon suited to his unusual nature - an enchanted staff that the young Doran had crafted. The weapon was an unrivalled masterpiece. After rigorous training, Wukong joined the League of Legends to fulfill his promise and show the world the true power of Wuju. ''The first step to wisdom and greatness is realizing how little you know.'' - The first lesson of Master Yi [spotlight_embed_url] => [role] => Fighter [defense_rating] => 5 [magic_rating] => 2 [attack_rating] => 8 [difficulty_rating] => 3 [damage_rating] => 2 [mobility_rating] => 2 [cc_rating] => 2 [toughness_rating] => 2 [utility_rating] => 1 [health] => 578 [health_increase] => 0 [mana] => 266 [mana_increase] => 0 [movement_speed] => 345 [armor] => 24.9 [armor_increase] => 0 [magic_resistance] => 32.1 [magic_resistance_increase] => 0 [attack_damage] => 59.9 [attack_damage_increase] => 0 [critical_strike] => 0 [critical_strike_increase] => 0 [health_regeneration] => 6.2 [health_regeneration_increase] => 0 [mana_regeneration] => 8 [mana_regeneration_increase] => 0 [attack_range] => 175 [attack_speed] => 0.658 [ability_power] => 0 [ability_power_18] => 0 [attack_speed_18] => 0.994 [health_18] => 2023 [mana_18] => 912 [movement_speed_18] => 345 [armor_18] => 84.4 [magic_resistance_18] => 53.4 [attack_damage_18] => 114.3 [critical_strike_18] => 0 [health_regeneration_18] => 17.2 [mana_regeneration_18] => 19.1 [attack_range_18] => 175 [tip_playing_as] => * Decoy and Nimbus Strike work well together to quickly strike your enemy and get out before they can retaliate. * Try using Decoy near brush to make an enemy overreact to your movement. * Oracle's Elixir will allow an opponent to see you even when using Decoy. [tip_playing_against] => * Wukong will often use Decoy after Nimbus Strike. Try delaying your abilities by a short amount of time to ensure that you're hitting the real Wukong. * Vision Wards and Oracle's Elixir will allow you to see the real Monkey King even when he uses Decoy. [client_id] => 62 [riot_points] => 880 [influence_points] => 4800 [icon] => [is_published] => 1 [is_deprecated] => 0 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_buildable] => 1 [is_free] => 0 [views] => 0 [view_count] => 5725088 [comments] => 0 [comment_count] => 15 [votes] => 0 [vote_count] => 0 [community_tier_list_vote_count] => 464 [community_tier_list_score] => 0.535776 [community_tier_list_rank] => 3 [score] => 0 [lastpost_ts] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00 [last_comment_ts] => 2017-11-08 15:36:44 [critical_strike_chance] => 0 [critical_strike_chance_18] => 0 [preferred_skin] => 513 [create_ts] => 2011-07-26 00:00:00 ) [skin] => [abilities] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [ability_id] => 404 [champion_id] => 80 [display_name] => Stone Skin [unranked_description] => Wukong's armor and magic resistance are increased for each nearby enemy champion. [ranked_description] => Wukong's armor and magic resistance are increased by 4/6/8 for each nearby enemy champion. The amount is increased every 6 levels. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 0 [cooldown_rank_2] => 0 [cooldown_rank_3] => 0 [cooldown_rank_4] => 0 [cooldown_rank_5] => 0 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 0 [cost_rank_2] => 0 [cost_rank_3] => 0 [cost_rank_4] => 0 [cost_rank_5] => 0 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 1400 [range_rank_2] => 1400 [range_rank_3] => 1400 [range_rank_4] => 1400 [range_rank_5] => 1400 [keybind] => Passive [video_url] => [display_order] => 0 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 2 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2012-12-02 03:44:51 ) [1] => Array ( [ability_id] => 405 [champion_id] => 80 [display_name] => Crushing Blow [unranked_description] => Wukong's next attack will deal additional physical damage and will reduce the enemy's armor. [ranked_description] => Wukong's next attack, within 5 seconds, will deal {10/40/70/100/130} (+{1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4} per attack damage) physical damage and will reduce the enemy's armor by {10/15/20/25/30}% for 3 seconds. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 9 [cooldown_rank_2] => 8 [cooldown_rank_3] => 7 [cooldown_rank_4] => 6 [cooldown_rank_5] => 5 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 40 [cost_rank_2] => 40 [cost_rank_3] => 40 [cost_rank_4] => 40 [cost_rank_5] => 40 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => Q [video_url] => [display_order] => 1 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 4 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2014-02-05 20:18:28 ) [2] => Array ( [ability_id] => 406 [champion_id] => 80 [display_name] => Decoy [unranked_description] => Wukong becomes stealthed for 1.5 seconds and leaves an uncontrollable decoy that doesn't attack or move on the place he activated it. The decoy will deal magic damage to nearby enemies after 1.5 seconds. [ranked_description] => Wukong becomes stealthed for 1.5 seconds and leaves an uncontrollable decoy that doesn't attack or move on the place he activated it. The decoy will deal {70/115/160/205/250} {0.6} magic damage to nearby enemies after 1.5 seconds. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 18 [cooldown_rank_2] => 16 [cooldown_rank_3] => 14 [cooldown_rank_4] => 12 [cooldown_rank_5] => 10 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 50 [cost_rank_2] => 55 [cost_rank_3] => 60 [cost_rank_4] => 65 [cost_rank_5] => 70 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 0 [range_rank_2] => 0 [range_rank_3] => 0 [range_rank_4] => 0 [range_rank_5] => 0 [keybind] => W [video_url] => [display_order] => 2 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 3 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2013-08-17 06:27:49 ) [3] => Array ( [ability_id] => 407 [champion_id] => 80 [display_name] => Nimbus Strike [unranked_description] => Wukong dashes on a cloud toward a target enemy and sends out images to attack up to 2 additional enemies near his target, dealing physical damage to each enemy struck. He also gains an attack speed bonus after using this skill. [ranked_description] => Wukong dashes on a cloud toward a target enemy and sends out images to attack up to 2 additional enemies near his target, dealing {65/100/135/170/205} (+0.8 per bonus attack damage) physical damage to each enemy struck. He also gains a {30/35/40/45/50}% attack speed bonus for 4 seconds after using this skill. [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 8 [cooldown_rank_2] => 8 [cooldown_rank_3] => 8 [cooldown_rank_4] => 8 [cooldown_rank_5] => 8 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 45 [cost_rank_2] => 50 [cost_rank_3] => 55 [cost_rank_4] => 60 [cost_rank_5] => 65 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 625 [range_rank_2] => 625 [range_rank_3] => 625 [range_rank_4] => 625 [range_rank_5] => 625 [keybind] => E [video_url] => [display_order] => 3 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 2 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2015-05-28 11:10:27 ) [4] => Array ( [ability_id] => 408 [champion_id] => 80 [display_name] => Cyclone [unranked_description] => Wukong's staff grows outward and he spins it around for up to 4 seconds, dealing damage every second and knocking up enemies once per cast. Wukong gains 5% movement speed bonus every half second for the duration of the spell, with the bonus disappearing once he stops spinning. [ranked_description] => Wukong's staff grows outward and he spins it around for up to 4 seconds, dealing {20/110/200} (+1.1 per attack damage) damage every second and knocking up enemies once per cast. Wukong gains an additional 5% movement speed bonus every half second for the duration of the spell, with the bonus disappearing once he stops spinning. Wukong cannot attack or use other abilities while Cyclone is on, but he can deactivate it at any time. Maximum total physical damage to a single target is {80/440/800} (+4.4 per attack damage). [description] => [icon] => [cooldown_rank_1] => 120 [cooldown_rank_2] => 105 [cooldown_rank_3] => 90 [cooldown_rank_4] => 90 [cooldown_rank_5] => 90 [cooldown] => 0 [cost_rank_1] => 100 [cost_rank_2] => 100 [cost_rank_3] => 100 [cost_rank_4] => 100 [cost_rank_5] => 100 [cost_type] => mana [attack_range] => 0 [range_rank_1] => 325 [range_rank_2] => 325 [range_rank_3] => 325 [range_rank_4] => 325 [range_rank_5] => 325 [keybind] => R [video_url] => [display_order] => 4 [range_type] => self [target_type] => passive [comment_count] => 2 [is_deleted] => 0 [is_deprecated] => 0 [last_comment_ts] => 2012-07-17 19:29:49 ) ) [threat_counts] => Array ( [0] => 0 [1] => 0 [2] => 0 [3] => 0 [4] => 0 [5] => 0 ) [leaguespyStats] => Array ( [status] => 1 [data] => Array ( [champion] => Array ( [id] => 62 [mobafire_id] => 80 [name] => Wukong [url] => wukong [free_to_play] => 0 ) [lane] => Jungle [laneAlt] => Jungle Role [rank] => 3 [rankings] => 94 [rankingsCount] => 50 [winRate] => 51 ) ) ) 1


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Ability Order

- Introduction -

(self drawn)

Welcome to my Wukong solo top guide. I will explain to you how to completely dominate toplane. After playing over 100 games with him. By variating my builds, runes and play style I can now create a proper guide. This is my first guide. So I hope you are enjoying it and realising I have no experience making guides and builds. Thanks to jhoijhoi for the line dividers/separators and the guide of how to make a guide and how to use BB code. It made this build alot nicer looking.
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- Pros / Cons -


+ Great Burst Damage using your Q
+ Can get away easily with Decoy and laugh at the noobs attacking your clone
+ Is pretty good at harassing the enemy
+ Excellent solo top champion
+ Skills don't waste your mana


- He needs his items to be great
- If you start to do really well will get focused, but your a tank, that's good.
- Requires player to play smart to maximize abilities
- Using ult can make you die fast if not used correctly
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- Abbreviations -

Before you are getting confused, I am using a lot of abbreviations in my guide

AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Power
AS = Attack Speed
MR = Magic Resist
CS = Creeps Score (Farm)
Pots = Potions
CC = Crowd Control
Combo = Combination
AoE = Area of Effect
B = Recall/Back
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- Masteries -



Take this for the 10 less armor and MR when using Exhaust. This might lead into early kills.

Take this for the extra AD boost at the start. This will help with last hitting which is the most important thing when in laning phase.

Extra AS which will help when going to harras the enemy champion. Now you can get a faster hit on the enemy champion. This is safer because the enemy champion must have a really quick reaction if he wants to harras you back. Also great when using with Nimbus Strike for that extra boost.

10% armor penetration. Most enemy players know that Wukong is a solotop champion. They realize that Wukong does great burst damage using his Crushing Blow. Thay might take Cloth Armor as starting item to reduce incoming damage. With armor penetration the damage will increase.


This gives 1 armor per point you put in to it and max at 3 armor. Most solotop champions are based on AD. By using this extra armor, you receive less damage and can stay longer in lane.

This gives 1 MR per point you put in to it and max at 3 MR. Not many solotop champions are based on AP and deal magic damage. Take 3 points in to this because some enemies or junglers are based on AP. So you receive less damage from them.

Extra health per level. This might seam very useless. But in fact it is not. Extra health is always useful. Having more health then your opponent is good, because you have an advantage against him or her. When dealing about the same damage, you are the one that wants more health to survive the fights.

More health regen adds extra sustain. You now heal faster without going back to base and need less pots to heal back up. This saves up money to buy extra wards. Also the regeneration never stops, so this could make the difference in fights.

30 More health at the start. Again having more health at the beginning sets you in a advantage. You 30 more health may not seam much, but early game it is a lot.

Move faster when above 70% health. This is just awsome. When you are for example playing against Olaf. He got Undertow and is able to trow axes at you. You want to dodge, but you have started with a Regrowth Pendant. This will make you fast enough to dodge the axes and stay above 70% health. But watch out, when engaging know that it becomes harder to escape if below 70% health. But Decoy makes escaping very simple.

Reduce incoming damage by 1.5%. This may not seem much. But it may change fights into your favor. When receiving tons of damage that would just have killed you, you now survive. This helps you to stay alive and is very effective anytime, 1v1 fights or teamfights.

Increases maximum health by 3%. When using the runes that I suggested you will receive a lot of extra health that will add extra damage to your Atma's Impaler. Some math:
Warmog's Armor max stacks : 1270 Health
Trinity Force : 250 Health
Masteries : 138 Health
Basic health level 18 : 1965 Health
Total health = 3625 Health (The build says 3135 without masteries and without max warmog'armor)
3625 x 1,03 = 3732 Health. It adds 107 health at level 18.
But that is not all, it also reduces the duration of CC by 10%. In League of Legends being stunned for 2 seconds is alot. This reduces the duration a bit, but also your Mercury's Treads do reduce the stun. This means that the CC that you get, will be greatly reduced.
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- Runes -


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

: 9x 0,95 attack damage, I take these for the extra damage boost at the start. Also easier last hitting early game because u have this extra AD.
: 9x 1.40 armor, I take these for extra tankyness and survibatility at the start. Most solo top champions are AD, this will help you in lane.
: 9x 1.34 Mag res, I take these also for extra tankyness.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation : 3x 3.33 Armor pen. I take these because most solotop champions also have a tanky rune page or mastery page and have some extra armor. Take these your harras early game is better.

Optinal Runes:

Greater Mark of Desolation: 9x 1.6 Armor Pen. You can take these and take AD quints. This doesnt matter really.
Greater Mark of Health: 9x 3.47 HP. You can take these for more tankyness at the beginning, but have a harder time last hitting.
Greater Mark of Armor: 9x 0,9 Armor, I do not advise to take these, they don't give much armor and again, u have hard time last hitting.

Greater Seal of Health: 9x 5.35 Health, I never tried this but I think this might be usefull since it is flat health. If you want to be even more tanky take these.
Greater Seal of Vitality: 9x 1.08 Health per Lvl, these could be very usefull, since you get more at lvl 6 then with flat health, this is when you want to engage, but this 9 health doesn't make any difference.
Greater Seal of Attack Damage: 9x 0.43 Attack damage, Never take these, the low AD won't help you with anything.

Greater Glyph of Health: 9x 2.67 Health, u could take these on Wukong, but I think magic res. is more usefull.
Greater Glyph of Attack Damage: 9x 0.28 Attack damage, don't even think about it, waste of money and only gives you 2.30 attack damage.
Greater Glyph of Armor: 9x 0.7 Armor, u could take these instead of the magic res. ones. Not really a problem.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: 3x 2.25 Attack damage, u could take these instead of the armor pen. But I like to have extra armor pen. since Wukong is AD, so enemy buy's armor.
Greater Quintessence of Armor: 3x 4.26 Armor, Wukong is also fine with these, extra tankyness early game and late game is alway good.
Greater Quintessence of Health: 3x 26 Health. Samge as the armor ones. Wukong is fine with these.
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- Summoner Spells -

Viable Summoner Spells

Flash: teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor. Always a great escape tool since you can flash over walls or you can quickly flash to your turret when your Decoy didn't work.
Exhaust: This slows movement speed by 40% and reduces autoattack damage by 70% and ability/item damage by 35% for 2.5 seconds.Slow and using mastery's more damage on target. Since Ignite only does 90 damage at the start and can be countered by just taking a potion. It is better to take this, it will help you to get your early game kills and later on getting your targets quickly dead since they will get more damage.
Ghost: Your Champion passes through any unit and moves 27% faster for 10 seconds. Not my favorite but is great for chasing or getting away. Does not go over walls. Thought great when using in combi with your ult, because you get double speed buff and can quickly chase down those flashers.
Ignite: Targets a single champion dealing 50 + (lvl x 20) true damage over 5 seconds. Also reduces the target’s healing and regeneration by 50%. You could use this, but in my opninion you can do way more damage using exhaust. Since this only does 70 damage in lvl 1. And exhaust + masteries 10% more damage you can get way more damage with just 2 basic attacks.
Teleport: After 4 seconds, teleports your champion to target friendly minion or turret. 3 minute cooldown if cancelled.
Great for turning around some fights by teleporting on a ward, and casting Cyclone. But this is hard to time and almost every time to late.

Non Viable Summoner Spells

Heal: Restores 75 + (lvl x 25) Health to your Champion and 50% of that to nearby allies. Don't take this, it is useless top. Since you are building tanky, and starting with a health regen item, just stay out of combat, and you get your health back. Just as simple as that.
Revive: Instantly revives your Champion at your team's Summoner Platform Never take this, this is useless, other summoner spells work better and this only will make penta kills into legendary kills.
Smite: Deals 420 + (lvl x 25) true damage to target enemy minion or pet. Since you are solotop, and not jungling, dont take this. Very useless in lane because you are only last hitting, and not pushing.
Surge: Empowers your champion, increasing ability power by 6 + (lvl x 4) and attack speed by 35% for 12 seconds. Attack speed buff and ability power buff. Wukong does not need any ability power so also a useless spell.
Cleanse: Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs affecting your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds. This could be usefull when casting ulti or getting ganked by a champion that does have a stun or slow. But Decoy will help you here, so not needed.
Clarity: Restores 160 + (lvl x 30) Mana to your champion and 50% of that to nearby allies. Don't take this into the battle field. Just dont waste your mana, or buy an early Sheen.
Promote: Promotes the nearest allied siege minion (in Classic) or super minion (in Dominion) to an anti-Turret Cannon, healing it. Never take this, this is great when pushing, but that is not what you want to do, then you get ganked instantly and die alot.
Clairvoyance: Reveals an area of the map for 4 seconds. I am not even going to talk about this, just ward.
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- Wukongs Skills Explained -

Skills Explained
Passive: Stone Skin

Increases Wukong's armor and magic resistance for each nearby enemy champion.
So the more enemy champions you have around your self, they more armor and magic res. u have. This is very usefull in teamfights but also gives you that extra armor early game at laning phase.

1st Skill (Q): Crushing Blow

Wukong's next attack deals additional physical damage and reduces the enemy's Armor for a short duration.
This skill is your main damage skill. Without this you can't do any burst damage. After you pressed Q, you got 5 seconds to basic attack a minion, monster, enemy champion or a turret( yest this works on turrets). Also this skill will activate items like a Sheen. So this means you activate your Q, your next basic attack gains extra damage from the skill it self, and from your Sheen. Awsome. (+1.1 per attack damage)

2nd Skill (W) : Decoy

Wukong stops and leaves a clone behind whyle he is invinceble for a couple seconds.This is a great overall skill when used right. You can escape pretty easy, but also ingage easy. Down site of this is a relative long cooldown, so when the jungler just came by, and you had to escape, he can easily come back and then you have no decoy. When used wisely a great skill to have. (+0.6 per ability power)

3rd Skill (E) : Nimbus Strike

Wukong flies to enemy's and hits the 3 nearbiest enemys. After that you get a attack speed buff for a couple seconds. Also a great gap closer skill when chasing or initiating and the attack speed buff afterwards is just great. You can easily do a combo with decoy. Get close using decoy and use nimbus strike for the last part. Usefull lasthitting tool when you are forced back since u hit multiple minions. After that you get a Attack speed buff, so the other minions go down quickly. (+0.8 per bonus attack damage)

4th Skill (R) :cyclone

Wukong starts spinnning around and every enemy hit is knocked up in the air. Every enemy can only be knocked up once. During this state Wukong gains extra movement speed.This is a great teamfight or escaping skill. The damage of this skill is very underrated. It lasts for 4 seconds and does damage per second. The basic damage is: 20/110/200. So in lvl 11, you do 110 damage per second, that makes 440 just basic. And at lvl 16 800!!. Using this build, your damage with this ulti in lvl 16 is around 1500-2000. And that is great in teamfights. (+1.2 per attack damage)

Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I take Nimbus Strike first because it helps you getting last hits plus it gives you the attack speed boost to quicly last hit more creeps.

After that you take Crushing Blow since this is your main burst and damage skill. Using this you lower the enemy's defense and also do some extra damage. That is why I max it first. You need the damage and short cooldown to be effective.

In lvl 3 I take Decoy to avoid getting killed by the jungler. U don't want to use this skill too often, because when on cooldown, you are very targetable.

Then start maxing out Crushing Blow and at lvl 6 11 16 take Cyclone.

When Crushing Blow is maxed you must max Nimbus Strike for even more damage output. At last max Decoy because the damage won't help you get the kill.
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- Items -

Starting Items

Regrowth Pendant. This is very usefull since it gives you that health regen boot at the start, just stay out of combat and you get your health back. Also you can build this in to a Warmog's Armor[/columns]

Boots of Speed. This is not neccesary but always usefull when chasing or escaping them, you don't want them to be faster. [/columns]

Early Game Items

Sheen. This item adds extra magic damage to your next basic attack after casting an ability. This means after casting Crushing Blow, the next basic attack gains extra damage from both Crushing Blow and the Sheen. Also this grants extra mana so you can use more abilities.

Giant's Belt. Buy this item because it adds a lot of health which will grant more sustain in lane. Also this item is one of the items needed to build a Warmog's Armor. So is the Regrowth Pendant. Or you can build a Frozen Mallet with it. It depends on your own play style if you want to start midgame with a Frozen Mallet or a Warmog's Armor.

Mercury's Treads. Buy this item for the extra speed and of course for the extra tenacity which reduces CC duration. Great item when playing against a champion with CC like: Nautilus, Renekton, Jax or Irelia.

Mid Game Items

Warmog's Armor. Over 920 health when farmed and adds a lot of health regeneration per 5 seconds. It will help you to stay alive in teamfights when you are playing the tank role.

Atma's Impaler. Adds damage basing on your health. Using this in combi with your Warmog's Armor is great. Also the masteries add some extra health that will help to get extra damage. Also this items gives you armor will help when in toplane because most of the time you are facing an AD based champion top.

Frozen Mallet. Adds extra health and a 100% change to slow an enemy's movement speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. This is a great tool when chasing.

What should you do with it?
(I prefer Warmog's Armor)

I think that Warmog's Armor is the best option here because the Frozen Mallet sort of blocks the build for your Trinity Force. Because both items need a Phage. So you use the same item 2 times. Also Warmog's Armor is cheaper and gives more health, so scales better with a Atma's Impaler. But if you want to have 100% change to slow , what a Trinity Force doesn't provide. You should buy Frozen Mallet. Totally up to you.

Late Game Items

Trinity Force. A great item on Wukong, but very expensive. The only item you really need is the Sheen, because of the extra damage it deals with Crushing Blow. The Phage gives health and a chance to slow the enemy and the Zeal gives AS and Movement speed. That is not necessarily for Wukong.

The Bloodthirster. This item adds when farmed 100 AD. This means that both your basic attack and Crushing Blow deal extra damage. Some math:
Basic attack : +100 and Crushing Blow : +110
This means by buying a The Bloodthirster your crushing blow deals tons of damage. Also Cyclone will deal tons of damage. Again math:
100 x 1,2 = 120 Damage/sec, 120 x 4 = 480 Damage in total.

Sunfire Cape. This item gives you 45 armor and deal 40 magic damage each second around you. When using Cyclone which deals 200 damage each second for 4 seconds, the total damage is 800+160=960 mixed damage. With some AD it is even more. This can turn around team fights. But it is the last item you should buy.

Situational Items

When playing against heavy AD teams. This is the item you will need. It provides you with 100 armor and deals 30% of the damage you receive back. This means that if they damaged you 3333. They damaged them self 1000.
When playing against heavy AP teams. This is the perfect item. 76 MR and 1.75% of your maximum health is turned into health regeneration per 5 seconds. Also it provides you with 40 health regeneration per 5. Using this with Warmog's Armor is great. 3732 health in lvl 18 max. This means it regens 65 health per 5. Count if up and you get 148 health per 5 which equal 29,6 health per second.
This item is good when playing against a heavy AD top. You can go B to quickly get these shoes and some wards. It provides armor and it reduces non-turret basic attacks by 10%. So don't buy them against a caster.
It gives AD, cooldown reduction, armor penetration and critical strike chance. This is useful on Wukong because the AD increases his damage ofcourse. The cooldown reduction provide him to cast spells faster, this means he can use Decoy more often and ofcourse Cyclone. The critical strike chance will do insane damage with Crushing Blow. And the 20 armor penetration is good against tanks. The active gives every allied champion nearby a movement speed boost. Great chasing and escaping tool.
This item is very simple. It provides you with both armor and MR. Also every 5 minutes upon death, you will be revived. A very simple but useful item.
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- Laning Phase -

What to do

In the laning phase you should focus on last hitting. This is your income and you want your items as quickly as possible. Well, how to properly last hit with Wukong and get a proper CS.

First, make sure you know how much damage you deal with basic attacks, and how much health they must have to last hit. Very simple, when there are 2 minions fighting and slowly getting low. Just left-click the enemy minion. When it is below your AD, remind the look of the health bar and kill it.
Second, be in the right position to last hit. Standing somewhere between the minions seems logical. But it is not smart. If the enemy got ranged attacks. He or she can easily hit you. Know which minion your minions are attacking and walk to it when it is about to get low. Also try to get the minions near the enemy champion using Crushing Blow, you don't want to get much damage so kill it quickly.
Third, watch your own minions, is one getting low, walk to it and expect the enemy champion to come and take it. When he or she tries to take it, harras. This way you or don't let him or her farm, or you harras and ping your jungler for easy kill. Yes, you should ping your jungler because he needs assists to get his build. The jungle doesn't offer many creeps.

If you harras right by watching your own minions health. You should be able to get a kill after a while. When the enemy is behind their minions but he walks away when you get close. Use your Decoy to get closer. Then use Nimbus Strike for the last part, then use Exhaust which will decrease their armor using the right masteries, then do your first hit using Crushing Blow which also decreases his armor and using the speed boost from your Nimbus Strike you should get him down. Be sure to have wards because you used your Decoy and are not able to escape. If you hit level 6, try to cast it after Crushing Blow for the maximum damage.

When you managed to kill the enemy champion. Don't try to push the lane, but quickly take all the last hits. Go B and get your item advantage. After this you should dominate top lane. Keep warding because if the enemy solotop is asking for help and mid and the jungler come to kill you. You lost your advantage and gave advantage to both the enemy jungler and mid.

But when things don't go well. You died first. Try to farm under your turret. The melee minions take 2 turret shots, and are then able to last hit. The ranged minions only take one shot. The cannon minions take a lot of shots. When farming under your turret, ask help from your jungler because the lane is overpushed. This means that the enemy is more to your side.

You can use Cyclone to escape or kill an enemy. Cyclone knocks them up and gives you extra movement speed. When chasing someone use Nimbus Strike and then Cyclone. Stay in front of them so you can easily hit them with basic attacks and Crushing Blow. When escaping. Try to use when multiple enemies are ganking your lane.

What not to do:

Don't engage with Decoy on cooldown. When things don't go as you have expected. Your only escape tool is flash or Decoy. But you must try to save your flash for emergencies.

Never overpush. This is not only bad because the jungler and mid have an easy kill on you. But also, you can not farm under the enemy turret. It is way to risky and you are killed easily because you can not attack back. Only overpush when you want to get the turret. This should not happen early game because it won't help you. The money is good. But you deny kills for your jungler when the lane is overpushed, and you become an easy target.

Don't use Decoy to often. If you have not warded. The enemy jungler could show up and kill you. Not saying that Decoy will always help you. But you become untargetable, you take less damage and can get closer to your turret.
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- Teamfights -

Cyclone is very useful in teamfights. It will knock up every champion hit once. This equals a stun of 1 second. This is a great initiator. Use Decoy to come in the middle of the enemy team and use Cyclone, the enemies will get knocked up and be distracted which creates a great opportunity for your team to kill them. If the enemy team focus you, that is great. This means that they focus a champion with a lot of health, while in mean time your team can easily kill there damage dealers and your team should be able to push. When the enemy team does not focus you, that is also great. They underestimate your power. Your damage is very high because it scales very high. The total damage is +4.8 per AD. This gives the enemy team insane amounts of damage which will result in a won teamfight.

Example in ranked game(Quadra kill):

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- Warding -

Always try to have spot 1 warded. This is just outside the bush and will tell you earlier if the enemy jungler is going to gank you. Don't ward this when your lane is pushed to your turret. Then it is to risky for the enemy jungler to gank. No ward needed and you save some money.

When playing in the bottom left base. You should place a ward at spot 2 when your outer turret is destroyed. This prevents risky ganks and will tell you in time if the enemy jungler is going to counter jungle. This makes it possible for the mid and jungler to come and kill the trapped enemy. When you are trying to take the outer turret, place a ward at point 3. This prevents you from being killed by enemies walking in a other route.

When playing in top right base. You should place a ward at spot 3 when your outer turret is destroyed. This doesn't show if the enemy jungler is going to counter jungle, because most of the time, top is warded near bush. So he will be seen. The jungler mostly walks near mid because mid is almost never warded. So the enemy can get in the jungle that way and keep unseen. When you are trying to destroy the enemy outer turret. Ward at the bush between the turret and point 2 in the bushes. (I couldn't place a point 4 on the picture, because it would become confusing.) With a ward here. You can push the turret without being ganked by the jungler and mid.
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- Tips and Tricks -

- Decoy can be used in varius way's
SPACE 1 Use it to escape by simpely pressing W
2 Fake your Decoy by pressing and holding S(stop). Then use [[Decoy and walk in other direction.
3 Get close to some one. When in bushes or in lane. Press W and get closer, use Crushing Blow and start hitting them, when they flash u still have your Nimbus Strike
4 Defending yourself, when being attackt under the turret, you can easily put down your clone, what they will attack, you get no damage, and they get turret damage. U mad stupid enemy that goes turret diving?

- When using teleport, u can do a teleport Cyclone combi.

- Cyclone makes diffence in teamfights since it knocks up and deals tons of damage. The 1 knock up per enemy may seem bad. But trust me, that 1 second knocked up in a teamfight kills them.

- Try to fly in with Nimbus Strike, then hit with Crushing Blow and leave, or stay using Decoy.

- Your Crushing Blow works on turrets.

- You can get turrets down very quick. Use your Crushing Blow and your Nimbus Strike on nearby minions to get an attack speed buff. By by turret.
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- Ending Note -

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you find it some what useful. If you have any screen caps of good games that you have played using this build I'll post them up here. Please leave a positive and/or constructive comment. I appreciate it.
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- Plans -

- Creating a list of champions and how Wukong must play against them.

- Creating pictures and images for more coolness.

- Improving masteries

- Add how to use skills chapter
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- Change Log -

01-7-2012 : New pictures
30-6-2012 : Major changes because of critical response, removed the chapter facing enemies because of the size, no one wants to read that long.
29-6-2012 : Updated some grapical changes.
28-6-2012 : Finished the main part and published.
27-6-2012 : Started working on this guide.