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Yasuo Build Guide by DiendZ

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DiendZ

Yasuo The Windwaker

DiendZ Last updated on February 21, 2014
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Hi, Im DiendZ. Currently in Gold Division or rather just got in it. Started playing LoL in 2013. This may not be the best guide but it is a start. Hope you enjoy the guide. I will be updating this guide here and there, this is just how you say a preview. Feel free to ask any questions. No bad comments, only good comments. I am open to tips on how to make a guide as i am still new to this. NOTE: I can no longer edit it as I am busy with school, i will be deleting this guide next two days, and sorry if the guide doesnt make sense i am not like the other guide makers who can use big words and pictures and all that. thanks for reading the guide appreciate it

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Pros / Cons

Pros- Everything
Cons- None ( to me there is never a con for any champ )

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Way of the wanderer
Double crit chance and flow.

Tips: build crit until 50 or more
Move around to build up flow
After getting wind wall, please feel free to dash but at your own pace.

Steel Tempest
Poking the enemy in the face, 3rd unleash windmill

Tips: Build up stacks, do not give a **** if your opponent can tell if you are going to unleash whirlwind.
Abuse them with this
Try keeping stacks most of the time if possible
Apply on hit effects
Enhanced by atk speed.

Wind Wall
Block them projectiles though :D

Tips: Use it to block whenever you see an incoming projecticle
You must have good reaction time or you are screwed such as if you see an ashe ult and you have good enough reaction time then you are good to go if not well say hello to death for me :/
IMPORTANT: it does not block everything
Practice, practice, practice

Sweeping Blade
Dash and deal magic dmg

Tips: Gap closer
Dodge skillshots/abilities from opponent
If you are really good use it to escape
Bonus flow regenerated as you dash use it wisely
Save up the dmg build up from Sweeping Blade onto Enemy
If correct timing you can use Steel Tempest with or without the stacks from it

Last Breath
Nuke/ Teleportation

Armor penetration= really good
Used on knocked up champion
Kills tanks all of the time
Use it wisely/ at the right time

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