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Viktor Build Guide by Yeager

Middle diamond

Yeager's Master Viktor Guide

By Yeager | Updated on October 28, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Viktor
    Yeager's Viktor
  • LoL Champion: Viktor
    Electrocute AP Viktor

Runes: Aery path

Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 54%
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Welcome to my in depth Viktor guide! I'm Yeager, a high elo midlaner in league of legends consistently reaching at least master tier on EUW since season 5, and challenger on EUNE. I spend some of my free time creating high quality educational content to help you improve and become a better player.

Why should you play Viktor? Viktor is a lategame scaling control mage with massive AOE damage that can turn entire teams into dust. The unique part of Viktor is his hex core mechanic that upgrades his existing abilities, and makes him even more deadly. If that wasn't enough, he also has great waveclearing capabilities that makes it possible for him to be picked into most match ups. If any of this sounds interesting, then Viktor might be the champion you are looking for!
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Pros and Cons


+ Strong waveclear
+ High AOE burst
+ Insane lategame scaling
+ Powerful zone control

Viktor can be a great pick in soloqueue if you know how to play around his powerspikes and scalings. The hexcore lets you safely waveclear in bad matchups and outscale. When played to perfection, he becomes one of the best teamfighting champions in the game, with his insane AOE damage and zone control.

- Immobile
- Needs 1150g on first back
- High skillcap
- Squishy

Viktor's biggest weakness is surviving the laning phase until you have enough gold for the first hexcore. Dying pre-1150g is more punishing on Viktor than any other midlaner in the game. He is squishy and immobile, so if you are caught in a bad position, you can die instantly and contribute nothing to your team in fights. Because of the positioning and the fact that he has skillshots, he's also rather hard to master. If you miss your skillshots, you will do a lot less damage.
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Summoner Spells

FLASH: Pretty self-explanatory. Always take this.
HEAL: The standard summoner for most mages. It heals you and a nearby teammate, so if you are planning to skirmish a lot with your jungler, this is a viable option.
Ignite: The go-to summoner for having kill pressure in lane. Viktor is really weak until he gets his 1150g first-back, but if you can get a solokill or two, it will speed up his scaling so much.
CLEANSE: Underrated spell. If you are playing against a heavy CC mid + jungler, then you want Cleanse. The benefit of having cleanse is the fact that you don't need to buy Quicksilver Sash, and can focus on buying your core items.
EXHAUST: This helps alot against champions that rely on burst damage to finish you off. Champions this can be good into, are something like Fizz, Zed, Rengar, Talon, Ekko. Having Exhaust also makes your 1v1 splitpushing alot stronger.
BARRIER: The more selfish summoner spell compared to Heal. It has lower CD and is a much safer pick against opponents with Ignite.
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Tier 1
  • Manaflow Band: When fully stacked, we permanently get 250 bonus mana and a passive that restores 1% of missing mana every 5 seconds. It's not that great early game, but from mid game it can help a lot in fights because your augmented Q scales off of mana. It's basically a free Sapphire Crystal but with the added mana regen bonus.

Tier 2

Tier 3
  • Gathering Storm: Weak early on, but slowly ramps up. From minute 20 you will start noticing the difference this rune can make. Sometimes your team will get a huge lead, but since it's soloq, they will most likely fail to close out the game. This rune is basically the late-game insurance in case everything goes wrong.
    Alternative rune: Scorch is a early game focused rune that gives you more kill pressure in lane. If you are planning to carry the game by farming the enemy midlaner, this is without a doubt the best option with Ignite.

Tier 1
  • Taste of Blood: By now you should know how important it is for Viktor to stay in lane until he gets 1150g for the hexcore. The extra sustain from this rune can help us stay in lane longer and get our core items.

Tier 2
  • Ravenous Hunter: Viktor has no built-in sustain in his kit so he is quite susceptible to being poked out at all stages of the game. The amount of healing you get lategame is just insane.
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Glorious Evolution (Passive): Viktor starts with the Prototype Hex Core that can be upgraded three times in the store to augment his abilities.

Siphon Power (Q): Viktor blasts an enemy unit dealing magic damage, gaining a shield and empowering his next basic attack.

Augment: Siphon Power's shield is increased by 60% and Viktor gains bonus Movement Speed after casting.

Gravity Field (W): Viktor conjures a heavy gravitational field that slows enemies in its radius. Enemies who stay within the device for too long are stunned.

Augment: Direct hits slow enemies by 20% for 1 second (does not proc on R ticks)

Death Ray (E): Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a chaos beam that cuts across the field in a line, dealing damage to all enemies in its path.

Augment: An explosion follows the Death Ray's wake, dealing magic damage.

Chaos Storm (R): Viktor conjures a singularity on the field which deals magic damage and interrupts enemy channels. The singularity then periodically does magic damage to all nearby enemies. Viktor can redirect the singularity.

Augment: The Chaos Storm moves faster.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Death Ray is maxed first as this is our bread and butter ability. This ability is both our main source of damage AND poke.
Hex core: When you upgrade this ability, an explosion will follow Death Ray's wake after 1 second. You will have absolute no issues waveclearing after upgrading this first. From level 7, the augmented Death Ray will oneshot the caster creeps. ALWAYS upgrade this first

Siphon Power is maxed second. We put a point into this ability level 1 because it really asserts some dominance. You will be able to trade incredibly well since we will be doing a bunch of damage, while also getting a shield that will deny incoming damage. There are almost no champions that can deal with this level 1.
Hex core: Upgrading this ability gives Viktor a temporary movement speed boost and a shield. This is a fantastic upgrade as Viktor is very immobile, so it will help him a lot with kiting and repositioning. Always upgrade this second

Chaos Storm is maxed third. This is a great AOE damage ultimate that Viktor summons at a target location(can be controlled). It's his most powerful teamfighting ability, so we put points into this whenever possible.
Hex core: When you buy the Perfect Hex Core this will automatically be upgraded. The augmented chaos storm makes it move 25% faster.

Gravity Field is maxed fourth and last. This is our AOE slow and stun.
Hex core: Augmented W gives Viktor a 20% slow for 1 second whenever he hits targets with abilities. This is exactly what Viktor needed to be viable again because his kit was very unreliable before this change, but now he can finally keep targets within range[/color].
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Doran's Ring
  • Doran's Ring: Is still the standard starting-item for most mages. In patch 8.9 the item no longer returns mana on minion kill. We now get 5+ mana regen per 5 seconds and +5 on-hit damage vs minions. Basically, we have to be more careful with how we spend our mana. CS'ing with basic attacks will be easier now though.

The Dark Seal
  • Dark Seal: The gold-efficient option. It rewards you for getting kills/assists by giving more AP stats, and it increases the healing from potions by 25%. The 100 bonus mana is really useful for the early game. I suggest buying this on your first back if you have nothing better to buy. This is often bought with Refillable Potion for extra sustain.

Control Ward

Core items
Perfect hex core: Viktor's entire kit is built around the hex cores. At level 18 it gives 180 AP and 450 mana. Let's not forget about the upgrades to all his abilities, empowering his waveclearing, kiting and teamfighting potential. This is without a doubt, the best item for Viktor!
Rabadon's Deathcap: Simply the best lategame AP item in the game. It synergizes very well with the hex cores and Gathering Storm, giving you an insane amount of stats. Normally this item is bought as 3rd or 4th, but it all depends on what the enemies build.
Void Staff: People usually start stacking magic resist in the midgame so we need some pen to get through that. Buy this as 3rd item or later if they have too much resistance for you to deal with.

  • Ninja Tabi: Is the standard buy into AD heavy teams. It offers armor and 12% damage reduction on autoattacks(Yes it counts magic damage from autos too). This is a good buy against champions like Jayce, Irelia, Tryndamere, Riven, Gangplank and so on. If the enemy team lacks CC, and has a fed ADC, Ninja Tabi is still a decent buy.

  • Sorcerer's Shoes: Gives a big early-midgame spike with the flat magic pen. It's good into very squishy teams.

  • Mercury's Treads: Offers magic resist and 30% tenacity. If you are playing against hard CC, these boots are a must-buy. Viktor is very vulnerable to ganks in lane, so these boots will give him that extra bit of safety. Here are some examples of when you should buy Mercury's Treads. When you face Ryze + Sejuani or Syndra + Elise or LeBlanc + Skarner. Basically you want mercs, when you are up against any combination of mid+jgl, that has some form of hard CC.

  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity: My favorite boots on Viktor. He needs all the CDR he can get so you can spam your abilities in fights. As he is an immobile mage, the summoner CDR also helps a lot!

  • Lich Bane: The spellblade passive works so well with his low cd Siphon Power, letting you constantly proc it every few seconds. It also enables your burst and oneshot potential while also giving some much needed AP, CDR, Mana and movement speed. I always buy this as 2nd item, if i'm not forced into buying something defensive.

  • Seraph's Embrace: It has a very weak early game because you have to stack the Tear of the Goddess first, but it becomes such a strong item when stacked. It converts 3% of your maximum mana into additional AP, and 15% of current mana into a temporary shield. It's no longer "the" item for Viktor since his Q no longer scales with mana. You can still run this for the full lategame build.

  • Morellonomicon: Buy this against heavy healing opponents like Swain, Vladimir, Soraka and so on. This is also really good against ADCs lategame because you can deny their self-healing from lifesteal items.

  • Banshee's Veil: Great defensive item against heavy AP comps, or against champions with heavy burst like Annie and AP  Gragas since the shield will force them to use one of their main abilities just to get rid of it, thus reducing their damage by a lot.

  • Quicksilver Sash: This is a must-buy against Malzahar and Skarner, as it is the only item that cancels Suppression. I only buy this item to counter Suppression - for everything else you should get Cleanse, so you don't have to use up a item slot.
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As level 1 Viktor you are stronger than most midlaners with Siphon Power. You should play really aggressive, constantly looking for trades level 1 because the damage and shield you get from Siphon Power, makes it almost impossible to trade with you. Afterwards, you should be a bit careful with trading because our first back MUST be at 1150g for the Hex Core MK-1 upgrade on Death Ray. If you are forced to base before that, Viktors scaling will be delayed so much, but you can get Dark Seal and tier 1 boots, if that happens. Generally, you should play safe by warding one side of the river, and play around your vision. It can be really smart to freeze the wave right outside your tower range, as it makes it impossible for the enemy jungler to gank/kill you. It also puts a lot of pressure on the enemy laner, as he constantly has to overextend for every CS, leaving him vulnerable to ganks.
You should aim to have the Hex Core MK-1 at level 6-7. From level 7 it will let your Death Ray one-shot the caster creeps. At this point you don't have to interact with your laner at all. Just focus on clearing the waves super fast and then go out of vision to get some good deep wards, that can reveal the enemy junglers position.
For the mid game, you should continue using your strong waveclear from augmented Death Ray to clear the waves and start taking objectives, or looking for roaming opportunities. Even though Viktor is not very mobile, you can still pull off some good roams with the AOE burst and CC in your kit.
Every time you kill someone, be sure to take down objectives like towers, dragons or enemy jungle camps so you can get a bigger lead and scale faster.
If everything goes well, then you should have Perfect Hex Core and Lich Bane. Viktor spikes really hard from just these 2 items, so you can start looking for fights in the midlane and potentially secure some kills with Ignite.
If you somehow end up on the losing team, don't lose focus because Viktor outscales most midlaners lategame! Try stalling the game by clearing waves with Death Ray until you are strong enough to carry. People always make mistakes when they are ahead because 1. They think it's won and lose focus and/or 2. They don't know how to close out the game. When they keep making mistakes and get punished for it, they will eventually get tilted, and that's when you can turn the game and make a comeback.
Late game for Viktor is all about objectives and teamfights.
As Viktor you pretty much want to be constantly grouping with your team in the late game. You can still go to other lanes to pick up big waves, but you should avoid splitpushing. Champions that are good at splitpushing are usually high mobile champions that can move around the map fast, or hard-scaling ones like Tryndamere and Fiora, who destroys anyone in 1v1 and can take towers fast. This is NOT something Viktor can match so you should only be with your team.
The way you play Viktor in a teamfight is the same as most other mages. You need to stay with the backline because you're incredibly squishy. Use your Gravity Field to CC the enemy frontline, so you can burst them fast with your ADC, before you move on to the next. Don't be afraid to use Chaos Storm on the tank if he is stunned by your Gravity Field because it will shred them FAST. If you do find yourself in a position to lock down and burst the carries without putting yourself at risk, then by all means go for it! The goal for Viktor is to pump out as much damage as possible while keeping yourself alive.
When playing for objectives, you should use Gravity Field to zone off an entrance and keep the enemy at bay while your team kills baron, dragons, towers and so on.
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Tips & Tricks

- Always animation cancel Siphon Power because it will make the burst much more instantaneous. I found a video here that explains it really well. All credits for this video goes to Pyrodps.

- Use Gravity Field predictively! Don't just drop it where the opponents are(unless they are cc'ed), but use it in the direction they are moving. Always keep in mind which kind of gap closers the opponents might have, before you use the gravity field. This ability is also a super effective zoning tool in the jungle, as it can close off entrances, and zone enemies from objectives, fights and so on.

- Death Ray has no input buffering. It means you can keep moving WHILE using it. It makes it really hard for the enemy to predict.

- Chaos Storm will interrupt enemy channeling-abilities on cast. You can stop abilities like Katarina's Death Lotus, TF's Destiny, Malzahar's Nether Grasp, Asol's Celestial Expansion and so on.
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Wave Control

What does it mean to freeze and how do i do it?

Freezing is a advanced technique that lets you deny your opponent exp and cs if done correctly. Freezing a lane means that you kite/tank the minions without letting your tower hit the creeps. You need to make sure the enemy minions always beat yours. After the enemy killed your entire wave, you let 2-3 of the enemy creeps live, and kite them until the next wave is here. When the next wave arrives, the wave will freeze right outside of your turret range.

By doing this, you are safe from jungle ganks, while your opponent takes a big risk everytime he overextends for a cs.

When to freeze the wave

You can Freeze the wave when you and the enemy are even or ahead, and it can be used to help you win back the lane after you screwed up and died. You can attempt to freeze the wave already from level 1, leaving your opponent vulnerable to jungle ganks or be within your kill range, if you are able to kill them. When you get a lead, and you can solokill an overextended enemy laner, that is exactly when you want to freeze the wave. You force the enemy midlaner to either be in your kill range, or miss a ton of cs and exp, putting them further behind.

Freezing a wave is a great way to snowball a lead, if you have no objectives to fight for, such as dragon, herald or towers.

Here is a youtube video that explains wave management very well. I recommend watching the entire video. All credits for this video goes to Blitz Esports LoL

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That's it for my Viktor guide. Thank you so much for reading it, i hope you found the guide helpful. If you still have questions, feel free to post them in the comments, or on my stream and i will get back to you ASAP!

Also, if you don't mind:
- Voting this guide would really mean a lot for me, and help me to improve it.
- Leaving a comment with feedback/suggestions is also very much appreciated.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Yeager
Yeager Viktor Guide
Yeager's Master Viktor Guide
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