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Master Yi Build Guide by The Lost Legacy of Riot

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Lost Legacy of Riot

Yi, The Shredder

The Lost Legacy of Riot Last updated on May 10, 2012
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Master Yi, The Shredder

Master Yi is mostly played AD and I'm sure you all are tired of seeing AD Master Yi builds. Well you'll see another one here, but one major difference this guide presents a Yi that should never leave lane unless he dies or can get an item.

This guide covers all of my baselines in a Master Yi shredder build. So lets begin.

  • Can stay in fights longer
  • Allow your team to escape
  • Deals MASSIVE damage due to its runes and masteries

  • Squishy
  • Can't own unless you get fed (Up to 3 kills before 2 deaths)
  • Champ doesn't work without Wriggle's or Bloodthirster

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I'll start with the runes.

The reason I choose these runes is because:

1. The damage is a HUGE advantage early game when you dont have good items.

2. The armor penetration Quintessences should help take down those annoying tanks until you get Madred's Bloodrazor

3. Even if you get off to a bad start early game these runes can help you get those quick kills under tower.

So as you can see these runes will probably fit "The Shredder" name and will most likely get those kills when you need them.

Other runes that can be put in is: Attack Damage Quintessences or Magic Penetration Marks.

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Hints for Top Lanes or Bot Lanes

These are quick hints depending on wether or not you wanna got top or bot. (THIS YI SHOULD NEVER MID)

Top Hints

1. When you go top you will wanna go with an AP Carry such as Fiddlesticks or a Heavy Hitter such as Wukong

2. When you go top its easy to get ganked by those annoying Junglers, so if necessary buy a ward between the 1st 10 minutes the game.

Bot Hints

1. When going bot you should probably team up with an Ashe so she can slow them for you allowing either you or her to secure the kill. (This Combo almost never fails with em unless you get a horrible Ashe in which case I feel sorry for you)

2. Now when going bot always stay close to the bushes so you can assassinate your opponents, with a sly Alpha Strike.

3. This last hint is not for Yi but for someone who teams up with Ashe on bot. When playing with an Ashe its easy for you to tell her when to use her ulti, She should probably use it to hit Enemies under tower so you can go in and Alpha Strike then run out.

Those are a few hints for Yi soon I will talk about Sneaky tactics that can be used to secure those kills.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

So as you can see this Skill Sequence is nothing special except for 1 Difference I usually dont get a lot of W until the end cause your gunna have a LOT of life steal so you wont be needing a heal.

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These item choice are for EXTREME damage.

1. Vampiric Scepter this item is a basic life steal itme meant to keep you in the lane longer early game. (Hint: Use the Vampiric Scepter on minions under your tower to heal)

2. Berserker Greaves These common attack speed boots are meant to be bought STRAIGHT!

3. B. F. Sword

4. The Bloodthirster This godlike blade froged from the depths of **** is going to be your main item. Once you get this item use it in solo lanign adn jungling whenever you can. (To stack its abilty)

5. Bilgewater Cutlass This item is mainly grabbed for a short time. Its active hurts and it's lifesteal works well with this build.

6. Zeal The reason Zeal is here before Phantom Dancer is becaus eit is a useful item but Phantom Dancer is not needed at this point instead afetr Zeal get...

7. Infinity Edge Using this along with all of your other items so far is godlike power. Getting this is useful because of its critcal strike and its attack damage.

8. Phantom Dancer Finish Zeal with this item and then afterward get...

9. Madred's Bloodrazor Of course you must get this because by now all of their team will be beefy and you are their to ruin their tanky day.

10. Youmuu's Ghostblade This would be the item you sell Bilgewater Cutlass for

Bad Sides To This Item Build

. This item build is very expensive.
. This item build can be easly destroyed by focusing Yi in Team Fights.
. Finally this item build is going to take at least half game to finish the other half you should be getting kills like crazy.

Replacement items

1. Instead of getting Berserker Greaves snag Boots of Swiftness for those get away champs.
2. Instead of Madred's Bloodrazor you can get another Phantom Dancer if you don't have that much time to get gold.

And thats it for the Item Build.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust always works for me for many reasons. Teemo with his BlindShot and Hecarim with his Devastating Charge

Flash is a staple kind of spell it is useful for escapes stealing Baron Nashor and jumping in and out of tower range, also for jumoing that one step further to get that one last hit on a enemy.

enter/return here
enter/return here

enter/return here
enter/return here

These are spells that I would not recommend and spells that could be useful in other situations

These would be the ones I wouldn't get (Please note that I am still experimenting with all of these spells)

These are the ones I would probably use to replace

Ghost For almost the same reasons as flash except that it cant be used to dodge that last
skill shot.

Cleanse This one would be good so that you
can quickly get rid of all of that CC on Yi.

Heal This isn't all that useful for LS Yi
because you get so much Life Steal anyway but in
case you need a quick jolt this is the spell you'd

Surge This spell ain't that useful because all
it does is updates your AP and AS I wouldn't get it
unless I'd have to.

Heal This spell can be used to replace Exhaust for
all the same reasons as Flash.

Ignite This spell is just about the only other spell
besides Cleanse that I'd used to replace Flash or

That's just about it the ones that I wouldn't get are useless with this build.

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Sneaky Tricks

Sneaky Tricks for Alpha Strike

1. This can be used to tower dive and not get hit when running towards the enemy.
2. This can be used to escape by using it on an enemy minion behind you (Iv'e done this once or twice)
3. THis skill cna be used to dare I say it "Kill Steal" now i dont normally KS unless i need the kills but thats it.

Sneaky Tricks for Meditate

1. You can use this to trick your enemies and then Alpha Strike towards them.
2. Use this only in bush or under your own tower (NEVER USE THIS TO PROLONG YOUR DEATH)

Sneaky Tricks for Wuju Style and Highlander

1. Highlander can be used to get across the map faster so i use it to chack Baron or go get a runaway kill.
2. Save Wuju Style till you use Alpha Strike that way you can hit on them hard.

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You should be able to get easy kills with this build and then you can take on tanks and those beefs. This is my first guide and I hope you don't hate on it.

The Lost Legacy of Riot