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Yone Build Guide by Bonkyou

Top Yone Top 13.17 [EUW 200] Bonkyou's Guide [Work In Progress]

Top Yone Top 13.17 [EUW 200] Bonkyou's Guide [Work In Progress]

Updated on September 3, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bonkyou Build Guide By Bonkyou 5 1 7,541 Views 0 Comments
5 1 7,541 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bonkyou Yone Build Guide By Bonkyou Updated on September 3, 2023
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Runes: Main

1 2 3 4
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3 4 5
Primary Summoners
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Core, Need this every game

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Yone Top 13.17 [EUW 200] Bonkyou's Guide [Work In Progress]

By Bonkyou
Starting Items / Situationals Explained
Prio attackspeed items above for most matchups, Zeal if you are really ahead or just want to stomp your lane harder & plan to build zeal item later

NoonQuiver is good in most cases

boots for skillshots, defensive for losing matchups

Pots because they are rly good at helping you manage waves and taking losing trades and still end up fine

Beserker's delay your items so only do this if you are in a similar situation as Zeal, most likely after firstblooding in first 5 levels

Buy some pinks if you are in danger of being ganked or if you are playing competitive format and can pink blue buff entrance brush as red

Cull is great for tank lanes or no kill pressure lanes, just a great item
Dagger start 4 pot possible against free lanes if you have kill pressure or if you have combat sums, Doran's 99% of the games, Refill Dagger if you are greeding beyond belief or want an early Beserkers
Personally i hate the early armor components, it is a remedy to your mistake mostly and you are definitely conceding lane. If you are hard feeding (4+ deaths) already then don't even bother with defensive or you will never be relevant.

Exec Calling is just **** item overall and you don't want LS aka "Losing to Shopkeeper" guy to show up in your dreams.

Stopwatch just before decisive fights please, buy this and potion if you have 4 item + boots and you are going for a last baron / soul / Elder prebuy it if you are going for GA with a 1k Shutdown which you will have if you followed this guide
Main Mythics Explained
Some Items you will build often. They are all situational. I will add a short desc when to buy them but you should look up what they do and draw your own conclusions since they are also playstyle-dependent.

Evenshroud: Rly good cheap mythic, you are even or ahead looking to close out the game at an objective. Has build paths to other items if you change your mind.

RadVir: Has some great team-fighting potential, if you run the TaOfBlood Page with IngHunter, you will have this passive up for late game at a 60 sec CD. Not recommended in soloQ at all.

JakSho: Doesn't do well into most ranged comps or pokey comps. You need this only as a late game option if you feel every other Tank mythic is too weak and enemy has mix damage

Gale: Cool flashy, gap closer item, can be really good into ranged opponents but is very ineffective at stat checking or used incorrectly. Buy this only if you know what you are doing.

FF Gauntlet: don't buy this 9/10 times, you should be considering DD or GA as your legendaries and IE in most cases. But there are scenarios where you just need more tankiness and the entire enemy team is AD.

IE: solid item, overrated tho since yone's kit is very bruiser ish and has a lot of skill expression with more than enough damage to kill almost anybody. Only build this in scenarios where you are either behind or need to be the sole damage dealer. Does very poorly compared to other champs due to its item clunkiness. No Atk Speed and doesn't give you survivability

Stride: Experimental item that does well if you are against immobile ranged champs, will kill your damage but did just get buffed, might be usable but it's definitely not effective and most likely troll compared to Gale

Lethality Mythics: Low Elo 10 0 scenarios, don't buy this in your games

Divine: Same as Lethality Mythics

Gore: Feels ok but would rather just build ISB into Tanky items...

Guins sus trollblade: You can pull it off in bronze with this and 5 onhit items (Don't please)

Navori: not that bad but definitely just troll, It reduces W cd and E cd, you will want to try this out in a low elo game where you can build stats that you waste for free, not recommended at all

Tri: doesn't synergize well with Yone's low base attack, would recommend you buy this at your own discretion. Most likely you will lose the game. Sometimes feels good due to its raw stats.
Legendaries Explained
Some Items you will build often. They are all situational. I will add a short desc when to buy them but you should look up what they do and draw your own conclusions since they are also playstyle-dependent.

3 Armor pen items: Build Antiheal if enemy has enchanter + 1 healing-dependent champ. Do ***es if you can burst them or if they cannot be bursted, is this item better than going more damage. Never rush it

Build the Giant slayer one If enemy has stacked HP, like Mundo, Vlad, Sej type of beat. atleast 2+ champs with HP stacking. Bork + This will kill them all so fast

Seryldas if none of the other items looks appealing. It has the worst stats for you but the enemy might just not have tanks nor healing, most likely ranged champs that stack armor? I personally never build this but mathematically it makes sense if you can't use the other item's passive.

HBreaker: SoloQ stomper. Enemy either has no eyes or you just push rly fast with this item. Gold efficient. Buy this after Kraken if you are getting focused at sidelane and want to fight back instead of using proper sidelane tactics. Or if you want to 1v9 early. Perma ping this when you buy it because your allies can't read either.

Maw: **** item with no value against most situations you'd think it's useful. Only buy this if every other MR item is somehow not available against 5 AP champs.

Merc Sci: fun item, bad stats for cost, use it wisely, Most likely hold onto a QSS instead until late late

PD: FML this item is such a noob trap, idk build it if you want to look like dzukill and you are piss-smurfing in low elo, otherwise don't ever touch it outside maybe mid, But this is a top guide. Bad stats for cost.

Rav Hydra: actually better than BT in some situations, but you waste the CDR kinda and the effect is kinda meh. Don't build this unless you are rly ahead and want some additional AOE, good for wave clear when you also want lifesteal

Serpent's: Shield opponents, like 5x shield opponents, otherwise don't ever touch it.

Omen: Only buy this against 2x or more crit opponents and they are ahead and not rly killable and you are just finishing it after mythic or after you have enough damage.

Ana Chains: For a tanky yone build with a singular threat on enemy team or maybe someone is giga fed don't troll with this item please

Abyssal: if you are somehow behind in a very squishy team comp as solo AD, you can buy this and Evenshroud to do some absurd things with your team

BT: as of 13.17 it is still worth buying but i would try the ISB instead and in higher elos you don't get to buy more than 2 Legendaries until you are forced into a mythic. I have gone many games mythic-less when this was still 50% passive threshold

BORK: DO NOT BUY, only against health stackers and even then you should know that this falls off so fast off the cliff because of the durability update and just generally inefficient against squishes that can delete you faster. It delays crit and generally works against Kraken, where kraken shines this item sucks and this item shines when kraken is just redundant. Only build this if you know what you are doing. Works wonders when built into right team comps with Giant Slayer.

DD: build this only against burst when you are even, If you are even slightly ahead the GA is 10x value. If you see 2-3 assassins and you have gone full damage, then it is almost always just a skill issue on your part. This is a "what if i make a positioning error item" and we don't spend gold on expecting to make errors here...

GA: Good into where DD fails, Fake news if you are behind.

FoN: Good but nerfed, would build it into heavy DoT and specific champs. Read the description of the item please. Almost always build Spirit Vis instead.

FHeart: Just to annoy enemy attackspeed based champs, do not build this over Omen unless you have an actual reason

Gargoyle's: 1v9 item that is turbogrief, don't buy this ever unless tank yone...

Silvermere Dawn: idk why this over Merc Sci but if you find an angle please tell me

Spirit: Standard response when you have 3 items and enemy Ap champs are getting fed or just generally AP heavy, look into other options if they have more value such as FoN

Steraks: Bruiser yone loves this but this is just playstyle difference. I would build ISB almost always instead of this but the tenacity buff might just be a better choice. Need more testing.

Collectors: Actually not that bad of a second item after Kraken, but it is really fake and you should avoid it unless you are surfing.

Stormraz: Good item to replace Kraken for mid, but again this item's value quickly disappears against most toplaners. Could try to buy this with Bork against ranged opponents if you are looking into ending the game fast

Sunfire: Tank yone... Do NOT try this item in your ranked games

Stattik; Either you are getting noobtrapped or you are LCK pro. Sometimes last ditch item if you are the one perma stuck base with 3 inhibs down. This is built for waveclear and Yone has lots, i would only recommend against it almost always.

Titanic: not that bad, better option than Rav Hyd if you are really ahead as bruiser yone

Thornmail: either tank yone or you got the early bramble while losing into some strong matchups, eitherway i do not recommend this item at all but build it if you have to

Wits: really bad item... i build it rarely due to it only being a 1v1 item that doesn't provide more than other MR items
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bonkyou
Bonkyou Yone Guide
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Yone Top 13.17 [EUW 200] Bonkyou's Guide [Work In Progress]

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