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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ziggs Build Guide by Coftsunt

AP Carry Ziggs (In-Depth Guide) - Here comes the BOOM!

AP Carry Ziggs (In-Depth Guide) - Here comes the BOOM!

Updated on April 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coftsunt Build Guide By Coftsunt 6 0 31,420 Views 9 Comments
6 0 31,420 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coftsunt Ziggs Build Guide By Coftsunt Updated on April 27, 2013
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Hi guys, my name is Coftsunt and this is my attempt at a guide on which in my opinion is one of the most fun champions in the league Ziggs (feel free to have other opinions, it is allowed ^^ ) If this guide helped you in any way, then please give me an upvote, if not then leave a comment letting me know why you didn't like the guide and what I could do to make it better, I am always interested in making the guide better and even making myself better :)
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Pros / Cons


+Great damage throughout the game
+Not one single target spell
+Semi global ultimate Mega Inferno Bomb!
+Amazing at farming CS (creep score)
+Pool Party Zigg's Skin! - Need I say more?!?!


-Mana hungry early on
-All skillshots
-Ultimate can be hard to hit because of the warning
-Can be quite squishy
-High cooldowns early game

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My rune set up is pretty standard for AP Casters, i'll go through each choice individually:

Marks - Greater Mark of Magic Penetration I think that these work extremely well on any champion that deals magic damage (With a few small exceptions) These synergise well with your Sorcerer's Shoes and in the late game, your Void Staff.

Seals - On Ziggs I prefer to use Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration As i feel that in the early game, using 3 or 4 Bouncing Bomb's can send you OOM and fast! These seals let you sit back and get enough mana back for a few more casts (Don't expect it instantly, patience is key :P) I did used to use Greater Seal of Armor for defensive situations such as being ganked or accidentally being in the middle of everyone in a teamfight but you thats not where you should be ^^ If you do feel a little squishy and want to grab some defense runes such as armor or health, go ahead they can work and after all, runes are your choice and its your playstyle :)

Glyphs - I take Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power here as i think that they are great on almost all ap carries (my exception is katarina but thats my choice), i mean who doesn't want to deal more damage >:D .... There are other viable choices though, its not all about damage *chuckles to self* You could take either Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist / Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for some defense, Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction / Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction for some cooldown reduction or even take Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration/ Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration for some more mana regen. Again the choice is yours and you choose your runes to fit your playstyle.

Quintessences - I take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power as you get an amazing 14.85 ability power at the start of the game, its gonna help you harrass your opponent early game till you can start to build your items. There are plenty of other choices for your quintessences, both offensive and defensive, take a look through them all and decide which ones will fit you best. Although you can use the setup i have used, it seems to work for me >:D

Take a look through this list of Runes and see if you can find some that would fit your playstyle
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Offense Tree;

First Tier - 1 point in Summoner's Wrath (We shall be using ignite so 5ap while it is on cooldown is nothing to complain about) and 4 points into Sorcery (Cooldown reduction will let you cast your abilities more often, and that can help secure kills, farm and/or just harass)

Second Tier - On this tier I just take 4 points in Blast and then move on as the other talents are not beneficial to Ziggs

Third Tier - I take 3 points in Havoc because a percentage on damage on top of what I would do already is too good to pass up. 1 point into Arcane Knowledge to help those abilities bypass the enemy's magic resist.

Fourth Tier - I only put 2 points into Mental Force and 1 point into Spellsword to make last hitting a hell of a lot easier, it also helps with taking down towers too. In my opinion passing on 2 ability power for extra damage on auto attacks is worth it on any ap caster. Spellsword also works great with Ziggs passive ability Short Fuse

Fifth Tier - 4 points in Archmage becuase i'd have to be an idiot to not take an extra 5% ability power!

Sixth Tier - 1 point in Executioner for those times when you throw your Mega Inferno Bomb for the killing blow :D (also helps when taking someone down at any point)

Utility Tree;

First Tier - 1 Point in Summoner's Insight to reduce the cooldown on flash, which can help secure a kill or just escape a tricky situation. 3 points in Meditation for more mana regen which will let you cast spells more often.

Second Tier - 1 point in Mastermind this is just to help get to the third tier, feel free to put this point into Artificer if you choose to grab items that have actives on them. 3 points in Expanded Mind to get more mana per level so you can throw bombs more often, i mean who wouldn't want to make things go boom all the time :D

Third Tier - Put your last point into Runic Affinity because when your jungler offers you the blue buff, it will make it last longer, which at any point in the game, blue buff is amazing and you want it for as long as possible.

Those are my choices, feel free to make any adjustments you like to suit you, hell even dip into the Defense Tree if you feel too squishy but in my opinion, always put 21 points into the Offense Tree.
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Summoner Spells

Here i will list the different types of summoner spells available and when each should be used:

My Main Choice:

Flash is in my opinion the best utility spell, it can help you gain a kill, get away from ganks, teamfights in which you are focused, generally running away and juking spells that would otherwise kill you. (There are other uses for flash but I am only listing a few) You should take this for 9/10 of your games.

Ignite is another summoner spell that should taken for 9/10 of your games as it is extremely useful, it deals TRUE DAMAGE! (for those that don't know, true damage will penetrate all of your enemies resistances so it will do the exact amount of damage it says on the tin) It can help you go 1v1 with those annoying lifestealing AD carries or those annoying spell vamping AP carries or even champions that have ability based life regen such as Dr. Mundo with his ultimate Maximum Dosage, Xin Zhao with the passive on his 'W' Battle Cry. Ignite can also help when you go 1v1 with your enemy and they get away on a tiny smidgen of health, you slap ignite on them before they run away and you may get yourself a kill :)

Other Viable Options:

Exhaust is a great spell, it slows movement speed, it reduces attack speed, the only problem with it is the fact that its rare that you will come across an attack speed champion in mid lane. You may take it to help slow down that pesky AD carry when you reach mid game and teamfights start or you could take it to help secure a kill when you gank a lane or even in your own lane, again the choice is yours.

Heal is a bit of a meh option, its not the best ever summoner spell on an AP carry, although in some situations it can really help, such as if you lane against a LeBlanc. Its safe to say her burst is incredible and may kill you after level 6 but with a sneaky heal inbetween her spells it may just save your life, same goes for Veigar's burst combo and other champions that have high burst combo's.

Ghost is another viable option if you are not too keen on flash, it increases your movement speed by a lot which lets you outrun most champions that don't have it, it can be used to escape ganks, get to a teamfight or an area quickly, chase down someone who may have got away on tiny amounts of health that are just screaming "CATCH ME AND AUTOATTACK" ;) or it could be used to save a teammate.

Another viable spell is Teleport, now teleport can be great, it can help you back to lane quicker after a recall or death, can give you some great ganking potential by using well placed wards from teammates and it can help you save a tower that would otherwise be destroyed by the enemy, same goes for taking a tower :)

Cleanse, now this summoner spell is extremely strong if the enemy team has a lot of CC, not many AP carries take this though, its mainly for AD carries in my opinion such as Vayne because people want to shut her down. You shouldn't really find the need to take this spell on Ziggs but if you do, it can be worth it e.g. you could cleanse that ignite that would otherwise kill you and get rid of those stuns that the enemy team has piled on you because you are fed and they want to shut you down. Cleanse has many times where it can be useful, but you shouldn't find yourself taking it often.

Spells that are only just viable:

Barrier has only just been released to Summoner's Rift and i can see some people taking it just because well its a shield, and who doesn't like shields. There is a chance that it could save your life on many occasions but there are much better choices for utility than this spell and it should only be taken in extreme cases where it could save your life every single time it is off cooldown.

Clarity is a spell that I used to take when i was a lower level and didn't have fully complete rune pages and mastery set ups, it can be very handy if you find yourself against someone you need to harass a lot in mid lane to shut down, when i say a lot, i mean throwing your Bouncing Bomb whenever it comes off cooldown. It can still be taken if you always find yourself struggling for mana but that shouldn't happen with an early game Chalice of Harmony

Spells that are not in any way viable:

Clairvoyance is for supports, as you should be focusing on farming and possibly getting kills, a support has more need for this as they can check out where the jungler possibly is and prevent ganks, show when the enemy team is headng for an objective (Dragon or Baron) and reset the timer on buffs such as golem buffs and Baron

Ahh Revive now the idea of this spell sounds amazing, I mean, you die, you come back to life instantly and go back to doing whatever it was you were doing but the majority of the time, that just isnt worth it. The only exception I have found to use this spell is Karthus as he will probably get focused early and he can die > Revive then press Requiem. Other than that, it has no uses, so this is a no no for Ziggs

Lastly there is Smite, it is used to deal damage to minions and monsters. It has little use to a mid laner or anyone that is not jungling. The only time it would be good was if your team was running with a full smite comp in which they take Baron Nasher at the 15minute mark... which is just stupid in my opinion ^^

Personally, I always run with Flash and Ignite but if you don't like those spells, then you have a choice of what to take and some ideas of when they can be useful.
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Abilities - What they do and when can they be used

  • Short Fuse: This passive makes it so that every 12 seconds, your autoattack has gains more damage and the cooldown of this passive can be reduced by using abilties. I love the passive, it gives you the ability to last hit better sometimes, harass more efficiently with your autoattacks and deal extra damage to turrets and inhibitors.
  • Bouncing Bomb: This is Ziggs main source of damage because you can throw it every few seconds. It is great for harassing and for farming. Once thrown it will bounce 3 times and explode or explode prematurely by hitting an obstacle e.g. An enemy champion, tower or wall. It can be used to harass by either throwing it right at the enemy or by hitting minions that the enemy is stood near as the the blast radius is larger than the bomb itself. This skill should be maxed first.
  • Satchel Charge: This is Ziggs utility skill, it has uses for escaping and chasing, also for interupting channeled abilites such as Katarina's Death Lotus, Karthus's Requiem and Galio's Idol of Durand. When enemies are stood on the satchel when it explodes, it will deal damage to enemies and knock them back a short distance, when Ziggs is stood on the stachel when it explodes he will be shot a further distance (the direction depends on where on the satchel you are stood). It has amzing escape potential as it can be used to jump walls in the jungle which can save your life. This skill should be maxed last as the damage from it isn't great and is mainly used for utility.
  • Hexplosive Minefield: This ability has both offensive and defensive uses, it can be used to slow down your enemy to help you land your Bouncing Bomb and your ultimate Mega Inferno Bomb while dealing damage, it can be used to slow your enemies while you run away and can also be used in conjunction with your Bouncing Bomb to farm. This ability should be maxed second as it has good damage and utility.
  • Mega Inferno Bomb: This is a semi global ultimate (around the same as Twisted Fate/ Pantheon ultimate range.) It has great damage and can help you secure escaping kills, can be used in a teamfight to help take down everyone within it's radius, can be thrown to another lane to help kill the enemies in that lane and can even be used to farm (even though i don't recommend that one as the cooldown is relatively large and should be used for teamfights). There is also the option of stealing with this ultimate e.g. Dragon, Baron and Blue/Red buff. This skill should be levelled whenever possible.
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Skill Sequence

> > >

We max out Bouncing Bomb first as this ability gives our best damage, harass and farming potential, we then move on to Hexplosive Minefield as this gives great utility along with reasonably good damage. We level Satchel Charge last because it has poor damage compared to Ziggs other skills and is mainly used for utility.
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Item Build 1 - The Good Ol' Standard Build [Season 3 Updated]

Spawn items
I Start with Boots and 3 Health Potion's as i feel it lets me stay in lane longer, gives me good movement speed against enemy skillshots (if they have any) and also lets me move quicker if someone comes and ganks me.
Other Spawn Options
This did used to be a popular start because of the extra health, damage and mana regen but nowadays its much more efficient to go boots and 3 health potions. If you feel you can absolutely dominate your lane by buying this item, then go ahead and get this first :)
I find that this is a bad choice to start with as the tome isn't really needed to build any of the early game items I build on Ziggs. It could be usefull when building up the Athene's Unholy Grail but thats about it.
Early > Mid game items
These are the items that you want to be aiming for heading into mid game, if you aren't doing so well and cannot afford the Needlessly Large Rod then you can go ahead and buy a Blasting Wand to compensate, ability power is good, no matter the amount. I like to buy the Chalice of Harmony before I build my boots, unless of course i can buy both in one go. The Chalice of Harmony is because Ziggs has a lot of mana issues without the right items and a Chalice of Harmony helps out a lot with that by its amazing passive effect.
Mid > Late game items
We are now at the point in the game where team fights are happening a lot, most people are around halfway through their builds, and champions are usually have good either a good offense or good defense by this point. You should have built your Rabadon's Deathcap by now and be dishing out good damage, the Rylai's Crystal Scepter will slow down your enemys so they can't run away as easily (easier to hit your ultimate) and you will have great mana regen and a little bit of cooldown reduction from the Athene's Unholy Grail.
Late Game Items
This is the point in the game you should be finishing off your build, the enemy team will have build magic resistance to counter your damage, therefore you build a void staff to bypass those resistances, after that is your situational item slot, meaning that this item may change depending on how the game is going etc. I choose Zhonya's Hourglass for the majority of games because i feel that the active on it is absolutely amazing, if the enemy team decide to throw everything out there out you and you're immune to it all, its gonna make them have less damage to use on the rest of your team :) it can also save your life when coming across a Karthus Requiem.
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Item Build 2 - The Let's kick some ass build! [Season 3 Updated]

Spawn items
I will always start with Boots and 3x Health Potion's because it is the best way to start with my playstyle. Again there are other options, take a look in the Item Build 1 section to see other starting options.
Early > Mid game items
Depending on who your laning against you will either buy Haunting Guise first or Chalice of Harmony. If your spamming abilties then go for Chalice of Harmony if you feel you need a bit of health and AP then go for Haunting Guise. They are both good early game items. Once you have built both of those items, then feel free to grab your boots of choice :)
Mid > Late game items
Now, at this point in the game, you should be after gaining as much ability power as possible ( Rabadon's Deathcap) and dealing amazing damage to the enemy team :) With these items, you will be dealing percentage damage with your Liandry's Torment, keeping your mana up and your spells on a low cooldown with Athene's Unholy Grail and the main amount of your damage from your Rabadon's Deathcap.
Late Game Items
We are now in the final stages of the game and you will be putting out insane amounts of burst damage! Which is afterall what Ziggs does well :D Rylai's Crystal Scepter will help you slow down your enemies, whether they are chasing you or you are chasing them and Lich Bane is for using and abusing your autoattacks with the proc, which the proc and your passive up is crazy amounts of damage :)

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Item Build 3 - The Defensive Build [Season 3 Updated]

Spawn items
I will always start with Boots and 3x Health Potion's because it is the best way to start with my playstyle. Again there are other options, take a look in the Item Build 1 section to see other starting options.
Early > Mid game items
catalyst the protector
y on my fist time back I will be able to afford my catalyst the protector and Sorcerer's Shoes or at least the Catalyst, this will give me enough health to survive a couple more hits from the enemy and give me some more mana so I can cast more spells.
Mid > Late game items
I like to build up my Rod of Ages early so that the passive actually has some effect as I will probably still be in the laning phase when I buy this item. I buy Abyssal Mask earlyish too so that i have a good amount of magic resistance during the laning phase or coming into teamfights. Last item I get at this point is the Rabadon's Deathcap just because I feel it is a must on any AP caster no matter how you plan on building.
Late Game Items
To finish off this build I buy a Zhonya's Hourglass for the great amount of armor and absolutely amazing passive and I also buy a Guardian Angel so that when the enemy kills you, you can get back up and either help get some kills or run the heck away :)

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Items viable for Ziggs and when to get them

Situational Items
  • Banshee's Veil - The stats this grants are pretty nice, health, mana and maigc resist will all help you if they have a slightly fed ap carry but the main thing that this item does is that it will also put a bubble around you every 45 seconds, this bubble will protect you from the next ability that hits you, it can come in really handy when facing a combo champion such as LeBlanc, Veigar, Talon and Kassadin. All in all, a solid item for when the enemy ap carry is slightly fed or a burst champion.
  • Guardian Angel - First of all, amazing item :) it gives both armor and magic resistance, then on top of that it gives you a passive effect that will bring you back from the dead if you die :D This item can actually turn the tide in a teamfight sometimes, when they enemy team blows all their cooldowns on you then you just get back up and throw everything you have at them and they die :D Can be taken over Zhonya's Hourglass for the resistances but I still prefer Zhonya's :)
  • Abyssal Scepter - This is an item i will grab sometimes, depeding on if the enemy team have ap champions that are fed, but not fed insanely. I also like to get this instead of a Void Staff if the enemy team doesn't seem to have much resistance, because of the passive effect it will lower the enemy magic resistance, that added with the magic penetration from your Sorcerer's Shoes, masteries and runes should be enough to hurt them.
  • Mikael's Crucible - This item has only just been released and I find it a strong item if the enemy team has a lot of CC, you can get it to use on yourself or a teammate but it should generally be getting taken by your teams support as it would take up an item slot that could be put to better use.
  • Spirit of the Spectral Wraith - This is another newly released item which can be used instead of the Athene's Unholy Grail in my build. I have done around 20 games while trying this item out and it can work but personally i prefer Athene's Unholy Grail for the better mana regeneration and slightly better cooldown reduction but if you want some spell vamp, cooldown reduction and a bit of mana regen then use this item instead of Athene's Unholy Grail. Your choice :)
  • Lich bane - A lot of people like to use this item on Ziggs as they feel it works well with his passive, and they would be right. I do get this item sometimes, but only when my team is really dominationg the game and I don't really need a defensive item. It does work well, gives good amount of AP, a bit of magic resist and the a passive that is amazing, there's nothing to complain about but personally I think that other items work better and i feel a little bit too squishy with this, but if you want to try it out go ahead :)
  • Liandry's Torment - Well what can i say about this item, it gives health, ability power, magic penetration and a passive that deals percentage damage on hit, and the percentage damage is doubled when the targets movement is impaired! It is such an amazing item, and is taken quite a lot on anyone with a slow or stun (mainly Teemo) and it does work well with Ziggs as his Hexplosive Minefield has a great slow and each bomb will refresh the debuff! :) great damaging item that can be used instead of either Void Staff or as a last item if you feel you dont need a defensive item.
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Boot Enchantments

Now boot enchantments are another new thing added by Riot, there are several different enchantments that can be chosen, the choice is yours which one you take as they are more to fit your playstyle rather than up your damage etc. I'll list here all the enchantments available and when they would be useful:
  • Enchantment: Alacrity - This is the enchantment I like to get on Ziggs as sometimes he can feel quite slow and personally i'd rather have an extra bit of speed constantly than for a few seconds (it's helped me get a couple of kills that would have otherwise escaped ^^)
  • Enchantment: Captain - I've tried this one in quite a few games and i've found that its a preferable enchantment for supports. It could be good for a solo laner when your jungler comes to gank but its doubtful that you would buy the enchant while still in the laning phase. It can also be usefull for when you want to push a lane as it gives minions movement speed too :) so it could be good on slow farmers but not Ziggs
  • Enchantment: Distortion - This is possibly my second favourite enchantment, if you buy it early in game it works even better, getting this enchantment means you get the cooldown of your flash, ghost and teleport reduced by 25%! thats a hell of a lot and definitely nothing to grumble about, using this enchantment may possibly let you get out of more troubling situations and also may net you a kill or two or if you chose to take teleport then it could possibly save you a tower or two :)
  • Enchantment: Furor - This is quite a popular one for melee damage dealers as it can allow them to catch up with their target and then stick to them, can be good for Ziggs if you can get an autoattack on the enemy but other than that it isn't really worth it as his abilities do not proc the enchantment (as they are all aoe)
  • Enchantment: Homeguard - I have done a few games trying this enchantment out and all in all there are better choices, the only time i have found this one to be useful is when you are pretty much the only one on your team left alive, you recall and need to run to a tower to save it or pushing a lane fast but you needed to recall first. I havent really come across another time when it is useful (If someone else has then let me know and i'll add it in)

    Thats all of the new boot enchantments and personally I go with either Enchantment: Homeguard or Enchantment: Alacrity for Ziggs unless i'm playing support Ziggs which is for those times when you dont like the guy playing AD carry and want to steal his kills >:D I joke of course, if your playing support, let him have the kills, it will benefit them more :)
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When is comes to teamfights you should be like any other range carry be that AD or AP.. You should be at RANGE, don't be stood in melee range where you can get killed easier. Ziggs Bouncing Bomb has great range, use it, the same goes for his other abilities. Focus on the AD carry, or if there is someone more fed go for them (if you think you can do good damage to them, don't go attack the tankiest guy there if they have loads of MR and you don't have any magic penetration). You can either use your ultimate ability Mega Inferno Bomb early in the fight to deal some good damage or you can wait till they are pretty low and "kill secure" with it ;)
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....Coming Soon
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Ziggs is an amazing ap burst mage who does crazy amounts of damage. I find him possibly the most fun champion in the League :) I hope that my guide has taught you something new about Ziggs or even about League of Legends itself. If you liked my guide then drop a comment letting me know what you liked, or even what you disliked. You could even let me know if there's something you think I should add to it.

Thanks for taking a peek at my guide and I hope that you enjoyed it and will help you kill many enemy champions :D

I would also like to thank Jhoi jhoi for her amazing guide on Making a Guide and for her help when I was writing the guide.

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