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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

14 Oct

Views: 704 Jungle

Kindred is squishy. Her ultimate, Lamb's Respite, helps her play around this fact. With the odd caveat that it also prevents her enemies from being reduced below 10% of their max health and heals them, along with allies, when it ends.


Start with Wolf's Frenzy as it heals you when it reaches 100 stacks from moving around. Then get Dance of Arrows for the multi-target damage and dash to help with kiting and dashing through walls and getting out of base just a little quicker.

From my observation, Dances of Arrows does not fire if there are no valid...
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09 Oct
I've started a little project for myself, which is to become proficient on all the of champions that Stonewall008 mentions as recommended junglers in his video (insert link).

Jarvan IV

I've played a decent amount of Amumu, Elise, Jarvan IV. Only a game or two here and there on Vi. And up until now I've only plinked around with Rek'Sai back around when she first came out.

I've racked up three or four Rek'Sai games over the last couple of days and decide to put together a list of some of things I've found with her in my...
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13 Sep

Views: 702 Jungle

Tahm Kench has received a number of buffs to the point that people like Voyboy have been monkeying around with him in the Jungle. I've tried a couple of variations on builds for Tahm to see how he stacks up.

No. 1 Issue

I haven't tried out a build that gets you through more than about three jungle camps and slowly at that. Generally you will have to back after Krugs and Red Buff even with a good leash. This means that he is very vulnerable to counter juggling during the early stages of the game, by either being caught while on low health or simply being out of the jungle...
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29 Jul

Views: 540 Jungle

Ability Analysis

Dark Flight

Cooldown decreases by 1 per rank

Physical damage goes up by 45 each rank + 60% bonus AD

Health cost is fixed at 10% of current health (which goes into your Blood Well)

Blood Thirst / Blood Price

Cooldown is miniscule at 0.5s and it doesn't decrease per rank

Blood Thirst

Healing on 3rd Auto goes up by 5 + 25% of Bonus AD each rank (Healing is tripled if Aatrox is below 50% health)

Blood Price

Health cost goes up by 8.75 + 25% Bonus AD per rank (which goes into your blood well)

Bonus physical damage goes...
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28 Jul

Views: 468 Jungle

When I first started paying attention to LCS, Aatrox had recently come out and he was doing work in Top lane and the jungle. Apparently too much work, because the post release nerfs Riot inflicted on him basically deleted him from the competitive scene as fast as he arrived.

I've toyed withe everyone's favorite Darkin Blade off and on, most recently at the beginning of Season 5 because of the difficulty of the Jungle at the start of the season for champions that lacked sustain. Aatrox seemed a natural fit, but my affair didn't last long as there were things like Warwick that...
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