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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

26 Apr

Views: 1174 Jungle

Time for my yearly Aatrox trials. Quick impressions.

Accessing Hellbent is super important. Starting out that is accessed through the third proc of Blood Price.


9 Attack Speed Marks
9 Armor Seals
5 sMR or MR + 4 Attack Speed Glyphs
3 Attack Speed Quints


I've been running 18-0-12 with Fervor of Battle the keystone of choice. You could alternatively run 18-12-0. And some people seem to like Grasp of the Undying so 12-0-18 is another possibility though the later seems to be more lanecentric.

Skill Order

They fixed the healing on his W...
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23 Mar

Views: 1760 Jungle

This is going to be a somewhat short look at the subject because there are a lot of factors involved and it is going to be from a defensive perceptive as I don't have a lot of experience with offensive invades.

Getting mass invaded by 4 or more of the enemy team is a separate topic. Usually look and see how much CC the enemy team has or if they have a Thresh, Braum, or Blitzcrank, to estimate your chances of a mass pre-minion invade on your jungle.

It is hard to count on your team mates in the early laning phase to deal with invades by the enemy jungler. They tend to...
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14 Mar
Watched a couple of Edge's recent videos, specifically the 7.4 Rengar and 7.4 Kindred vids. Jungle focused, which is what I want.

Edge - YouTube

This is a bit of an amalgamation of things that he said in the videos and other things that relate or tie together from other sources.

As an assassin sometimes you just have to kill whoever is out of position on the edge of a team fight. You don't always have to dive hip deep into a fight (something I can take away for Shyvana). You can also peel for your...
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10 Mar

Views: 959 Jungle

I have been having some good success with Shyvana out of the jungle of late so I wanted to talk about what is working for me.

For starters Shy was my main for the majority of last season though I backed off on her after patch 6.6 when they nerfed Twin Bite which hurt her dueling and slowed her clear speed a bit. They also lowered the amount of stacks you could get from the Rift Herald from 2 to 5 for Enchantment: Devourer in Patch 6.5 which was an indirect nerf. And in Patch 6.9 they removed Devourer and replaced it with Enchantment: Bloodrazor, which was weak on...
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06 Mar

Views: 830 Jungle

I've been doing some work trying to understand the game beyond just clearing your own jungle.

In most games on Blue side you will start Red to get a leash from your Bot lane. Then you will do Wolves and then Blue. Gets you level 3 and gets your two buffs. And on most viable champs it leaves you in a healthy enough position to gank, countergank, or invade.

In probably 75% of my games on Blue side if I drop a Stealth Ward ward in the tri-bush after blue I will save my Top laner from getting ganked and also be in position to countergank. If however, I do Gromp before Blue I...
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