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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

01 Dec

Views: 608 Jungle

Jack In The Box needs a minimum placement radius. Meaning they can only be placed so close to each other.

I know if I am playing against a Shaco who is any good I'll be running around my jungle the entire game not really actually playing league. I'll be playing guess which bush Shaco has stacked with boxes.

I am fine with the Shaco concept of being an annoying and nasty counter jungler, but when they can stack three boxes in a bush that you are inevitably going to walk through while you are low level, toss a Two-Shiv Poison at your back while you are feared, and then...
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25 Nov

Views: 3255 Jungle


First Impressions from a jungle perspective.

Unique ?CC? in the form of Test of Spirit. Lack of actual CC and somewhat slow clear speed may preclude her from being a good jungler.

Early clears are somewhat RNG because you don’t always have a tentacle spawn near your location via your passive, Prophet of an Elder God or it may be in an awkward spot. Sometimes you can kite the camp monsters within range of the tentacle but not always. Also sometimes the tentacles spawn fairly late at your location and you may have cleared the camp before that happens or mid lash...
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20 Nov

Views: 559 Jungle

Just some observations about some junglers that I've tried out since the start of preseason.

Tryndamere is still viable in the jungle even after the hot fix to Warlord's Bloodlust . I know because I did the whole thing with AP runes and masteries and still managed to contribute meaningfully to the game once I got some attack speed.

Since you no longer gain health except on crits on champions, you definitely lose more health on your first clear so you have to watch out of invades by junglers with executes like Lee Sin, but with the right masteries and the life steal you get...
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16 Nov
To quote Garth "We fear change."

I've been playing since the middle of Season 2 and this Pre-Season has been the most disorienting one that I've experienced.

What do I buy? How to prioritize the new objectives? What Masteries work? Who to play? What happened to some of my standby champions? Which lane am I going to? Why is that "ADC" mid? Is all physical damage that bad if the games are going to end before the opposing team can itemize against you? WTF is up with towers being like tissue paper?

I could go on, but I'm sure a lot of you have had similar...
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25 Oct

Views: 588 Jungle

This probably will not be that informative for seasoned Elise players, but I happen to be trying to improve my play with her, so I'm using this space to write down things I've discovered/learned/re-learned.

Re-learned? Yeah. I played Elise a decent amount before her most recent "re-work" and some things about her have changed. Not in huge ways pre se, but changes in skill ordering, item builds, and combo rotations are worth debugging in a custom game even on your favorite champs. Go find a good guide or video on them and see if you are doing things in a way that makes...
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