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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Jungle

01 Jul

Views: 503 Jungle

I've been enjoying jungling with two champions, Amumu and Hecarim, that I used a bit in S3 and S4, but really haven't used much in S5 until recently.

They both share some key characteristics, which are 1) Team fight altering ultimates and 2) They do respectable damage even when they are somewhat behind in items.

I feel like Amumu has slightly better early ganks with Bandage Toss for a gap closer, but Hecarim has an advantage at getting around the map due to a number of factors A) I run movement speed quints on him B) You can pop Warpath after basing to get back into...
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02 Jun

Views: 734 Jungle

Saw a comment on an old Olaf guide and I thought, well Ragnarok should pretty much make you be able to stomp the reworked Ashe because she can't slow you so she can't critically strike you or kite you very well. And sure enough it works like a charm.

On top of that he does a boat load of damage to squishy targets even if he is building full tank via Reckless Swing.

I feel like Olaf works best with a buddy to dive the back line. Don't get me wrong, he is pretty terrifying by himself when he is in your face if you are an ADC or APC, but if you have a dive buddy you...
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27 Apr

Views: 442 Jungle

Having accumulated several more Ranked games on Gragas I've noticed that if you don't have your entry angle just right on the Red Brambleback and Blue Sentimental camps with Body Slam you are liable to clip a Cinderling or Sentry and only get the damage off on the critter that you hit, leaving the other two creatures in the camp undamaged. This is mostly only a big deal on your first clear as on subsequent clears you'll bring more damage so you have more margin for error.

This can also happen with the Murkwolves or the Krugs if you Body Slam into that camp from a weird angle....
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20 Apr

Views: 423 Jungle

If you watched any of the NA LCS weekend you saw a lot of Gragas in the jungle. I heard someone describe Gragas as the Lee Sin of the Cinderhulk Meta and that is a fairly apt description.


Happy Hour provides him with a high amount of sustain.

Barrel Roll does good damage and applies a significant slow especially if you have time to let it ferment, which allows for some interesting play opportunities.

Body Slam provides excellent mobility as well as a stun.

Drunken Rage provides % health damage, which is good against health stackers and the...
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15 Apr

Views: 1131 Jungle

Runes: Atk Spd, sHealth, sMR, Arm Quints
Masteries: 9-21-0


Our team comp and their team comp was Volibear favorable. Both Sion and Lissandra could initiate. Morgana has good catch potential with Dark Binding. And Kog'Maw was a happy void critter behind Sion and me as Volibear.

Ezreal was practically impossible to catch and Sona could stuff up my Thundering Smash engages, but those weren’t insurmountable obstacles. Ashe was also a little annoying,...
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